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snowed in ~ eben franckewitz ~ christmas 2017

a/n: angst angst angst angst angst

“eben,” you practically shouted, trying to get his attention for the billionth time. you came over to his ouse tonight, hoping to finally get to spend quality time with him, but from the minute you walked in the door until now he had hardly looked up from his phone. 

“what!?” he replied, finally slamming his phone down next to him. “what could you possibly need?” 

“i, uh-” you stuttered, not knowing how to respond. you had been trying to get his attention for the past two hours but you didn’t know hot to explain why to him without sounding selfish. he scoffed in reaction to your incoherent answer and returned to his phone. 

“i want your attention, alright?” you finally spit out. “call me selfish, call me needy, but i have hardly seen you lately! you’re always traveling around for your job, which i completely understand, but what i don’t understand is that even when you’re back here, you’re never home! this is the first time i’ve seen you in person in over a month and you have hardly even talked to me!” you exclaimed, letting out most of your built up frustration. 

“i’m sorry that i have a life outside of taking care of you like you’re some sort of baby!” eben fired back. this comment hit you in the heart. whenever you would ask him to grab something for you, he would always say something along the lines of ‘anything for my baby,’ which led you to believe that he would do anything for you, right? doesn’t that make sense? but apparently that’s not what he really meant. 

“i’m sorry that i want to be able to spend more than two minutes talking to my boyfriend,” you replied, your voice cracking towards the end as your eyes welled up. usually, when there was an argument in the relationship, it was one person fighting and the other trying to be reasonable. there had never been a time when both of you were mad, which scared you. this meant that there was nobody who was genuinely and clearly thinking about how to save the relationship, you were both so heated that you couldn’t think of a way to bring back the peace. 

“ohh, you think you’re so tough don’t you,” he practically mocked you as he saw the tears threatening to spill. the eben you love would never do anything like this. the eben you love would always rush to your side if he thought you were about to cry. the eben you love would always wipe your tears with the pad of his thumb. the eben you love would never purposefully encourage your tears. this was a different eben. 

you stood up from your place on the couch and slung your lightweight backpack over your shoulder, bolting towards the door. 

“where do you think you’re going?” eben asked, taking you by surprise. you thought he would have been happy to see you go. 

“home,” you replied, not turning around to face him as you didn’t want him to see the tears running down your face. 

“no you aren’t. it’s snowing and i saw on twitter that all of our roads are closed, you can’t go anywhere.” you cursed under your breath. the only thing you wanted in that moment was to be away from him. if he wasn’t willing to treat you well, you didn’t want to waste anymore of your time with him. 

you finally turned around to face him, realizing that you couldn’t just face the door until the snow was cleared up. you could’ve sworn you saw his face visibly soften as he noticed the tears streaming down your face. you hardly ever cried unless it was something serious, he knew this, and the fact that you were crying meant that you were clearly feeling very broken. 

you silently made your way back over to the couch, dropping your backpack by your feet and taking a seat as far away from eben as you could. surprisingly, he didn’t pick up his phone, and neither did you. there were no sounds to be heard in the room other than the occasional crackling of the fire. there was nothing to entertain ourselves with other than staring off into the distance, the reason being that we both didn’t feel a need to go on our phones. 

at least an hour must have passed, agonizingly slowly in fact. throughout the entire duration of that hour, neither of you touched your phones, neither of you spoke, you both only stared off into nothing, stealing the occasional glances towards each other to see what the other was doing. 

“i’m sorry,” eben finally sighed, realizing that he was in the wrong and that his actions were the start of the argument. 

“so am i,” you replied, making eye contact with him. 

“i should have payed attention to you. you’re my girlfriend, i love you, i respect you, you’re my world and the least i can do is show you that,” he explained.. a small smile crept onto your face at his kind words. 

“i shouldn’t have overreacted,” you told him, but he only shook his head in response. he knew it was his fault, and you did too, but you always made it a point to apologize after any form of argument even if you weren’t in the wrong. 

“thank you for keeping me in line, ya know, not letting me become ‘hollywood,’” he rolled his eyes at the use of the term ‘hollywood’ as he scooted closer to you and wrapped his arms around your shoulders, resting his head in the crook of your neck. he always had told you that he never wanted to become ‘hollywood’ and that the people who were were stuck up brats who thought they were better than everybody else. you turned in his grip to face him to the point where your noses were practically touching. 

you two were tangled up together, you being on the edge of falling asleep before you heard eben whisper a soft “i love you” into your hair, soothing your thoughts and making a smile come to your face. the absolute last thing on your mind was whether or not the snow was going to clear up. in fact, you hoped it never went away. 

huwull  asked:

why are you disgusted? what happened if it's ok to ask

so we were seeing star wars and then there was this guy who was at least 35 yo sitting next to me and he kept stroking my thigh and at first i wa slike ok its an accident since the cupholder was there and all even tho he like full on had his hand on me and not evwn the cupholder but i was still like fine but then whem he finished his drink and threw away the cup he just didnt stop ??? like he did it for the entire movie before i ended up telling him to piss off and like. nothign worse happened but do you eben know how panicked i was i was so disgusted at the guy i walked full speed out of the theater and went the other way than he did

wow this was a vent jesus christ im sorry joosua