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5 Things you’ll find in my bag:

  • my Yuuri and Viktor keychain
  • My snk bracelet (gift from @amethewombat), my snk coin (gift from my brother)
  • essentials like tissues, vallet, ID papers, credit card, bus and metro pass, keys, headphones, chewing gum, pills for cramps and headaches, drops for sore throat, couple of pens
  • a book/magazine I’m currently reading
  • water

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • my PC
  • some of my books
  • some of my clothes
  • yoga mat
  • therapy notes and drawings

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

  • go sky-diving (go to space if possible haha)
  • go on a trip alone or with another person only on foot (for example El Camino)
  • have my own pool
  • help people
  • find peace of mind/purpose in life

5 things I’m currently into:

  • Chirrut and Baze, Viktor and Yuuri
  • Sci-fi movies, series and animated series
  • jogging
  • meditation
  • self-discovery

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If you want to do it, and everyone who reads this and wants to do it! :)

im gonna do a deep dive kids lets see if I can find the document where I kept notes on what episodes I was on in the anime I was watching when I was 14


omg guys, there’s this series of GF shorts named “Shop at Home with Mr. Mystery” which originally aired in November 2015 and is basically a bunch of fake commercials featuring puppet!Stan trying to ged rid of various Mystery Shack junk, and I really regret not watching it sooner because it’s a *freaking treasure*. can’t remember the last time I got this inspired to draw GF shit :D

(Bill and Stan’s phone talk is from this short and this line actually made me freak out for a second because knowing Alex, it’s either a subtle foreshadowing to the finale, or a hint that Bill is still in Stan’s mind :)))


                                    Glory to Mankind.

My hand slipped—-but it was torn with what it wanted so it did two designs for him. NieR Automata has taken over my life and I weep for this game. I just had too design a thing for Prompto, but I definitely had a hard time trying to come up with something for his YorHa outfit more than the Resistance one! I like both though, y’all gotta stop me from creating AU’s for this man. It’s not healthy LOL 


                                *・゜゚・* ☆*:.。   D  A  N  C  E  !   。.:*☆ *・゜゚・*    

anonymous asked:

i asked that question about only answering rude questions to prove a point, and i feel you have. i've constantly asked questions and gave comments that i feel are something an author would like to hear from a reader yet those sat in your ask box, but you answered that question quicker than i imagined, probably because it criticized your character. idk if you want this input, but i feel as if you should focus on the positives people send in, not the negative and rude, like i sent in earlier xoxo

I’ve explained many times that I am free to answer whatever asks I want, and I’m free to not answer whatever I wish. 

Usually I don’t answer if it’s: 

-an overly complicated ask that would require me to either invent lore on the spot or do a lore dive that is too time intensive

-it’s an ask I’ve recently answered

-an ask I’ve answered many times

-a very common ask that I’ve answered in most interviews (i.e. what inspires you, how did you come up with RQ, etc.)

-it’s a spoiler ask (I’m not answering spoiler heavy KC questions at all, let alone people asking if characters live or die)

-it’s extremely rude or ignorant (trust me, there are ones I let slide bc I just am not going to deal with it sometimes)

-it’s very kind and complimentary to the point where I would feel really rude and self-indulgent and bratty answering it publicly for all to see. I love you guys for your kind words but idk, it just feels so crude to acknowledge yourself in that way. 

-I just don’t have the *energy* to answer the ask the way it deserves

-I just. don’t. feel. like. it.

I’m very sorry that I haven’t lived up to your expectations or answered the questions you wanted asks. I’m one person. I cleared my inbox entirely about two weeks ago. I now have 843 asks in the box. I can’t answer them all. I’m very sorry about that. 

And if you’ve been asking questions over a period of time, then you would have clearly seen that I answer a wide variety of questions. So yeah, I don’t appreciate you sending me something false just to get a reaction and prove a point. But you did. You win. I’m tired.

I love you guys so much and I hope to give back 1% of what you’ve given me. I know I’m not perfect and I’m never, ever going to amount to what everyone wants from me. I’m trying, I really am. It’s just not in my DNA to let people run me over for their own enjoyment. And it may be better in the long run to step back a little bit, because unfortunately, in spite of the truckloads of lovely asks & readers, the not-so-nice ones seem to outweigh them in my mind. I need to work on myself to ignore the sting, but I’m not there yet. 

As I’ve said on Twitter, I’m not a dartboard. I’m a person. I’m not some abyss people can fling whatever they want into, and not expect anything in return. 

And if people want to go on Goodreads and give me shit for being a human concerned about her mental health and safety, feel free. They can say it’s part of the job all you want, but it really isn’t. It really isn’t.