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Finally finished it!

I had a lot of fun making this! And that #AskMini video was one of my favorites


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(Reuploaded due to posting wrong one of the extra png I had. I meant to put jpg in as well)
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So you're black or whatever, and work with cops and fire? Shouldn't you be protesting and standing with the rest of your BLM family lol

I will always support law enforcement. I do not condone the actions of individuals that have tainted the view of an organization dedicated to it’s community, this meaning the few law enforcement officers who were dumb and used power wrongly. That being said, if you put no thought into what those men and women go through, you’re one too many shades of sick for my liking. As someone has a gun out and is shooting at a cop, race, ethnicity, your mother FUCKING social justice bs is out window- it’s a matter of protecting civilians, the cop themselves and taking the criminal down so they can’t hurt others. If you’re so disconnected and can’t appreciate how these people help the community, visit your local sheriff’s office or police station and say hi. Get a taste of who they are as people, and maybe you can appreciate the work they do.

The color of my damn beautiful skin doesn’t matter to me or the sheriffs department, nor the fire department- but it does to you, and that’s the exact problem.

so i finished watching hunter x hunter 

spoilers (pretty sure all of y’all have watched it at this point tho lol)

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It’s taken me some time but I finally found an editing style I really like.

Sims 4 is very cartoony and I like to embrace that by making my screens bright and colorful.  I don’t want to make it look like TS3 or TS2 or realistic.  I play a fantasy game and really love to make my game look like one.

We all have our own play styles and I LOVE seeing all the different looks and ways to play on my dash.

I am just showing my style and how I finally managed to make it work.

Of course….I can do dark and creepy…..

But just like with the bright and colorful, I like to push it hard when I do.

Here are the actions, mods, and tools I use:

  • NoBlu/NoGlo/Light replacement mods 
  • All interior lights on highest settings and cool blue color
  • Photoshop CS5 (I use Photoshop 2014CC for hair recolors and Corel Paintshop Pro x9 for objects/CAS recolors)
  • Topaz Clean and Denoise (I paid for this so please don’t ask where to find free keys or whatever)
  • Eversims: New! Actions (HCB1 action)
  • Kaleeko: Clean and Clear Actions (1st three actions)
  • DBOX: Instagram Actions (1st change image to B&W, fix lighting/curves, then use the Brennan action in this set to get the below results)

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"Constatin, this is madness - because you cannot have that child you would take her forever from her mother" ---- I believe that the retcon started 3B, but this line is from season 4. How do the writers justify this line coming out of Red's mouth & then tell us that Red stole Masha from Katarina? I've never bought the Red is not Red theory, but I think we're down to 2 options. Either our Red is a fake, or he's Liz's father & is a total nutcase. What are your thoughts?

Anon I’m not even sure where to begin at this point. Canon is such a mashup of plot holes and retcons I’m lost. I’m also and have been for awhile to the point that I don’t care about the backstory or their murdered mythology. Tptb killed it so why should I stay invested. It doesn’t make sense because these statements and actions DO NOT fit the character.

-Red is fallible so an affair isn’t out of the realm of possibility BUT it sure doesn’t connect to the loyalty loving gent that we know. The heartbroken husband and father from 1.14 or even the 2a retcon situation. Divorced but still caring for his ex wife’s well being (if Naomi is really the ex yada yada). I just don’t buy the affair.
-Ok say they insist I buy the affair then please pardon me if I don’t buy that Red would be that careless as to have an accidental complication. He’s a careful man. He sees every move, countermove, outcome and reaction fifty moves ahead. I just don’t see him being this careless or gullible for that matter. And he’s not a kidnapper ffs tptb have lost it.
-Red answered No to THE QUESTION. So the answer is no as far as I’m concerned and he sure as hell didn’t say “I don’t know” so don’t even try it writers.
-Honestly this is a bit insulting to KR on the part of tptb. This badass mysterious spy is in fact portrayed as unstable, flighty, and playing fast and loose with her kids safety tbh. She murders a guy in the same house where her child sleeps? Where she’s supposedly in deep cover married to Kirk. Um?! Didn’t find out who the baby daddy is? Hell I think her KGB bosses would’ve insisted on that one. A legendary KGB operative should be more…just More than what we’ve seen. Lotte is great but 4.17 fell far short than the hallucination version from Cape May.

Why I’m ranting about all this idk because it’s all bs at this point. Could Red be an imposter? Sure I’ll go with that. I also like my evil twin theory. Redmond and Raymond and their twisted path to hell as laid out by the johns. 4.17 was a mind trip and not the good kind so Houston we have a problem.

(Except for Kate and Annie because that was perfect and the performances were brilliant. Does Cerone have a Netflix account? A binge would’ve helped tremendously)

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not sam but like,, imagine poly roadrat with an s/o who starts talking like kinda nasty ish? like they make dirty jokes and innuendos but when like someone actually starts to do an action they get nervous and all shy? thank u. -totally not sam

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Oh yeah… this totally isn’t @strvw-berry… i hope u appreciate this u little shit. now u owe me a hanzo prompt

  • Both of them love to joke around with you, whatever the content is. They’ll jump in and keep adding to it, often taking it further than you ever would, and sometimes you’ll be able to catch Junkrat laughing about it hours later
  • Dirty jokes are no exception. The first few times you make them the guys just laugh at it, but after a while they’ll start to think that kind of thing is normal for you and actually expect it.
  • Of course this leads to them thinking you’re going to be perfectly fine when they make a move on you, but having you reduced to a blushing and anxious mess was not what they expected. For a minute both of them will be shocked and unsure of what to do
  • After a second of being surprised though they’ll think you’re adorable. Junkrat won’t stop showering you with compliments and Roadhog will likely make an off-hand comment about making you “squeal like a little piggy”
  • It’ll be their constant personal goal to make you blush
  • They are both very careful about it after finding that out, though, making sure they don’t push any boundaries too far!
  • Lefou: Noooo oooone's slick as Gaston, no one's quick as Gaston, no one's dick is incredibly thick as Gaston's!
  • Gaston: ....
  • Villagers: ....
  • Lefou: *neck haha autocorrect wow sorry lmao
  • Gaston: You are singing