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Intro comic thing?? for my voltron RPG au ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و I honestly have no idea if I will draw more things for this au, but I drafted this a long time ago and I thought I should finish it :”D


Based on these designs I posted

S.O.S.: This isn’t a joke or a drill. for the past half year I’ve been dealing with passive aggressive neighbors that now has evolved into harassing me and my friends using intimidation tactics, messing with our belongings like my bike, rummaging through our garbage to leave personal items out front for us to see and be threatened to likely leave. This started from the minute the homeowner next door saw me outback talking with a friend about gentrification. It has now escalated to this and more. A breach of privacy has been made and I have enough video evidence to prove that. I’m talking I had to buy a bug finding device to find out they are remotely controlling our light sensors and messing with it whenever friends and fam would come over. I have video evidence of this as well. I need all yall help right now. I’m fearing for life and don’t know what to do next. I don’t need money I have a job I just need some form of security, resources, legal backing or whatever kind of help for someone in my situation. For security reasons and to give yall some more substantial evidence I can piece the documentation and put it in a public file for all to see. The homeowner’s name is Jean P Behar and his fiance (havent got her name yet) who also took part in fucking with my belongs including bike and plants we tried to place outside which they would continuously fucked up and drained with extra water when we werent watching. Gentrification is fucking hell and I need help. 

joon: “that’s a question?”…. “thanks for the advice.”


YouTube: Sonic Forces: Does It Suck?

Me: Well that depends on the opinion I guess. Now if you’ll excuse me-

YouTube: Sonic Forces Is TERRIBLE! And Here’s Why

Me: Thanks, but no thanks. That’s not what I was looking for-

YouTube: I’m Worried About Sonic’s Future

Me: Okay, but-

YouTube: Why Sonic the Hedgehog Isn’t Good Anymore

Me: But-

YouTube: The Problem With Sonic Games

Me: B-

YouTube: Why Sonic Mania Will Destroy the Franchise


Oh man, CH134 confirmed that Vincent and Rachel died in their bedroom, which is a reasonable assumption regardless. However, we’d always assumed that OC sleeps in his parents’ bedroom and CH134 also confirmed this.

The entrance of OC’s bedroom and floor plan, as seen in the murder arc. Versus the outside entrance OC calls his ‘father’s bedroom’ in CH134:

So we can assume that Vincent, Sebastian and Rachel died in about this area here (since OC finds their bodies right behind his dog).

What I’m saying is OC sleeps directly next to the area where his parents’ corpses were found and apparently doesn’t mind this.

Additional fun fact: this cute picture of OC and Arthur was taken in the same room where Vincent died.



Soulmate color AU with SouMako

(left side is Sousuke’s POV and right side is Makoto’s POV)

I can’t believe it took so long for this to sink in but I am LIVING for the fact that there isn’t one damn song on Reputation about Katy Perry. Taylor’s like, “Yeahhhh… I don’t wanna waste my breath on you” 😂