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You are just about to start your new job at the BAU after years of working to get there, when a man you don’t know approaches you with an evil plan and knowledge of every sordid detail of your past. What will you do? Will you give into the man’s demands? Or will you be able to find another way out?


By the time you got back, you were livid. The rage was coursing through you to the point where you stood at the steps of the jet before they’d even been lowered. As you rushed off the plane, Hotch called after you to return your gun, which as part of your continued involvement in the case, was ordered to be returned every night before you went home.

You’d barely heard him through the haze of frustration, but you spun around, handed him your gun without a word, and sped to your car, more than ready to go home. The thought of spending another moment with your team, who you’d disappointed for the second time in a week, made you want to explode. “Tomorrow, 9 AM,” you heard him call.

When you returned home, it was barely 7PM, but you were beyond done. Sleep was necessary. As your head hit the pillow, you prayed for relief from the continuous torturous thoughts that were plaguing your mind. Little did you know those thoughts would continue for weeks. Ashton had dropped off the map.


Ashton was here. There was no place else he could be. Every possible method of ingress and egress was covered. They were going to get him and this was all going to be over. You’d never been more confident than in this moment.

Until you heard something hit the wall somewhere behind you. You gently tiptoed your way through the apartment, gun at the ready. The code of law enforcement was that if he could be taken into custody that was what you were supposed to do, but that wasn’t happening. If you found him before someone else did, Ashton was dead. You wouldn’t give him the chance to buy his way out of prison a second time.

“No!” you breathed. The noise you’d heard was Emily. In front of you was Emily’s lifeless body, her head caved in just under the blood splatter on the wall. When you went to put your fingers to her throat, you sobbed, covered your mouth with your free hand. She was gone.

Where was this fucker?

Spinning around on your heels, you picked up your pace and rounded the corner, heading to the noise your heard at the opposite end of the expansive apartment. “Aaron,” you heard, the noise gurgling from someone whose voice was distorted by blood. “No, Aaron, stay with me.” As you walked into the room, you saw Hotch’s hand slip from Rossi’s grasp. They’d both been stabbed. “It was one of the bodyguards,” he said, the dark crimson liquid spilling forth from his mouth and flowing onto the floor. “Go get him, Y/N.”

“I’m not leaving you,” you cried. Let them come to you.

There wasn’t any time, and Rossi new it. “The longer you stay here, the more likely he’ll get away. Go!” He choked out the last word and as you left the room, your eyes drowning in tears, you could feel his last breaths.

Stealth was no longer an option. Without any regard for who might hear you, you ran to where you’d heard another noise, only to find JJ sitting up against the wall with a knife in her stomach. “He went that way. Go!” She looked like she’d lost a lot of blood, but Rossi was right; you couldn’t wait.


No, no, no, no, no…”Morgan!” you screamed. He was gone. “Spencer!” You yelled your throat raw, pleading for Spencer to answer your cries, but he wasn’t saying anything. In a desperate, last-ditch attempt to save the man you loved, you screamed and cried as you ran through the apartment, knocking over anything and everything to gain Ashton’s attention. Everyone else was dead or close to death. If he wanted you, let him take you, just leave Spencer alone.

When you rounded the next corner, he was there. Alive. “Spencer,” you breathed. 


A rattling, screaming cry emanated from your throat as Spencer fell to the floor, a bullet shining right between his eyes. “You could’ve saved his life if you had just done what you were told,” Ashton said, stepping out of the shadows. “It’s your fault.”


Shooting up in bed, you were alarmed at the sound of screaming, only to realize seconds later that it was your own. After you grabbed at your arms and patted your legs, ensuring you were in fact alive and awake, you grabbed your phone and shot Spencer a text. He wasn’t speaking to you. He’d barely said ten words since he’d learned of what you’d done to JJ, but you needed him to answer. You needed to know he was alive. Even if he hated you. Pieces of this nightmare had been plaguing your dreams for the past two weeks. Two weeks since you’d been this close to Ashton and had him slip from your grasp. But this time was the first time it had felt so real. You needed Spencer to text you.

What do you want, Y/N?

It took a minute to adjust to his tone of text. It was so foreign to you, but at least he was alive.

I had a nightmare. I needed to make sure you were alive. I know you hate me. But thank you for messaging me.

The shaking you’d woken up with didn’t subside as you got dressed and drove to work. It was still early. It was 6 AM. But you couldn’t sleep. Ashton was still out there. You’d work for three hours. Comb through everything you could to see what clues you could find. Maybe Garcia would be in and you could scour every camera across the globe and spot the fucker in the crowd.

When you got into the office, the only one who was there was Hotch, giving further credence to your theory that he was in fact superhuman and didn’t need sleep to function. After grabbing a cup of coffee, which was probably the worst idea for you considering you were still jittery, you sat down at your desk with whatever files you could gather.

After nearly two and a half hours, you’d found nothing that would indicate Ashton’s whereabouts. You downed the last sip of your now ice-cold coffee and looked at the case reports from two weeks earlier, when you’d lost him in Scotland. Those words. ‘How does it feel? Knowing you were so close?’ They stared back at you- mocking you, torturing you – with a range of thoughts, none of them kind. “Fuck!” you screamed, throwing the files off your desk and collapsing into your desk in a fit of tears.

This was All. Your. Fault.

“Y/N?” Hotch said sternly, nodding his head in the slight but noticeable way that said he wanted you to come to his office. Lovely. Now he’s going to reprimand me for throwing papers everywhere.

You tugged your shirt down and walked toward Hotch’s office without any regard for picking up the papers. No one was in yet anyway. It didn’t fucking matter. You weren’t sure what mattered anymore.

“Look, sir,” you started, “I’m sorry for the outburst. It’s just-“

“Sit,” he said firmly. Despite wanting to protest, you sat down in front of him, reading for the tongue-lashing. “How are you? 

Excuse me. “Sir? 

“I can see you’re not getting enough sleep. Ever since we got back from Scotland, you’re shaky and on-edge, even more so than before. You’re downing cups of coffee faster than the pot can make it; that is when you’re not to in your own head so much that you forget that five hours have passed. It’s not healthy.” He finished speaking and you looked at him confused. He was talking to you like a dad that was worried you were overworking yourself, not a federal agent that nearly killed one of his teammates and closest friends.

“Sir, Ashton is still out there. I can’t focus knowing he’s out there. Living a life that none of us could ever hope to live, knowing what he’s done,” you said. How could he even ask you that kind of question? What else should you be doing? “I’m not sleeping until he’s caught. I’ve fucked up enough in my life. I’m not gonna do it again and allow that bastard to take the one thing I’ve worked so hard for, at least not without a fight. I can’t…I just…” The sobs started to wrack through your body again. You’d lost count of how many times you’d broken down when you promised yourself you wouldn’t. The shaking from this morning intensified as you hanged your head in your hands. “Hotch…Sir, I’m so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen. I didn’t want to hurt JJ. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I-“

“You chose Reid,” he said simply. “I understand. 

Your head rose from its position to meet his gaze. “You understand? You don’t think I acted hastily?”

He shook his head. “My assumption was that you weighed all your options. From what you knew, he had all the resources to do whatever he wanted, including killing Reid. From there, you chose him. If I were in your position, your exact position, I would’ve chosen Jack, and no one could’ve convinced me otherwise,” he said, the surety in his voice steadying you slightly.  “I wish you could’ve trusted us enough to know that we wouldn’t have judged you, but other than that, I can’t completely fault you for what happened. I can tell that you wouldn’t have done it if you assumed there was any other way out.”

“I appreciate that, Sir,” you said. “But it’s not about trust. When you come from where I did, you’re ashamed. I was violated and told I was worthless, that I was nothing but a vessel to be used for someone else’s pleasure for more than a year. Rocco Mitchell beat out my self-esteem to the point where I thought I was nothing. Despite getting to where I am now, you don’t just lose that belief. Every day I struggle with whether or not I’m worth a damn thing to anyone. The only reasons I keep going at all anymore are my mother, my father, and Leslie.”

“She was the one that was killed in front of you?” he asked his voice shaking at the thought of two teenage girls cowering before a man with too much power.

You caught sight of Spencer and Morgan walking in for the morning and Hotch got up to close the blinds for you. “Despite everything she’d been through, she was always so positive. Garcia reminds me of her in a lot of ways. I had had my arm basically broken the night before. I made myself a makeshift sling, but I was in such pain that when Rocco called us for the night’s work, I begged for a break. He said no. Leslie said she’d take my client and when she mouthed off to him, he shot her, shoved me toward my client and that was that. When he dumped me on the side of the road, I swallowed some pills I’d found hoping I would die, but I didn’t. The next morning I got up, ran two towns over to someone who I knew could give me a new identity and I ran until I couldn’t anymore.” You hadn’t realized you’d been rambling until Hotch got up from his seat and sat on the edge of the desk.  “I got a waitressing job under my new name and saved everything I possibly could. I lived in random shelters on a rotating basis. I had nothing. But I used whatever time I wasn’t working to apply for grants so I could go to school. I finished high school and then I received a full ride to college. Since then, it’s been my dream to work here. I thought I’d finally become something, but I guess…” You couldn’t even finish the sentence. Again, you broke into sobs, but this time, they were muffled by Hotch’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he said, placing his hand on the back of your head. “We’ll catch this man. Then once we do, I can plead your case to the director to let you stay.” You were stunned. He’d already taken a hell of a lot of flack for insisting you stay until Ashton was caught, but as he’d told Morgan, you were an asset. 

You looked into his unwavering gaze. “I’m an asset, Sir. Once there’s no need for me, the director will want me gone. He already wants me gone.” When you mentioned the moniker you’d heard weeks ago, he wavered slightly.

“That was a word I used to calm Morgan,” he said. “I’m sorry you heard that. But it’s not how I feel. Once this is all over, we can work toward trusting each other again. Okay?”

“Yes, sir.” A small, hopeful smile painted its way across your face. “I’ll meet you in the round table room in a few.”

“Y/N?” he asked again, just as you went to leave his office. “Remember what I said when we met?” You did. “Call me Hotch.”


HEY TUMBLR here’s the deal: I’ve been screwed outta hours at work lately which doesn’t help me much seeing as I have things like gas/car insurance and payment/convention expenses/blah blah blah to pay for so until they get their shit together I’ve decided to open up quick colored sketch commissions to pick up the slack a bit

(Please note that the above prices are the base/minimum and prices may vary based on the complexity of the character. At this time I’m only doing character sketches and not offering backgrounds. You can see other examples of my “colored sketch” work by browsing my doodles tag)

Things I WILL draw:

  • Animals, creatures, monsters
  • Furries/anthro
  • Humans (not my strongest point but I’m confident enough in my ability to draw them that they are happily accepted)
  • Gore (extreme included)
  • Canon characters/fan-art
  • OCs/fan characters
  • Simpler armor/mech stuff
  • Since people have expressed interest in the past, Pokemon Fusions

Things I WILL NOT draw:

  • Nsfw/porn (you do not want me drawing your porn trust me, cutesy cuddling etc. is fine though)
  • Fetish material
  • Super complex armor/mech stuff
  • Offensive/hate art

If interested feel free to send me an ask or fan-mail so we can discuss it! Please have references handy! Paypal payments only. Must be paid in full upfront. Please do not send your payment until I’ve responded to you and we’ve got the details of your commission figured out. Payments can be made to I will e-mail you the full-res drawing once it’s completed (all of them will be posted publicly on Tumblr like all my art unless you specifically tell me not to). You are welcome to post your commission on any social media/art/etc. pages of yours so long as I receive credit

Any questions? Shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you! This post is likely to be frequently updated with anything I might’ve forgotten/felt the need to edit so check back! (And please bear with me this is my first time offering formal online commissions I will do my very best ;A;)

September Challenge: Characters when they think no one’s looking! 

(example art by Reapersun)

~Ends September 30th~


Our challenge for September is to draw Sherlock characters in a situation where they think no one is watching and are doing something you wouldn’t normally see them do. You could choose a situation which is an extension of a canon moment, an original situation or something as part of an AU.

It’s a very open ended challenge in regards to content, so a great opportunity to get creative with pairings and context. It’s important that entires include at least two characters - with one or more of them being unknowingly observed by another character(s). 

Entries can feature a number of different characters and you can choose any character or characters in Sherlock (any version, BBC, RDJ, etc) for the challenge.

Below are some examples of situations you could use:

  • Doing socially unacceptable things with their bodies (picking their noses / scratching their bums)
  • Letting their inhibitions go (singing into a hairbrush)
  • Taking a sneaky selfie
  • Expressing suppressed emotions (“you look sad when you think he can’t see you”)
  • Talking to themselves
  • Trying to do something behind another characters back

Before starting on your piece, please read the full guidelines under the read more.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I don't mean to be a bother but I'm on mobile and no matter what I do I can't see your full reply on the "Dazai's ideal girl" post. Is there anyway I'd be able to see it?

Not a bother at all, actually thank you for pointing that out to me! The reblogs have been a little weird lately like the ‘keep reading’ tags usually work even when you reblog something, but that blog is cursed now so they don’t work apparently. 

I went back and copy/pasted the original under the ‘keep reading’ tag and reposted it as an addition so you can read it now ^^

January Challenge: Superheroes!

(example art by Katzensprotte)

~Ends January 31st~


Our challenge for January is to imagine Sherlock characters as superheroes! You can choose any character or characters in Sherlock (any version, BBC, RDJ, etc) for the challenge.

You could choose to create a new superhero (see example) or imagine a Sherlock character as a pre-existing superhero (e.g. Iron Man / Wonder Woman).  

Entries can feature one character or a number of different characters. Entries should try to include the characters engaging with their super power, rather than characters simply in a superhero outfit/uniform.

For clarity we are using this definition of ‘superhero’ for the challenge. 

Before starting on your piece, please read the full guidelines under the read more.

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little info

it’s no secret that i’m no longer active in the fandom nor do i exactly care about all those theories and scandals, but i still enjoy drawing those weirdos and i’m no ungrateful ass, i saw a lot of nice messages and there are people that supported me in every way possible so i want to draw these first pieces after “break” for them.

Oh also! hope that after all that time, people realized that fanfics and fanart are for fun, for us, people mostly do it free and this fandom has SHIT TON of free art and fics in it. no one should tell anyone what to do and what not to do, if you dont enjoy one person’s content, swtich to another one, we have so many artists that you literally have a choice, so don’t make it uncomfortable for all of us.

I’ll probably start with those gifts and then i would open commissions centred on this fandom, not any personal stuff or anything that could make it more difficult for me to deliver. There’s the best moment in my life waiting for me in two months and i have like 10dolars, so amongst other stuff, i will try to do what i do “best” and gain from it as well, only make sense, because those hours wont go into any other work that could give me that.
After i’m back back, should be around summer break, i’d release free stuff along with some sets and themed “weeks” (rememeber those?) on my patreon and just pay more attention to this blog than i did until now

Also i’m not having it with anyone being drama queen or villain™ in my inbox so you can cry me a frickin river but i’m way too past the point of caring.
i’ll try to stick to proper tagging and im okay with ideas in my inbox, but as for right now i’m not taking requests and i’m drawing literaly what i want. sometimes i can give a warning before or hide it under read more for topic that i know people can be more sensitive to.
also- i’d pay attention to smut more than fluff things now, that thing kinda bores the hell out of me right now.

that’s about it! thanks for staying my followers i guess, you have some patience and tolerance, you people

EDIT: im most likely going to re-draw some pieces because those are just horrible and i don’t get how you could like them, you guys have no taste

i had to make the graphic eunbin didn’t i

hi!!!! so i was supposed to make this like 800 followers ago at 2,000 followers, but it’s already way past that point (i’m sorry i forgot and i was tagged in one today and i was like o shit)
so here we are!! thank you!!
italics = loves (or i love your work or something.. BASICALLY you’re doing something right)
bold = i see you on my dash at least once a day so thank you
👑  = utter royalty i don’t deserve to speak to


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February Challenge: Sherlock characters participating in ‘Let’s Draw Sherlock’!

(example art by Sans-RenardKatzensprotte and Reapersun)

~Ends February 28th~


Our challenge for February is Sherlock characters participating in a LDS past challenge (and failing!) You can choose any character or characters in Sherlock (any version, BBC, RDJ, etc) for the challenge. Entries can feature one character or a number of different characters.

Any previous LDS challenge can be used (although some challenges are better suited to this than others - so choose carefully!) Details of all previous challenges can be found here.

Examples above are ’Holmes in your own culture’, ’favourite AU’ and the original 'portrait challenge’

An important part of this challenge is the characters trying to participate in the challenge but failing. For example: J&S as French stereotypes, Toby the cat not posing for his cat!lock photo, Irene drawing J&S kissing instead of following the portrait guidelines. The characters should break the fourth wall and be aware of the blog and LDS challenge, but not aware of the artist.

As Reaper’s previous post stated, this challenge will be the last for LDS, so we’d love to see lots of entries!

Before starting on your piece, please read the full guidelines under the read more.

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Do you love Michean?

Do you wish there was more fanfiction, gifsets and fanart for it? Of course you do, we scrap the bottom of the barrel for our rare ships. We suffer through fanfiction that are tagged our ships, only to discover is actual a popular ship fanfiction only to discover our rare ship, actually only has a line as a past love interest or the villain of the story. 

My point is–yes you do. 

And that is why we have,


Yes, a couple of months late. But is never too late to celebrate what we love. So this

             DECEMBER 6TH TO DECEMBER 13TH, 

join us for an entire week of celebrating just that. If you haven’t joined us in previous weeks or for Michiferweek and are wandering how this works and what can be done. The rules are the same as always.

  • Write a story, poem, etc.
  • Make fanmixes.
  • Draw a fanart.
  • Do an edit or gifset. 

It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it related to Michael AND Dean. There can be other characters and ships, but the focus has to be on Michael and Dean. They cannot just be side characters or a side past ship. It doesn’t have to be romantic (friendships are fine or if it is pre-slash), but it is preferred if it is. 

Remember to tag: micheanweek or micheanweek 2015

February Challenge: Historical Moments!

(example art by sans-renard)

~Ends February 28th~


Our challenge for February is to imagine Sherlock characters in events or moments of historical significance. The event can be taken from any time period or culture and can have significance in a number of different ways (culturally, scientifically, socially etc). The event should be defined as having an influence over culture or society in some way. 

We will be treating this prompt in a similar way to the ’Holmes in your Culture’ challenge from July, as we realize the prompt has the potential to raise some sensitive subjects. Because of this we are asking all potential contributors to pick an event which they are culturally familiar and comfortable with.

We also want this challenge (and all of our challenges) to be fun, so we strongly encourage picking an event which has had a positive influence or connotations. 

Examples of possible entries:
Apollo Space Missions
Royal Weddings
Beatle Mania uwu
French Revolution (see example image) 

If you notice anything with a piece you feel is amiss, feel free to message us, or message that person directly, politely, and discuss the problem.

Please include a small blurb with all entries explaining the event depicted (even if it seems very obvious what the event is). If your entry is based on an event which is closely linked to your culture and may not be known to all, a blurb will be really informative! 

Before starting on your piece, please read the full guidelines under the read more.

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ace27blr  asked:

I'm doing a presentation for scouts on Ferguson, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by all that's going on. What do you think are the best points to cover and could you direct me to where I could find the information? Thanks, you're doing great work! Stay strong xxx

As time consuming as it might be, I would honestly recommend that you scroll through the update tag because so much has happened in the past 100 days that it’s somewhat difficult to pick and choose the most important points. However, to get you started, I’ll list some of the points that absolutely MUST be included…

Mike Brown’s death:

Corruption in Ferguson:

Treatment of protesters:


If you have any specific events in mind that you want to include but can’t find info on, let me know and I can help you find some links.

*pretty people DO eat*

Hello everyone!!! My heart is so full after seeing that so many other people were on board with the idea of revamping/reclaiming the google search images for ‘pretty girls eat.’ If you didn’t read the post, you can do so here.

Sorry I’ve been hella busy these past couple of weeks, but I’m finally free and incredibly excited to do this!!! For the sake of organization, I will explain how this will work in bullet points.

• first and foremost, i would LOVE for this to be gender inclusive! this is open to absolutely everyone, regardless of gender identity 

• so on saturday, june 27 post your cutest & prettiest selfies of you enjoying food! mark your calendars and find some good selfie lighting!

• make sure to caption and tag your selfies with #PrettyGirlsEat, #PrettyBoysEat, or however you identify

• all day, reblog other selfies and spread this all over the internet!! don’t confine this to only tumblr! i’ll be tracking the tags on here, instagram, and twitter

please signal boost this!! my blog is fairly new and does not have many followers, so I really do need your help in getting this message across.

• lastly, thank you to everyone who participates!

• PS: i’ll make a reminder post closer to the day of the event

About the Theme Glitch:

If you’re not aware, tumblr keeps resetting themes to their default settings in the basic editor (i.e your description, colours, photos, etc.). Don’t freak out though it’s easily fixed and guarded against.

  • If it hasn’t happened to you yet, create a restore point by changing something harmless about the code, idk add a comment to your html section saying something like 
<!-------- RESTORE POINT -------->
  • under the head tag as this will not affect your code. (If it has, still don’t panic the next steps work fine, you just have an extra step than the people who left the restore point in advance)
  • If/when you get the error, recover your theme at the link right here.This should make your theme look as it did before.
  • If you didn’t get the chance to make a point to restore to, you’ll probably be OK, but just in case copy all the current code you have to notepad or patebin/whatever, before doing step 3, and paste it back in once done and it should be perfect now.

Hope this helps calm a few people down/relieve stress.


Be warned, next few posts are going to be drawings I did at the hospital which include some pretty crazy venty comics so if you’re into that.. I dunno. I guess scroll past? But just sort of a little update on WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING, I will hopefully do some non-as-nutty journal comics soon!!! Maybe!!!

Oh I will tag it as #hospital so if you get too upset by it you can.. saviour it? Is that how it works I dunno, JUST DON’T WANNA UPSET PEOPLE AAA

Anyway people in the hospital really liked it when I drew Alice in Wonderland because they were playing the Disney movie at one point and I doodled her because I’ve never actually seen the movie before and paper was offered to me? Before I knew it I was being requested to draw her in watercolour hahahaha


anonymous asked:

So because we believe that harry and louis are in a relationship that means that we cant appreciate how handsome they are.?! Are people ok? Like you said, I have eyes and harry is gorgeous just like louis and liam and niall. Why cant we say that? When people are talking about how beautiful louis is then it's ok but but when it comes to harry it's not? What are they affraid of? Its not like me thinking he's pretty it's gonna change my belief in louis and harry. People are just looking for drama.

People think that by talking about the fact that Harry is a muscular guy, it’s a) erasing other things about him, b) hyper-masculinizing him, and/or c) being too “het.” I have a lot to say about this, but first I’m going to put a disclaimer and say that not everybody who has an issue with the beef thing is doing this stuff or thinking this stuff, but some of them definitely are. 

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anonymous asked:

I understand what you and others are saying about 'trash shipping' but 400 notes on a post is a drop in the ocean of this fandom. Most of the fandom don't even know or acknowledge this is happening, and yet the morality police are making it an issue. You're the ones creating drama and making it visible here. I wish people would get down from their high horses. If you see real life shipping, block, ignore, don't go searching for it. It's not that hard.

When you use terms like ‘morality police’ and ‘high horse’ it implies that you believe I’m being overly sensitive, that I’m wrong, and that it would really be great if I’d just sit down and be quiet. 

These arguments along with ‘stay in your lane’, ‘fandom policing’, ‘you do you’, etc. is the rhetoric d’jour that really translates to ‘Fuck you. Shut up. And stop telling us what to do!’ 

I have blocked, ignored, unfollowed. I am extremely diligent in maintaining my bubble, and in the past three days I’ve still seen it show up on my dash. That is why I’m concerned. This is gaining more popularity and more traction. When high profile bloggers appear to support it their followers are watching, they see it, they think it’s okay. It might be a chat with a couple of other people on twitter, or a reblog of a post, but if it’s not a DM it’s public and lack of tagging or mentioning people directly doesn’t make it okay. You’re not that sly, you’re not that clever, and everyone knows who and what you’re talking about.  

So I ask you why this isn’t okay. Why you’d like me to just sit down and shut up. Is it because it’s the fandom’s dirty little secret and it might be exposed? It’s already out there. It’s not discrete. If it was I wouldn’t even know about it. And my point is that if I know about it and I’m actively working to NOT see any of it, someone who is looking for ammunition is going to find it easily. The people involved and the way it’s happening it’s impossible to separate it from the fandom. It would be much too easy for someone looking to hurt the fandom to use this as their weapon. 

And that leads me to my main point and something no one has actually answered. If you do support this then please justify yourself. Explain to me why you’re advocating for adultery. Because that is what it is. I would like facts and proof, not your baseless conjecture. 

Also, please note I’m not nor have I been tagging anyone or anything in these replies and posts. But I’m not going to stay silent. Anyone who has spoken out against this in the past has been bullied into submission. That’s not going to work on me. This is wrong. Period. It needs to stop. 

And let me be clear. Appreciating the friendship, the camaraderie, the appreciation between co-workers…I have no issue with that. I’ve reblogged plenty of things like that myself. The problem is when those things are now taken to a level that is inappropriate and lines are erased. Someone is going to take something too far one day, it’s going to get out of hand, and it will not be fixable and that’s going to taint the entire fandom. I don’t think any of us want that to happen.