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Be warned, next few posts are going to be drawings I did at the hospital which include some pretty crazy venty comics so if you’re into that.. I dunno. I guess scroll past? But just sort of a little update on WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING, I will hopefully do some non-as-nutty journal comics soon!!! Maybe!!!

Oh I will tag it as #hospital so if you get too upset by it you can.. saviour it? Is that how it works I dunno, JUST DON’T WANNA UPSET PEOPLE AAA

Anyway people in the hospital really liked it when I drew Alice in Wonderland because they were playing the Disney movie at one point and I doodled her because I’ve never actually seen the movie before and paper was offered to me? Before I knew it I was being requested to draw her in watercolour hahahaha


*pretty people DO eat*

Hello everyone!!! My heart is so full after seeing that so many other people were on board with the idea of revamping/reclaiming the google search images for ‘pretty girls eat.’ If you didn’t read the post, you can do so here.

Sorry I’ve been hella busy these past couple of weeks, but I’m finally free and incredibly excited to do this!!! For the sake of organization, I will explain how this will work in bullet points.

• first and foremost, i would LOVE for this to be gender inclusive! this is open to absolutely everyone, regardless of gender identity 

• so on saturday, june 27 post your cutest & prettiest selfies of you enjoying food! mark your calendars and find some good selfie lighting!

• make sure to caption and tag your selfies with #PrettyGirlsEat, #PrettyBoysEat, or however you identify

• all day, reblog other selfies and spread this all over the internet!! don’t confine this to only tumblr! i’ll be tracking the tags on here, instagram, and twitter

please signal boost this!! my blog is fairly new and does not have many followers, so I really do need your help in getting this message across.

• lastly, thank you to everyone who participates!

• PS: i’ll make a reminder post closer to the day of the event

Do you love Michean?

Do you wish there was more fanfiction, gifsets and fanart for it? Of course you do, we scrap the bottom of the barrel for our rare ships. We suffer through fanfiction that are tagged our ships, only to discover is actual a popular ship fanfiction only to discover our rare ship, actually only has a line as a past love interest or the villain of the story. 

My point is–yes you do. 

And that is why we have,


Yes, a couple of months late. But is never too late to celebrate what we love. So this

             DECEMBER 6TH TO DECEMBER 13TH, 

join us for an entire week of celebrating just that. If you haven’t joined us in previous weeks or for Michiferweek and are wandering how this works and what can be done. The rules are the same as always.

  • Write a story, poem, etc.
  • Make fanmixes.
  • Draw a fanart.
  • Do an edit or gifset. 

It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it related to Michael AND Dean. There can be other characters and ships, but the focus has to be on Michael and Dean. They cannot just be side characters or a side past ship. It doesn’t have to be romantic (friendships are fine or if it is pre-slash), but it is preferred if it is. 

Remember to tag: micheanweek or micheanweek 2015

i had to make the graphic eunbin didn’t i

hi!!!! so i was supposed to make this like 800 followers ago at 2,000 followers, but it’s already way past that point (i’m sorry i forgot and i was tagged in one today and i was like o shit)
so here we are!! thank you!!
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