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Hogmanay pt. 1 (I love You Beyond The Brink of Madness.)

Hi all! So I have been doing some Spring Cleaning of my AU because it has spiralled a little out of control. A few chapters of this fic have been moved into a new thread called ‘Tales of Brianna’ because really they do little to feed into the central story and are really just one shots prompted by some lovely asks and some of my own random thoughts. This is more relevant over on AO3 but I love my Tumblr fam too so wanted to apologise for any confusion caused here by this.

Anyway I really hate to mess you about and to say sorry I have part one of an extended piece which is going to be pure Fraser loveliness! I hope you enjoy it, here is pt. 1 of Hogmanay.

Bree had been disappointed by Christmas. She wouldn’t admit it to Mama or Da but the lack of a tree or proper presents and carol singers had been quite disheartening. Mama had done her best and they had built a snowman in the afternoon which was fun, but that was about the only tradition from Boston that Bree had been able to observe.

Da had gifted her a little knife with an ivory handle that had her initials carved into it B.E.R.F and Bree had been pleased that he hadn’t left out the ‘R’ because she was feeling homesick and wondering what exactly Daddy was doing and whether he was alone or maybe with a new family. She didn’t know which thought made her feel worse.
Mama had wrapped up a new pair of breeks, folded playfully within a dress that Aunt Jenny had made and also a box of paints that made Uncle Ian raise his eyebrows – no doubt at at the extravagance.

She knew that she had received more than her cousins which only increased her guilt at feeling longing for the extravagant Christmas’ of the twentieth century and after supper Bree had excused herself and gone to bed early.

The next day had been better. Winter at Lallybroch was like something straight off a Christmas card. Fresh blankets of white snow every morning, smoke curling from the chimney, dark against the bright winter sky and she spent playing or hunting with Ian when they were released from their chores.

She wasn’t allowed to take her knife out with her, Mama had pretty much confiscated it the moment Da’s back was turned and assured Bree that she’d keep it safe before slipping a shilling into her hand – a bribe that Bree wished she hadn’t taken but at the time had been too wrapped up in feeling blue to think about. However Ian had a new bow and a set of arrows and he was allowed to take them out hunting whenever he pleased, which was also good news for Brianna as it meant she effectively inherited his old bow, now slightly too short for Ian but still pretty much alright for her, currently lagging one growth spurt behind him.

When Ian and Bree had asked Jenny where it had been put, Jenny had narrowed her eyes and said
“It has been put away. The two of ye ken well enough that Claire doesna want for Bree to learn how to use weapons yet.”

But then, after considering them both for a moment, she had sighed and picked up a foot stall, handing it to Ian with stern expression on her face

“Also I dinna wish either of ye to be pokin’ around on top o’ the wardrobe in Michael’s room, ken?”

After she had marched back to the kitchen Ian had grinned at Bree and nudged her in the ribs.

“Sometimes ye can really tell that Mam and Uncle Jamie are related, eh?”

On the fourth day, December 29th, Bree woke up, dressed in her favourite shirt and breeks and fetched her newly acquired bow from beneath her bed and walked downstairs into beautiful chaos.
Garlands of holly and thyme adorned the doorwars and thick boughs of juniper were stacked by the main entrance, stripped of their berries which were in a bowl beside them. Candles had been stationed on every available surface. The sound of fabric being struck over and over again came from outside and heedless of her contraband slung up on her shoulder, Bree padded out into the courtyard.

Jamie and Ian were beating rugs that had been draped over the washing line, both their faces shining with sweat despite the chill.

“What’s going on?”
Bree asked, wrapping her arms around herself shivering.

“Good morning, a leannan!”
Jamie wiped his brow and smiled at her

“Why is everything so … festive?”


Ian called cheerfully, swinging the carpet beater viciously at the rug and then stepping back to survey his work.

“Do ye think it’ll do Jamie?”

Jamie stepped around to Ian’s side and cocked his head

“Aye it’ll do if ye mean to have Jenny chase ye about the house wi’ this thing after ye give it back!”

Flicking the beater in Ian’s hand he gestured to a patch of dust on the higher right corner

“Look at that there!”

Ian clucked his tongue and rolled his eyes

“Fussy as an auld maid ye are. A patch of dust isna goin’ to offend any of our visitors.”

“It’s no’ the visitors who will be inspecting it.”

Jamie sniffed and nodded toward the house. Ian grimaced

“Last year I had the lads do this. I should ha’ done so this year too.”

Bree frowned at her father and uncle and shuffled her feet, wiggling her toes against the chill of being outdoors.

“What’s Hogmanay, Da?”

“It’s the celebration of welcoming the new year coming in and bidding the old farewell.”
Jamie said, his own rug now met his fastidious expectations, began carefully rolling it up before hefting it onto his shoulder and walking towards her.

“OH! Like New Year! With fireworks and champagne?”
Bree clapped her hands delightedly, the cold forgotten.

“Ah weel, no, I dinna have fireworks and I dinna think ye Aunty has any champagne here but there will be dancing and a fine feast and a bonfire too with guests and food and more to drink than is good for anyone so we’ll need to watch ye Mam.”

Jamie grinned, stepping into the house Bree following faithfully at his heels.

“So what happens at midnight?”

“Eh? Well that my lass is the first footing. A tall and dark man must enter the house barin’ gifts for good luck!”

Jamie deposited the rug in the hallway and turned to her, hands on his hips

“Now there is a wee discussion about this and I should care most greatly for your opinion.”

“Dinna be hounding the lass about this Jamie!”

Jenny admonished bustling between them as if by magic and inspecting the rug before glancing up at Bree.

“Your father has a bee in his bonnet about the First Foot. Pay him no heed. Your Uncle either. As bad as a couple of weans wi’ a new bauble to share.“

Jenny paused and pursed her lips at her niece

"And you’ve as much sense as either of them, walking around wi’ that on ye shoulder for the world to see.”

Bree glanced to her left and blushed, snatching the bow from her arm and quickly hiding it behind her back, a completely useless gesture but one that she felt the need to make anyway. She looked up guiltily at her Da but Jamie had that small smile on his lips that Mama called his ‘Proud Father’ smile.

“How are ye getting on wi’ it?”

“Not too bad, not brilliantly though.”

Bree smiled shyly back at him. She liked the idea of having small secrets between her and each of her parents. It was nice to feel close to them individually because they formed such a tight unit together that sometimes she could feel a little left out – after all she had been the centre of the world in Boston, the linchpin that kept her family together and she sensed it, even if she could not put it into words.

She had secrets with Mama already, little jokes about the future world and small things that Da would disapprove of like sharing a sweet before dinner or staying up past bedtime to read. Now she had a secret with Da too, learning to use a bow and arrow.

“I’ll show ye a couple of things after lunch but for now, hide it away wherever ye keep it, aye?”

Bree nodded and hurried up the stairs oblivious to the slender black eyebrow aunt Jenny raised at Jamie.

He asked defensively but Jenny only smiled good-naturedly at him

“She has ye around her pinky, Jamie”

Jamie feigned haughtiness and strode past her but not before Jenny saw the faint pink blush of happiness that touched his cheekbone.

Jenny shook her head and sighed contentedly – it was time for bringing in the new year and with it a breath of joy that the dear old house had long needed. It was Hogmanay.


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Rules: make a sim inspired by spring.

Spring is my favorite season soooo I really wanted to do it! I love spring because the sun starts to shine more and the weather gets warmer and you can go outside and have so much fun. I can go to the park and skateboarding with my friends etc…

Anyway this is Mary Jane.

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Things to do this spring:

This is personal list of mine but feel free to reblog if you get some inspiration or ideas :3

  • Plant potatoes
  • Get some more seeds (something that bees will love)
  • More pots! 
  • Decorate said pots with sigils and other stuff
  • Collect all the cool rocks
  • Learn how to cook (something other than noodles and chicken or pizza)

My professor: “So what is everyone doing for spring break??”

The class: *starts to compare various vacation destinations and plans*

My inner self: “I have an inbox of perverted anons begging for trash smut and a list of fanfiction I need to finish writing”

Also me internally: “How am I going to provide for their famished demands??”

PLZ Help me……. should i cut my hair short for the summer ? i do it like every spring and just let it grow after and m a n do i want to keep my mullet or should i cut it ? let me know ur opinion !


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