do something to my selfie


mediocre selfies bc people seem to like my face recently (with filters duh)

ignore the weird ass lighting,,,,,

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a bts challenge with pics of you + bias // you + bias wrecker

Tagged by the lovely @datyugyummy! Thank you~

So the absolute beauty that is Park Jimin is my bias 💖 and Jungkook is the bias wrecker who needs to stop and let me live pls

Tagging: @supernooodles @red-2000 @1-800-sunflowerchild @selldraug @calcifer-rose @solarkwan @yeolology @heartache-on-my-phone-screen @tea-and-baescuits but feel free to ignore if ya want~


“you were the sun and I was crashing into you”

I was tagged by the beautiful @taeonie to do the bias/selfie tag! 💖 I guess that I love these filters, they are so pretty.  

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