do something to my selfie


Akaashi: You spelled, “I’m an idiot who can’t remember to turn off the flash before taking a mirror selfie,” wrong.

Bokuto: Akaaaashi! Don’t say that. You’re not an idiot!!!

Akaashi: Thank you for proving my point, Bokuto-san.

This is for you, anon, because you asked so nicely :D I hope you’ll see this and like it!

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a bts challenge with pics of you + bias // you + bias wrecker

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So the absolute beauty that is Park Jimin is my bias 💖 and Jungkook is the bias wrecker who needs to stop and let me live pls

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Since it’s selfie day and I currently look life has been drained out of me, here are some old selfies of one: me being weird and two: me being weirder :)) 💜