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Tumblr is doing something very strange with people’s “likes”. The pages are full of posts people have never even seen before, and they seem to be completely random so there’s no telling what might show up. 
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Halsey // Badlands + favourite lyrics

do something strange

Title: Do Something Strange (Hourglass Pt. II)
Pairing: Josh/Reader/Tyler
Rating: Very Mature
Warnings: Threesome, daddy kink, dirty talk, name calling, anal, very very slight slash (idk not really but kinda, I’m just saying in case), jealousy, lap dances, all kinds of good stuff.
A/N: Here’s part two of Hourglass, I know you guys have been waiting for it. I hope you enjoy it because I tried to make it raunchier than the last one. I’m so nervous about this one like???? idkI hope it’s awesome

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Some sketches I did X3

I’m not so sure I like how all of these came out but I already spent a entire month on this so enjoy! (btw the panels without lyrics are supossed to go with the beat)


Requested by anonymous

You heard the door open, signaling Doctor Strange finally returning home. You were getting a little frustrated with him and how little time was spent at home and with you. So, it was a little petty, but you were going to let him know how you felt.

“Hey, honey,” Strange greeted as he walked into the study where you were reading one of his books. He walked over to give you a kiss on the lips, but you turned your head. He paused a moment, frowning, before kissing your cheek. “How was your day?”

You ignored him and continued to read your book.

“Did I do something wrong?” Strange asked, frowning again.

You gave him a pointed look, before returning to your book.

Strange knelt down by the chair, resting his elbows on one of the arms. “Would you feel better if I made you your favorite dish?”

You looked at him again, raising your eyebrow. Did he really think he could bribe his way out of your anger?

“I take it that’s a no. I’ll still make your favorite anyways. I can’t fix whatever you’re mad at if you don’t tell me,” Strange told you.

“Remember two days ago?” you asked, not wanting to repeat the conversation.

“Yes, what about-” Strange started, before realization hit. “Oh, today was supposed to be date day, I’m sorry. There was an emergency.”

“I understand you’re the best master of the mystic arts,” you said, putting your hand on Strange’s cheek. “But you’re not the only one capable of dealing with magic foes. Let Brother Voodoo handle it, or Wanda Maximoff, or Pete Wisdom. They can handle it every once in a while so we can have time for dates.”

Strange nodded. “We can have a nice dinner tonight, followed by a movie here, then tomorrow I’m all yours. How does that sound?” he asked.

You nodded. “Okay, that’s acceptable,” you said, leaning over to kiss Strange’s head.


I’ve been getting into fandom stats after reading some of destinationtoast and centrumlumina’s stuff. So here’s a small breakdown of Life is Strange on Ao3. It was neat to see the rise and falls of an episodic game from it’s initial release to now.

*edit* fixed victoria/chloe error

Hey folk.  WADTT needs an official logo and I can’t decide what to put on it! I definitely want an animal doing something strange and cute, but… choosing what that is is proving really difficult. 

So I figured I’d open it up to suggestion! I’ve got an artist I’ll be commissioning who has done work for my other businesses, so that’s set, but I have to know what to commission. 

I’ve been leaning towards a cartoon version of the blepping giraffe from the official website, but anyone else have ideas?