do some squats or something

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I have been a fencer from when I was about 10 to 18, but there's only one club in my town and I haven't been back in the year since I came out as trans. I'll definitely get back into it once I move away, but that's going to be at least another year. I miss being an active sword lesbian, but at least I'm not a closeted sword lesbian anymore! Any ideas on how to keep my hand in, aside from looking at my sabre on it's shelf everyday, and occasionally picking it up and giving it a few swings?

Hmmm well if you know where you’re moving maybe check out fencing clubs in that city? Also I hear fencing is tough on the butt muscles so idk do some squats or something?? Or or maybe!! You could duel your friends maybe just a little but for Pete’s sake WEAR EYE PROTECTION AND DONT GET STABBED

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Renee strikes me as one of those chicks who wears cute workout clothes to the gym or wherever, but never takes their workouts seriously. Like, they're only there to look cute. And maybe get some looks from other guys. If anything, she'll probably try to do some squats or something, but only when she knows other men are nearby.


  • protagonist: give it up there's no way you can beat me
  • antagonist: what the hell, i was literally just beating you the last chapter
  • protagonist: that was before--
  • antagonist: before what, man? what changed from last week? did you go to the gym or something? maybe do some squats or something? some tae bo? what is this man, i've been training my whole life and you're like 12. i could've played piano man, but i pursued this. i -wanted- this, and you just

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Bae I'm 16 but I'm not that same anon and I don't care if your rude or not and I don't want to fuck you till I'm 18 because that's the law and I have to prepare for that big dick. Like do some squats or something but anyways I will be seeing and sucking you in two years

OH m.Y  GO D

Operation Fake It ‘Til You Make It Day 2 in the books.

I know I always feel better after a good workout, but the motivation to get out the door has been so badly lacking. Today’s playlist was all Michael Jackson, so that alone was worth it! I’m going to be singing Man in the Mirror all night now…

PSA: Ladies, ALWAYS test your gym pants by doing some squats or just touching your toes–something–before wearing them in public! Poor woman in class today must’ve skipped that step…