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the little things i love about lee jihoon: the way he “high five” someone // insp. by: x

State Love Embroidery | Do Small Things With Love

Do you love your state? I have to admit, I have seen a bit of the world and I’ll always love South Australia! Where else can you be hiking through the hills in the morning, shopping in the city at awesome bars at lunch, and enjoying dinner next to the ocean all in one day?! I love my state! If you love your state as much as me, show the world with this multi-coloured embroidery. Just Google your state and follow the directions to make your own stately masterpiece!

chimera-manticore  asked:

Oh mighty art god/goddess, how does one draw the great Papyrus because I'm kinda killing myself trying and I really like the way you draw him so

i will be honest, i despised drawing papyrus at first and still do a tiny bit (bones suck to draw in general but especially skulls). but i had to learn! i must love papyrus in every way.

he’s changed since i first tried drawing him but here are my warmups for that one comic with mettaton. my main thought was to make him look as different from sans as possible (without making him too angular) and going from there. almost every piece of papyrus’s face is the opposite of sans’s, which is cool

i dunno if this helps but i hope so! sans is easy enough for me to draw so thinking of papyrus as his foil design-wise made approaching him a little easier. as for parts of him that aren’t his face, i’d say study skeletons and think more about big shapes! both of which i gotta do more of…good thing magical cartoon skeleton monsters leave some room for artistic liberties


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Prescilla is a jerk and also her entire crew is full of enablers! 

Yes but what about height diferences

(Based on this lovely textpost by wear-n-taire )

A little bit of a color experiment featuring @dragonchee‘s Etana.

Not saying that I’d cut out important organs to see him featured in more lore shenanigans…

But I’m not not saying that either.


#Their first time slaying together as a couple (✿ ♥‿♥)


HAIKYUU!! | anime vs manga

episode 7, 5/6

BONUS: a panel i would’ve liked to see in the anime:

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