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Yo, people. We put up a redbubble page because we wanted to print some stuff and then thought that maybe some of you might want it as well.
|| If you know any place where we can sell stuff for a lower price it would be great and please let us know! (because the price seems pretty expensive to us ???)
EDIT: Yo, pleaopleeeee we are idiots so here’s the link that we forgot:
[LINK to the shop HERE}

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You were on a Jensen binge last night....weren't you?


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kuroshitsuji → C I E L + S E B A S T I A N ♦ A L O I S + C L A U D E

Is not fair…
Luke Evans went and HAD THE AUDACITY to take my fucking fav Disney villain and make it super sexy and lovable and now I can’t stop watching his movies and videos and Oh my god he’s so sweet and lovely

Word Count: 1228

Triggers: Drugs? Criminal Minds Season 11 Finale Spoilers

Requested by Anonymous

“So how many people got this fake drug?” Parker asked.

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Happieeee Sweeeet Birthdayyyy~!! @thepetitekitty​!!!!!!!!!!

I end up doodled something silly(?) for you hAHAA xdd Did you recognize that…the cat in the middle is you..? You know, you’re the petite kitty~! wwww

Well~ Hope you have a Super Great Day today and eat lots of chocolate cakes!!! >;9 And oh, don’t forget that Zen had send a cat to deliver something for you…maybe a fish shaped bread with chocolate ice-cream..? <333

I’ll cry a silent weary tear
For those that need to love me
—  “Ready for the Storm” Dougie Maclean

You know I’d rather spin it!


(Really digging this show, I don’t know, I just got a feeling it’s gonna be really good. Have a doodle as my signet of approval. ) 

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INTP doing a good job talking
  • Person: Hey INTP, I really like your shirt! Where did you get it?
  • INTP: *internally*
  • //
  • Ti: They want to know where we got the shirt, and they expect a thank you for the complement.
  • Ne: Well we could go about that by doing X, Y or Z.
  • Si: Don't do X or Y, remember what happened last time we did that?
  • (Ti: Z it is.)
  • Fe: Make sure to smile as well!
  • //
  • INTP: Thanks man, I got it at Marshals.
  • INTP: *internally*
  • Ti, Ne, Si, Fe: success!
We ain’t never getting older

So finally, here it is the college au I promised. So a little contextualization,Luna’s parents found out that she was Sol Benson by chance, when decided to dig a little into Luna’s past,  Luna and Nina didn’t go to the same school that Ámbar and everyone else did, and they already know each other. And as Ámbar and Luna didn’t meet in a context where Luna was her rival they are kind of friends in this one.Also Ámbar is not as shitty as she is in the show.This is all in the fic tho.I know this isn’t much but it’s the beginning so.., I just hope you enjoy it.

Summary: The one where  Luna really needs help with calculus and Ámbar offers her ex boyfriend as a tutor, or also known as the one where Ámbar has a plan to get back with her ex that backfires incredibly. Alternative summary: The one where Matteo crushes into a pretty girl in the park and finds himself incredibly whipped and Gastón mocks him to no end.

Chapter 1

Luna Valente likes to believe she is a fairly intelligent girl, she is not a borderline genius like Nina or Ámbar, but she is smart and hardworking and if she doesn’t get something she will study as hard as she needs to be able to do it and that has always granted her pretty decent grades.Sadly for her, calculus doesn’t seem to be one of those thing she will master on her own with just hard work and dedication.

She has tried to get help but with Nina pursuing her more artistic interest and studying literature, not having any mandatory math classes, and deciding to register in biology for her electives she can’t really help her. Ámbar, who studies business and has calculus for economics, had tried but it ended up being a disaster with both of them shouting at each other and almost in the verge of tears (okay, maybe that was just her).

All of her other friends are on artistic careers also and can do nothing to help her, and it’s not like any of them  would want to touch anything related to math with a five foot pole. Yeah, she doesn’t make good life choices.

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