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Bardic Inspiration

(Context) our party had gotten split up and it just left two support characters and a fighter alone.
DM: since the druid capsized the boat., you’re going to need to climb up the cliff. Make an athletics check.

Gnome Jewish bard: “I think… We may need some… Inspiration”
*Pulls out a REAL recorder and proceeds to play Hava Nagila*

everyone is in tears laughing
Druid (OOC): he’s been practicing all week…


 ahh the q and a is here!!! warning you can hear my voice which is ..uhhhhhhhhhh hh??? 

Okay… I normally try to not really… Say stuff in this fandom and just post headcanon things and other stuff, but… I’m sorry I gotta speak- You guys made a petition… To bring back Jillian…

Guys, stuff like this happens all of the time; voice actors change often. It stinks, it really, really does stink that a character like Lloyd, who’s been around for so long in all of our lives, is getting a new voice actor.

It does stink.

I hate to say it, but petition isn’t going to do anything since they probably already have his new voice actor. Petitioning isn’t going to do anything.

I know you’re upset, but just relax and support Jillian in what she’ll be doing next, whether it’s another show or something else, and give this guy support. He’ll be doing his best and will need the support. He hasn’t been announced, please take it easy.

It’s okay to be upset, just please try to be open about this and be willing to accept the new change to the show.

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to anon who was asking about what to do at concerts: a tip: some concerts don't allow photos to be taken and if they're like real strict on it, be careful not to get caught if you really wanna take photos! staff will either take your camera away or make you delete everything that's on there that's related to bts. either way, be careful and have fun! the concert will end as quickly as it started so relish in every single moment~

^ Really could not have said it better myself. When I went to the concert in Seoul I saw for myself how merciless the security can be. I witnessed two fansites get kicked out together, and saw a security guard pick up a girl’s phone, look through it, and kick her out afterwards. I know it seems to be more strict in Seoul than anywhere else, but just remember to be careful no matter where you are~ But do remember to have fun. ^^
- Kristi

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have you watched The Roundtables video (The "Just Enjoy the Show" Argument and Steven Universe - Vox Box)

Well, I just watched it because of this ask, and I gotta say … Definitely an eye-opener! It was interesting to hear about criticism from that perspective.

I really hope I haven’t come off as that “just enjoy the show” type of guy. I’m fairly sure I’ve pushed the fact that criticism is okay and healthy everytime we bring up this subject.

I’ve simply been expressing how tiring it has been for me, personally, when I’ve really been enjoying the show in contrast to a lot of other people lately with all these critics just flooding the fandom en masse.

I have qualms with SU too! I’m pretty sure everyone does. In fact, I’d probably make posts about it too if there weren’t so many other people doing it and taking it so seriously instead of having fun with it.

There are SU crits who do have a lot of valid points, and their view is just as important as anyone else’s. I’m actually a lot more likely to read a crit post if it’s brought up with that kind of concern and confusion, instead of another one of those ‘Peridot is shrinking’ or ‘Lapis is too bright’ posts.

I guess another thing is a lot of SU crits give off this high-and-mighty air that just rubs me the wrong way? But that’s just a personal thing.

Either way, I’m still enjoying the show, and I’m still a positive blog. But I’ll try to make it more clear that I’m calling out baseless, drama-seeking, SU-hating crits instead of critics who express concerns while still enjoying the show.

tl;dr - Don’t love the show so much that you can’t see it’s flaws. Don’t hate the flaws so much that you can’t see the show.

(Click here to watch AwestruckVox’s video!)

do you .. remember when i was panicking  a little because my mother lost a … gold necklace she borrowed from somebody and shamed  me in front of my entire family for stealing it from her………… even though i had not been home in 3 weeks at that point and …. if i was  to steal something why would i take.. a necklace………………….

she found it now ……….. came  and had her .. dramatic face on and fake tears in  her eyes and … started off saying she was sorry and i almost ….. believed her until she went on with a .. speech about how the  actual surprising thing is that i did not steal from her  and that she was such a good person for “feeling bad”  that i probably felt guilty for what i did

it is not that .. she genuinely believed i did it………….. she was fully aware that  she misplaced it and … when this happened and eventually people started to be skeptical because it was practically impossible for me to have done that….. she started to shift to accusing me  of being a heartless person for not “empathizing “ with her when she called multiple times a day to accuse me and complain that i should just  confess because she could not find it… and i said i don’t know what i can do i did not take it………..

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are there les Amis that aren't in the movie?

Bahorel is famously absent, though he’s *there* he never gets a line or anything. It’s due to the fact that he’s not present in the libretto of the musical, and since the movie is based on the musical well, here we are. Other than that, they’re all pretty much there, though they aren’t named for the most part, because their names have been cut along with some parts of the songs (mostly ABC café)

My uncle just tried to mansplain me on FB regarding a) my cookies and b) marvel. The words ‘real fan’ may have been involved. As in ‘a real fan’ would have known  that …

And he was inaccurate in his nitpick. 



Decided to check back in for a bit and saw I got tagged by @stariousfalls to post my background and lockscreen, the last song I listened to and a “pic” of myself. Thank you, friend. ❤

My lockscreen is of the boys, of course, and my background is of the drawing I did. Last song I listened to is Intention by Kiiara. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for awhile. Erm…. Still not really comfortable showing my face so here is one of my many bags. XD Maybe one day. Just not anytime soon. ^^;

I think people might have done this so I’m not really going to tag anyone. Maybe next time. And now I’m going back to my break.