do sam and dean even have cameras that aren't on their phone

Request: If you aren't too busy, could you maybe do a body swap one? Where Dean gets put in Reader's body, Reader in Cas, Cas in Sam, and Sam in Dean? Thanks a million and four!

You were laying on the couch, curled into the fetal position, urging your uterus to stop killing itself. You were having the worst period cramps of your life. You were just lucky you didn’t have to go on any hunts. 

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Cas asked, appearing next to you.

Dying. You wanted to say, but stopped yourself. “Laying around. Why?”

“I am bored and-”

“Woah, wait! Baby brother Cas is bored? Something is wrong here!” A cheerful voice exclaimed, appearing in the room. Gabriel stood before you, his hazel eyes sparkling mischievously. 

“Did I hear Gabriel?” Dean groaned, entering the room with Sam at his heels.

“Whatever you have planned, can you not do it? This is the first stress free day we’ve had in a long time.” Sam said.

“But I want to have some fun!” Gabriel pouted.

“Y/N, what’s wrong with you? Kick his ass.” Dean ordered.

“What am I? your guard dog? You do it.” You replied, your words taking on a bit more edge than you meant. 

“Oh. Um. Okay.” Dean said, obviously offended. 

“You guys need a family meeting.” Gabriel commented, then smirked. “I have just the idea!”

“No!” You, Sam, Dean, and Cas all shouted in unison, but it didn’t stop Gabe from snapping his fingers. Your body tingled for a moment, then your head felt dizzy. 

“What the Hell was that?” You asked, your voice sounding much deeper than usual.

“Oh my God, he’s killing me!” A female voice, your female voice, screamed. But you didn’t say anything. 

“What’s happening?” Sam asked, staring at you. 

“I don’t know, my body tingled and my head got dizzy, but now I feel fine.” You said.

“I’m not! I’m dying!” Your body yelled. 

“Who the Hell are you!?” You shouted, looking at your body.

“What are you talking about, Cas? It’s Dean! Heal me!” You- Dean? -screamed. 

“I’m not Cas, I"m Y/N.” You said.

“I’m Cas.” Sam said.

“And I’m Sam.” Dean said.

“What the Hell?” You muttered.

“I thought you could all walk a day in each other’s shoes!” Gabriel exclaimed, reappearing next to Sam. “I’ll return by the end of the day…. Maybe.” Then he was gone again.

“Shit.” You muttered. But then you watched your body writhe in pain, and realized you felt fine. “This is actually amazing!” You said.

“For you! What the Hell is happening to me?” Dean cried.

“Oh, I’m on my period.” You answered.

“Sam, why do you have so much hair?” Cas whined, pushing the hair out of his face repeatedly. 

“I like it.” Sam- Dean -said a little self consciously. 

“But if you cut it-” Cas started.

“Don’t even say that!” Sam shouted.

“Do you think I have access to Cas’ angel powers?” You asked.

“Y/N, please be serious about this.” Cas said. 

“I might as well have some fun!” You exclaimed. “Alright, I’m gonna try and teleport.” You closed your eyes, and tried teleporting. You stuck your tongue out, but nothing happened. “What the Hell?” You whined.

“You have to think about where you want to go.” Cas explained. 

“Alright, I’ll start easy.” You muttered. You thought about going into your room. You thought about how it looked, where your bed was and all the clothes on your floor. When you opened your eyes, you were no longer in the living room! But you weren’t in your room either. 

Somehow you teleported to another family room. And a family was sitting there. They all screamed when they saw you. “I’m sorrry! I’’m still learning how to do this!” You exclaimed, then thought about going back to the living room.

When you opened your eyes you were back in the bunker! But you weren’t standing, and you realized you were falling. You crashed on top of Dean- or Sam -and stayed down for a moment, regaining your breath. “That’s hard.” You muttered, getting off Sam.

“Well, it’s good to see you’re acting like Cas.” He joked. “I thought you were going to kiss me.”

“Holy shit! I have an idea! Get your phone out!” You ordered. Sam quickly obeyed and you started videoing yourself. “I, Castiel, Angel of the Lord, love Dean Winchester.” Then you gave Sam the phone, who had a devilish smirk on his face.

“And I, Dean Winchester, am in love with Castiel. He’s so dreamy!” Sam exclaimed, then angled the phone so you were both in the shot. Sam raised his hand and stroked your face. 

“Guys! Stop! I’m dying over here, and you’re making porn in my body!” Dean cried. 

You sighed and walked over to him. “I deal with this once a month, seriously, stop whining.”

“Can’t I take drugs, or something?” Dean asked, whimpering slightly.

“Alright, but I’m not sure it’ll help.” You sighed. You turned around to get some Advil, but Sam’s body was already walking towards Dean with the Advil in his hand.

“You’re awesome.” Dean sighed, grabbing the pills and taking three of them. 

You watched as Dean squirmed in pain, and decided to take pity on him. “Alright, sit on the floor.” You ordered. Dean gave you a weird look, but obeyed nonetheless. 

You sat behind him, so that your back was against your chest. You leaned back slightly, and Dean sighed in relief. Then you started massaging your stomach. “How the Hell does that feel so good?” Dean asked, leaning his head back on your shoulder.

“My back and uterus always hurt when I have my period. Sometimes I just need a massge.” You explained.

You saw Dean’s body come into view with an amused smirk on his face. Sam had his phone out. “Wave to the camera!” Sam said in Dean’s deep voice. You smiled at the camera, not caring how you looked. 

“Do we have any food?” Dean asked suddenly. 

“I’m kinda hungry too.” Sam added.

“Hey, Cas, can you order us a pizza?” You asked and he nodded.

Cas started towards the coffee table where Dean’s phone was, but tripped on his own feet and fell halfway there. “Sam! You’re legs are too long!” He grumbled, getting back to his feet. 

“Just don’t get me killed.” Sam sighed, shaking his head. 

Cas managed to get to the phone without hurting himself, then ordered a plain pizza and pepperoni pizza. You all sat around, you kept massaging your body, and Dean seemed to feel a little better. The doorbell rang and you all jumped up to answer it.

“Dean, you get it.” You ordered.

Grumbling, Dean grabbed the money and opened the door. Five minutes later, Dean returned, a distrubed look on his face. “You okay?” Sam asked.

“Y/N, you’re never answering the door again.” Dean replied. 

You burst out laughing and shook your head. “What? Did the pizza guy hit on you?”

“He said his brother owned a hotel and he could get us a room.” Dean stated. 

You laughed even harder. “I’ve dealt with worse." 

Dean shook his head and put the pizas down. You all ate, Cas kept pushing his new hair back, trying to keep it out of the pizza. "Um, Y/N.” Dean said, getting your attention.


“I have to pee.” He said, fear in his eyes.

“Would… Would you like help?” You asked, trying not to laugh. 

“Yes!” He exclaimed.

“Okay. Let’s go.” You sighed.

“I have to go too!” Sam said. “And Dean, no offense, but I really don’t want to see you. So, I’ll need you to help me after." 

"Sam, I’m also feeling the urge to pee.” Cas added.

“Alright! We’ll all help each other pee.” You announced. “Man, Cas, I’m lucky angels don’t pee." 

You dragged Dean to the bathroom and pulled down your pants. Dean closed his eyes and sat on the toilet. "Oh! I should probably change the tampon too.” You commented. 

“What!” Dean screamed. 

You burst out laughing. “Relax! I’ll pull the tampon out, then just put a pad on.” You assured him. 

“Wait, wait, how’s that gonna fee-” Dean was interrupted because you pulled the tampon out. He yelped in surprise. “THAT WAS THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE THING I’VE EVER BEEN THROUGH!” He screamed.

“Oh shut up and pee.” You replied, putting a pad on your underwear. 

Dean sighed and held his eyes shut tighter. You heard the familiar sound of liquid hitting liquid, and eventually Dean sighed in relief. Once Dean was done you left the bathroom, and Sam walked in. “Wash my hands when you’re done!” You shouted through the door.


Once everybody was done peeing, you sat in the living room. “I miss my body.” Dean whined.

“Oh like you haven’t been playing with my breasts since you got in there.” You replied.

“It’s a bonus, sure, but I feel like I’m wearing a diaper!” Dean said.

“I miss being able to see.” Cas sighed. You noticed that Sam’s hair was in front of his eyes; apparently Cas had stopped trying to tame it.

“And I miss when none of you complained.” Sam said.

“Well good news Sammy! I’m here to switch you back!” Gabriel announced, appearing next to you.

“Oh thank God.” Dean sighed.

“God? I’m doing all the work!” Gabe said.

“Thank you, Gabriel.” You said sarcastically.

The angel huffed, then snapped his fingers. Just like before, your body tingled and your head felt dizzy. When you felt normal again, the familiar pain was in the pit of your stomach. 

“Thank God!” Dean screamed, jumping up. to your surprise, he hugged Gabriel. 

“Thanks guys, you really entertained me.” Gabe said, then left the room. 

You curled into a small ball, and applied pressure to your stomach. “Y/N, do you want me to massage your back?” Dean offered.

“I’d love that.” You agreed, rolling on your stomach. 

“Shit, Cas. How many times did you fall?” Sam asked, rubbing his knees where bruises were no doubt forming.

“I couldn’t see past your hair.” He stated, then disappeared.

You sighed in relief as Dean started to rub your back, and Sam sat down then put the TV on. You were all happy to be back in your own bodies, and tried to forget how awkward peeing was earlier.

(I hope you like it!)

An Unexpected Evening

Author: Assbutt

Character: Sam

Reader gender: female

Warnings: smut, fluff, cussing

You sit down on your bed and pop open your laptop for another hour of research. Sam was in the library and Dean was either eating or taking a nap, maybe both knowing him. Your phone buzzed next to you and the name ‘Sam’ lit up on the screen. You unlocked your phone and opened the message to see a picture of him hard. The only thing was, he wasn’t wearing anything over it. You gasped sharply and threw your phone at the foot of the bed. The image was burned into your mind, you shook your head and tried to blink it away, but nothing helped. You slowly got up and hesitantly picked up your phone, the picture still bright on your screen. You stared at it for what you knew was too long and then closed it. Sam hadn’t sent any words with it, so maybe he accidentally sent it to you. You type 'Uh, wrong person?’

The gray bubble pops up on the left of your screen, dots circulating. The words that came after were 'Actually, you are exactly the right person. :)’

Shit. Sam… He- what? You went and sat on your bed again, still thinking about the picture. This turned you on. Sam turned you on. You had never-

A light moan fell from your lips as your phone vibrated between your legs. Why did you set it there?

'How’s my baby?’ You read the message at least five times before replying 'Since when am I your baby?’ with a smug look.

'Since you stared at that picture as long as you did.’

What the fuck?! Did he have cameras in your room?! Jedi mind tricks?! You felt your face get hot and red.

'I gotta admit, that was pretty nice. ;)’ you quickly text back.

'There’s more where that came from.’ You could just imagine the look on his face right now.

Damn, this really did turn you on. Sam had never, ever since you’ve known him, been like this. Especially with you. 'I have a little something for you too.’ You snapped a picture of your cleavage and sent that.

'Oh, you don’t want to tease
me. 😈’ Sam quickly texted back.

'I think I do.’ You sent a picture of your thighs that time.

Sam shot back a picture that started with his belly button, to him tugging at the waistband of his jeans. You bit your lip at how you wish that could be your hand. You sent back the same sort of picture, tugging at the waist band on your shorts.

'Damn, you’re gorgeous.’ He replied.

'And you, are sexy as hell. 😏’ you laughed at yourself and the fact that this was actually happening.

'Glad to know I can live up to Crowley. 😋’ he texted.

'Lol, so Sam… What’s with the sudden burst of feelings for me?’ You gulp as you hesitantly press send.

Nothing. Then you see him type for a minute. It stops. Your heart is pounding hard against your rib cage and it feels like a hummingbird, begging to get out. Typing. Nothing. Typing for a couple minutes. Then a message pops up. 'Well, I was reading about how these creatures mate… And how similar it is to humans. They spend a lot of time together, then one day they develop feelings and just get together. I don’t know… But I thought of you and how much time we spend together. And I got a little excited…’

'Yeah Sam. I saw.’ You snickered and hoped he heard it through text.

'Would you like a live show?… We ask for volunteers. 😉’ you thought you almost heard him giggle all the way from the library.

'Oh idk… I’m kind of enjoying this Sam. 😆’

He sends another picture just like the first. You groaned and bit your lip at the picture, staring even longer this time.

'Don’t taunt me Sam. Plus, we’re sexting, not snapchatting. 🙊’

'What’s behind those hands (y/n)?’

'😳’ you clear your throat. Maybe there was a reason you and him had never done this before. You waited a solid five minutes, still no more messages. 'Sam, you know I was joking right?’ You pace the room nervously.

'Come to the library.’

'Gladly. 😊’ you look yourself over, fixing your clothes (although they would probably be in a pile on the floor in five minutes), and combing through your hair with your fingers. You walked out into the hall and out to the library. You skipped to the library excitedly, hoping today was your day to finally get laid by a Winchester. Your phone buzzed in your pocket. 'Come find me. 😋’

'The library is huge! How am I supposed to do that?’ You quickly typed.

'Look down each aisle of shelves. If I’m not there, remove an article of clothing. Then move to the next aisle. 😏’

'Shit, Sam. Once I get a hold of you… I swear…’

'😂’ Sam texted before your other message hardly got out.

'Can I get a hint or something?’ You ask.

'Start on the left shelves. Hurry, I’m growing impatient. 😈’

'You aren’t the only one.’ You snarked.

You walked to the left, the first aisle… Empty. You remove your shirt and continue. Aisle two, also empty. You remove your tank top. Next aisle vacant… Buh bye jeans. Doesn’t he want to take off ANY of your clothes himself? Guess not. The next aisle empty. You throw your bra down and that leaves you in your underwear. Now this is just pissing you off. Your brow begins to furrow in frustration until you see Sam in the next aisle. He was fully dressed. “What the hell? Why did I have to get undressed but you didn’t?”

“I thought you might like to undress me.”

“You thought right.” You smiled. You walked over to him beginning to remove his jacket and then his shirt. He pulled you in close, grabbing your ass. You moan into each other’s mouths as he grinds himself against you, giving the friction you both crave. You pull away from him to pull his pants down and throw them at the books in one swift move. He wraps his arms around your waist, pulls your feet off the ground and shoves you into the shelf. There would be bruises tomorrow, but not from the books. “Fuck, you’re so hot. And so wet for me.” He grunted and moved a hand down to your panties. You moaned as he stuck his fingers in them and pulled them down. He let you down to the floor, still pushing you against the books, kissing you violently. “Saaam-” you moan. “I need you. Now Sam.” You gripped his shoulders as he pushed into you slowly, letting you adjust. He then got up to speed, his hips slapping against yours. You could hardly hear the flesh on flesh over the ridiculous moaning from the both of you. “SAM!!!” You screamed into his neck and you went over the edge. He started trembling and he went over his edge in seconds. Once you were both done you got down to the floor, panting next to each other. You laid on top of him and he whispered sweet nothings into your ear as you stroked his hair. In this moment you felt bliss, and comfort. You would never leave his side as long as you lived.