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So @kiibos-ahoge tagged me in this tag meme. Ty Edea!!ย 

1st : tag 9 people youโ€™d like to get know better

I never do this part Iโ€™m sorry,,,,, Iโ€™ll tag some folks this time!!

@lebloonc @cryptic-condition @lesbian-sonya @man-akete @svmbra @saizos-right-boob @shibe-seer @hauntedbreadbox @hiyokoifish

Some of you guys are fairly new mutuals so idk how you feel about these sorts of things but I want to get to know you all better

The rest is under a readmore bc this is long as hell

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You need to be more self aware. I’m surprised you think you can choose your own image. From the audience’s perspective, you’re just a piglet and a kitten.

unabashed-skyrocket  asked:

Wait what's this about cassandra clare being a plagarist? I only half-read one of her books and it was pretty terrible...

I got a lot of asks about this and I really don’t want to go into it too much cause boy howdy do I not want to bring the wrath of her or her friends anywhere near me. I didn’t survive the fandom wars to go out like this.

I’ll preface this by saying: no one behaved well. There were hackings and threats and fans taking “justice” into their own hands (doxxing), and someone even got thrown out of college because of it and any of us with any sense took several prudent steps back and hid from the fallout that ensued.

CC was a prolific fanfic author for the Harry Potter fandom, she wrote a lot and had a devoted following of fans and while it might seem redundant to accuse a fanfic writer of plagiarism, CC was known for lifting direct lines from other media. Some argue this was part of a “game” like “spot the fandom” sort of thing, but at the time in the 2000s when fanfic sites existed at the mercy of IP holders and without the protection Ao3 affords us, and fanficers were being actively pursued and sued by writers for creating fanfic of their work, these direct “quotes” (and they were not just “quotes”, there were entire paragraphs and pages of her work which if you ran them through plagiarism software it’d spit out entire screeds of other works) was particularly dangerous for fandom and I feel in part goes toward explaining some of the acerbic vitriol aimed towards her—rather than the simple spiteful jealousy her fans like to cite.

There were also some claims that she stole from other fanfic writers, though I can’t find any sources. In fact you will find it remarkably hard to find any “reliable” sources. That’ll happen when you have lawyers and a PR teams to scrub you as clean as they can in order to sell original books. 

And while Mortal Instruments seems to be her own work, (debatable given it’s sort of her fanfic work rehashed, so idk how to make head nor tails of that mess) in 2016 the author Sherrilyn Kenyon attempted to sue over her Shadowhunter series for plagiarism, and while certain things were never proved…eh…I haven’t wanted anything to do with her or her fandom since the early 2000s. And that’s all I’m going to say.

learngeo  asked:

Hey! Just saw your DBT spread and I was wandering if you'd have some more and would be willing to show them? I've been thinking about good ways to incorporate DBT in my bullet journal but am not sure how. Yours look lovely! I hope you have a good day!!

(i’m gonna post this if that’s okay???)

hey! thank you so much!!! <33 that was actually the very first DBT spread i’d done, as the ones before were printed sheets that my therapist gave me (which imo were so ugly LOL sorry @ my therapist)

i’ve still been using the same layout for my mood/action entries, just more neat so if u want a better/closer look this is a better pic

(this isn’t even as neat as it should be rip)

those are all just moods/actions that i personally struggle with most. at my clinic, everyone’s DBT entries are customized to keep track of their personal struggles, so if you do plan on making DBT entries (if u don’t have one/made one already) then i highly suggest asking ur therapist to help u customize one or making one for urself even. 

this was the original layout for my diary card in case u were wondering what the hell any of that means LOL

in addition to this though i wanted to have some personal things i wanted to keep track of, like sleep, medication, hygiene, and whether i’d actually filled out the diary card LOL so this is the tracker page that i use

believe it or not, i actually used a ruler while drawing those lines smh i have such shaky hands LOL

so yeah, this is kind of basically what i do to make it a little less boring to fill out my dbt entries. 

i hope this helped!!!!


Those freckles may b fake, but the hoes are reel

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want a nice, safe place to talk about throne of glass? join our chat!

you don’t have to apply, follow us, or even reblog this (though it’d be great if you did to spread the word). all we ask is that you message me or kesh for the chat link. we won’t be picking and choosing certain people, we just want to make sure it remains a positive place for tog fans. 


  • don’t be an asshole
  • no ship wars

that’s about it honestly. we won’t hesitate to boot people who do either of those things! 

just be nice and make friends :)


Hello! You can just watch the video if you’d like too. I watched this video one year ago to be exact and I thought it was nice that it came up for me today. It made me smile this morning so I’m posting it here.


I was going through a really rough time, and I didn’t know what was going to be of me. I had some support but I didn’t know if my relationship would survive it, my relationship with my family, many friendships, and sometimes even I. My heart hurt, I wanted to hold on to everything. I didn’t want change in my life because I loved the people around me and I would go through whatever to be with them and for them not to see me differently but I’ve always been like this. I just want to write and make people feel a sense of purpose and happiness because that’s the only reason I write, oh and also so I don’t go insane. Too many feelings. Expressing it feels good. Where I love is in my art, and where I hurt goes all on paper. I’m a Leo, and a people pleaser, it’s stressful but I can’t help it. I wanted to leave my whole life. Don’t talk to people who make you feel bad, or insecure as often or communicate with them, tell them your dreams and that you’re going to chase them. If they give you crap it’s because they know how the world works and they’re thinking about money but once you’re doing what you like you’ll be satisfied with what you get. Following a dream. Falling in love. It takes heart. Fire, and motivation! Why give life and not care to it? Listen to it? I’ve listened to people all my life, it’s very joyful. They have a lot of story and a lot to say when asked. I think people flourish more doing things they enjoy. I am sharing this because it reminded me of purpose, I was so anxious and scared but I believed in myself, more or less, I think I kinda went crazy for a while and I had been through worse but detaching yourself from people who are toxic, even if you love them, is a good thing. I love so many people endlessly who don’t want me to be happy, not pointing fingers at anyone but if I say I got it with my life why tell me any different? I’m not very rebellious either, I drink and throw up and sleep. I rebelled a little between 14-17. I was upset. The whole world is telling me nothing is real. If you spend time around people who care nothing for your interests and dreams your heart is bound to hurt. As soon as I turned 18, which was my only goal I went and just did what I like. Work on what you love right now and make amends towards it. When I’m sad I forget the things I’d like to accomplish and do. I forget that I think my pictures are crap and my writing is terrible, but to get better at something you have to do it and read, practice and my heart has only thanked me for it lately. It’s not right, so think of that dream and accomplish it. Love whomever you need to love, speak up. Time is essence. I’m much happier knowing I’m doing what I like. I had a teacher once who was a psychology teacher. He played in a band because he loved it and worked as a psych teacher and he loved talking about it. He always said I spent my whole life doing what I love and I found my amazing wife. It’s an adventure till you meet the next. I had also an English teacher, Mr. G who became a teacher even though the world, his parents all told him to be a lawyer. Happiness soothes the mind. Everyone should be a teacher of life. I want to tell people it’s okay. Anyone can be whomever they want to be. Be safe. Go to school if you want to? Invest in your art? Get a job? You’ll get hurt, but you’ll realize and learn a lot. People will tell you to put that art away. Give up on that boyfriend of yours. They don’t want to see anyone happy. My psychology teacher, he talked about his wife as if she put the stars in the sky. I observed that from him. The heart is happy when it follows what it dreams, and not following those makes the heart sad. If you have something deep in you that you can’t resolve or put into the universe or chase it, you’re going to regret it or think about it for a while and it’ll make you upset. I even stay away from family who kills my happiness if I need to, it’s not selfish. Your only purpose on this life is to live. Wanna fall in love? Wait. Do it. Crushes are ok, short lived loves are okay. Experience different loves, learn and be patient. Wanna travel? Sh*t, get a job for a few months, rent a room in someone’s house then take off, save your money like a child who wants a toy. Go to college if you want to! Are you gay? Straight? Bi? Trans? No gender? Sexually active? Yes? No? Good, who cares. Embrace it if it’s you. Just do what you like to do. It’s simple. They accept it or you go and do it anyway and if it hurts then it’s working. There are obstacles to tackle in life. People to talk to, communicate feelings to. Easier said than done? 5 seconds. Believe in yourself more. Say what you need to say. They don’t like it? Be unapologetic. Don’t stop chasing those dreams.

This is by Prince Ea, I found it on Facebook and it came back to me today to tell me I found it and to keep doing things that make me happy. Stop settling for life. Make life. I want to share important things, I wanna listen to you. I’m at a good place right now and trust me it’s been bad.

okay so this whole thing has been petty & silly and I don’t want to be embroiled in it & I resent the fact that I am!!!!!!!!!!!! but here’s my thing

  • idk what post Cylon put those tags on & search isn’t coming up with anything, but those tags 1. obviously were not in the main body of the post & 2. weren’t specifically on the reblog where she commented “'Cylon messaged people about reblogging it?’ Nah.” which absolutely comes across as a bald-faced denial that she had messaged anyone about it, which is untrue. so that was poorly executed

but THE MAIN POINT is that

  • I’m guessing that the “implication” she’s talking about here (“But the implication about it seems at least a little misleading?”) is that her messaging people of colour about this was opportunistic in specifically a racialised way. so basically just dismissing these poc’s concerns about what was going on here. just because (again she didn’t explicitly say this but I’m sure this was the implication) she also messaged white people about it.
  • now.
  • I don’t care if you messaged brown people, white people, & a select company of ring-tailed lemurs. the occasions on which you did message brown people still had a quality to them that the occasions on which you messaged white people did not. because whether or not an interaction is racialised relies only upon the specific context & content of that interaction & not how you talk to everyone else & not what you take in your tea with your grandmother on Sunday afternoons.
  • so. looking at the contexts of these specific interactions. you still tried to use the platforms of several (non-Black & non-Jewish!) people of colour, in order to validate & spread yr, whatever it was, against redmensch & quoms. you tried to use people who experience racism to–being charitable, spread, & being uncharitable, lend credence to–your claims against them, without thought for how this kind of thing would affect us emotionally. because it certainly did affect me & I feel very ugly about the whole thing. & like my history with experiencing racism from white leftists was played upon (which, in the messages you sent me, it explicitly was). I did not know you at all. you had only been following me for like 2 months.
  • now it’s my responsibility that I reblogged that post (for the ~30sec it was up) before I thought twice about it–bc, with my platform, that did mean like 3 more reblogs. (redmensch & I have talked about this & we are fine.) but my point is that I was played upon in this specific way. & the fact that she also messaged white people (again, I’m assuming that’s what she meant) has absolutely nothing at all to do with that.
  • so now at least three people of colour have brought up the racialised nature of these interactions, only for you to–w/o even explicitly acknowledging what that criticism was–say “Nah.” & call it “a little misleading.” so I was hurt by this & my reaction– & the reactions of all of these people of colour– were summarily dismissed.
  • listen. I’ve had this problem with a lot of white people/women so I’m going to say it again. things that are relevant to whether an interaction was racialised include: the context of that specific interaction, the content of that specific interaction, & the historical/sociopolitical background of that specific interaction. things that are not relevant to whether an interaction was racialised include: whether or not you’ve had similar interactions with white people. you reaching out & grabbing my hair w/o permission isn’t not racialised just because you did the same thing to a white person last Tuesday. I’m still gonna tell you to keep yr white hands to yrself.
  • & then there’s the fact of you bringing @violaslayvis, a Black person, into this, bc he all but rhetorically asked you if any Black ppl had said this–implicitly inviting ppl to message him for proof, or like, using him as backup to prove that you were telling the truth, whatever, which is also very uncomfortable (John & I have talked abt this too). or is that implication also “misleading”?
Five Things

I was tagged by @neurotrophicfactors! Thanks! ^^

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. my keys with all their cool keychains B)
  2. my mp3 player yes I still use one of those
  3. my planner
  4. my Finnish journal
  5. a book

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. a figure collection that tends to shock people because it’s so big
  2. piles and piles of books
  3. pens everywhere
  4. notebooks. so many notebooks…
  5. more stuffed animals than a person of my age should have but #YOLO

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  1. swim with sharks
  2. hug a shark (but idk if I should anymore, don’t want to harm the shark)
  3. become a published author
  4. stay the night in a haunted place
  5. mosh

5 things that make me happy:

  1. my cat
  2. finding new good music
  3. spending time with friends
  4. getting some goddamn writing done
  5. a good cup of coffee

5 things I’m currently into:

  1. Children of Bodom – it’s round 2 with this obsession but I think it’s more intense this time :^D
  2. reading – it’s been one of my favourite pass-times forever, but depression slowed me down/outright stopped it for a while. Getting back into it now, though.
  3. “Top 10″ videos about everything from dumb celebrity shit to conspiracy theories to true crime. Not sure how this happened, but it’s my go-to background noise option these days.
  4. experimenting with make-up – after being like fuck that shit for most of my teenage years, I’m now trying to figure it out lmao
  5. Neko Atsume – I know I’m super late to the party but I can finally play it haha~

I’ll tag @peachsticks, @anarchicmisanthropy, @kupalets, @seto-kaiba-hates-your-blog, @followthecreeper, and @beyondthedarksun if you wanna do this. ^^

today, on ‘will kyra ever stop whining about threads she wants’ — i really, really wanna do things that explore the sheer creep factor of the being. i want threads that terrify the person he meets. i want them to have nightmares for weeks. you know those ‘true horror stories’ people post on reddit about going out at night to take out the bins and seeing something monstrous? give me threads like that. i feel like this blog has become nothing but cutesy stuff about people accepting and loving the being, and while that’s certainly good on some level, it really limits what i can explore with him. let’s do dark shit, man. i want him to scare the living daylights out of someone.

Oh me oh my

I forgot to do @shiranuigenma‘s tag games earlier (don’t sue me xD)

First off the happy stuff~

Pass the happy along!! When you get this, tell five things that make you happy. Then send it to ten other nice people.

  1. Weirdly enough, snuggling in my mom’s handmade blankets. Those things are hella comfy
  2. Reading some well written fluff-smut-angst stuff that my friends write cos holy shit can they write. 
  4. Skyrim’s scenery.
  5. (honestly this whole thing was difficult to do xD) Er… Watching Vine comps? idk :’)

Now the get to know me thang

challenge: tag nine people you want to get to know better

Name? Alyssa

Star sign? Aquarius

Average hours of sleep? Er… It’s kinda all over the place. I’ll go to bed at like, midnight and wake up at like, three in the morning to the sound of my neighbour coughing and throwing up in the front yard.

Lucky number? None???

Last thing i googled? ontario beach conditions. I live next to Lake Erie and it’s like a twenty second walk to get there. I’m just really bored right now, and wanted to go to the beach.

Favourite fictional character(s)? uuuhhhh* looks at icon* 

what are you wearing right now? black yoga pants and a white tee shirt.

when did you start your blog? June 2012.

number of followers? it varies between 155 and 157. *muses* i’ve been on this site for five years and have gotten no where xD

what do you post? naruto, dragon age, skyrim if i’m lucky to find someone who posts it, resident evil, stuff like this, random shit. i’m trying to limit my blog to like three or four things and it’s really difficult to do. i’ve got people who hate anime on one side and people who dislike da and other video games on the other. (i’m gonna be making a few more changes to this blasted thing again)

why did you choose your url? I like the Greek word for fire - so “pyro” - and i have far too many inquisitors who like fire - so “inquisitor”. it kinda makes sense not really? idk i went with my gut

And I shall tag the normal victims of my tagging memes (honestly, you don’t have to do these together. i just forgot to do katie’s first tag yesterday xD) @ayyyez @moonflower04 @southernconstellatiions @syndellwins @thinktankgoldfish @raendown @deannabharjo @thenamesnotsherlock

Dear @ee-void​ tagged me to do the thing!! This is hard bc I always take those too seriously haha

Rules: List 10 songs you’re currently vibing to + tag 10 people.

  1. Hazey (stripped) Glass Animals
  2. Flower Moby
  3. Cheer up, my brother HNNY
  4. Follow the leader Foxygen
  5. 3 days Rhye
  6. Flamingo Sequin
  7. Pedestrian at best Courtney Barnett
  8. Siberian breaks MGMT (this is some other version idk)
  9. When I get famous Jamie Cullum
  10. So Weit Wie Noch Nie Jürgen Paape

I tag: @poedivameron@juniorjuniorw@captainblitzy@confusedlucifer @fat-fish-in-space @dooookie @dyscworlds @kvkenn and uh that’s it! do i even know more people

I miss my home and my friends do to
I get messages saying how much they want to be back at school
How they miss laying together
Our ending was so abrupt
A stop sign appearing in the fog
The slamming of brakes before a crash
A rope snapping into gravity
Something we all expected but we didn’t see coming
People judged that school so hard but it wasnt fair
It wasnt fair to have a single fucking opinion about my school unless you went there
Because god it was so different from all those news articles
Even though there were only about 100 people there
It was so vibrant and full of life all the time
The robotics team scuttling around all day and all night to finish their metal monster
The drama club staying late and working their asses off to make everything in the play
How the empty room next to my english class that was full of chairs and boxes was adopted by strings and they practiced nonstop
I would watch them through the window and my heart would swell with every note
The dedication of the news team to get an episode out every week even though they only had four people working on it
Beats blaring from behind glass walls
completely made just by two people and their love of music
The blue hearts that decorated the entire school when one of our own left us
Music played during english and the swirl of me and my friends as we danced
The sense of community that fucking radiated off of everyone there
Everyone had a place and yet they didnโ€™t
A home away from home for anybody that came
And i will never forget the day they announced it was all ending
—  camille
pokemon tag game โ™ก

thank you @pastel-rainbow-galaxy for making this and tagging me!! 


rules: list your top 5 favorite pokemon and say 3 things you like about each one. then tag some buddies and/or followers!

1. vulpix

  • cute, actually the most adorable
  • brown socks
  • tiny fire fox

2. espeon

  • ethereal, so beautiful but could actually kill you
  • those almond-shaped eyes
  • it feels like it’s floating instead of walking, so delicate

3. zorua

  • round eyebrows
  • angry eyes
  • tiny, mean but playful fox?? 10/10

4. arcanine

  • big fire doggo
  • probably very soft and warm
  • makes u feel safe

5. mawile

  • kind of reminds me of the cow plant from the sims
  • so pretty and elegant, deserves more love
  • small and cute but strong

I tag: @botcrazy @magical-mei @fluffymoe @matchafoxjpg @softmugi and anybody else who wants to do it and likes pokemon!!

Rules: always post the rules, answer the questions given to you, write 11 questions of your own and tag 11 people.

it has been ages since ive done one of these things so thank you for tagging me @thankyouforthefeels💕🌸

1)What is one of your favourite presents you’ve ever received?
uhm, no present comes to mind, i guess when i turned 3 years old i got a doll and i really wanted to have one so i guess thats like one of my favs. idk where that doll is now tho.
2) What is/used to be your favourite subject in school?
hmm, idk actually. i do really enjoy history and latin and greek but sometimes i really hate those subjects but yeah.
3) Is there any quote that inspires you? Why?
throw some optimism towards some existentialism. it’s my own mindset that i should sometimes be optimistic about life.
4) What is the most important part of a song? The lyrics? The melody? The rhythm?
I think its a combination of all those things. like every lyric needs to feel like the melody for me. i really like the melody right now though.
5) Is there any childhood dream you had to give up?
i wanted to be a doctor or an astronaut but then i found out i couldnt do physics even if my life depended on it so thats a bit shit.
6) Do you have siblings? How is your relationship with them?
i have an older and a younger brother. my older brother and i don’t really talk to be honest. and my younger brother is a sweet kid but hes a bit spoiled.
7) Are you afraid of any animals?
i used to be really afraid of dogs. and im also not a fan of big insects.
8) Do you wanna move to another city/country? If yes, which?
YES. thank god, i wanna move to Amsterdam and i just wanna live abroad. idk where yet tho.
9) Do you believe art can change the world?
10) The first fictional character you fell in love with?
i dont know dude. my past seems like a bit of a haze right now.
11) Are you afraid of death?
yeah, but i also think that it will come eventually so i have to be kinda ready for it.

my questions:
1) which time period of history are you really interested in right now?
2) what’s your favorite song right now?
3) what was the first fandom you really got into?
4) why did you get a tumblr?
5) what do you like most about yourself?
6) what is your favourite icecream flavour?
7) whats the most interesting dream youve ever had?
8) have you ever been in love?
9) what is your favourite kind of flower?
10) what is the loveliest thing a person has ever said to you?
11) which hogwarts house are you in and what is your patronus?

i tag: @gottablogaboutit @ovxdius @maybeimdrowning @exilir @1blink82 @dork-with-a-uke @starrk1d @smoltheatrekid @spaceboyfriendd and anyone else who wants to do this, i couldnt think of anymore urls😅


for a few reasons: 1. im trying to be back 2. i want to see if anyone remembers me 3. im BORED 4. ily

also do people still do these? idk its been so long im sorry if ive turned into an old meme


  1. mbf me
  2. send in an ask of some kind
  3. describe yourself if you don’t have an about me page/tag!
  4. that’s it, you can reblog this if you wanna be real sweet, but you don’t need to : )

what you’ll get:

  • ship: Ashton / Calum / Luke / Michael
  • best friend: Ashton / Calum / Luke / Michael
  • who set y’all up: Ashton / Calum / Luke / Michael
  • snapchats you both a lot while calling y’all “the annoying couple”: Ashton / Calum / Luke / Michael
  • third wheels a lot: Ashton / Calum / Luke / Michael
  • who the fans thought you’d end up with: Ashton / Calum / Luke / Michael
  • your ride or die: Ashton / Calum / Luke / Michael
  • puts pizza on fancy plates and lights a candle to make dinner extra ritzy: you / him
  • takes pictures of the other’s annoyed expressions and snaps them with “me” as the caption: you / him
  • can’t eat ice cream off the cone fast enough so they make a mess that the other laughs at instead of helping: you / him
  • lip-sync-serenades the other with songs while riding in the car: you / him
  • greets the other with a kiss before a hello: you / him
  • sends the most memes when texting: you / him

I was tagged by my girl Cer (@capitolfalls) <333 love ya babe

rules: tag 20 people, answer 20 questions

nickname: Inos, Inu (I need a general nickname bc those are only used by my sister and my India friends)
zodiac: sagittarius
height: 170cm
last thing i googled: moana bc I wanted to know which year the movie was released (I’m too tired to think)
favourite music artist: idk *shrug emoji*
song stuck in my head: listening to comptine d'un autre été
last movie i saw: potc on stranger tides
what am i wearing right now: a super old stretchy dress and a hoodie
why did i choose my url: niylah is such a pure soul and also my wifey
do i have any other blogs: @shatabhishanakshatra, my aesthetic sideblog
what did your last relationship teach you: lol i never had a relationship (I can use your answer cer)
religious or spiritual: also both?
favourite colour: purple
average hours of sleep: I try 8, usually that works
lucky number: if I have to have one then 13
favourite characters: aaaaalll of theeeeeeeeem but echo
how many blankets do i sleep with: 1 duvet
dream job: don’t ask I’ll cry

I tag @maisieswilliams, @fiercelyclarke, @caringdean, @clarksbelamy, @lavander48

yall, don’t feel like you have to individually do everything, you need help when it comes to opposing fascism/uplifting your community. Try to get friends and family to help you with shit you want to accomplish/do. Convincing the people around you of doing things to benefit those around you is imperative. Convincing the people around you to oppose fascism is imperative. 

Recognize where you have influence and what you can actually do/who you can actually talk to. You need them and they need you. You can’t do anything alone.

@harunohoe I wasn’t telling you how to feel (in fact in the original post I said that you guys were entitled to your feelings).

I was just offering up my interpretation, especially because I had been going through the tag and some people were calling the hair dumb (not in those exact words but that’s essentially what they were getting at). 

I read the scene and immediately swelled up with emotion when I saw the hair thing. I’ll admit, I’m not a hardcore shipper of the two, but I do want to see them happy. But at the same time, it would’ve felt rushed to have everyone all of a sudden get together (even under the guise of another time skip). 

Idk. I’m happy with how it ended. As someone who read Rave Master and was pretty unhappy with how rushed that ending was, I think the ending for Fairy Tail was much better paced and left more open-ended in a way for us to continue to be creative with it and interpret it how we want to.

Not all endings need all the ships to be wrapped up with a nice neat bow. I’m a nalu shipper to the core and while, initially, I was disappointed with no concrete confession or what have you, once I was able to take a step back I was very content with the ending because it’s just so them.

I felt all the endings were pretty befitting of the characters and where they currently are in their character arcs.

(In fact, my only real complaint with the ending is not being able to see any of Lucy’s spirits again or even check in on how they’re doing but that’s a different topic entirely).

And on an end note, I don’t think it’s trash writing. Is it flawless? No, but it’s hard to have flawless writing. But there’s a distinct difference of “not being able to fit everything in without it being rushed or forced” and “trash writing”.

I have experienced trash writing, believe me. This doesn’t come close.

Not getting what you want/hoped for =/= trash writing


Even if the sky is falling,
Back to you I’ll travel and escape with…
No matter how many times it should be,
I’ll keep you movin’ on
Like a soliton

(( pls view the full size to get all the detail stuff! this pic is so huge omg

i kinda wimped out on the space background ‘cause i’m not used to drawing space things and i wanted to keep the bg simple to bring out McCree and Hanzo

this is based on the Comet!Hanzo/Meteor!McCree AU thing I’ve seen sometimes in the tag - it’s an AU I really only have like aesthetic interest in, I just think it looks pretty so I wanted to try drawing it! [and I wanted to do something besides the usual hat for McCree, partly because i’m shit at drawing hats, so I came up w/ that weird shield-halo thing….IDK I thought it turned out all right….maybe it’s so he doesn’t bonk too hard against asteroids and such??? *shrug*]

I’m kinda proud of those trails tho, ngl - and the change I made to Hanzo’s tattoo

so yeah, that’s what i’ve been working on since I woke up lol ))

(( EDIT:  added zooms ‘cause tumblr’s shit ))