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Top 5 Melissa quotes?

  • The universe works in beautiful, wonderful ways. Terrible things happen to make us realize more about ourselves. I always talk about the gift. There’s a gift in every adversity, there’s something to learn.
  • It’s the same as facing the day itself; I wake up every morning thinking this might be the day that I’m hit by falling space debris, I still go out, get jacked up on coffee, and have the best day I can!
  • The ability to fight isn’t a one-size fits all; everybody is different. 
  • I relate to her in a way a lot of women relate to her. Of course, I think we are both extremely sensitive to other people. It took years for me to find my own personal courage, to learn to speak up for myself for instance. I think I’m a fighter. I think when I have something to do I really try to do my best, especially when, you know, it’s for someone else…..yeah, there’s quite a bit actually. 
  • Once [fans] start getting nasty to each other, it’s heartbreaking to me and so unnecessary. I have to walk away and try to avoid things where I might see something like that. There’s just enough nastiness in the world, big, serious nastiness that I don’t understand why people [do it.] To what end, I don’t get it. It hurts people
  • I love photography. I love painting. I love making hats. I love thinking. I just like kind of sitting, just roaming around in my brain. I also like observing people. That’s something I’ve always loved to do, although it’s a little harder to find places to go to just kind of watch people. Yeah, psychology is something I’m very interested in. I love watching documentaries.
  • My parents were so relieved. My dad was like, ‘I was just about to go buy one of those 200,000-inch TVs just so I could see your name at the end if they hadn’t put it up front in bigger font type.’ It’s all very fancy to us.

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Anon: Hi…I have this one thing that I am really curious about. Since you’re Korean and I’m still learning Korean. Sometimes, when people congratulated someone’s birthday, they tend to say ‘사랑해’ or '좋아해’. Is there any differences between those two words? Which word usually used by family, couple and friend? Thanks in advance…:-)     

Love = 사랑해, Like = 좋아해.

Context matters. How you use 좋다/사랑하다 depends on the situation.

Think of it this way.. When it’s your buddy’s birthday, you may casually say you “love” them as a friend. But you wouldn’t say you “like” them. That sounds like a confession. Do you see what I’m saying? It’s the same way in Korean. “I love you” can be said to your parents or siblings, to your pets or significant other; it’s very all-encompassing. So is “like.” You may “like” a can of cold beer. You can also “like” your crush.

So again, it depends on the context and your delivery.

Anon: I know you’re probably crazy tired of getting asks about language, but I tried researching this on my own and kept getting conflicting answers… how close does someone have to be in age to be able to not use honorifics with them? Or speak more casually/informally? Is it generally being born within the same year, or do Koreans tend to play it out on a case by case basis for everyone they meet differently? (Which may explain why I got so many different answers) thank you for everything you do!

If you were born in the same year, then you’re pretty much good to go. One common exception would be for twins. I’ve seen older twins being called oppa/hyung/noona/unnie by the younger twin, and the younger twin is always considered the dongsaeng and is thus treated as such. But they still spoke informally to each other. I guess it depends on their family situation too.

BUT - and this is important!

Status trumps age. Always..

For example, let’s say Jungkook debuted before Jimin. Although Jungkook is younger by two years, Jimin would still respect Jungkook and call him sunbae-nim and speak formally to him until Jungkook allows him to speak informally. (Typically when you’re the younger sunbae, you’re more likely to allow it almost right away. But it’s pretty situational.)

In another example, if Jungkook were Jimin’s boss then Jimin CAN NOT speak informally to Jungkook EVER. I have seen some English fics where Jimin goes straight into using “yah” to Jungkook like… the second they’re alone even though there is a huge power discrepancy between them. That’s not how it works in real life. You are going to get fired or wrecked. Wrecked and then fired. (Seriously, if you’re learning Korean do not attempt that in real life.) There needs to be a clear shift in their personal relationship for Jungkook to even consider allowing Jimin to speak to him informally.

I went off on a tangent, but I wanted to point it out because I see people thinking that age is the golden determining factor in our social system. It absolutely is not.

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There are people who are depressed and even self harm. People that have been treated like sh*t by bad people. The victims are such beautiful souls, yet broken but it's not them who should be in pain. It's the bad people that should suffer. It's people like me, who lied and hurt everybody. The bad people are the monsters. I'm a monster. So why am I still surrounded by love? I don't want to hurt anybody, never meant to. I feel incredibly guilty and honestly all I want is to shout "STOP LOVING ME"

Look at you! You care about them! And beautiful souls? Do you think that beautiful souls are only people who suffer? No! You’re not a monster if you feel guilty for what you’ve done. Fix it if you can and after that, you’ll talk about yourself in different way.

What do people say? Those who are heartless, once cared too much. The bad people are not born like that, people make them that way… 

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Do you think it's stupid that people destroy their books they have bought out of spite to the author and the company. Author and the company don't care since they getting money while the people who bought and destroyed it purposely lose it just because one part of the story didn't go their way. It's still disrespectful to good fans, the company who published it, and the author who put so much effort in his or her story.

Of course it’s stupid. It doesn’t matter if Ishida still makes money out of this, as a writer, especially someone who really loves their own story as Ishida does, it is painful to know that someone that once was a “fan” now is throwing your hard work as some piece of trash. Making a story like Tokyo Ghoul with tons of foreshadowings, and parallelism, and all the shit that Ishida works hard to shape in the manga, it takes years and hours hours hours of work, the life of a mangaka is really hard and exhausting, they’re working CONSTANTLY, especially Ishida because out of work he keeps drawing stuff that he posts on his twitter, and he does that for free.

I understand if you don’t like the manga anymore, but you don’t have to do this shit. Tokyo Ghoul isn’t just about Mutsuki’s gender or Eto (i’ve seen SO MANY people leaving the fandom just because Eto died and it wasn’t even confirmed), leave the fandom because you’re not interested anymore, but don’t keep reading to keep throwing unnecessary shit. Tokyo Ghoul has lots of good characters and plots to focus on if you have lost interest in your fav character or you think ishida ruined it. I totally agree with Ishida’s decision about not showing his face or real name, if someone is able to fucking burn a volume of Tokyo Ghoul, knowing Ishida’s face or where he leaves, I don’t wanna imagine what could they do to the poor man if he’s exposed to the media. 

I don’t care if you hate Tokyo Ghoul, you can do it, you are free to do whatever you want, I’m a huge supporter of free speech, you can even make a tg hate blog, I wouldn’t care because it’s not my problem and I wouldn’t be there reading the salt, but PLEASE, LEAVE ISHIDA OUT OF THIS. 

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...yanno, I'm starting to wonder if there's ANY ow character whose worldview you can't really justify

to be fair once you dig into most people enough you can at least explain why they feel and act the way they do if not justify it

I think rn the character with the weakest motivations is mercy which is still…..weird and I wish they would actually do literally anything to expand upon her beyond Hot™ Doctor™ Tiddy™ but I guess that’d be asking for too much

I totally understand people not liking Louis’ voice or thinking he’s not the strongest voice of the band because yes, i’m very aware he is not but i still love his voice? But my problem is acting like he has no talent and trying to humilate him? But am i wrong for defending my favorite member? Am i wrong for feeling bothered with what this guy said or the way he said? Maybe. But well what can i do? Damn.

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i honestly don't get people smearing and demonizing the white helmets? the worst part is that the so-called anti-imperialists are doing the most

The absolute most.

To them, the people are nonexistent; their lives, histories, cultures, struggle and mere existence go unseen and they are not what occupies the anti-imperialist’s mind. The people only exist when their existence is examined through a single lens and that is of “anti-imperialism” the way it’s understood and perceived in the West only, a lens used primarily by those who live in imperialist nations and don’t necessarily “fight” imperialism day in and out, and never had to bear the burden of imperialism or struggling against it, and yet they still think their stance grants them a political position that rises above others, a position that allows them to speak for and over Syrians.

I was reading an article written by Syrian activist Yassin al Haj Saleh in which he drew the connection between the garbage that these supposed anti-imperialists spew and its imperialist notions; the racist belief through which Syrians are viewed as irrational, inherently violent and so their genocide is a marginal issue. He also brings up how Islamophobic the anti-imperialist crowd is in most cases and wonders if anti-imperialists realise how similar they sound to actual imperialists themselves; siding with a violent regime and silencing its victims and calling them unworthy of revolutions because they lack the knowledge and skill to carry one on. 

Melissa McBride Talks Carol's State of Mind (06/Mar/2016)
  • Kimberly Pots: Carol is smoking in this episode, which was jarring, because we know that she finds it to be such a vile habit. She had tried to get Mrs. Neudermeyer to quit before she was killed by the Wolves. Why is Carol smoking now?
  • Melissa McBride: I believe that it’s an expression of some guilt, definitely… some conscience. She [told Mrs. Neudermeyer], “You should not smoke in the house,” and Neudermeyer’s outside smoking, and her head gets lopped off, or whatever. I think Carol’s punishing herself, in a way, with that.
  • KP: Does she still feel responsible for Mrs. Neudermeyer and some of the other people who were killed in Alexandria, because they trusted her so much?
  • MMB: I think with Carol, she feels like she can’t do enough to save everyone. There is grief and guilt in Carol that has backed up. The grief of everyone she’s lost… she’s never really expressed the grief. She has not allowed herself to feel things in order to continue to do what she has to do to survive with her group. I think things are just piling up.
  • [https: //]

this is completely the discord’s fault. trans!bones and bruce in a high school au. thank you. enjoy

in which bruce is a fucking idiot.

Freshman year, Bruce was determined to get in with the cool kids. Maybe he’d join some sports, maybe he’d find some other people with the same taste in music (turns out they’re all even worse than him, and that’s saying something), maybe he’d just find those randomly popular kids and wedge his way in with them. Bruce liked to think he was friendly enough to do so.

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Hi charlie! Don't you think the war/stan video is unnecessary? I mean if it truly is not genuine then i think this would only push casuals and stans further into believing the mary redemption facade.. if they wanted to prepare people then maybe they shouldn't try sarcastic approaches right? Idk i feel like after everything people willl still riot for villain!mary after all this deception, not that i care but still

hiya! but what other narrative CAN they push beyond being sarcastic? they can’t just go ‘oh, and by the way, everything that happened in s4 is fake TOODLES’ 

like they can only do it ‘softly, softly’. all i can say for certain is they are keeping mary fresh in our minds, and they’re keeping the fact that john and mary are together fresh too. what could that mean? i think, at the very least, john has more to do with mary’s death than we were lead to believe, because they’re doing their best to paint them as this happy couple when we know that’s not the case

i think it’s possible that john shot mary himself

so them pushing this ‘everything is awesome.mp3′ narrative re mary and john’s relationship means the rugpull will be even bigger for everyone who believes that

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Hi! Could you please tell me about the Casey/abuse situation? I don't know anything about it and I'm really confused

Hi anon i’m trying to be as impartial as I respond rn. Also I’m not the main owner of this blog - just a side person who’s helping out, and I don’t know if she thinks the same way. But basically Casey along with various other males were called out for being rude - often in a sexual or crude manner - towards two female cast members on the set of I’m Still Here. Now i do think those women aren’t lying. I think what casey did was wrong. However, casey also thinks what he did was wrong. He compensated the women and reformed himself. What I hate so much about this situation is that so many people are forgetting VERY IMPORTANT details to this situation. At the time this occurred CASEY WAS AN ALCOHOLIC who recovered SHORTLY AFTER. Everybody does stupid stuff when they’re drunk and he did really stupid stuff and was clearly going through a rough time. But he reformed himself, apologized, compensated both women, and has never done anything like that again. I get that hollywood has an issue with sexism and i truly think they do. But casey has done all he can to fix his mistakes and is just trying to continue his career.

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i honestly can't believe some of the anons you get. i'm a lesbian and i've known since i was like 12, and yet i didn't have any experience with another girl until years later. that didn't make me any less of a lesbian. you are bisexual whether you've been with a girl or not. you could never be with a girl and still be bisexual. i'm so tired of people acting like being LGBT is some sexual thing but straight people can do whatever they want and still be straight. do what you WANT to do.❤

you’re wonderful amanda truly a beautiful soul i wish every person on the planet could think the way you do but unfortunately we’ve got some seriously interesting people out there who just like to make a mess of things so. thank you for your words i love you very much ❤️

Danny Phantom (2018) Theme Demo
  • Danny Phantom (2018) Theme Demo

Butch Hartman on the new Danny Phantom series reboot (2018):

“We wanted to make [the show] much edgier in a classic way. We’re leaning more towards Gothic artistic styles and a higher emphasis on mortality as a subject matter, while still keeping it inoffensive as a family show. I feel like we’re taking it in the right direction, and I’m very excited to see how people react to what we’ve got in store.”

Here’s the new ‘edgier’ intro. What do you think?


I’d like to think that Otabek was there to comfort Yuri after his breakdown. I also like to remind myself that Yuri is 15 years old and is still very much a child and people give him way too much credit for his strong and tough self, he’s so vulnerable and tries his hardest and wants to be loved the way he’s learned to love throughout the season ok plskthxbai.

I was supposed to finish this earlier but Carrie Fisher passing away really shook me and I cried and I was just lost for a good long while.

Can I be honest? I’m still naive to assume people love just as hard as I do. That’s not always true. That’s not true at all actually. People love as hard as they want to. But that shouldn’t define the way you love yourself. Please don’t ever think that no one can love you as hard as they can. One day it will happen. Don’t go another day treating yourself like you’re not worth love. Be great to yourself. Be that person you want to be loved from. Soon enough the pieces will come together and it won’t be hard to love you at all.
—  kickin4brooklyn 

I don’t think people get why i’m angry. They keep saying stuff like ‘Now Trump’s president he has to be more disciplined, he can’t just do whatever he wants, the system doesn’t allow it. So stop worrying and be positive.’ But that’s not what i’m worried about. Im upset because the people of America saw what Trump was about. They saw how sexually assaulted women, forcibly removed muslims from his rallies. They saw how he insulted mexicans and got endorsed by the kkk and they liked it. They saw his sexist, racist, bigot ways and that’s what they wanted. 

Im not scared of Donald Tump. Screw Donald Trump.
Im scared of the american people. Im scared of their state of mind and what they might do in the future. Even though Trump is a powerful man, he is still only one person. Where as the huge amount of people who voted for him, who are for this kind of backward thinking, they are a force to be reckoned with and should be taken very seriously.

  • Someone: why do you like Maui so much?
  • What I think: Maui is a multi dimensional anti-hero with a pleasing and unique design who has multiple aspects to his personality which make for a complex and flawed character. His desire to feel wanted and his dedication to pleasing people is incredibly relatable to me and the way he bases his self worth on superficial qualities rather than inner strengths strikes a definite chord. He goes through substantial character development during his time on screen and is both an interesting and sympathetic character but still retains weaknesses that make him realistic.
  • What I say: he's big and I like his muscles
Advice to Baby Witches

Here’s some things I wish someone told me when I was first starting out

  • You’re gonna find a lot of sources that are Wiccan. So if you don’t want to follow Wicca, it might be harder to find things that talk from a non- Wiccan perspective. This is not the only perspective. I encourage you even if you are wanting to follow Wicca to seek out specifically non-Wiccan sources to get a different view point. (nothing against Wicca here; I just think it’s healthy to get differing opinions)

  • It’s still witchcraft even if it doesn’t look like what books/Internets witchcraft looks like. Remember that:
    1. Everyone has a different way of doing things and your craft will never ever be the same as anyone else’s.
    2. The people posting about what witchcraft they’ve done are most of the time showing a perfected version of it. You are just starting out. You should not hold yourself up to the standards of people who have had more time and practice.
    3. It’s actually good that it doesn’t look like anyone else’s because that means that it’s entirely your own.
  • I know it can feel very daunting first getting involved in witchcraft because there is so much to learn. Trust me, you cannot learn everything, and that is okay.

  • Take things step by step. Find something that really excites you. For example, say you are really interested in deity worship. Focus on just that first. Research different deities and meditate on the ones that interest you. Once you feel like you’ve learned enough (you don’t have to be an expert by any means, just to a point where you feel like you have your foot in the door) then you can move on to something else. You don’t have to do it this way, but I found it helped me narrow things down.

  • The idea that “if you don’t know what your doing with witchcraft it can backfire” is a myth. Don’t be afraid to explore, learn new things. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend doing anything outside your skill level either. Maybe save the big deal curses for when you have a good grasp on them. Listen to your intuition on this one, if you feel like something you’re doing is too much for you, don’t do it right away, but work your way up. Don’t give up on it, either. Like I said, if you feel like you don’t have the ability to do something, get to a point where you do.

  • You will have thoughts like “this won’t work” “you’re being stupid” “it’s just some *conventionally useless item*, that can’t do ANYTHING” this is okay. Any intrusive thoughts that tell you it’s not going to work are fine, especially if you are mentally ill. It does not mean your magic looses it’s power because you had an intrusive thought. Yes, the best way to make your magic work is to believe it will work, but intrusive thoughts will not automatically stop the magic from working. Just try your best to overcome them, whatever technique you have for that will work fine. I always use my inner voice to talk back to my intrusive thoughts and say something like “What? That doesn’t even make sense! You’re being ridiculous, random voice in my head that has no attachment to me.” and try to ignore it. Your mental illness does not make you a less powerful of a witch, remember that.

  • You are much more powerful than you realize. Own this. Be empowered by it.

  • You don’t have to have a whole bunch of extravagant altars and read your tarot cards and meditate every day to be considered a ‘real’ witch. You do magic without even realizing it sometimes. It’s sometimes hard to do anything big because of busy schedules/low spoons/being closeted or whatever. Try and incorporate little things in your daily routine. I did this by Stirring my tea clockwise and focusing on the cup, while repeating “this tea will improve my day” in my head. It works great for practicing putting your intent in things, focusing your energy, and it can even work if you live in an unfriendly witch household! Get creative with the little things you can do everyday. And even if you can’t do those things sometimes, don’t worry about it!

  • Be very careful about cultural appropriation in your practice. It can get very dicey as to what is offensive to include in your practice and what is not. I can tell you straight up right now that anything taken from a Native American culture is not okay to incorporate in your practice. A very popular thing that’s taken from Native American culture is smudging. Don’t smudge. There are many alternatives to this. That being said, some things are ok to take from other cultures because those cultures aren’t practiced by living people/are part of a culture or religion that is open to outsiders taking it. Don’t bat yourself up for doing something then finding out it was offensive, because when you recognize it then take necessary steps to fix it, that’s you growing as a person and is a positive change. If you aren’t sure if what your doing is cultural appropriation, ask yourself:

    1. Is what I’m doing practiced by a group of people today? if yes, you’re in the danger zone, but it does not  necessarily mean it is appropriation
    2. Is the religion that it comes from a closed or open religion? (this means is it ok for outsiders, people who do not follow the religion, to practice it. example-Judaism=closed, wicca=open) If closed, it’s probably appropriation.
    3. Am I apart of a race that has a history of oppressing this group of people? If yes, you might want to be cautious about it.
    4. If it is deity related- Do the deities in question give me permission? if no, then definitely do not do it.
    5. What would a person from that religion/culture think if they saw me doing this? If they would not like it, it might not be okay.
    6. Is this from my heritage/ancestral background? Don’t worry too much if the answer is no but you passed most of the other questions, This one is mostly because if you grew up in a Jewish/Catholic/Muslim/other closed religion household, wanting to incorporate that in your practice is ok.

  • You do not have to be religious to practice witchcraft. Your craft can exclude deity work of any kind.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask what you feel are stupid questions. If your really scared, google is a very handy tool and most blogs have that anon option for a reason. :p

Mmk, spoons are low. Feel free to add any advice you think I’m missing. I really hope this helps someone!

do you ever wonder why things turn out the way they do?” she asks but doesn’t wait for a reply. 
“i mean, do you question how two people can love each other so deeply, but no matter what, love isn’t enough? i think about it all the time, and i can’t seem to grasp the fact that in a society where love is so rare, it’s still not enough for two people to fight for each other.