do people still think this way

Just to clarify…


I don’t like the way DBS is being written. Goku has changed too much, he’s not the same character anymore and I don’t think Toyotaro is doing a good job in this. I respect Toriyama’s decision to choose him as his successor, but I think Toriyama made the wrong call here, as did everybody else involved in the production of this manga.

Not okay:

Everything wrong with DBS is Toyotaro’s fault. Fuck Toyotaro. Toyotaro can kiss my butt. Go to hell Toyotaro.

See the difference? You can express your dislike of something without resorting to hate agaisnt a person, or blaming them entirely when there were multiple people involved. That’s all I’m trying to say. Please stop resorting to vicious hate as a first response.

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How about T for the fanfic asks?

T. Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

I think when it comes to Mass Effect, and Shakarian in particular, that the one thing that drives me up the wall the most is when their first time is written in such a way as to make them seem like virgins.  Like, both of these people are in their late 20s/early 30s, and have both unarguably been around the block a time or two.  Even with navigating species differences, the basic parts are still the same so I wouldn’t think it would be THAT much of a learning curve.  And sure, Garrus is endearing and awkward, but I’d like to think he knows what he’s doing.  Meh, maybe it’s just me haha!

just a little update ❤️

Hi guys, Lila here~ I’m super happy because I just had my last ever high school exam, and my summer holidays have officially begun! It feels so weird to not be stressed anymore??? I can finally scroll through Tumblr without feeling guilty haha 😅 

In regards to the status of this simblr, we’re still on semi-hiatus. I have a couple things I can post but I’m waiting till I can buy a good laptop, around February. I’ve been tagged in the accent challenge so I think I will do that soon and you all can judge my ugly voice 🤣 I’m also wanting to do a little art series with other people’s simmies! I have seen all these cute doodles and I think it would be a nice way to improve my digital painting skills~ Maybe I will post my summer room makeover as well. 

Here’s a message from Xin (the co-owner of this blog for any new followers): “Hi I am still alive that is all for now bye”. She still hasn’t finished exams yet, and isn’t sure if she will post here again. For now, Xin will stay just in case she has a sudden urge to play the game, and we might do the accent challenge together 😊 

I hope everyone is having a good day! I’m looking forward to all the beautiful Christmas posts 💕 

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I think you're too sweet, too kind, too tolerant and I used to think that good people like you were weak, but after following for so long and reading your personal stuff, your answers to anon hate, your interactions with another people, now I know that you're fine the way you are, you're the oppositive to weak, it's so easy to be mean and get mad about everything, but you don't do that, you fight with kindness and you never get down to the level of the rude ones(1/2)

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I don´t know what to say, except, thank you. :´3 You´re too kind to me <3

I prefer to fight with love than with hate, I think that´s it?? hehe

Thank you, really :´3 I still may not have a lot of self-confidence in myself, my I´m trying to work on it :3

You´re a sweetie and deserve the very best :D

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what are clark's greatest fears? Both for the world and personally.

Well, there’s outliving his loved ones, failing them, that there are forces aligned against him and more importantly against what he believes in that can’t be overcome, that even though there’s always hope the equally real possibility that everything can go to shit will become reality instead, that his body and powers will ultimately turn into something beyond his ability to understand or control, that he might be stabbed in the back (because invulnerable or not it’ll hurt), that he’ll be rejected, that the world will misinterpret or actively twist what he’s trying to do to the point of his symbol in and of itself causing more harm than good, that people he believes could be better never will be, that he might let Jon down in any of innumerable ways, and on and on and on.

On a more phobic, irrational gut level rather than a more nuanced intellectual/universally understandable emotional one? I think there’s still a part of him deep down worried the mothership’s going to come down one day to take him away what with all the evenings he spent as a kid scared of that, even if he’s long since learned the truth. That the people who love him will ultimately decide otherwise when they realize how strange and ridiculous and desperate and ineffectual he is. And dumb as he may be from our perspective, absolutely Doomsday on a simple I-don’t-want-to-die level - you don’t get beaten into what amounts to a coma by a monster and not walk away with scars that go further than skin-deep, especially after a lifetime beforehand of being indestructible.

Since it’s Thanksgiving today in America I wanted to do a post talking about the people who appreciate the most on Tumblr:

(Ps I know that some of you don’t live in America but who cares!)

(Pss: I wrote this way too late at night so excuse the spelling mistakes)

Sammy: @sammyindramaland

We’ve been best friends since we were (I think) 12 years old. Although over those years we did have our ups and down I’m still glad you are by my side. I’m thankful for you always listening to my ramble about Infinite. I’m thankful for you accepting my weirdness and never making me feel bad for who I am. I’m so glad that we were paired up to sing together in high school because I got a best friend for life.

Ps. Who else would fangirl over harry potter with me and sit in the middle of the street with?

Pss. Sorry I dragged you down a black hole called kpop.

Psss: I lied I’m not sorry at all.


Can I just say how glad I am that you messaged me over my dog. If you didn’t I would have been able to meet you and that would have been horrible. You’re someone that I can depend on without any judgment. You give me great advice and never make me feel bad for oversharing or being annoying. Thank you for always being a great friend and a great human being. Also, we need to meet up so we can fangirl about Infinite in public together.

Lor: @kyustastu

Lor, I like to think of you as the key holder of Twitter and giving us updates. You make me feel like a bad inspirit tbh! So, thanks for that! Lor you are so sweet, and your dancing is amazing. You dance group deserve more popularity because you’re amazing. Although we didn’t know each other until we join the Infinite chat I’m glad I met you. It’s crazy to think that I have known you almost as long as Eri! Thank you for not giving up on our small chat and always giving us news about our boys.
Ps. Also thank you for helping me bring out my inner Slytherin.

Bunny!: @becuzgyu

Bunny! Bunny! That one thing that I love about Bunny is how passionate you get about Infinite. How you are strong-willed and never letting anyone make fun of our boys. I view you as a strong woman in our chat who is always there to beat someone up who messes with our boys or chatroom members.

Ps. Don’t beat me up. Jk Bunny your too sweet to beat up anyone.

B: @leesungjongg

B, you’re the cutest person I know. I just want to squish your cheeks or something like that. I can’t even count the number of times I smile when I see your text messages cheering me up or rooting for me. I’ve never had a friend like you before and I cherish you so much. Thank you for being the best cheerleader I know! Also remember to not stress out about exams and eat regularly and drink enough water! Also look at a picture of Sungjong to cheer you up when you are feeling too stressed.

Ada: @woollimcanchoke

Ada I think of you as the bodyguard of the group. Also, the slightly crazy one who I feel like one day I will have to bail out of jail. Ada thank you for always telling me how to handle my situations with no BS. Thank you for your crazy stories which are sometimes can be scary. Thank you for making me laugh way too many times! Also, let’s grab a drink together sometime because that would make a crazy story.

Millie: @jdw-juseyo

Millie when I first saw you in the chat I was nervous, and I didn’t know what to say or do. Tbh I fangirled quiet a bit because I always enjoyed your blog. But now that I know you can I just say how glad I am to meet you. You always bring a sense of humor to our chat not to mention you and Eri are the moms of the group. What I feel like most people don’t know about you is that you’re extremely hardworking not only in real life (I’m assuming) but online. The amount of work you have done for this fandom deserves a medal or a handwritten letter from Sunggyu (you sunggyu trash dont deny it). So as a friend and as an Inspirit I just want to thank you for being a part of this fandom and being a great friend.

Ps. Thank you for all your ghost stories that kept me up way late at night. Especially the one about the archway that contains a witch.

just so yall know

art block is your brain telling you to do studies.

draw a still life. practice some poses. sketch some naked people. do a color study. try out a different technique on a basic shape.

art block doesnt stop you from drawing, it stops you from making your drawings look the way you want them to. and thats because you need to push your skills to the next level so you can preform at that standard

think of it as level grinding for your next work.

[Reposted from my IG] Hi! Small ad here hehe // Since some have been asking about my Patreon - yes I do have one, I just like, very rarely post about it (think I made like 1-2 link posts on tumblr for it) HAHA idk hh i really should do a better job linking all my platforms together zzz //shy but yes ;;v;;

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FAQ: What’s in your Patreon?
• Usually Patrons see full art pieces first - and depending on the tier, they receive different goodies like wallpapers, steps, hires versions, etc etc (PDF+PSD are new rewards hehe) :D
‼️ I will still continue to post all my art/comics on IG/tumblr for free! Patreon is just a way to give people a chance to see Behind-the-Scenes stuff with small bonuses 🍁

Also, more new art soon yay! So happy I’m less busy from work these coming days ( will make a post about it soon because lots of people wanted some updates about my work life - so sorry I can’t answer to everyone yet but I really appreciate the messages! :D ) 🌸 Thanks for all your support! && thank you so much for reading 🌸💖🌸 ✨✨✨

whatever you do, don’t think about twelve year old stan and eddie waiting patiently in the afterlife for their friends to arrive. how they watch over them and do everything in their power to keep them out of harm’s way. how they’re sad that their friends don’t remember them, but it isn’t terrible because they have each other. how they wait and wait and wait. don’t think about how when ben finally arrives, having died from pancreatic cancer, he’s shocked to be twelve again and standing in eddie’s old bedroom where stan and eddie were reading comic books. how stan screams “HAYSTACK!” and bursts into tears, tackling his old friend. don’t think about how beverly arrives next, dead from a lifetime of cigarettes and stress. how she’s standing in the barrens and hears screams and laughter from below, how she looks down and there are three of the six loves of her life, she’d forgotten them. how she feels the top of her head and is pleasantly surprised to find her red locks cut short yet again. how her old locket is around her neck and her favorite dress hangs to her knees once again. how ben nearly passes out when he sees her glimmering hair emerge from the bushes. how she can’t help but greet him with a kiss. don’t think about how mike comes next, having died in an accident with a drunk driver, and he pops up next to the four of them reading books in the otherwise empty library. how eddie leaves tear spots on his shirt from the sheer joy. how he lets a tear or two fall as he reunites with the forgotten friends he knew and loved. don’t think about richie suddenly appearing in the middle of a laser tag game at the arcade, dead from an unexpected heart attack. how he feels his old glasses on his nose and his hair, long and tangled, in his eyes once again. how he hears a gasp from behind him and turns around to see beverly standing there. how she shoots him with her laser before running to him and wrapping her arms around him. how the other five gang up on him and make him lose to welcome him home. ESPECIALLY don’t think about how bill comes last, many years later, having died of old age. how he manifests in the barrens as well, his friends a few feet away having a picnic. how the seven twelve year olds sit there in stunned silence before eddie screams “big bill!” and they scramble to their feet and attack him with a group hug. how all bill can think is “still insists he sees the ghosts” but this time, the ghosts are real. don’t think about how they all spend the rest of eternity together, seven reckless twelve year olds, doing whatever they want, riding their bikes around an abandoned town where nothing bad ever happens again. how they spend every night surrounded by the only people that ever loved them the way they deserved. how everything ends the way it began, and the way it always should have been.

Guys, you have got to understand that you can still love something while you are neglecting it.

Neglect is not inherently malicious. It’s often not something you intend to do. It stems from a lack of education on the proper care. It’s when you know the proper care and still choose to neglect your animal that this becomes an issue of you just being cruel to your pets.

I once had a girl who was keeping her female rat alone in an aquarium. I was trying to educate her; it was clear she cared for the rat exponentially, said it aided her with her mental illness, but keeping rats alone is neglectful and an aquarium is not a proper home. She was neglecting her rat by not giving this intelligent, social animal proper companionship or a sufficient living space. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her rat! But that rat was still in a shitty situation for rats.

So this argument of “These people love and care for their outdoor cats, how can they be neglecting them?” Love isn’t enough, my friends. You have to be willing to put in the proper care. I’m sure people who try to turn their cats and dogs vegan love them very much, but we all know why that is harmful. You can love your animal and still be putting it in harm’s way, still neglecting it, still leaving it in an unhealthy situation.

The hope is that you love your animal enough to do better as you learn and grow. Do better for your animals, and educate yourselves constantly on how to achieve that for their sake, because our information is always expanding. We used to think it was okay to be an intimidating “alpha” for our dogs, now we know better. We used to think goldfish could thrive in fish bowls, now we know better. And we used to think outdoor cats were fine, safe, and healthy because they were independent, but now we know better.


We have twelve years of Dean being extremely low at various points (I would even go so far as to say he’s been lower than this) and still protecting people because that is just who Dean is. When he was a demon, when he wasn’t even human anymore, he took offense at some asshole guy saying it’s in a man’s biology to cheat on his wife. Demon Dean punched a guy for being a misogynistic asshole. He beat up another guy for manhandling his girlfriend, so I think it’s a bit reductive to say that Dean taking that knife away from Jack, who he thinks will end up evil, but who is helpless in a complicated way, has nothing to do with his natural instinct to protect. (The Rising Son, 13.02)


I think Shaw has come around to realize maybe this is the person for her in the world.

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Hey comrade where's my white privilege? I wad told I automatically get it because my skin is white. I've been waiting for it to come in the mail along with a free 4 year scholarship, but it still hasn't come.

Don’t worry, you’ve had it this whole time.

Like when people don’t follow you around stores because they think you might steal something, not having to see your entire race generalised into fetishes on porn sites, not having to sit through endless racist jokes your friends make and you can’t say anything because you don’t want to be “that” person who can’t take a joke.

Dealing with constant waves of stereotypes to the point where people expect you to behave a certain way even on an emotional level and if you do you’re fulfilling a stereotype, having to deal with hateful slurs made and used to dehumanise you, having parts of your cultural heritage stolen and used out of context because someone wants to be “exotic”.

There are hundreds of ways you are already benefiting from this product, but in case you’re not sure, feel free to be pulled over by police officers and see if you get arrested for having a magazine about guns in the car, or shot for following orders, or shot for knowing your rights and refusing to follow orders that violate them, or just simply getting shot.

Believe me, your white skin is one product you never need a receipt on, it will benefit you every day in ways you won’t even realise and the best thing about our deluxe White Privilege package is that you won’t even have to see or acknowledge the ways you benefit. The deluxe package offers a smug assurance that your skin has never benefited you and that people with skin different to you are exaggerating their problems, it will also allow you quick access to Google searches to find that one time a person was maybe targeted for having white skin and use that as a defense against all criticism.

And in case of extreme emergencies just talk about “white racism in South Africa” and then try and get out of the conversation before anyone starts talking about historical context.

Please enjoy your White Privilege and feel free to contact customer service again any time you feel remotely slighted or want to know where your White Privilege was that time you were poor, or didn’t get into the college you wanted, or any other White Herrings you can think of.

Miscommunication // Billy Hargrove x Reader

A/N: I actually like how this one turned out and I hope you like it too anon. Remember that feedback is greatly appreciated

Warnings: OOC!Billy, mentions of alcohol, and hinted (but not directly stated) at sexual activities

・☆ ✯  ゚  ゚・☆ ✯・☆ ✯  ゚ ゚・☆ ✯・☆ ✯  ゚ ゚・☆ ✯

3rd person POV

You were late. Well you and your boyfriend, Billy Hargrove, were late and it was his fault. You see you slept over at his house since you ended up getting too drunk at last nights party so you ended up staying the night at Billy’s house. He had other plans for what to do when you guys got to his house but once you stepped foot inside you passed out. He was bummed out that you both couldn’t do what he had in mind but what mattered most to him was if you were alright or not. So to him that meant making sure that you had enough sleep. Which resulted in you both sleeping in and waking up around the time 2nd period would start at first you were mad but you knew he had good intentions so you let it slide. But the people who wouldn’t slide were your friends. To be exact Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. They were both teasing you asking questions like “why are you late?” And “What were you two doing so late at night which required you to stay over at Billy’s house?” You told them what happened but they still think that something else happened.

As the day progressed you started noticing that people were staring at you. This was a normal occurrence since you started dating Billy but, they normally looked at you with jealousy and envy for either becoming so close with him or by the fact that you are dating him, but now they were looking at you with pity. You swore you even heard someone tell someone else, “Do you think she knows?” And “probably not since they are still together.” That confused you ‘were they talking about you? Or were they talking about someone else?’ Either way you felt something was off and now you were going to find out what it was one way or another.

During your art class you noticed that the people at your table kept giving you that same look of pity and now you were sick of it. You were not going to be treated like some kicked puppy.

(Y/n)’s POV

“So is anyone going to tell me why everyone is looking at me like I am some sort of kicked puppy?” I said sounding annoyed. “Well it’s about Billy…” one boy said looking at everything but me. “What about him?” I asked him starting to get angry. “I-i-its just tha-“ he was cut off because someone slammed the door open. “Stacy you need to start coming to class on time! I let you off the hook this week because you are new but I’m sick of you showing up to my class late. Come late again and I’ll give you a detention.” The art teacher said with a huff. I looked at this “Stacy” and I recognized her from earlier this week. Her and Billy were talking. Well it was mainly like her flirting with him and him not being interested in her. After she found out that Billy and I were dating I’ve been put on her shit list not that I really cared or anything since I don’t even know the girl. “(Y/n)…” the boy said trying to get my attention. “Oh sorry… what were you saying?” I asked feeling like shit for not paying attention. “I said that she’s the reason why everyone’s been looking at you like that.” He said still looking away from me. “How does this have anything to do with Billy…?” I asked starting to get angry again but my confusion was still overpowering that anger. “Well at lunch someone found them making out behind the gym… and apparently they both looked like they were having a pretty good time with each other.” He said finally looking at my face but still giving me that look of pity.

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t. If I did I knew I was going to cry. “Excuse me can I go to the nurses office? I’m not feeling too well” I said with a shaky voice but still loud enough so that the teacher could hear me. “Sure (Y/n) there’s a project that’s going to be due next week we’ll talk about it more tomorrow so you can catch up” he said looking at me concerned. “Thank you” I said in a really quiet voice before I stormed out of the classroom.

Time skip to after school

“Jonathan!” I called out to him looking like a mess. Face red and blotchy from all the crying I did waiting for school to be over. He turned around really fast. I probably scared him. “What’s up (Y/n)? You doing alright? You look like you’ve been through a lot” he said looking concerned. “I’m fine but I was wondering if you could give me a ride home” I asked him ready to cry again. “Uh.. yeah. Sure. But doesn’t Billy drive you?” He asked looking confused. ‘He doesn’t know?’ “Yeah he does but I don’t want to see him right now…” I said letting a couple tears slip out. “Oh shit I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He said looking panicked. “It’s fine but can we go now? I don’t want to run into him” I said quietly. “Okay.. let’s go now then.” He said trying his best not to look worried about this whole situation. As we were pulling out of the schools parking lot Billy was waiting by his car and was looking around. Stacy walked up to him and threw herself at him and he wrapped his arms around her and laughed. At that moment Billy and I made eye contact. My eyes began to water and his eyes widened as he pushed Stacy away and got in his car.

I guess Jonathan saw too because I heard him mumble out ‘asshole’ I just looked down and quietly began to sob.

Time skip a couple of days

I haven’t been at school. I haven’t been doing a lot actually. I haven’t slept, I haven’t eaten anything, hell.. All I’ve been doing was crying, even after Jonathan brought me home all I’ve been doing was just turn myself into a sobbing mess. He hasn’t even called me, or stopped by to check on me, or at least to apologize and explain what was going on. Only my friends have visited but I haven’t gone out of my room to see them. I didn’t even ask who it was because, what’s the point!? I’m not even sad anymore I’m just done. Done with this whole situation. Done with dealing with him.

There’s a knock on my door. “(Y/n) there’s someone here to see you.” I sighed “who is it?” I asked my throat raw from the lack of care I’ve been giving my body and all of the crying I have done. “It’s the same boy who’s been visiting you everyday sweetie.” ‘Boy?…Everyday?… who is it?’ I stepped out of my room and walked down the stairs to see who it was and it was Billy. He looked awful. His eyes tired and red from what seemed to look like he wasn’t getting enough sleep and that he has been…crying?

Scratch that part when I said I was done dealing with him and that I’m over it I’m not and I’m not ready to face him. My mom looked at both me and Billy since it seemed that we were caught in some sort of stare off. She felt the tension in the air and decided to leave. “Well I have to run to the store to pick up so if you wouldn’t mind watching over (Y/n) while I’m gone that would be very helpful.” After she said that she left. No words passed for a couple seconds I took a step back and it seemed like he knew what I was about to do next since he started to walk towards me. As I saw him nearing the stairs I turned around and ran to my room locking the door behind me and went to my bed feeling my eyes sting with the tears starting to build up again. He knocked on my door “(Y/n)… open the door” he said his voice quiet and shaky. I said nothing I only started to cry. He put his forehead against the door and it sounded like he began to cry. “Please… open the door I need to talk to you.” He sounded broken… the carefree boy from California that I once knew was gone and replaced with a broken and vulnerable boy. I was going to say something but all that came out were sobs. “I’ll just tell you through the door then..” he took a shaky breath. “Harrington told me what people have been telling you about Stacy and I and… all I have to say that it wasn’t true…” I started to get angry. “What do you mean?” I stood up and walked closer to the door but still not close enough to unlock it. “Stacy is my cousin and on that day I wasn’t making out with her behind the gym… she told me that she was pregnant and decided to move back to California…So I congratulated her and gave her a hug you know. But I guess some people mistook that whole entire situation and spread that rumor about her and I.” I took a step closer “well what about the first day that she came here?… she was flirting with you.” My voice cracked, “kept asking if you had a girlfriend when you kept telling her that I was your girlfriend. I’ve been put on her shit list because of that you know.” I took another step closer, heart pounding against my chest feeling as if it was going to burst. “She just wanted to mess with me… she always used to rub it in that she was dating someone when I wasn’t. So this time I actually was dating someone and she got mad, first skeptical, but mainly mad since she wouldn’t be able to tease me anymore.” My hand was on the knob at this point door already unlocked. “Why are you just telling me this now?” I asked, ready to open the door. “I’ve been coming by everyday… everyday I came by and your mother would just tell me that you didn’t want to see anyone…” My eyes widened, ‘Shit that was him!? Why didn’t my mom tell me!?’ “I thought I was going to go crazy if I didn’t see you again.” His voice was still just as shaky as before. “Are you telling the truth?” My hand gripped the knob tighter, voice shaking. “Yes I am.” He gave out a shaky breath. Still crying. “You could even ask Max… even my parents and they’d agree and say that I’m telling the truth” he let out another shaky breath sounding like he’s ready to sob. I opened the door.

Both of us had tears streaming down our faces. I threw myself at him. And he caught me squeezing me tightly and still crying. I looked up at him and kissed him. He kissed back with so much passion and force that I know for a fact that my lips are going to be bruised but who cares. All I cared about was letting Billy know how sorry I was for doubting him. When we pulled away my head started spinning. Not because of the kiss but because of the lack of care I’ve been giving my body. Everything just started to hit me at once just like how I would have hit the floor if it weren’t for him holding me tightly against him. As if he’d let go I would have disappeared.

Time skip to later that night

I woke up. Head hurting and eyes burning from all the tears that were shed earlier. As I tried to get up I felt something pull me back and I crashed into something hard but warm. I turned around and saw that Billy pulled me into his chest. “Stay” he mumbled. I giggled and kissed his nose before attempting to snuggle into him. He pulled me back up to him and kissed me. “You missed.” He said as he pulled away. I laughed and snuggled into him trying to get comfortable. “By the way your mom said she’d be him tomorrow. Went out for date night.” He said the need for sleep evident in his voice. “Let’s just sleep. We both need it” I said pulling the blankets up around me. He wrapped his arms around me tighter and kissed my head before I fell asleep.


What about people STOP posting videos from the movie??. Like, yeah, the sex scene is on YouTube already and it has thousands of views and maybe that attracts people to watch it (I still don’t like that it’s out there to be honest) but stop uploading parts in different platforms! 4 min, 15 min, the entire movie!!

Effin RESPECT the hard work from the production team, the cast, the crew and even us the fans made co-funding the film! You’ll expect and want for more, a part II but yet you take away the possibility for the movie to take off to better places/views!. I know there’s people who can’t afford it for different reasons but think about what you’re doing! Because it’s plain disrespectful! Support the #CarmillaMovie in the correct way!

Reasons to love Tommy Shelby:
  • Tommy: *bursts into the room* SHE’S GOT THE CLAP
  • “may the chosen one smoke?”
  • “I’m a man who drinks tea”
  •  *takes Grace into a church so he can #expose her and then kiss her*
  • “NO FUCKING FIGHTING” *pushes butler on to the floor*
  • “Mary, do you ever read the bible?” “and do you stand naked over my bed and read it in the night?” “want to know what happens next? no, neither do i.”
  • “I can charm dogs”
  • “do you think i tell people things?”
  • *speaks lovingly to horses, cries when they die* “he looked at me the wrong way”
  • “get yourself a decent haircut man”
  • Johnny: “once when he was drunk he said ‘absolution’”
  • *random ira man singing at him* ‘perhaps if i sit very still…it will end’
  • “you are a man without a family” fuck, she got me
  • Polly: “go and do something about Ada” Tommy: sigghhhhhhhhhhh
  • *self-medicates a cracked skull with cocaine*

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Their Story Chapter 145 translation

Link to chapter here

Background: (Happy birthday song, goodbyes, laughter)

QF: Be careful on your way back~ 

QF: Sun Jing! Do you and Qiu Tong need to call a cab? 

SJ: Nah, we are going to take a walk. 

(Walking along the street)

QT: …Why aren’t you saying anything? 

SJ: …….

SJ: Qiu Tong…… is very outstanding. 

QT (chuckles): Why are you suddenly saying that? 

SJ: Not sudden…… I’ve always thought that way. Being such a great girl, there will definitely be a lot of people who like you. For me… when I think about her (Qiu Tong’s) existence in this world, I already feel very blissful. 

SJ: But today, I still felt a bit… anxious… (anxious to the extent I kicked someone’s chair)

SJ (laughing it off) : I’m not well-cultivated enough! Not well cultivated enough.

SJ: Qiu Tong!

QT: En. 

SJ: If one day — you have someone you like 

SJ: You must definitely tell me. Okay? 

SJ: Ah, I think we are reaching your house (I see the fountain).

SJ: I’ll get going first then, bye bye.

(Qiu Tong grabs Sun Jing) 

SJ: ah

SJ: Qiu……?
A Navy pilot drew a penis in the sky. It’s not the first time something like this has been investigated.
The male genitalia was drawn in smoke by a two-person Navy EA-18G Growler jet.

As the photographs of the skywriting circulated online Friday morning, more than 100 people sent stories about the incident to Maximilian Uriarte, a Marine Corps veteran who draws the popular military-themed web comic “Terminal Lance.” Drawing male genitalia is a running joke in his comic. Doing so, he said, is a way that service members joke around with one another in what is still a hyper-masculine culture.

“I don’t know how much the culture of these pilots is embroiled in inappropriate things, but I think that drawing a penis is just meant to be funny,” he said. “For some reason, when you get into a situation where you need to draw something, it’s always a penis.”

He paused for a second.

“I’d love to offer real insight on this,” he said. “But I don’t know that there is much to be had.”

do u think people who make a lot of callout posts on innocent people are chronomancers? like. they must, in some way, be time travelers because

A) they bring stuff up from years ago
B) they act as if that stuff is still relevant and important
C) they somehow skipped over the period of time where the person apologized

like, what other explanation is there. i refuse to believe that that many people are that dumb and/or that petty.

“It’s totally unexpected!”

Daisy Ridley speaks out about Star Wars: The Last Jedi SciFiNow Magazine #139

[ I transcribed this myself so please credit + link back to me if you’re sharing/quoting anything from this piece ]

Daisy Ridley’s Rey was the big question mark hanging over The Force Awakens. Who is she? Where did she come from? Most of those remain unanswered as we go into The Last Jedi, so we decided to see what Ridley herself could tell us. 

What went through your mind when you first read the script for Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

The first time I read the script, I was surprised. I had ideas about what would happen in the story, but I was taken aback by what does happen.

How would you describe the story of The Last Jedi?

Rian has written a story that’s unexpected but right. Some of the story will really surprise you. Even though everyone knows it’s the second in the trilogy, it feels like its own thing. It’s pretty epic.

What’s different about the script for The Last Jedi?

Lots of people had been saying how much they loved to watch John [Boyega] and me on screen together in The Force Awakens – but I suddenly thought: ‘How are people going to react to me being with Mark [Hamill]?’ As soon as I read it, I talked to Rian about it and I loved what he said. It made everything seem great.

There is a lot of action in The Last Jedi. Which of the stunts was the toughest for you?

The dive into the water was the scariest and most thrilling. The lightsaber stuff was great because I felt like I was stronger and I could push myself further than I could the first time around. I felt like I was mirroring the story. But the dive was my favourite.

How nervous were you about the dive?

It was scary, but it was also frickin’ awesome! I did a skydive once, but I’ve never done a bungee jump. For the dive, I was stood on a platform 30 feet up. I had to launch myself down and supposedly survive.

Was the dive as terrifying as going face-to-face with Kylo Ren?

Facing up against Kylo was intense. Adam Driver is big and strong and it was intense. I was thinking: ‘Can I genuinely survive this fire? I don’t know how long I can last because he’s so strong.’

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