do people still tag idk

I just… really love this movie

Local boy still not over Naruto ending for like the third time.


some of my favourite  joker  fan-designs ;;  WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD? ?  (click on the pictures to see who they belong to ;; ) btw excuse my trashy coloring (especially the first one omg it looks more blond than green)

since another ao3 ship stats post has come out for this year, once more im thinking about how difficult the race factor is to account for accurately

for example, does an anime ship really count as asian x asian ship, much less a japanese x japanese ship, when most people write them as generic nondescript american or a poor half-assed attempt at what they imagine to be japanese without proper research. ((for example, before you ask yourself does x anime character like to listen to tswift, you gotta ask yourself is x anime character even the type to pick up and listen to foreign music heavily in the first place. stuff like that often goes unconsidered))

considering this is a post about english-language fandom for a predominantly english-language site, we can throw out japanese rep and ask ourselves how helpful or meaningful this is to japanese diaspora. to this, i think i can generally say it’s really not helpful at all

and that’s a layer that can likely be replicated at least to some degree with the k-pop fandom and other fandoms i can’t recall right now

what’s the point of the character being poc if they’re not written as such within fandom in the first place? is a thought that comes back to me every year when that post comes around

So prepare for the coup of the century.
Be prepared for the murkiest scam.
Meticulous planning.
Tenacity spanning .
Decades of denial .
Is simply why I’ll .
Be king undisputed.
Respected, saluted.
And seen for the wonder I am.
Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
B͉͉̺̯̭e͈̙̝̗͓̥ p̪̟̻͇̖̘̫re͓̤͖p̯̳̼ͅa̗͉̜͍r͇ed!͇ ͙̯̤̘

It was not in my plans drawing anything serious about this au ever but somebody said “anti singing be prepared”  and i just needed to draw it. well he is not really singing in this but whatever i’m still really happy with the final result! minus the background i hate that shit

Who is he talking to though? i dont know maybe his army of kitchen knifes

to the person who loves Rhaegar reading this:

why are you on the elia martell tag?


25 Day Fall Out Boy Challenge: Day 1 - first song that you heard

↳ My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

Fuck it I’ll make a post because I’ve been long gone and even though sometimes I don’t have time, I still miss certain stuff from here. Update on me (if anyone cares):

-got a boyfriend (we’ve known each other for a year and started dating in August)

-there were a few earthquakes and hurricanes here in Mexico and even though I got the effects of all of them I am alright (been helping with charity to send stuff to the people in need too, so please donate money because things got shitty for people in Morelos and Oaxaca)

-started senior year but still owing classes so I’m gonna graduate a few months late (yay me)

-also I am trying to hit the gym more often now so let’s see how it goes…

And idk, I need to delete those ugly posts and now I’ll just reblog stuff when I’m here and won’t rely on apps to do so for me




Attempting to clear things out of my drafts so here have a gifset I made forever ago when people were trying to make like 11 committed genocide when he helped the human race kick the Silence off Earth in Day of the Moon and I got really annoyed but never wrote a proper meta or any meta at all besides this apparent run-on sentence.

“People have essentially gotten to read my diary for the last ten years. I still write personal songs, and sometimes people like to put a very irritating, negative, spin on that — as if I’m oversharing, as if it’s too much information — when this has been the way I’ve lived my life and run my career the entire time. So I do think it’s really important that I continue to give people an insight into what my life is actually like, even though it comes at a higher cost now.”