do people still play that

just wanted to say a major shout out to all you badasses who are struggling to balance any of your classes, courses, APs, and honors with ASB, clubs, yearbook, journalism, sports, community service, religious activities, internships, or any other extra-curricular activities. I know what it feels like to feel constantly busy and finish late at night only to find more work waiting for you when you come home. your work is appreciated and you are doing your part to make the world a better place.

I have my issues with bioware, which I feel like is putting it maybe too lightly, but dragon age has gotten me through some of my most suffocating depressive episodes. 

A part of me wants to grab the new(er) 40K RPG book and start converting for Deathwatch since we’re never getting a version of that under the new system. It’s a good system and far more enjoyable to play. It would need far fewer tweaks than the old system did. I just. Have so many things I owe people including an entire roleplaying campaign.

*extended, high-pitched whining noise*

smolbeanieweenie  asked:

Can you do me a favor and block me thanks. As a mentally ill suicidal lesbian I really don't need to see posts that try to guilt trip me into killing myself for liking what I like.

‘fraid you’re gonna have to come make my mentally ill suicidal korean man ass block you yourself and as someone who has every fucking right to be upset about ks and its fans, even fans like you, i really don’t appreciate your shitty guilt tripping (when i shouldn’t be the one being made to feel guilty and the guilt you feel should damn well be felt) and the implication that i’ve suicide-baited anyone over it

i don’t give a shit about what you like or how you feel about it. you’re still supporting it. you’re still enabling a horrid creator by showing her you like what she’s doing. you’re still hurting people then try to play cards when those people call you out.

p.s. your url makes me want to die even more

  • Interviewer: hey Iggy how about you show us some freestyle?
  • Iggy:
  • Iggy: ts ts ts tstststststststst bread, Getcha bread and you put in your mouth you gonna eat that bread cuz it tastes so good, part of a balanced breakfast and you know you should. You got some eggs you got some stuff you got some juice you got some bread you want the jam and the toast cuz it tastes the best the most! You got the bread and you put it in the thing and then it pops right out its nice and warm and good and then you fuckin put it in your mouth.

He was hands down one of the classiest, finest, most respectable and serious people I could think of in this often raw, dirty field. I keep staring at new and new pics and I still can’t believe what I’m seeing.


Joshifer+ Clapping Laughs on Jimmy Fallon

tidbits of things i am currently working on:

-ushering out forgiveness to the unforgivable
-writing absolutely honestly how i feel
-reading christian books with full intention to be totally immersed the whole time
-complimenting always. no matter who. no matter where. no matter when.
-vulnerability (with even five year olds) is the only way i will make the difference i desire.
-be there. be 100% there. wherever i am.
-extend my arms before i open my mouth.
-let the love i have for myself, radiate into my interactions with everyone around me.
-understand my anxiety. take care of my anxiety. don’t let my anxiety take care of me.

People who don’t have firsthand experiences about shit write movies all the time. People who have never been in war have wrote war movies, people who aren’t even of color write about racism in their movies, it goes on. And do you know what those people, most of the time, do? They consult with people who have firsthand experience. They do their homework. So stop bitching that About Jay is written by cis people and enjoy the fact that we have a movie ABOUT A TRANS BOY. Can you think of any trans men being represented in media? Because I cant. All you hear about is the trans ladies taking over the world. The men? Nope. Trans rep is like the opposite of cis characters.

“A Place to Call Home”

My Submission for this year’s Fan Fest! I’ve been looking forward to doing this type of thing for a while. It took a good few weeks to do (between finals none the less too weee…) BUT! I managed to finish it up last night before the cut off line.

With this piece, I wanted to create a sense of ‘home’, a feeling that is not only important to the idea behind my character, but also myself.  I wanted to depict the home that @niccodai and I currently share. 

Some personal ramblings under the cut~

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  • me on a date: so what do you think about Yu-Gi-Oh?
  • them: people still play that? that game is for children lmao Cardfight Vanguard and Buddyfight is where it's at-
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my satchel: sorry but I have to go home right now immediately