do people still make these edits

Where have I been? (In case you were wondering)

Hey friends. I know I have been pretty inactive on Tumblr for the last couple months, and I miss you.
In all honesty, the reason I’ve been pretty absent is because I kind of lost the passion for making edits that I used to have. I don’t really know why. I haven’t been keeping up with Mark’s videos lately either. I still love his videos and he’s still my favorite youtuber. I think I’m just having a prolonged editor’s block and a little lapse in motivation.

But I miss making edits and I miss interacting with the community. It was one of my favorite things to do. You all made 2016 so much better and I loved working on all these mini projects and making you laugh and often confusing the heck out of people with some of my weirder edits.

I guess what I’m saying is I’m going to try to make a comeback soon. And thank you for being the greatest community I’ve ever been a part of. I’ll find that spark I had again soon.

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 


01.09.17 - the first week of the year! i had a lot of fun doing this, but i’m still trying to figure it how to make it all a bit less messy. hopefully i’ll stay this motivated when school starts tomorrow. there is also a page for january before this spread, but that is apparently not compatible with my abysmal photography+editing skills so that will have to wait for now. (help me im so bad at editing photos how do people do it)


~ “I know a boy from an island, he stands apart from the crowd, he loves the sea and his people, he makes his whole family proud

“Sometimes the world seems against you, the journey may leave a scar, but scars can heal and reveal just where you are

“The people you love will change you, the things you have learned will guide you, and nothing on Earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you, and when that voice starts to whisper, Hiccup, you’ve come so far, Hiccup, listen-

“Do you know who you are?” ~

i did feelsy thing because character parallels

It’s really vitally important to me the way women are portrayed. As someone who has always felt at times pretty genderless because of my size, it interests me to challenge ideas of prejudice and femininity and what it is to be a woman. It’s still something that I don’t have all the answers for but I would like to make a bit of a difference; do something, anything, that causes people to have more sense of equality.


And all of those clichés I had about the country and the people, it kind of was all dispersed straight away. So we had a lot to talk about.

Dev Patel on his experience portraying the true story of Saroo Brierley in Lion


Hello there! I’m Cofvy! Although I’m new to tumblr, I’d like to share a youtube series I’ve just began working on!

RWBY Volume 4 Abridged!

I love watching RWBY spin-offs, parodies, and so on. But as a voice actor and a director, I’ve never organised an abridged series (I tend to stick with animations and fandubs) and I didn’t want to abridge something that had been done numerous times…

But now Volume 4 has begun!

I’ll be directing, editing, voicing a major and a few minor roles, as well as managing pretty much everything, But of course, I’m looking to cast people to voice the characters, and I’m also on the look out for anyone who’d like to write scripts for the series!

If you’re happy to help out with scripts, just send me a message, I’m friendly! Secondly, if you want to voice act, you need to try out! I’ve set up a page titled how to audition, that explains the different ways you can audition :D

But to get to the point, I really wanted to make this blog to promote the whole project.  While I’ve already received a fair amount of auditions, I’d like to reach out to more and more people, and make the project known in the fndm and the RWBY community!

So I’d appreciate it if people could share this post around and tell other fans about it! Thank you to anyone who auditions or supports!

reasons why scott mccall is the best! the human edition!

• he had asthma but still trained hard so he could play lacrosse for his school!!

• decided that he could do better in school despite the near death situations and studied his little heart out.

• people underestimate him and he’s never ever gotten mad or lashed out about it. coach was amazed that he knew an answer, people asked if he was in the right class when got into that high level biology class and he just shrugged it off.

• he wants to be everyone’s friend and makes an effort in reaching out to people. he was kira’s first friend and he tried really hard to make her feel comfortable at her new school!!

• he let isaac live with him although he was getting groovy with his first love. do you know how much will power and moral high ground that takes??

• did i mention that he never ever criticises his mom? he never complains about anything to her; not his dad, the lack of food or even about when his computer and stuff was broken.

• did i mention that he’s so fucking smart and hardworking? lydia is naturally gifted academically and stiles is just insanely intelligent despite his awkward methods of learning and where he puts his focus but scotty, oh jeeze. i bet scotty works so so hard for his grades. he does his homework, reads his books and studies so hard for every tests he gets and he does it to better himself.

• pettiness and scotty? those two words don’t have any relevance to eachother in this case. people have bullied him, beat him, underestimated him, threatened him and made him suffer but he’ll still see some good in you.

• ^^ on that note he’s not a completely naive baby. he’s a moral teenager who knows what’s right and what’s wrong. he’s no small bean. he physically harms people, he uses his alpha powers to his advantage, he threatens people with their lives and willingly watches bad people be punished. he protects what’s good and right in the world and he carries those burdens on his own shoulders.

• his dad is probably one of the heaviest burdens scotty will ever carry and i know this from experience. his dad’s a dick who was a drunk when he was born. his father was never around and probably barely even knows scott but scott never grumbles about how his dad left him. he’s cold and distant because of how he left his mother and how he treats stiles dad who in a way is like scotts father ( and hopefully step dad, pls give me mama mccall and sheriff. )

• he’s not a natural leader but he can inspire others to follow and fight for him because of his kindness and perseverance. do you understand how amazing that it???

• i bet he’s a snuggling master, oh jesus i bet he loves forehead kisses and nose kisses AH??!


I don’t think people realize what rare and beautiful gifts really good full AMVs are.

Like… that’s hard. Really, really hard.

Something I’ve learned is that the longer you’ve been editing, the more time it takes to make an edit, which is probably the reason AMVs can take literal months to make, and most vidders usually cut the songs down and/or make short edits.

To keep up consistently good timing, clip choice, pacing, transitions, effects, and possibly even masking or typography over give or take three and a half minutes of song is a huge challenge.

It’s generally considered to take three hours to edit one minute of a movie. Apply that here, and we have it taking about nine hours for a fairly short AMV… and given that we don’t get paid to make these, and have to wrestle with hitting every single beat of the song, it can take much longer.

And we also have to keep our motivation up, find time to edit, not grow to detest the song, and struggle with technical difficulties. All of that is really grating.

I’ve been editing for a couple months over a year now, and, while I started out making almost exclusively full AMVs, I can’t do that anymore. I’ve improved a lot, and by this point, using the whole song is intimidating and requires a level of dedication that I could not possibly achieve every time I edit.

It’s been literally a year since the last time I’ve edited a full-length song that I didn’t trim.

So if you find an awesome full AMV, appreciate it! Tell the vidder that you love it!

I’m honestly just so in awe of AMVs and the people who edit them. Vidders are really badass.

Cherish them and their work.

A note on future DOFP things

Hey all!

So awhile back I know I mentioned likely creating a large PDF version of Dogs of Future Past so that people could download and read and/or print it on their own time. I still want to do that! The reason why I haven’t yet? I think now I’m going to make a special edition version…one of those Remix 1.5 Over Days kinda deals that KH likes to pull all the time.

This large format PDF version will include:

  • All of Dogs of Future Past, plus some new title art!
  • All of the Origins comics!
  • All of the concept sketches and silly fun stuff that I did on the side!
  • Two new prose stories taking place after the end of DOFP + sketches to go with them!

The two bonus prose bits plus the sketches for those likely won’t end up here on tumblr, so you’ll need to download the PDF for the new stuff!

However, it’ll probably be a little while before I’m ready to post the completed PDF, since I do want to include the Chara Origins comic in with the others, and that’s probably going to take awhile to get done since it’s proving longer than the other Origins comics. However, the Chara comic will definitely get posted here.

So, this is just so you know what to expect further down the line! Thank you for your patience in me getting a PDF version to you all!


“The cards…”


@tenkyoujutsu mentioned something about wanting silly valentine’s card memes, so this is entirely partly her fault.


”We didn’t choose this. Why should we have to pay for it? Why do we have to die? […] We’re still people… We didn’t choose this!”


persona 4 dancing all night songs [feat. original stage costumes]
[part 1/2]


I think you guys should go check out these guys!

@keito-plier @thatmayahart @itsfoxyy @martziplier98 @lum1natrix @notsogrumpy-curls @dork-iplier @dogiplier @adorkwithhats @jeaniplier @crankyapocaplier @floralcrownjack @aesthseptic @justchasingghosts @briseptiplier @biscuitplier@crankyplier @partypewds @wiishugifs @markired @paperbaghero @marielgum @apocalypto-12 @punkbarbie @septishit @delirious-nyctophile @crankityler @pluto-support

They’re sweethearts, and they make amazing gifs/art/edits/or anything really. 

So I think you should go check out their blogs!

anonymous asked:

What happened so you have to post those gif? 😔

It’s a combination of things, but mostly, I think people really need to reflect on what they’re doing to attempt to support Johannah’s memory. I get it, I totally do, just wanting to do something to prove that they care. 

But there is a line, in which a lot of people are crossing, where they are going to force a still grieving family to publicly acknowledge their way of support. Which could bring on a whole set of variables that make the family themselves uncomfortable. 

Running charity drives (not in her name but in her memory), supporting Louis and Steve’s song, making edits, speaking positively of her legacy, and treating everyone with kindness are things that are behind the line. 

Anything that addresses the family directly, and would result in the family having to provide some type of public, or even private response, is past the line.