do people ship that

((okayhearmeout))) this ship is quite popular in JP fandom nowadays (mostly in twitter). They refer it as AmaCha and has its own tag in pixiv as 天茶!!

Me? I just want to spread the love because I think they are cute. Here it is.

okay so i wanna play more guys?? m/f or m/m ships work honestly, so here are some faces i’ve been wanting to play:

  • avan jogia
  • tom holland
  • chris evans
  • sebastian stan
  • alfie enoch
  • jeremy allen white
  • nat wolff
  • nick robinson
  • kj apa
  • john krasinski
  • hunter parrish
  • jeffrey dean morgan
  • dev patel
  • josh hutcherson
  • so many others tbh

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I really don't like how lapid0ts seem to completely ignore the fact that Lapis is still healing from what is essentially a metaphor for an abusive relationship. Like, just let her be single and happy please? It would be an awful idea for her to be pushed into another relationship because it'd basically send the message that in order for an abuse victim to be happy again, they should just get into another relationship, which is literally the last thing you should be doing in that situation.

I completely agree, idc that people ship it, what’s worse is that the show is literally pushing these two characters together when Lapis deserves time to herself, she’s been trapped and used for years and she deserves to have the time to get to know herself better and learn to be happy again.

I usually don’t judge what people ship, (I mean Claec is one thing😂), but how do people ship Katnic? And why the hate towards Sarah? I genuinely want to know. I had no idea this was a thing??? Do you understand Dom and Sarah were best friends for years, even when she was in that abusive relationship with Matt Prokap? You do know Dom also taught Sarah self defense skills after that trauma? That Sarah encouraged and rooted for Dom to play the role of Jace? Dom had a crush on her. Everybody in the VA fandom knew it. It was only a matter if time before they dated. So, I don’t understand the hate Katnic stans send Sarah. What sexual tension do you see between Kat and Dom anyway?😂 Because every Monday I tune in, and I still don’t see it. Ship what you want, but leave Sarah alone. (You also have the VA fandom on your asses, too.)

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Can I just say I love the Jarchie fandom? Cause I really do. We have people who ship queer platonic and we have people who don’t. And surprise surprise there is little to no drama between the two groups. We just enjoy our ship and reblog each other’s posts ❤️💛💚💙💜

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But Nico and Leo literally didn't... they didn't even talk. Like ever! Okay, maybe once. But why do people ship them? (Sorry if it sounds rude, I'm just curious because they wouldn't get along in my opinion and I don't know why people ship them)

I personally ship it because they’re both quiet sufferers. Leo plays it off by goofing around and joking, and Nico just pulls away. I feel like they’d really understand each other in the pain of losing someone you love and being sort of an outcast. They’re the misfits, and I feel they’d be hella cute together especially with Leo’s goofiness. Frankly, I ship him more with Nico than with Calypso, I can’t stand Calypso. 

I used to write one shots, and they tended to center around them being so similar and yet so different that they were compatible. I don’t hardcore ship it like Solangelo, but yeah. That’s my reasoning. 

Am I the only one?

If I ship two people, I don’t like to sub ship them. Like I ship Craig and Tweek so I don’t ship them with others. I know a lot of people do and I would not hate on anyone that ships my OTP with others. I’m just curious

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I don't know about you, but I can't see Vmin in a romantic relationship. I ship them, but only platonacly. Cuz they are friendship goals

I ship them as everything. They are friendship goals, they are platonic soulmates, they are best friends. I don’t think in real life they are in romantic relationship (and even if they were, we wouldn’t know about it anyway), but I think the reason I also can see them as a romantic ship is because I believe that to create that romantic bond with someone you first have to be close friends (and you need that ‘spark’ that jimin and tae obviously have). And vmin also is super touchy with each other and the way they act is just very intimate.
Tbh I usually don’t (can’t?) ship real life people romantically, I can only do that for fanfiction purposes. But vmin… I honestly don’t care if they are platonic or romantic, they are best friends and soulmates above everything else. Their relationship is just unique and who knows, maybe even vmin themselves can’t put a name tag on their relationship. Maybe they are platonic. Maybe they’re friends with benefits. Maybe they are in love but neither of them confessed. Maybe they are romantic. Maybe they will be forever best friends who love and support each other. Maybe it’s a one-sided romantic. Maybe they are just fine with the relationship they have (we don’t know what their relationship looks like behind closed doors after all) and they’re not putting a tag on it. We will probably never know which one it actually is.
I honestly ship them as everything and I’m happy for them no matter which one it actually is. I understand people who don’t ship them romantically in real life and I’m not gonna fight over fictional relationships, cause it’s literally only fiction and everyone has their preferences. But if I had to name one ship in BTS that has real potential of being/becoming a romantic relationship in actual real life, I think it’s vmin.

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Why can't people understand that if the cast and crew support the ship, there isn't anything wrong with it, Besides, they know more than we do. I mean do you reaaaallly think people who work on a show aimed for kids would support p-doph!la? I don't think so

EXACTLY if sh/eith were bad like they say it is crew wouldn’t show support to it they’d discourage people from shipping it but they don’t do that instead they show nothing but support and i hate how antis conveniently forget that 

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just out of curiosity, do you write Moana and Maui as a platonic or a romantic ship?

Short answer: Platonically!

Long answer: Brother and sister. I see Moana and Maui as platonic soulmates, as the type of duo that the Gods themselves would not be able to separate (side-eyes How Far They’ll Go furiously). There’s just…there’s so much beauty in this movie. 

When we first meet Maui he likes Moana about as far as he can chuck her into the ocean. But by the end, he’s tearing up over her. Hell, he has a tattoo of her right over his heart, the first one he’s gotten in a thousand years. And, as evidenced by the last couple of minutes of the film, he stays by her side, with her people as they voyage. 

I do not and will never ship them romantically. As I’m ace/aro, I tend to prefer friend-ships in general. But particularly so with Moana and Maui, whose age gap literally cannot be spanned in her mortal lifetime.

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God i couldn't have loved that Goldilocks fic anymore than i did, it was truly wonderful and i am so excited to hear you might come back to it at some point with more (Freewood, Mavinwood or Jervinwood are all equally appealing i can see how you're struggling to choose!) thanks so much for another brilliant read!

Thank you so much omg! I definitely wanna come back to it - might do a vote to see which ship people would prefer (since I like polls too much haha) :’D

Because of the part mentioning how Ryan has to work in a team from now on, I kinda want to set up a little squad (maybe Michael+Jeremy+Gavin+Ryan since they’ve been doing group vids lately) where they’re all from different factions. But then Jeremy would have to be the Merlin which I’m still not sure if it’s fitting or not aha.


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Yeah I honestly don't know either since Hook and Neal were introduced into the storyline at the same time. The SF backstory was in the same episode where CS first got to know each other. The parallel was clear. I do know that some people will always ship the relationship that technically came first - which would be SF. But we only got 1 flashback of their time together before his death so that makes no sense. And there's the whole "Henry's parents should be together" excuse that both SF/S-Q use

I honestly want to do an entire meta on 2x06 and how brilliantly it set up the contrast between Killian and Neal/Captain Swan and $wanfire.  Like, the narrative was throwing it in people’s faces, yet they ignore it and get mad when things don’t work out in their favor.  I just don’t know what they were expecting?  It’s so obvious what Neal was supposed to be to Emma, and it wasn’t good.  The logic just doesn’t exist for me.

  • otp : *does something cute*
  • you : oh my god, they're so cute i'm dying
  • me, an intellectual : oh the everloving father of heaven, the two people before my eyes have committed an act of such beautifully crafted affection that my soul has now departed to the place far above the skies and i have been purified mentally and emotionally
Captain's Pick Up lines
  • Bokuto: Hoot hoot! You're cute!
  • Akaashi: Get out of my house Bokuto-san
  • -
  • Daichi: Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause that ass is sweet
  • Suga: *covering Asahi's ears* Not around the children!
  • -
  • Oikawa: Nobody's perfect except me. But you're pretty damn close
  • Iwaizumi: *kicks Oikawa's legs out from under him*
  • -
  • Kuroo: Did it hurt when you fell for me?
  • Tsukishima: No, but I scraped my knees when I crawled up the stairs of hell
  • Bonus
  • Ushijima: If you had come to Shiratorizawa, you could've been my star setter
i went with sexy hawkeye as my costume. and so did at least half of the other avengers & shield agents. awkward

i told steve no photos so he drew a picture instead. asshole