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just when you think you’re a chill unpretentious person and you see a review saying, “The sheer ability of Cumberbatch] to not only remember all his lines (and he didn’t have an ear piece)…“ *horrified little theatre actor  gasp*

and i was doing so well

I do this a lot but still.

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I read somewhere that the measure of man’s civilization is where he places the line between them and us. When you put people in the box marked them, you can kick them around a lot more easily than you can when they’re in the box marked us. So I think it’s useful to try and empty the box marked them and fill up the box marked us.

Peter Gabriel

[ Karin says :]      This quote comes from one of my previous fandoms. However, it is generally applicable, to a lot of what people do.

Okay, all fractions of Benedict’s fans are “us”, regardless of their behaviour. And Sophie and Benedict are “us”, in the sense that I will do to them as I expect to be done by them, i.e. I try to be respectful and polite.

I have a theory that not only

 “Do you know why people like violence? It is because it feels good. Humans find violence deeply satisfying. But remove the satisfaction, and the act becomes… hollow.

, but that also it is deeply satisfying to put people in the box marked ‘them’ and then feeling elitist, because you feel the people in the box marked ‘us’ are the only ones who are in the know, who are much smarter than all the others.

Which may be a motivation why it feels so good to talk endlessly about conspiracy theories, and to find like-minded souls who share your views. You invent your own language, exclusive to you, and your own nicknames for certain people.

So I can understand why it feels so good to ‘ expose ‘ a celebrity, or the assumed scandal behind the actions of said celebrity, or to condemn their actions.

It is so much fun that you dedicate hours talking / writing about your theories. It becomes your only obsession, the only thing you keep doing.

Whereas I am more of the conviction of

If you can’t say something good, then don’t say anything at all.“.

That is not to say that necessary drawbacks / deficits in our society will not be pointed out.

But to talk for months about the private life of a celebrity and what is wrong about it ?

- WHY ?

Occasionally, I see among the people who re-blog my entries some comments that make me suspect that they belong to the fraction among the fans who suspect that there

is something rotten in the state of Denmark

, and then I keep checking out their blogs.

And I probably shouldn’t do so. For every time, I am shocked about the amount of hate, derision and enmity on some of those blogs.

Please don’t spread hate.

Don’t laugh at me, but rather …

make love, not war

- Why waste so much energy on being negative / hating ?