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Communicating with autistic people

In light of April & autism acceptance month I thought I’d make a post about how autistic people communicate, because understanding and accepting our communication styles is one of the most important parts of autism acceptance. The things listed here are from my own experience and from information I have gathered from talking to other autistic people, it is by no means exhaustive. If you want to add something on I have missed feel free :+)

  • Lack of eye contact doesn’t mean we aren’t engaged, oftentimes maintaining eye contact is actually more distracting than not. 
  • Our body language is different. Trying to assume how we feel from your knowledge of body language will often lead you to wrong conclusions.

  • Our tone does not always indicate our feelings, it’s often more telling to listen to the words we are saying themselves then try to guess what our tone means
  • We will likely have difficulty reading your body language and tone. The subtleties of communication don’t come easy to us, if you want us to understand what you are feeling or offer support it is most useful to communicate your feelings thoughts and needs directly.
  • Things we say may come off as rude or overly blunt, even if it is not intended this way.
  • We have varying degrees of understanding sarcasm. Some of us struggle to understand any of it, some of us actively understand and employ it and everything in between. We are also prone to literal-mindedness in general meaning we may have trouble with taking other forms of jokes or figurative speech literally. 
  • Our communication abilities often vary with things like stress and sensory input. For example, under little stress or a good amount of sensory input I can communicate enough to explain detailed thoughts as in this post, form sentences and employ tone and cadence to my speech. At varying levels of sensory input I may begin to speak in monotone, take several minutes to put together a single sentence, or be unable to access most of my vocabulary aside from sounds and simple words like “yes” and “no”. 
  •  It is very common for autistic people to empathize by comparing similar experiences. (for example: person a: “My dog got sick, I’m worried about him.” autistic person: “Oh, my cat got sick last year too.”) People who do not empathize like this often see it as ‘one-upmanship’ when the intent is only to empathize or express sympathy. 
  •  We may interrupt you before you’re done speaking. It’s very common for autistic people to have difficulty telling when other people are finished speaking. If we interrupt you it is almost never out of rudeness but we genuinely cannot tell when is the right time to speak.
  •  We may occasionally take over the conversation especially with info-dumping. When I info-dump I’m very excited and I feel like I can barely keep the information I want to talk about down. Being so excited, I tend to ramble for a long time, elaborating unimportant details as I am unaware to whether the listener is bored or even listening. I’m not saying you have to stay completely engaged and remember every detail but at very least don’t get angry with an autistic person for their infodumping.
  •  A lot of autistic people also have auditory processing problems. This means that what you say might not register for a few moments or you might have to repeat yourself. Please be patient with somebody who has poor auditory processing, as it’s not really something we can help. 
  •  If you are asking the autistic person to do a task or activity of any sort (giving them directions to somewhere, asking them to come to a party, asking them to help you fold your laundry) we usually need very clear and precise instructions or plans.

These are all common parts of autistic communication styles but it’s important to remember not every autistic person is the same or will have all of these traits. We are as varied in personality, thoughts, and behaviors as allistic people, but we are tied together by shared experiences. Being aware of these traits and unlearning them as inherently bad communication styles is helpful to autistic people as a whole, but if there’s a specific autistic person in your life you want to better communicate with, the best thing you can do is ask them how you can do that and honestly discuss differences in communication and needs to best understand each other.

You know what else I don’t get about ADHD? We have to go through hell and back and bounce between doctors and psychologists for months to get diagnosed but once you do your doctor just writes you a prescription without any advice and without bothering to tell you that

  • you’re not supposed to eat grapefruit when taking ADHD medication
  •  you can’t eat or drink citrus fruit, soda, Gatorade, and anything carbonated an hour before and after taking your medication 
  • you should monitor your heart rate if you take the decongestant psuedophedrine when you have adderall in your system because it also has the side effect of increased heart rate 
  • you should really avoid caffeine when on adderall (haha I know we’re all hooked on caffeine) but lots of people with add feel like they need to be drinking a “study beverage” like coffee/energy drinks constantly while working. Give your adderall the 1-3 hours it needs to kick in before you do this, drink a placebo beverage like decaf tea instead

I’m not a pharmacist, none of this is medical advice, but as the girl who used to start her day with a whole grapefruit and glass of orange juice… I wish I’d known this. I got more instructions for my strep throat medication then I ever got for adderall.

this is call out for all the awkward bloggers! if you’ve ever really wanted to have friends on here, or be involved, but have felt held back by your fear / natural avoidance of social situations, then stop your worrying for the awkward folks net has arrived!

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with the help of some fun challenges and the ocassional seasonal event, i hope to be able to bring together a bunch of awkward misfits who otherwise might have always just been a little too anxious to actually get to know each other. you’ll learn about the other members through these challenges, and other asks games and small interactive ideas, without having to actually talk to anyone directly.

there will of course also be a tag to share your things, and i will be checking the tag regularly and reblogging onto the network blog. there will be a group chat, but with zero pressure to participate in it. i’m going to try to encourage it as less of a spam chat and more of a place to ask people questions, to show off your new edits, to rant about something that’s getting to you - a ‘no small talk’ chat.

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applying is really simple, and the best part is - the applications never close! all you need to do at any time is go onto the apply page and follow the instructions there.

you do not need to reblog this post however you should be following the network blog although this is not required.

please, however, remember that not every application will be successful. i don’t want the network to get overcrowded, so i’m going to only pick people who i think will be committed to this and who will potentially benefit from it.

note: please also feel free to apply for a position as an admin / moderator if you feel you would be suitable. the instructions for this are on the apply page. i am looking really for organised bloggers who are as excited about the idea as i am and think they’d like to and be able to help out!

  W H O   ?

if you couldn’t already tell, this network is targeted at awkward or anxious folks who aren’t great at social things and struggle to develop any real / good friendships online without a lot of help or just magically finding the right person. i’ve met so many people on here who i think i’d be great friends with, but with both of us being so terrible at communicating, it just hasn’t happened.

this network aims to help people like that. it aims to provide people with a way of building friendships that doesn’t rely on being able to chat to new people, or being able to small talk, or being confident enough to just say whatever’s on your mind. it’s a way to gradually get to know other people who are similar minded and probably have similar interests to yourself.

  W H E N   ?

i launched this network on the 25th july 2017. there will be no “loads” of members released. as every application comes in, i will review it and i will respond within a month in one of three ways:
    a) acceptance - your application is accepted and you become a member
    b) waiting list - this is to help avoid over-crowding, it means that next time a spot opens up in the network, it’s yours
    c) rejection - if this happens to you then i’m really sorry, but unfortunately not everyone can be a member

anonymous asked:

Snotlout's "We’re not going anywhere without that guy!" might be one of my favorite things in this season. He may still have a ways to go but I feel like he's done a lot of growing and that showed a lot in this season, that moment particular standing out to me. Old Snotlout would've probably bolted at the first opportunity but now he's the one refusing to leave and not letting Amos be that person and I was just so proud of him.

Agreed! This was an incredible and beautiful moment for Snotlout. I can hardly contain my excitement for some of Snotlout’s outstanding S5 moments - they were such a highlight of my viewing experience. I feel as though this season’s spectacular Snotlout moments not only show how much he’s grown, but how much potential he has in the future for when he keeps growing.

Some of the greatest moments with Snotlout in RTTE S5 were:

  • Snotlout saying he’d rather stay in danger to save Hiccup than run away and save his life.
  • Snotlout outshining Gustav in dangerous situations.
  • Snotlout taking initiative when Hiccup and Astrid are away on another island.

What’s so incredible about these moments is that they show:

  • Snotlout is willing to stand up and defend his friends in the middle of danger. Snotlout even admits to Gustav that he gets nervous in dangerous situations, but he also understands he has to buckle down and do what has to be done. That made his badass moments all the greater. He’s going against his internal nervousness and being extraordinarily courageous because he knows the job needs to be complete. That is the determination and mindset of a hero!
  • Snotlout has become a very talented action man. When Snotlout was a teenager (the same age Gustav is in RTTE), he was already flying on the back of Hookfang and engaging in some dangerous circumstances with Dagur and Alvin. Due to all these experiences, due to all his training with the dragon riders, and due to his great abilities… Snotlout has been honed into a very swift, strong, and powerful individual. He’ll jump over chasms; he’ll take on multiple armored, armed men at the same time; he’ll distract and pull ruses; he’ll fly on dragons; he’ll enter battle… and he’s not even twenty years old!
  • Snotlout has initiative and has great common sense of what needs to be done in dangerous situations. Snotlout took on leadership and tried to instruct Gustav what to do when they were together. When Hiccup and Astrid are away, it felt to me like Snotlout almost took the leadership position. He was the first one to tell people what needed to be done, and while everyone contributed to the idea of how to defend the Edge, Snotlout made the most comments. I don’t know about you, but Snotlout leadership vibes were the greatest thing ever. 

What happened with Snotlout in RTTE S5 is that I could see that Snotlout has grown. He still has growing to do, but I could really see his abilities. And I could see the great potential for how he could expand further!

It’s not too hard now for me to see Snotlout commanding a troop of Vikings on a mission. He’s in charge, he’s leading them into great danger, and he’s giving orders. The orders are intelligent, practical, strategic, crisp, and short. He’s taking point in an aerial attack on his dragons. Vikings are flying to either side behind him. And he’s absolutely brilliant. 

I Am Autistic

At least, I’m pretty damn sure I am. I’ve been doing so much research, so much self-examination, and autism makes SO MUCH SENSE. It would explain me, my struggles, my life, PERFECTLY.

“If you know for yourself, why are you so set on getting a diagnosis?” you may ask. “Why not just know and carry on?”

I want a diagnosis - NEED a diagnosis - for all the times I get overloaded and need to hide in a bathroom and try to organize my thoughts and breathe normally again.

I need a diagnosis for the times I lose the ability to speak when I am overstimulated or when someone is angry with me.

I need a diagnosis for the times when the sounds and sights and people and sensations around me are too much and I have to run away and hide and cry and gasp for breath, and can’t explain to anyone what is happening because I literally cannot get words from my brain to my mouth.

I need a diagnosis for the times I say something and mean well but it gets taken as an insult and I can’t seem to explain why it wasn’t, and nobody believes it wasn’t meant as an insult.

I need a diagnosis for the times I need to repeatedly click a pen, fidget with my fidget cube, or hum to myself to calm down.

I need a diagnosis for the times I flap my hands in excitement/anger/frustration, without even realizing, looking like a flightless bird trying to fly.

I need a diagnosis for when I walk by someone and can’t quite muster the ability to organize my face muscles into a smile.

I need a diagnosis for the way I repeatedly rub my hands on pleasing textures, or chew on my sleeves or pens because I need stimulation.

I need a diagnosis for the times I don’t catch sarcasm, or don’t get jokes, and people look down on me or think I’m stupid.

I need a diagnosis for the times people give me vague instructions or body language I don’t understand, and they get frustrated when I don’t do what they’re trying to communicate for me to do.

I need a diagnosis. Period. And making all these phone calls and getting bounced around from one number to another is exhausting and draining for me, but I keep doing it because (say it with me, kids) I NEED A DIAGNOSIS.

Tl;dr I’m undiagnosed autistic and I really need a piece of paper saying I have it, because it will make my life so much easier.

BTS Reaction to you being colourblind

Admin Marie

A/N: I am colourblind, so this ask was fun to do! I would just like to point out that I do spell colour with a u, because I Am Canadian! I got a couple asks inquiring about why I added a U. Thanks for requesting! 

Request: Anonymous asked:  can I request a bts reaction to you being colourblind? I love you blog!


I think it would make Jin think. He would be really careful not to describe something using only a colour and would scold others if they do it. He wouldn’t care too much and it wouldn’t change anything between the two of you.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Rap Monster: 

I don’t think this would phase him too much. He would probably get all philosophical about it and ask you what it is like to see the world as you do.

Originally posted by ksjknj


Suga would be surprised. He comes off as a dark person but I feel like him finding out you are colourblind would make him totally shook. He would probably feelbad for you but when you explain you don’t know what it is like to see colour, he wouldn’t feel as bad. 

Originally posted by nnochu


Would be so extra about it. Would yell “WHat?! You don’t know what colour my hair is?!” You would have to explain that you do know because you read online about it, but if it was a vibrant orange or pink, you wouldn’t know what it looked like. He would be so sad over it for a while and would be sensitive over people describing things by only their colour, even though he didn’t need to be.

Originally posted by kimthwriter


Jimin would be understanding , but really like Namjoon. It wouldn’t really phase him and it definitely wouldn’t make him love you any less. He would find it a little funny when you would get confused about someone telling you to get something and only using a colour to instruct you. 

Originally posted by jimiyoong


So confused. He wouldn’t know exactly what you were telling him. “What do you mean you can’t see colours?” Would never fully understand and would be confused a lot, but it wouldn’t change anything. 

Originally posted by mvssmedia


This little shit. He would be the type to tease you about it. “Hey, babe, what colour is this?” even though he knows damn well you don’t know. He would get really protective if anyone else teased you about it and would make sure you never got upset by his antics. He would secretly find it cute, even though he would never tell anyone. 

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hogwarts!au namjoon
  • the sorting hat put him in ravenclaw almost instantly
  • he’s a 21-year-old fourth year (again, this is more like a hogwarts university)
  • namjoon is muggleborn and he’s extremely knowledgeable about both the wizarding world and the muggle world bc he loves learning
  • his favorite classes are definitely astronomy and arithmancy
  • astronomy because he’s obsessed with astrophysics and is super fascinated by the ways the muggle and wizarding astral theories interconnect
  • and arithmancy bc he’s really good with numbers and he finds it so much more interesting than muggle math classes like calculus
  • such an excellent student, he’s always taking every opportunity to do independent research. sometimes his professors will even come to him asking for help with a project they are working on, he loves it
  • his wand is hawthorn wood with a dragon heartstring core, and it measures 12 and ¾ inches. it’s an extremely complex wand, just like its owner, and almost seems to have a mind of its own–namjoon’s wand refuses to perform for anyone other than him.
  • his pet is a gorgeous great horned owl. he’s had it since he was a first year and admires it a lot, even if it’s just as clumsy as namjoon himself (they say that pets take on their owners’ characteristics, after all)
  • they almost banned namjoon from playing quidditch because he’s a walking bundle of accidents waiting to happen. he was a chaser his first year and he sucked
  • but then they moved him to a beater position and found out that he was really good at hitting things at other people so he was allowed to stay on the team
  • his patronus is a fox. like jungkook, namjoon was the first in his year to be able to produce a patronus. he loves his little patronus fox and will sometimes summon it in the middle of the night if he’s feeling lonely
  • namjoon came to hogwarts on a scholarship and it soon became very clear that he needed to be placed in an advanced course track
  • by his second year he was taking electives intended for students in their third year or above, and by his fourth year he began taking sixth-year elective courses
  • he was mainly friends with other ravenclaws in his first year so he didn’t meet the bts boys until second year
  • he was playing a quidditch game against gryffindor, and he hit the bludger a bit too hard towards the gryffindor keeper and he shouted like “heY DUDE WATCH OUT” but to no avail
  • so this bludger cracks into the keeper’s jaw and namjoon is like oh shit bc
  • oh shit did he just knock a bludger into the face of Gryffindor Prefect Prince Kim Seokjin™
  • when the game is over, namjoon has to actually physically run for his life from Gryffindor Prefect Prince Kim Seokjin™’s fanclub and they’re all screaming about how namjoon has ruined jin’s perfect face and how namjoon will pay
  • finally he makes it to the hospital wing to visit seokjin and apologize. and he walks in and sees two boys standing on either side of seokjin’s bed: one of them is a tall, lean hufflepuff boy, and the other is a much smaller blonde slytherin 
  • and at first namjoon is like ‘this is it this is how i die because that slytherin looks capable of murder’
  • so he walks up really shyly and he’s like “hey um i’m namjoon and i’m really sorry i broke your face with a bludger”
  • and this slytherin just starts cackling h y s t e r i c a l l y 
  • and eventually when he stops laughing he’s like “i’m min yoongi, and i wanted to sincerely thank you for clocking jin in the face because it’s about time someone did it”
  • and that’s how namjoon met hoseok, yoongi, and seokjin, and the coolest squad in the whole school was formed
  • namjoon’s animagus is a great horned owl, just like his pet. he always goes outside and flies around when he gets stressed
  • sometimes jungkook will turn into a raven and join namjoon and they just fly around the grounds together and it’s rly nice
  • yoongi and hoseok and namjoon bond over their mutual love for hip hop music. they both think that music from the wizarding community just isn’t on the level of muggle music quite yet. namjoon takes hoseok and yoongi to their first drake concert and that’s the only time namjoon has ever seen yoongi cry
  • after jin’s face heals back to its usual perfection, namjoon insists on taking jin out for butterbeer as an apology. it’s entirely platonic, but soon enough rumors get spread and namjoon still isn’t sure why everyone in the school calls them ‘mom and dad’ 
  • namjoon is always seen tutoring hoseok or jimin or jungkook or taehyung in the library, but ‘tutoring’ actually consists more of gossiping and stifling laughter so they always get kicked out
  • when namjoon figured out that taehyung was a werewolf, he kept the secret until taehyung was ready to tell the others. he would always brew taehyung a wolfsbane potion and help give tae instructions on tibetan meditation techniques and it helped so much
  • sometimes, when namjoon is sitting in the library, jimin will come to him and just sit. namjoon knows that nothing needs to be said, because jimin is really an introvert and really gets tired of always talking all the time. so namjoon just sits in comfortable silence with jimin until dinnertime
  • namjoon is just so intelligent and impressive and always looks after the people around him, and all of his teachers know that he’s going to go on and do incredible things with his life 
  • and he does–namjoon travels all around the world, picking up different kinds of philosophy and scientific theory. he’s widely renowned in the wizarding world for his efforts to combine muggle science with wizarding magic, to explain how the world works
  • when he gets older he basically invents the field of scientific magic. he’s in a lot of textbooks.
  • in conclusion, kim namjoon is an incredible student and an even better friend, and he loves magic a lot

jungkook ver. / taehyung ver. / jimin ver. / namjoon ver. / hoseok ver. / yoongi ver. / jin ver.

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Sk8er Girl Ch 3 (Trixya) - Squeaky Pink

Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a flazeda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

Or: She was a sk8er girl. She said see you later girl. She wasn’t good enough for her (or was she?).

[AN: Pink Shrooms aka Squeaky Pink. We’re writing this together but alternating chapters and POVs. Pinky is mainly Trixie’s POV and Squeaky is mainly Katya’s POV. The first part of this chapter very heavy and /real/ but the ending is fluffy cuteness to make up for it!]

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So I just stumbled across this game called Stories Untold. A text based adventure with four episodes. It’s very fascinating and it has a very unique narrative and this atmosphere of Stranger Things. However, its awesomeness it’s not really what I want to focus on. What inspired me to write this post was all the Operation OUT feelings this game gave me and I just wanted to freak out about it a little bit.

Spoilers ahead. If you want to play the game, you should not keep reading this. You’ve been warned!

Four episodes, seemingly unrelated, but that reference each other in subtle ways. That is until the last episode where everything is fully connected, makes absolute sense and your mind is fairly blown away by it. I just saw the ending and something in my head just went ‘Oh my God, this is exactly what is happening with Emma!!!’ Because that’s how my mind works these days (I can’t seem to get rid of this show! Unbelievable, everything brings me right back XD) 

First episode - The House Abandon

It all starts with the protagonist in a room, playing some creepy game on an old computer. As we play said game, some weird stuff starts to happen in the house we are in and suddenly what we’re playing on the computer seems to be connected with what is happening around us. An Inception kind of thing? ‘A game within a game’? Yeah, that’s right. At the point wherein the end of the episode we almost faced ourselves. 

Second episode - The Lab Conduct

We are now participating in an experiment, trying to open some kind of artifact, a box with a heart inside. At this point everything makes you believe this is an alien related story. More weird stuff happens while we’re running tests in the heart and we end up connected with it or with this AI that starts to show us things, strange memories where we’re stuck in a spaceship and are faced by a silhouette. The AI then proceeded to connect us with another subject in the facility that is trying to break free and run away. Apparently, the subject is controlled by our actions and the AI wants to reveal something to us with this whole thing. 

I know that you’re probably wondering what the hell this has anything to do with OUAT or Operation OUT, but I’m getting there. Are you still with me? OK then… 

Third episode - The Station Process

Once again we are in an entirely different environment, somewhere in the middle of Arctic or somewhere else entirely and you’re responsible for a monitoring station where people on the radio gives you instructions and warnings about some creature lurking in the snowstorm outside. And guess what? More weird stuff happens and you have no idea what’s really going on. Someone from one of the other stations apparently died already and the only one left, a woman, keeps saying that she’s on her way too. She doesn’t feel her legs, she’s tired and asking what you’re doing and you’re just wandering in the snowstorm completely alone. Then you start to hear voices, whispers, somebody telling you that you need to come back and wake up. They’re all waiting for you. And somehow while you’re trying to return to your station you end up in the room from the first episode instead and the voice we kept hearing, asking us to come back, give his welcome.

Fourth episode - The Last Session

The last episode, finally! This episode makes everything that didn’t make any sense until now suddenly drip with meaning. It starts with our protagonist watching a show on TV, a show that goes by the same name of the game, Stories Untold (this game is so meta, I can’t even). 

We are in a hospital or mental institution, I don’t know for sure and a doctor guides us to a room where we’ll be interrogated. He tells us that we need to remember what really happened, that it was time to stop what we were doing and faced the truth. The same AI out of nowhere appears in front of us and we get some flashes of some parts of the previous episodes, but this time, we learn what they were really about and here is where my mind went full mode on Operation OUT. 

The story beneath the surface of what we were seeing was that our protagonist was in fact in a coma or a comatose state. He was involved in a car crash caused by him (he was drunk) that, unfortunately, ended up leading to his sister’s death (remember the woman on the radio in the third episode? Well here she is). His guilt, the trauma and everything that happened around him made his mind mess with all those memories. Everything weird that was going on in the game was a combination of him remembering the crash and what he was experiencing while in the coma. 

People giving him instructions through the radio in the third episode was people trying to communicate with him, see if he was responding to those commands. The experiment with the heart and the box were actually doctors trying to resurrect him and fix his brain injury. The spaceship and the silhouette were, in fact, him remembering being trapped in the car and a police officer coming in his direction… It was all wrapped up in a sci-fi background because it was related to the TV show he was being exposed to (at least that was my interpretation, I was too busy losing my mind over this plot twist).

In Emma’s case, she is wrapping everything up with fairy tales, they are her way to cope with traumas and unpleasant memories. The truth about her history, about what’s going on in the real world it’s hidden and all mixed up inside her head. 

The incredible part of this is that the game gave away really clever hints in order to us to figure it all out before the last episode. It was in the dialogue all along, almost in plain sight, but still hidden enough that we barely put too much thought into it. It was in the visuals and now that I stopped to analyze it, the color patterns of blue and red, reminiscent of sirens were very present throughout the episodes. It was in the sound effects too! Sounds of machines and other stuff… 

All of it really made me think about all those hints A&E left for us to figure it out what the Stories left Untold in Once Upon A Time are. 

 Anyway, this is it. I just wanted to share this because I got all excited about it XD


Hey guys! You may have heard, on one of my blogs or not, about a rewrite of Newsies with a queer lens! Well, here’s what you need to know about it- how to join in, our main focuses, and what we need to get it written! (And maybe recorded?) 

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The One With The Rescue Mission

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Summary: as a retired bad ass, you spend your time working at a cafe and staying out of trouble; that is, until it comes knocking at your door in the form of jace wayland.

A/N: so, i have a few shadowhunters imagines sitting in my drafts. who would you like to see next? jace, alec, simon or magnus? or is there another show/ characters you’d like to see some writing on? let me know x (also, i don’t take requests so sorry to those of you who send me prompts/ideas)

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)
“Clary, you can’t be serious!”

“Well, I am. If we have any hope of finding Simon, it’s her.”


“She can hack his phone location or something. I don’t know!”

Jace sighs, “Fine, but I’ll go get her.”

“Wha- No!”

“Clary, everyone’s on the hunt for you. You won’t go unnoticed.”

Clary hesitates for a moment before nodding, “She should be working right now. I’ll give you the address.”

As Clary scribbles it down Jace rubs the back of his neck, “How do you know this y/n girl again?”

“She’s in Simon’s band – at least she was until…


“Let’s just say she came back from a dark place and decided to stay away from trouble.”

“You’re telling me Simon’s pathetic band was trouble?”

“No, but the places they played sometimes could be – anyways, this is all irrelevant. Here’s the address,” she slaps the piece or paper into his palm, “Call me if there’s a problem.”

Jace rolls his eyes, “Please,” he scoffs, walking away.

“Pretty girl like you shouldn’t be taking out the trash,” a voice calls out as you toss the garbage into a dumpster.

You ignore it, continuing to haul the bags in.

“Oh come on, how about I help you with that and you help me with something else?”

You turn around to find 3 boys looking at you like you were food, inching forward. Your eyes narrow as the first one steps forward, his arm reaching out toward you. You grab him by his wrist, bending his hand backwards and he falls to the floor, clasping it as he yells in pain.

“Bitch,” the other mumbles, lunging at you before being pulled backwards by his collar and thrown against the wall by a blonde haired boy. 

All 3 of them scramble to their feet and run back down the alleyway.

“Jace,” he holds out a hand and you turn around, throwing the last bag of trash into the dumpster, “Or not,” he grumbles.

You dust your hands off, “Thanks for the help,” you mumble, pushing past him and he spins you around.

“Clary sent me,” he states and you raise a brow.

“Clary Fray?”

“Yeah. We need your help.”


“We can’t find Simon.”

You stare at him, “And you want me to …?”

“Track his phone or something. Clary says you know how.”

“No can do,” you sigh, walking away.

“Why not?”

“Why is he missing?”

“He – he – he got in with, uhhh – some bad people…

“That’s exactly why.”

“Yeah, Clary told me about your sad, dark past but we need your help,” he steps forward, “And you’re going to help us.”

You push past him, “Find someone else.”

“I didn’t want to have to do this,” he sighs, jamming a tranquilizer into your neck. As you slump, he throws you over his shoulder.


“Well, she wasn’t cooperating!”

“I can’t believe you,” Clary huffs, squeezing your hand as she glares at Jace.

“Clary, we need you. We might have Simon’s location. I’m going to go check it out.”

Clary hesitates, staring at you.

“I can stay with her,” Jace offers and Clary scowls, “Like I’d make that mistake twice.”

“I promise I’ll be nice,” he smiles sweetly and she nods, “Don’t do anything stupid – and don’t scare her!”

Just as Clary disappears down the hallway you begin to stir.

“Hey…” Jace says, helping you sit up and you shuffle away from him before you fully recognize him and throw a punch.

He doesn’t seem pained but instead wipes away at his bloody nose, “I deserved that one.”

“And the next one,” you state, lunging at him and he dodges you.

“You need to relax,” he states, his hands out in defence, “We were desperate for your help.”

You pause for a moment, looking around, “Where are we?”

“Just – we’re at –“

You raise a brow, “Where are we?” you repeat, backing away from him. As you back away you collide into Alec’s chest and you spin around in surprise.

“Stop it Jace, you’re scaring her,” his eyes shift to you, “I’m Alec. We’re at a special institute. You don’t have to be scared of us,” he states, his eyes sincere.

“I can leave then?” you ask and Alec nods, “You can. But you’d be letting your friend die.

”You squeeze your eyes shut, shaking your head, “I don’t want to get involved.”

“You don’t have to, just help us find a location,” he pauses, putting his hands on your shoulders, “Can you do that?”

You slowly nod, “But that’s all. Get me a laptop.”

Jace nods towards the desk in the corner of the room and you take a seat.

“What’s his number?”

Jace and Alec look at each other and you stare at them, “You don’t know his number?”

You pause, “If you guys are his friends, why don’t you have his number?” you climb off the chair, sliding your phone out of your back pocket, “And if Clary sent you for me, where is she?”

Jace rolls his eyes, pulling out a pocket knife and holding it up to your throat, “You’re wasting our time. Now either track the damn phone or die.”

“You think that’ll scare me?” you scoff and Jace stares at you. You had no fear in your eyes despite the blade already slightly cutting into your skin.

“Enough!” Alec shouts, pulling Jace away.

“Look, you don’t have to trust us to believe we just want to help Simon. Now, do you have his number or not?”

You nod, finishing up on the computer, “It says he’s at some Chinese restaurant called the ‘Jade Wolf’…”

“Let’s go,” Jace states and Alec shakes his head, “Someone has to get her out of here,” he nods towards you.

“We’re taking her with us. We need to keep tracking his phone in case he moves.”

“No way,” you scoff and Jace stares at you, “You’re being selfish.”

“No, I’m being cautious. I don’t know who you people are of what you do. You asked me to help you find Simon and I did. Now let me go.”

“Let her go, we don’t have time for this,” Alec states and Jace nods, “Exit is downstairs, take a right and walk straight out,” he instructs.

“How will I know how to get home?”

“I’m sure you’ll find a way,” he says sarcastically before following Alec out.“

There’s no way we can get out of here!” Alec calls over to Clary as she pulls Simon alongside her.

Just then you pull up in your jeep, slamming your foot on the brakes as what looks like a wolf leaps in front of it.

“Everyone get in!” Clary calls out and they all run towards you.

Jace climbs into the passenger seat, “GO!”


“JUST GO!” he yells and you hit the accelerator, swerving out of the parking lot and down the road.


“Take a left!” he yells, looking over his shoulder, “I think we lost them.”

His eyes land on you, “Thought you weren’t coming?”

You shrug, “Being a getaway driver is one of my specialties.”

“Got that right,” Clary laughs and Simon nods.

“Good to see you guys are alive,” you laugh ironically and Clary looks at you appreciatively, “You really saved our asses today.”

“Hey, we were doing just fine!” Jace scowls.

“What was that back there? Was that a wolf?”

“Yeah those people, uhhh – keep them as pets.” Alec lies.

“Well, where am I taking you? Back to that place in the middle of nowhere?”

“No, we have to keep driving. We can’t risk them following us back to the institute. Stop at a motel or something, far away from here,” Alec instructs and you raise a brow, “Far away? I need to be at work by 8pm!”

“Not today. You have to stay with us. You’ll be on their hit list now. They’re probably tracking us already.”


“The wolv- I mean, the bad people – the bad guys.”

“What the hell is going o-“

“HEY EYES ON THE ROAD!” Simon yells as you swerve out of oncoming traffic.

“Pull over here,” Jace nods, turning on your indicator.

He puts the car in park and climbs out, walking to the driver’s side, “I’m driving.”

“No way.”

“Look at yourself! You’re scared, your hands are shaking and you look like you’re going to cry. So either you let me drive or you’ll end up killing all of us.”

You slowly shuffle into the passenger seat and Jace climbs in. He starts the car before stopping and staring at you. You inhale sharply as he leans over and puts your belt on for you.

“Everyone good back there?” he asks and everyone mumbles a quiet ‘yes’.

“I’ll take Simon,” Isabelle smiles as Jace hands out the keys.

“Guess I’ll take Alec then and Clary you can take y/n.”

“Actually, I’d prefer to be with Clary,” Simon pipes up.

“Okay then, Izzy and y/n can be together,” you nod hesitantly and Jace sighs, “She’s scared – Simon, for once in your life can you not be a pussy and just stay with Izzy?

“I don’t want him anymore, he turned me down,” Isabelle pouts.

“Okay, fine,” Jace states through gritted teeth in annoyance, “Clary, you’re with Simon. I’m with Izzy and Alec is with y/n.”

“Why would she feel any safer with Alec than she would with me?”

Jace runs his fingers through his hair, staring at you.

“I’ll uh – I’m just going to get my own room,” you mumble, walking up to the counter.

By the time it hits 9pm, everyone was asleep in their rooms – except you. You toss and turn, trying to make sense of today’s event. You sniff the air, “God, I need a shower,” you grumble, stripping off and climbing in. The walls were paper thin, so you turn it on its lowest setting so it doesn’t make too much noise.

“AH FUCK!” you yell as the shampoo bottle lands on your foot and you hop on one foot before slipping and landing on your ass.

When you finally stand up you find Jace staring at you wide eyed in the doorway.



“GET OUT!” you yell at him, tossing your towel in his face. He pulls the door shut, looking petrified.

“Jace?” you call out from the other side of the door.


“I need my towel,” you sigh. He opens the door slightly, holding it out and you snatch it out of his grasp, wrapping it around yourself and walking out.

“What the hell were you doing?!”

“I heard you yell and I came to see if you were okay and then-“

“I dropped the shampoo - why did you scream?” you ask, your heart still racing.

“Because you screamed and it scared me!”

You can’t help but laugh before you notice Jace staring at you, “Hey, eyes up here,” you scowl and he clears his throat, “Don’t flatter yourself.”

Jace pauses in the doorway, smiling at you, “By the way, that towel – it’s see through,” he smirks and you look down, realizing the towel was so thin the water had basically made it transparent.

“Get out!” you yell and he chuckles, shutting the door behind him before swinging it back open again.


“Shhhh,” he holds up a finger to his lips, leaning against the wall, “Can you hear that?”

“I’ve been hearing it all night.”

“What is it?”

“The sound of Clary and Simon hooking up.”

Jace looks unimpressed before his eyes shift to you, “Aren’t you going to get changed.”

“I don’t really have any clothes except my work uniform which I was wearing and it smells like crap,” you sigh.

Jace yanks his shirt over his head, tossing it onto the bed, “Use mine, I have a spare.”

You nod in appreciation before you hear a creak. Both you and Jace turn to the doorway to find Alec, Isabelle, Clary and Simon standing in the doorway, their jaws hanging open as they stare at you in your towel and Jace half-naked.

You shake your hands before going back to holding your towel up in embarrassment, “It’s not what you think,” you laugh nervously, “We were just-“

“We don’t need to explain,” Jace scoffs, “Especially to Clary and Simon whose snogging could be heard throughout the entire hotel.”

Clary looks embarrassed, “We were going to go get some food, wanna come?” You shake your head, “I’ll pass.”Jace nods towards you, “I’ll stay with her, you guys go ahead – bring me back some of whatever you have!” he calls out as they leave.

“You can go if you want…”

“And leave a defenceless mundane here all by herself?”

“A what?’

“Nothing,” he grumbles and you sigh, “I’m never going to get an explanation about today, am I?”

“Maybe if you stick around long enough,” he smiles, turning away from you, “Get changed, I swear I won’t look.”

“Sure you won’t,” you grumble, dropping your towel and pulling his t-shirt over your head. It was so long it went past you knee’s.

“I already saw what I needed to see before,“ he teases before you throw your towel at his head.

“You did well today.”

“It’s been a while,” you mumble, climbing into bed and pulling the sheets over yourself.

“Since what?”

“Since I did something good. Or bad.”

Good,” he reassures you.

“I was so intent on saving myself from, well, myself, that I forgot what it was like to actually live.”

“What were you like before?”

“I was scared. But I covered it up by being this horrible, bitchy, alcoholic teenager.”

“And then?”

“And then one day at a gig, this really asshole wouldn’t leave me alone. I beat the crap out of him – I couldn’t stop even after he was down.”

“It happens,” Jace consoles you and you shake your head, “I was so scared. So I stopped. All of it – anything that could ever get me in trouble.”

“And now?”

“I’m happier. Much happier. Though I don’t mind the occasional adrenaline rush, so thanks for today. I think I needed it to continue with this boring life.”

Jace furrows his brows together, “You don’t have to live like that.”

He lies down beside you, both of your faces inches away from each other, “You can be good and still be a total bad ass,” he chuckles and you laugh, shaking your head, “I don’t know how.”

“I can teach you,” he whispers, “If you want me to.”

“I could end up hurting you,” you giggle and he rolls his eyes, “I doubt that,” he smirks as you lunge at him but within seconds he’s flipped you around and has to pinned to the bed.

“I win,” he smirks.

Both your heavy breathing fills the room and you pull up slightly, pressing your lips to his and he stares at you in surprise as you pull away. You quickly flip him around, straddling him and pinning his arms above his head, “I win.”

“Well, if this is how training is going to go every time, I can’t say I mind losing,” he laughs.“Neither can I,” you smirk, “it’s in your best interest to lose a lot. Next time I won’t let you off so… easy,” you wink at him. 

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"You know I love you, but this is getting ridiculous."

“You know I love you, but this is getting ridiculous.”

“It is precisely because I love you that I’m doing this,” Chloe shouted back, momentarily moving her mouth away from her cellphone pinched between her cheek and shoulder. “What kind of partner would I be if I didn’t defend your honor when people swoop in to sully it?”

“It’s an anonymous troll on the Ladyblog, babe,” Marinette said, raising a brow, “it’s not that big of a deal, and you really don’t have to do this.”

“Whoever has the audacity to say such sexist, gross, disgusting things about Ladybug is going to be publicly ruined and that’s final.” Chloe went back to her phone call and said, “Alright Alya, I need you to give me very specific instructions so I can hack this loser’s account properly.”

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So I know a lot of autistics who are really proud to be autistic and I think that's great and I wish I could be like that but I just don't know how. I hate all my autistic traits. I hate that I'm bad at conversation, I hate that I take everything people say seriously, I hate that I never know the right thing to say. I talk about my special interests, which no one cares about, too much. I have barely any friends. Everyone I meet thinks I'm weird. I don't know what to do anymore.

I’m gonna let you in on a secret. Even I feel this way sometimes. There’s so many things I really kinda hate about being autistic, especially things like my poor concentration, audio processing issues, needing to be given instructions 2, 3, 4, 5 times before I even begin to be able to remember them. Slow reaction times, poor decision making, sensory integration issues. Having absolutely no idea how to help the people I care about when they need me. I could go on and on.

Now, the thing is, though, that even if I didn’t have any of these issues, even if I wasn’t autistic, I’d still find things to hate about myself. Maybe ‘cause I have depression, maybe ‘cause it’s ingrained in people from a very young age that you have to hate yourself otherwise you’ll never improve, or you’re too full of yourself, or you haven’t done anything to deserve to not hate yourself. And these things are ingrained in neurodivergent kids tenfold. That’s why radical self-love is so important to so many of us.

I can guarantee that every single autistic person, even those of us who are super proud of being autistic, has something they hate about themselves, that they wish they could change or get rid of. That’s the human experience. You could take away every single thing you hate about yourself, and all that would happen is you’d find something else to hate.

It sounds super pessimistic, I know. But you are what you are. You can’t change it. You’re stuck with it, no take-backs. What you can change is how accepting you are of yourself. How much you care about other’s perceptions of you versus how much you care about your own perceptions of yourself. What those perceptions of yourself are. That’s something you can change. But you’ve gotta want to.

-Brother Cat

Brother Cat’s right. Even though we’ll sometimes be proud of who we are, we also go through a lot of self-doubt. I’ve dealt with this more than I’d like in the past three years of being unemployed and feeling like either no one understands me or no one wants to hire autistic people like me. I’ve dealt with it all my life in all the bullying and other crap people have thrown at me all my life (even before I knew I was autistic). It sucks. But remember–it’s not your fault you’re autistic. It makes life incredibly difficult, yes, but that’s why you have to keep persisting.

I know this sounds cheesy and trite, but find those good things about yourself. Find the ways that being autistic can benefit you and the people around you, like (for example) thinking outside the box or catching details that others may have missed and making everyone’s lives that much better as a result. That’s what I do, at least.

- Auntie Cat

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poly soulmate au genyatta and s/o? s/o has these weird names on their wrist that they think they will never get to meet

Omg, first attempt at anything involving Genyatta.

  • So you’re, what, 13 when the names appear? And one’s in messy Hiragana and the other’s in like… dots? What? Aren’t you supposed to only have one? And you manage to translate the first as Genji, but you soon realise the dots mean an omnic is supposed to be your other soulmate, and no one approves of that so you take to hiding the names.
  • You feel really bad about it, like you’re betraying your soulmate, but often on the news people are assaulting human-omnic couples, and you’re just a scared kid.
  • At least Genji’s name is up top, so you can just pull down your sleeve just a little and show people that if they ask.
  • Eventually you ask an AI to translate it, and they tell you the name is Zenyatta.
  • You’re slowly becoming convinced you won’t meet them, or that the names are wrong, somehow, and you’ve seen some older people with dots on their wrists mutter about how fate must’ve made a mistake, and brag about how they rejected the omnic with their name engraved on their body. And then people talk about how you only ever have one soulmate, and you’re convinced that’s not true, but that conviction is chipped away over the years and so even ‘Genji’, the human name that is supposed to be right, doesn’t feel like a safety net anymore.
  • Skip ahead a few years and you’ve decided you want to make the world a place where kids like you, with dots on their wrists, don’t have to live in fear. You’ve trained hard and managed to catch the attention of the new Overwatch and naturally you’re ecstatic to join.
  • You’re wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt when you’re given the tour of the base, so you don’t notice when the names start to change colour when a cyborg and an omnic see you, but you do notice when Dr Zeigler introduces you to Genji and Zenyatta.
  • The boys are like !!!! because they’ve been together for a while and love each other a lot but they’ve wondered about the second name on each of their wrists, looking forward to the day when they’ll meet you. 
  • They’ve also been pretty insecure. Both are happy with who they are, but Genji believes his body is no longer what a soulmate (other than Zenyatta) would like, and Zenyatta has also heard the stories of omnics being turned away by their human soulmates.
  • But of course when you pull down your sleeve to show them their names, you’re smiling and maybe kinda happy crying because you can’t believe they’re here, both of them, in front of you.
  • Angela leaves you to it because she knows you’ve got some things to talk about.
  • The attention is kinda overwhelming at first, because you’ve got two people who want to know you as well as they know each other, and Genji keeps kinda reaching for your hand but pulling back because he doesn’t know how comfortable you are, and Zenyatta is trying to maintain his calm but it’s hard to do that when you’re laughing and blushing and you’re really cute.
  • Eventually you take both of their hands and stroll through the base like that, and sometimes they remember they’re supposed to be giving you a tour.
  • This relationship involves compliments galore you better get used to it. They both adore you so much and want you to know it.
  • You make it clear to Genji that you love his body and slowly get him more used to physical affection from you. After a few months he’s a complete cuddle bug but he’ll still insist on putting a blanket or something between you two so you’re more comfortable.
  • Zenyatta loves watching you two interact but you both hate for him to feel left out (even if he insists he doesn’t) so he tends to get dragged into a cuddle pile or you’ll do the hand holding thing again.
  • Very chill and loving relationship. Talking comes so easily between the three of you and you were worried at first that you’d cause some trouble since they’d already been together so long, but no they accept you so easily as part of their lives.
  • But there’s also a lot of casual silences, which none of you feel the need to fill.
  • You’re the only one who really eats so you do most of the cooking, but sometimes they’ll try to cook something for you. Genji is actually pretty good and Zenyatta is great at following instructions although sometimes has trouble with vague stuff like ‘a bit of spice’.
  • You all become a bit of an inspiration honestly, being in the public eye a lot and being together. It sends a big message and you’re proud that other peoples with two names or omnic-human couples can see you and feel like they’re not alone.
  • Literally the most secure relationship, everyone is telling each other that they love them every day and it’s so casual too. McCree makes a lot of jokes about how you’re gonna rot people’s teeth with how sweet you are, but honestly everyone’s happy for you.
  • You’ve got two loving, amazing boyfriends and you love them right back, so of course you’re happy too.

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something that bugs me about the human zoo is. if they 'mate and have a baby how the hell do they take care of the baby? the people in the zoo are mentally young imo and probably dont know how much care a baby needs... and i doubt pink diamonds followers know about it either. Hell, even rose didnt really know much about babies before meeting one. who takes care of the pregnant person and their baby?? it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

oh fuck, I didn’t even catch that. I was gonna say maybe the earrings have instructions for this but, like you said, gems don’t know what the fuck a baby is. maybe instincts?????

“I’m Pregnant.”

Request: “73. Monsta X’s Changkyun. Can you please make it angsty, I have a thing for angsty fics😅😂. Thanks💟 “ - anon

Huehue, thank you so much anon for sending this request. I hope you enjoy reading this! Huehue, I’m so happy right now, I can’t explain what I feel ;u;

Ship: Changkyun x [y/n]

Genre: Angsty

Word Count: 1474 words

credits to the owner for this gif. all of my oneshots/imagines/scenarios are written by me, omgxiaoch.

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Two straight red lines.

It was unlike you to skip a month of menstruation. You were starting to get nervous as you felt something was wrong. Totally wrong. It was around seven in the morning when you decided to buy some pregnancy test kit at your local drugstore which was only a few blocks away.

You slipped right out from your boyfriend’s, aka. Changkyun’s hold, making sure that he doesn’t wake up. Tying your hair into a ponytail, you pulled your knitted sweated over your head, and grabbed your purse and went straight out of your apartment.

Once you successfully bought the pregnancy test kit, you hurriedly went back home, hoping that Changkyun was still fast asleep. As soon as you unlocked the door, you tiptoed your way to your room, only to be stopped by a voice.

“Where have you been?”

You turned your head towards the kitchen and saw Changkyun preparing breakfast with his usual pokerface on. “U-uh, I-I just went to the drugstore to buy something.” Changkyun didn’t looked convinced by your alibi.

I bought some napkins since I forgot to buy some supplies.” you blurted out, finally, Changkyun believed in your alibi. “Oh, okay. Why don’t you come here and eat?”

“I-I’ll go to the bathroom first since I really need to pee.” You went dashing towards the bathroom before Changkyun could allow you. Slamming the door shut, you locked the bathroom door and set the pregnancy test kit on the marbled sink and opened it up. You read the instructions first and finally proceeded on doing it.

Waiting for a minute or two, you worriedly back and forth, hoping that it would be negative as it would be the end for Changkyun’s career if people knew that he got someone pregnant.

After minutes passed, you gathered up the courage to finally look at the pregnancy test result. Two fcking straight red lines. You were too shocked to move, thousands of thoughts came rushing in as soon as you’ve realized that you’re pregnant.

Changkyun waited for you for about five to ten minutes, tapping his foot on the ground nervously as he started to get weird thoughts like you slipped or something. Having enough of the wait, he trudged towards the bathroom and came banging on the door. “[y/n]-ah, are you okay?”

You cursed under your breath. “I’m a-alright, babe.” covering your mouth right away after realizing that you only call him babe when you’ve done something wrong or you’re nervous about something.

[y/n], come out this instant.” his voice was stern and orotund. Trying to hide the pregnancy kit on your drawer, you heard the door click as it swung open. You hid the pregnancy test behind your back as big drop of sweat starts forming on your forehead.

What did you do?” Changkyun gets really irritated whenever you don’t do what he wants you to do. “What did I do? N-nothing.” you looked at him innocently, slowly pushing the pregnancy test behind your back when you saw from your peripheral view, Changkyun looking at your hands from the mirror.

What’s that you’re trying to hide?” Now, it’s really obvious by the tone of his voice that he’s already pissed off. He never liked the idea of you trying to hide anything from him as he has been really open with all his secrets.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, Changkyun.” you slowly backed away from him as he slowly inched closer to you. He knows your hiding something. He knows you better than you know yourself.

We’ve been dating for three years, [y/n], and now you’re hiding something from me. Are you dating someone behind my back?” you stopped, eyes widened from his sudden outburst.

W-what are you talking abou?” Changkyun rolled his eyes in frustration as he pulled something out from his pockets. You froze on your spot when you saw a picture of you and Jooheon feeding each other, hugging and Jooheon kissing your cheek.

Where the hell did he get those photos? you thought as you felt your blood boil, eyebrows furrowed. “Where did you get those?” Changkyun threw those photos on the sink, his tongue poking the side of his cheeks as he ran his fingers through his locks.

So you’re dating someone behind my back. And to think it’s my hyung that you’re dating.” you stared at the photos, thinking that those photos were taken by his hyungs when they planned to make Jooheon’s admirer hate him.

Could stop sprouting nonsense?! You clearly don’t know what’s behind those photos.” you retaliated, having enough of his bullcrap. Changkyun looked like he didn’t give a damn on hearing you explain.

“Tss, you don’t have to hide it anymore [y/n]. I thought that I’d spend my whole life with but I guess I was wrong. Thanks for enticing me, filling my mind with stupid yet false fantasies.”

Tears started to form on the corner of his eyes, knowing where this conversation is going to. You, too, also know where this’s going. You didn’t know what to do anymore, should you tell him about the pregnancy or break up with him and never see him again.

Changkyun, let me explain–”

“I don’t want to hear any of those lies, [y/n]. I’m tired of hearing shit. Let’s break up.” and with that Changkyun turned his heel, and went straight out of the bathroom. He grabbed his bag and started packing up his things.

Changkyun, please listen to me. Those pictures were taken by your hyungs–” you trailed right behind him as tears started to fall down your cheeks. He didn’t bother talking back. You kneeled beside him, holding the hem of his shirt with all your might as he tried prying your hands off of him.

Let go–” “Changkyun, those photos were for Jooheon’s admirer. I’m not dating behind your back, why would I even date behind your back? You’re the only one that I love.” Changkyun scoffed, turning around to face you.

“Didn’t I say that I didn’t want to hear your lies? Let go!” Changkyun successfully pried your hands off from his shirt and zipped his bag close. You couldn’t help but sob.

Don’t do this to me, Changkyun.” you begged, holding him once again at the hem of his shirt. “Don’t you get it, [y/n]?! We’re fucking through!” He yelled, making you freeze on your spot.

You let go of his shirt, making him continue his way through the door. Before he could twist the knob, you gathered up all your courage and decided to tell him the truth.

I’m pregnant.”

This stopped him from his tracks. He slowly turned to you, his anger washed away when he saw you pull out the pregnancy test from your back pocket, putting it right in front of you why crying.

I’m pregnant with you child…”

You repeated once again, loud enough for him to hear you. “What?” he asked. Tired of repeating yourself, you pushed the pregnancy test towards him. Changkyun picked the pregnancy test up and looked at the result.

You’re pregnant with my child?”

You nodded your head, trying to wipe the tears falling down your cheeks. “I-I’m so sorry for jumping into stupid conclusions, [y/n].” Changkyun was now crying, he went to your side and hugged you.

I-I got caught up with my anger. I-I’m so sorry, I’m such a jerk… I didn’t mean to break u-up with you.” Changkyun tried his best to say the whole sentence without his voice hitching.

You shook your head as you caressed the small of his back. “N-no, I should be the one asking for your forgiveness. This wouldn’t have happened if I-I didn’t had to hide this from you.” As you were slowly calming down from crying, you wiped your tears and pulled away from the hug.

Kissing his tears away, Changkyun looked at you while cupping your face. “I’m really sorry for what I’ve said [y/n], I really am. B-but why did you have to hide it from me?”

Changkyun lifted your chin, forcing you to look at him when you looked down  after his question. “I-I was scared t-that you’d get mad at me and not t-take responsibility of our child.”

“What made you think like that?”

I don’t know…” your voice trailed off, making Changkyun chuckle. “You’re so cute, jagiya. I’ll take full responsibility of our child even if it means that I have to marry you and end my career.”

“B-but, your career–”

“Shuush, let’s not talk about my career anymore and let’s say that what happened a while ago never happened, okay?” you nodded your head in obedience, only to receive a kiss from Changkyun. Smiling, you cupped his face and pulled him into a kiss once again.

Now, how about we go to the hospital and have you checked?”


Calyx Krater Paper Model with Four Scenes

Inspired by @anonymous-plume‘s novel At First He is a Boy 

Materials: Paper/cardstock, ink, glue

Approximate dimensions: 17.75 in (45 cm) tall, 12.5 in (32 cm) diameter at the top.

I must thank anonymous-plume for more than writing such a wonderful story. I could not have asked for a kinder response when I wrote to ask about this project, and the feedback I received on the early versions of the artwork was invaluable.

Do you feel a burning need for fake pottery made of paper? Do you want to make your very own? Well, I have good news for you below the cut!

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Really a truly I’m starting to feel like a few of us are saying the same thing but the big guys (the ones with followers and power and who have established a title) are ignoring us. There are quite a few people (just like me) who have been saying that we can’t just wait for the #planes4gmw to sink in. WE HAVE TO KEEP CAMPAIGNING/GET BACK TO CAMPAIGNING. Trust me how we were a month ago vs now is soooo different and thats no okay! Disney and the other networks will think “oh it was just an emotional outburst” IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? over and over again people have either made posts about how we need a new, big, even more creative campaign or about we can at least band together and make one huge (not last) effort to get some of the fire back!! This is not the last time I will say this nor will it be the last time I try to ponder ideas. But I don’t have a huge platform. The people who do know exactly who you are. So please, stop ignoring us, and if you really can’t think of ANY WAY to fire us back up or do what was listed above as our cries^^^ then at least give us a steady no or instructions on what to keep doing.

Your silence will not protect you– R.B

The Fires Within: Ch. 5 (M)

a hellhound au twist on this request

Yoongi’s secret has come out, but probably in (one of) the worst ways possible.

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (M) | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 (soon)

7.5k words, yoongi/reader, hellhound au, action: M for violence, blood

Yoongi hurries out of the inn and immediately takes a turn away from the bustling main street, instead heading for the quieter, isolated parts of the town. He paces along the dirt road, his breathing ragged–hating who he’s become, what he’s become.

Time flies as he follows gut instincts, taking turns at random, sometimes even clambering over walls to avoid human contact. It’s not long before he ends up outside of the city, wandering through the leafy forest ground. Yoongi doesn’t even have to think to know that it’s a much different section than the one he investigated with you earlier.

He just kinda knows.

What he’s actually thinking about is how he could feel the seal slowly unraveling with each word you said, the beast clawing at his inwards. He felt himself growing disillusioned as he hung at a delicate balance, soul fighting against the snarling beast inside, the fires within.

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