do people ever actually use tags like that

I need people to realize that Barry just saying “it’s my fault it’s my fault” to the people he hurts (intentional or not) isn’t taking responsibility, it’s just him trying to make himself feel better. Like yes, admitting is the first part of it, but he has yet to do anything to actually try to make amends with Cisco other than wonder aloud if he was ever going to get over it. 

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is there a post that gives all the reasons and arguments against lance having mcclain as a last name? bc i have niether the time nor energy to give 11 billion people seven asks explaining how theyre wrong (also @ the people that say lances name could be mcclain bc hispanic people change their names when they immigrate: PEOPLE CHANGE THEIR NAMES TO AVOID RACISM IF VLD TAKES PLACE IN A PEACEFUL FUTURE WHY DO IMMIGRANTS HAVE TO CHANGE THEIR NAMES TO AVOID RACISM???)


actually @lionbots made the most,,,, fucking incredible post ever like no joke they wrote it out better than i ever have. actually their whole anti mcclain tag is incredible


“so you’re saying that your argument for the BEST POSSIBLE cuban representation is a character whose family (who most likely came to the US as refugees like my family) had to change their name to be accepted in a white society like ARE YOU NOT SEEING THE IRONY OR???” 

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I ship Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers. It is fine that you do not. I also ship James Olson and Kara Danvers. Sometimes I ship Kara and Mon-El,butneveron the same blog. Apperently it is anunwritten rule, that you can not do this, EVER.I am so sorry that so many other fans of this pairing are being awful to people who ship Mon-El and Kara Danvers.I have tried to stop people from being assholes in the tags. Sometimes they actaully listen and properly put it in the anti tags,or use astreks.I'm sorry.

You don’t need to apologize, love. People like you give me hope that this fandom is actually a lot better than it seems sometimes. Thank you for not giving into hate and for being a light in this fandom. Keep being awesome and ship on!

it was nice to actually talk about my problems with somebody & not break down crying like I used to do

I finally got a chance to just speak & explain shit

last time I tried talking about my problems or how I was feeling with a friend of mine in real life I just cried, I couldn’t handle explaining how I felt

Hey guys!

I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but really this point cannot be said enough; please leave comments on fic, art and other fanwork. Especially now that replies are back. 

I know hits and likes seem fine, and if you’re in a rush, I understand, but without a comment, likes only tell me that someone pressed a button, not that someone read it (for example, people use likes for bookmarks to read later, not that they actually liked it). 

By comments, I don’t mean a book report (thought if you wanna write one, please do). Just a sentence on what you liked is fine. Simple stuff. And with replies back on Tumblr, it’s easier than ever to leave a comment on a piece of work you adored. Or leaving comments in your reblog tags works as well, for those who are more shy (yes, I read them. I installed tag viewer just for it).

I really can’t stress enough, people. Please leave your fanmakers comments if you can. We do our work for free. Paying us with a kind word is all we ask.