do people actually think this is classy

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How do you make a good earl grey tea and london fog? I tried to get into earl grey but can't. Please help mom.

Early grey is not something I like. It tastes like furniture lavender polish to me.

I have heard that smoked earl grey is better for those of us who don’t like it, but even then I am skeptical. It’s not the epitome of a classy tea tho which some people seem to think it is either. It was actually blended, oh probably around 1820ish if I remember, as a cheap imitation of the more expensive Chinese teas which were wildly popular in Britain at the time, but also wildly expensive for how much you got to a cask.

Try a nice Ceylon or Assam instead. I find ceylon can take a nice citrus or orange peel rather well.

As for a London Fog, you need a good vanilla syrup to make it work well. I rather like the Torani brand for quickness, it’s made with actual cane sugar and not HFCS which can make it taste very artificial. You can of course make your own vanilla syrup using water sugar and vanilla extract…maybe I’ll do a tutorial, hm. Where was I.

Oh yea London Fog. See the London Fog for me falls down because it uses earl grey. I much prefer to use a nice rich Assam or even a Darjeeling in a pinch, or more preferably a good strong Masala chai. Which I know doesn’t make it a London Fog anymore but w/e, we’ve already established I’m not here for the Earl Grey.

Regardless of what tea you are using, grab your mug, add 1tsp of chosen syrup and brew yourself a nice strong tea, leave it to steep for about 5-6 minutes minimum. I know some people say to brew a sprig of lavender in with the tea, but I personally am not a fan of sadness. 

 While that’s happening, take a half cup milk (or condensed milk if you’re feeling really sweet toothed) and heat it over a gentle heat until you get steam. (If you want it to be frothy you can use a milk frother. I know some people say you can froth milk in the microwave but I am not a fan, not when I know how good steamed milk can be from an actual steamer)

Pour a half cup of tea over your syrup, and leave it to sit.  After that just pour your milk in and watch it sink through the tea like a lava lamp. Then just take a fucking sip babes  and see if it’s to your liking.

If it’s not sweet enough for you, or even if it’s too sweet, try playing around with your syrup mix. 

[one-shot] In Every Universe

Title: In Every Universe

Rating: R

Warning: lots of smut, bad bad evil wORDs

Genre: crack, angst, fluff, smut

Pairing: Phan

Characters: danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, catrific, paperlillies, zoella

Summary: Phil Lester is a popular BoyxBoy writer on Wattpad who had been given his publishing deal early this year at a mere age of sixteen. And between meeting his debut novel deadlines and going to school and keeping up with his social life that only consists of Dan and Cat, Dan is incredibly irked that Phil still has the time to mock Dan (for mocking Phil in the first place; reasons vary) by writing M-rated one-shots about the both of them.
Or the five times that Phil writes him in Dan engaged in kinky bum sex, and the one time it finally happens.

A/N: written in collaboration with procrastination of studying for my college algebra misterm and the ahbebe child constipatedhowell​ [deep long sigh] for the first time we have finally collabed. The chat for this was awFUl every I’d leave my phone they yell at me frown emoticon but we finished it and I am aLIVE

A/N 2: thank to glossybutt​ and thephandemonium​ for being the cheerleaders~

A/N 3: also thanks to the same ahbebe child for betaing my bit and thanks to me for betaing their bit. (this is alice speaking and wow)

A/N 4: dedicated to a rl friend who wants to go by the name of Lee bc this is their fAULT WHY DID YOU MAKE ME READ THE BAD ONE-SHOT COLLECTION 

A/N 5: nyELLO IT’S ALICE AND i cant wait to start shitposting now i hAVE ACCESS no joke i wrote 2.7k words (basically the whole [+1]) and im (sigh) :-(( bc charlie didnt give me time to write the other secks scenes

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Do you have any hcs for villain Deku? :D

Ooh, I’m actually not that acquainted with this AU but I’ll give it a shot!


  • He’s an information broker— he’s extremely intelligent, possesses keen critical thinking skills, and can memorize loads of information if need be. He’s had villains and heroes alike contact him for help, not to mention he has quite a bit of dirt on well-known public figures at this point that certain people do not want to be leaked to the media.
  • Izuku isn’t a bad person; he’ll actually tip the police if he thinks one of his clients is going to hurt civilians. He’s just… frustrated and vengeful. He feels like he has something to prove by being a villain, he admittedly wants some form of revenge for the bullying he endured, and somewhere along the way he stopped caring about when villains and heroes got hurt due to their actions.
  • His anxiety didn’t disappear, not in the slightest. Though he knows how to use it to his advantage these days, coming off as a timid and polite young man with a tendency to panic tends to get people to either pity him or leave him alone because he doesn’t seem like a suspicious individual.
  • He’s got two ‘settings,’ so to speak. The hooded vigilante setting where he’s focused on concealing his identity, and then there’s the ‘it’s all about the presentation’ setting that consists of wearing suits and formal attire because he thinks it’s classy. It actually took some people a few years to realize that it wasn’t two different villains.
  • If you actually manage to upset him to the point that he wants to hurt you— and yes, that’s actually quite difficult to do— and you’re intent on hurting him, he’s a bit of a sadist. Despite being quirkless, he operates on a full adrenaline rush and doesn’t really realize if he’s been hurt until after he’s calmed down, and that makes him very dangerous. Even if he doesn’t have a weapon with him, he has no problems with clawing, biting, hair-pulling, and doing whatever else he needs to in order to inflict damage on his opponent.

Other great bits from the new forward:

-the Rita Skeeter speculation that Newt is this vagabond who left President Picquery heartbroken

-pls imagine Newt’s look of panic at reading that. Please imagine him fucking BAILING when a strictly worded letter from the presidential office of macusa arrives (seraphina is too classy for howlers. She does not shout)

-reason for north American creatures being a bit lacking

-Newt actually admitting something maybe wasn’t the best idea

-“LABOR OF LOVE IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE” JESUS CHRIST SCAMANDER KEEP IT TOGETHER (more fodder for my headcanon that Newt’s type is competent and powerful people who are probably a danger to him but are nice to him)

-how hard do you think Tina laughed at the idea that Newt was a spy sent to infiltrate MACUSA

- “I think I did a fair job infiltrating the Aurors…” he nearly gets jinxed for that and for being way too proud of himself about it

-anyway Newton Fido Artemis Scamander aint that straight

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M*a is a nasty woman and I don’t like her at all, but who cares how she dresses or how she looks? Body shaming is never good. And about heels? I don’t wear shoes that hurt me. I don’t care what people think about my clothing or my apparence. What is the problem? If a don’t want be a classy woman what is the problem? If a don’t want be hot for me what is the problem? If my butt is ok even without heels what is the problem? We have to argue attitudes not the look.

Bodyshaming who?

Maybe you missed something somewhere cause I said that specific pair of shoes hurt like hell. Actually lots of their line does. I said they make your butt and legs look fabulous but they hhhhuuuuuurrrrrrttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

Do have several?sure do. Do i wear them when I need to? Sure do. But they aren’t the most comfy. (A cheap pair of soft soles actually feel better on the toes).

I simply said the shoes chosen were more designed for slacks than for dresses which is why they look so clunky. (You might choose to where the shoes however you want but they were designed with a purpose). I didnt comment and say she has stubby legs. I said the cut of the shoes with the length of the dress is what make the shoes look chuckier than they are.

A longer skirt or slacks would work better. Or switch the booties with a pair w a higher ankle.

I really wonder about the other divisions from Kingsman. Like, idk:

  • The handler division drawing popsicle sticks for whoever gets to be with Harry Hart for the mission because holy shit, has that dick ever heard about a term called ‘collateral damage’? And for fucks sakes, can that man just spare just one second to take their advice to not take the route with the most guards and not make a fucking noticeable like “HI I’M HERE” jubilee out of fallen bodies?
  • The coverup division slowly growing more daring into seeing how far they can troll the public like,

    “Are you for fucking real, George? You really think the public is going to buy a story about how aliens caused these suspicious looking bomb radius circles that Lancelot made when he had to snuff out that mafia gang from the fields?”

    “Shut the fuck up, Mary, what’s wrong with one more crop circle report to make the alien conspiracists and The Sun happy?”
  • The weapon design division making a reject pile of weapons that didn’t pass the bar.
    • “Well, John, while your rocket launcher/rifle hybrid is really efficient and the mini flamethrower is a nice touch, the whole weapon design is a bit…phallic and needs to go back to structural drawing board.

      “But it works-.”

      “John, think about it for a second here. Do you really want the Kingsmen, who seem to be like the coolest people on the planet, to really hold…a giant dick of a weapon when they storm the doors down. No. Make it look cool and gentlemanly like into a fuckin’ watch or something.”
    • There is an actual idiot bar test because most of the Kingsmen who are classist and old fashioned have no idea how to utilize the weapons’ technology to the fullest…or knocking themselves out first.
    • The old ‘can we add a flamethrower to this?” test
    • And the old ‘hey, let’s turn this classy looking everyday thing into a classy looking everyday weapon!’ test.
  • Tailor Andrew giving a pep talk to the most select group of tailor recruits before heading to work. “We fit the Kingsmen in the finest of cloth and armor without any questions. Really, without any question. Even if they seem…ah, a bit homosexual. Though I know it will be hard, please don’t look too deeply into the situation if two Kingsmen decide to share a fitting room together. It is exactly as it sounds and yes, they are most probably gay, and you will mentally scar yourself thinking about it too hard.”
  • The transportation division is divided over Eggsy—half worships him and his godly drifting/driving skills while the other half wishes for him to stop fucking running their cars into the ground every single fuckin time, they worked hard on that shit.
  • The research division spends a lot of time digging up personal gems in each Kingsman’s past for the giggles and occasionally slip old traumatizing middle school yearbook photos in mission debrief folders.
    • a.k.a. one of the few divisions who doesn’t put Harry Hart on a pedestal because really, no one would if they knew what Harry Hart thought fashion was back in 1976. 
  • The tech department (Merlin) can be likened to a customer service department that works closely with every other division to ensure the Kingsman system flows smoothly. They hate themselves and everyone.
  • The catering (division?) that provides first class alcohol and meals suspects nothing and thinks that Kingsman is really a posh club for elitist assholes who pretend to be James Bond after a couple of drinks.
    • Technically, they’re not wrong.

Saiyuki: Sleep Time for Hakkai

When it’s time to retire for the night after a long day of traveling, what’s a guy to do? Ahh…nothing like relaxing with a good ‘ol book and your favorite Jeep-turned-dragon pet-companion. Although reading sometimes might keep you awake if you get too into the book. In all seriousness, this part of a set of new illustrations added to the 7th volume of the “Salty Dogs” art books series by Minekura-sensei. These eventually were turned into actual (and very expensive…) generously-sized blankets to cuddle with (much in the style of dakimakura/hug pillows). If you ask me, a body blanket beats a pillow any day!

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter. DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy! 

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So I've looked through all of ooranger's pictures (is that their official photographer?) and... it's the tackiest wedding party I've ever seen? I mean, everyone looks like shit, including the bride & groom. I do like her dress - I have her dress actually in two colors - but it's not something I'd wear to anyone's wedding? I'm not surprised by the wedding, but I am shocked it's so... basic & trashy. And ppl think she's stylish & classy? I mean, I guess if that's your thing but... I don't get it.

No offense but how much did your dresses cost? I think its a photo op gathering, not a wedding and idk why people keep insisting a tabloid stunt is the real thing. Its a cheap looking for a reason…


this was really classy zombie makeup come to think of it

Avengers Fic: Fashion Forward, pt 1

((Following the discussion of the same at the end of “Dating the Long Way Around, Spidey delivers on his promise.  Steve regrets it.))


Clint didn’t even look up. “Kid. What have we told you about scampering around on our ceiling?”

There was a beat of silence. “It’s adorable and I should do it more?”

Clint popped the top off of a bottle and held it up over his head. “Try again.”

“I should stop doing it before someone shoots my ass?” Spidey asked, taking the bottle. “Are you giving me beer?”

“Of the root variety.” Clint flicked the bottlecap towards the trash can. It hit perfectly. “What do you want, Itsy-Bitsy?”

“Okay, how am I supposed to drink this?”

“You’re really trying to drink from a bottle while hanging upside down?” Clint asked. He didn’t bother to look up.

“It smells good,” Spidey said, sounding sad.

“If you’re trying to stick your tongue into the neck of the bottle right now-” Clint started.

“Mah, mime mah.”

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Writers vs Fandom

This is in reference to this post.

I realize some people will take offence to that post, and to be honest, probably this one as well. It’s not my intention to offend or criticize. 

To summarize; there are many sub-fandoms within the PLL Army and those are the ship fandoms. Since last season, there have been numerous attempts to boycott and purposely cause the ratings to fall because their chosen pairing is unhappy, or they’ve broken up. 

This is a very big problem that plagues our fandom. This weeks episode nearly hit a series low for ratings, and I for one find that very upsetting. 

Now, hear me out. 

It is well within everybody’s right to not enjoy what the writers are doing, or the storylines that are progressing. We all have things we prefer and things that rub us the wrong way. Emily has irritated me for nearly two entire seasons now; but am I about to stop watching and call a social media black-out because I think her behaviour and/or attitude sucks? No. 

Because I trust and respect the writers. 

If your OTP fighting or being unhappy bothers you, that’s okay. I understand. Believe me. I have an OTP that has invaded my life on a serious level. If it bothers you so much it makes you want to stop watching, that’s alright too. 

What isn’t alright is the mob mentality that is following it. There is no reason there should be these mass followings of people who boycott with the sole purpose of making the ratings suffer. That’s hurtful and it punishes your fellow fandom members and the entire production. It devalues everything within the fandom. You are now actively rooting for a show to fail because your sub-sect of people are unhappy with where the storyline is going and doing so is actually invading other peoples safe space. You want a show to fail when it could be somebody’s reason for happiness at this very moment. 

That is not what fandom is. Fandom should be safe and unbreakable. 

You know what also isn’t alright? Sending copious amounts of hate to writers. Marlene King is my hero for the graceful, classy way she deals with the rudeness that is spewed at her on a daily basis. Sending vile tweets to actors or actresses because they’re playing a new love interest. Directors get an awful lot of hate because people think they play a part in the writing. They don’t. They are there to convey the scene that is put in front of them and make it as compelling as possible. 

Joseph Dougherty admitted recently that they had always intended to redeem Ezra but because the Ezria fandom pushed so hard, it came earlier than expected. 

The entire show, every single storyline suffers because people get so angry and voice it viciously via social media. I know they’ve constantly said they know where they’re going but I’d bet that they’ve changed a lot of details, reworked a lot of things in order to try and please us because we are demanding that every single fan be pleased with every single facet of every single minute of an episode. Many will use the word ’passionate’. I do not. It is not passion. It’s entitlement. It is feeling like the cast and crew owe you and you must be rewarded. That is not passion. 

If you watch for ships, that is fabulous. I mean it. If that’s what you relate to, that is awesome. But it’s wholly unfair to punish those who don’t care about them. And frankly, every single ship on this show is horrendously unhealthy and it’s very unrealistic to believe that four girls in high school in relationships would be happy all of the time. My boyfriend from about age 14 to 22, we broke up I think about four times during high school. We dated other people. It happens. It’s real life. They are portraying real life. They are not romanticizing high school love.  

I’m not saying you need to be happy with all the decisions made. Far from it. I wasn’t always happy with Joss Whedon, and he’s one of the greatest writers in television history. In my head, Tara is happy and nothing hurts. But I wouldn’t change that story for the world because it gave me my favourite season, my favourite arc. The shows I consider my favourites, the shows that affected me and changed me, would not be my favourites if the writers caved and went the direction of fan-service. Buffy wouldn’t have been Buffy. Veronica Mars wouldn’t have been Veronica Mars. 

This story is not ours. It’s the writers’. We are the audience. Feel free to leave if you need to – that’s the nice thing about being part of an audience. You can get up and walk out. But don’t try and drag everybody else out with you and don’t come up with schemes to make it fail. It belittles everybody involved. 

This story is not ours to tell and we need to try and respect the writers, trust the writers. This is their story that they are telling us. We are here to listen to it and try to solve the mystery. We are not here to re-write it. 

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d Hiii!! I have two prompts for you:) 1. Bellarke + "we're friends. Friends who give each other orgasms." And 2. Bellamy is fingering clarke under a table during a lecture class or a dinner with their friends around;-) hope you are inspired to write them!!! (I sent this to your main one, but I'm not sure if you'll write it there) thanks!

Bellamy and Clarke have planned Christmas together for their friends for the last three years. It shouldn’t be a big deal to do it again. They’re practically experts at this point. They know the drill. They’re an excellent team.

But they’ve never been sleeping together before.

Not that Bellamy objects to that part. That part is awesome. Sleeping with Clarke is close to the best decision he’s ever made. It’s just unfortunately coupled with what’s definitely the worst decision he’s ever made, which is not telling her that he’s in love with her.

(He’s not sure where being in love with her falls, on the bad decision scale. He thinks it’s probably a wash.)

Still, they’ve managed to be normal friends in the last three months of having awesome sex on the side, so why should this be a problem?

“Because it’s Christmas,” Miller says. Miller was actually concerned enough about it to bring it up, which is weird. “I don’t want you to fuck up Christmas, man.”

“Please tell me you didn’t suddenly grow a Christmas spirit,” he says, shooting him a glare.

“Fuck you, I am like 95% Christmas spirit. And it’s my first Christmas with my boyfriend, who is, like, the human incarnation of cotton candy, and he loves Christmas. If you screw up Christmas for you and Clarke, you screw up Christmas for everyone.”

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A General Message to the GMW Fandom
  • what happened to making jokes that aren’t offensive towards others 
  • what happened to respecting the actors why are people being inappropriate towards the actors intentionally? just bc they’re attractive doesn’t give u the right to objectify them, and this goes for the males and females of the cast. 
  • what happened to classy and polite blogs 
  • what happened to cause these obnoxious mean cliques 
  • what happened to make people start excluding others intentionally to hurt their feelings. are we in elementary school, people? 
  • why are people deliberately making fun of and putting down others and their ships (not just their ships!) to make themselves feeling better?

here’s my psa of the day:

to some of the member of the gmw fandom – these things you’re doing can be labeled as bullying. just think about what you post before you post it. what you may think is a joke may actually hurt someone’s feelings on the other end. spread the love. be kind to each other.

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Idk if men would respect you, you look so cheap. Men look at you like a piece of flesh. You don't have class..

I do actually, if anything I intimidate some of them with my good looks, confidence and ability to stay up no matter what shit people have to say about me you know. I think not having class is worrying too much about how men look at you/think about you. True class is holding yourself up high and demanding respect from men and women who think they can put you down. A classy lady would see a pretty girl on tumblr and let her go about her business instead of leaving some rude shit in her ask to make herself feel better.

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Coliver + "I'm sitting on your porch drinking wine from the bottle. Just so your new neighbors know what kind of people are in the neighborhood."

“What are you doing?” Oliver asked as he got out of his car. Connor was sitting on the steps of their new house sipping out of a wine bottle. “Can’t you be classy and at least drink out of a glass?”

“I thought I’d show our new neighbors what kind of people we are,” Connor said with a smile, he held the bottle out towards Oliver. “Come drink with me.”

Oliver took the bottle out of Connor’s hands. “Okay, I think you’ve had enough to drink. Come inside before someone actually sees you and thinks we’re trashy people.”

Connor reluctantly followed his husband into the house, minding the boxes that they still hadn’t unpacked yet. “I couldn’t find the wine glasses.”

“Obviously. I thought you were going to get more things unpacked today.”

“I did. I finished our bedroom,” Connor replied, pulling Oliver close and giving him a kiss. “Now we don’t have to worry about tripping over boxes when we’re in a rush to get naked.”

“I’m glad that sex is still the number one thing on your mind after so many years,” Oliver said, smiling and pulling away to go into the kitchen. He moved a couple of boxes before opening one one the floor and pulling out two wrapped up wine glasses. “Okay, now we can properly go have a drink on our porch.”

“Thought you said I was cut off.”

Oliver shrugged. “More for me then.”

I just love how people keep on trying to psychoanalyze the press conference and say that EXO doesn’t care and has never cared before about Kris. Like how the hell do you know? Do you know them personally? Do you actually know what they are thinking? 

I’m pretty sure you don’t, so stop trying to make it seem like EXO are heartless bastards that hated Kris from the very start.

Especially since the whole press conference could have been much worse and for them to stay away from dragging Kris’ name through the mud ala Jay Park/2PM style is pretty damn classy of them.

Yeah, they didn’t say too much about Kris and that they were moving on. But what did you expect? Did you expect them to cry? To yell in outrage over such a thing? Especially in front of thousands of fans and possible k-netz just willing to write as much shit as they could about EXO and Kris at the same time?

Like really?

What did you expect?

EXO are goddamn professionals and have a job to do, and while many of you may think that the world should stop for one person, in reality, life doesn’t work out that way. You either wait and fall behind, endangering/ruining a variety of things, or you move on and do your job just like you’ve always done. I’m sorry, but the world doesn’t revolve around one person, especially when that one person has said absolutely nothing about the matter since this whole thing started. 

It sucks that Kris filed a lawsuit, that Kris isn’t there, and that it seems like EXO forgot about Kris (But seriously, did you expect EXO to pour their hearts and souls out on such matters, especially on something that was being filmed and being seen by tons of people. Do you really need to know how they are feeling 25/8? Especially since for a lot of people, feelings and emotions can be a private thing and that not everyone is willing to wear their heart on their sleeve wherever they go. That there is nothing stating that they have to share their emotions with you all 100%?), but I think all of you are forgetting that EXO are professional entertainers and just because one member left the group, that doesn’t mean they stop everything that they are doing and not do their jobs or that they have to share their feelings with you about such matters. We aren’t entitled to that, and for many of you to think that we are, then obviously you need to reevaluate some things in your life. 

This press conference wasn’t a way for everyone to know what was going to happen to Kris or how the boys felt about Kris, but what SM was going to do with their concerts and where they were going to promote. And instead of trying to make it into something totally Kris related, try looking at it from a different angle, where this was more or less SM’s way of letting us see a glimpse of the struggles EXO had with the concert before laying down what they were going to do with them within the coming months. 

We found out many things, most of it being related to their concert dates, that they are indeed going to continue as 11 members, and that EXO-M is still going to be promoting in China. That was the focus of the press conference, not the whole Kris debacle that many of you thought it was going to be. (Lawsuits can take months, so if you were thinking that SM and EXO were magically going to have all the answers you want, it’s highly unlikely that they would have had enough to satisfy some of you anyway.)  

EXO is moving on because they have to, because their jobs require it, not because they are heartless, little bastards that never cared about Kris in the first place. So stop trying to psychoanalyze every detail and say the members didn’t care about Kris and that they never cared, because in the end, you really have no idea how they really feel because at the end of the day, they show you what they want to show you, whether it’s by accident via high strung emotions or what they purposefully let us know about what is going on with them and the situation they are going through. 

They chose to stick to their feelings and their thoughts that related to the concert, because that was the safest route for them to go. And unless you wanted another 2PM/Jay Park scenario to go down, just be happy that they didn’t throw Kris under the bus and that they gave as much information as they did. Because it could have been much, much worse.

my two cents...

so, here’s the thing. I find it uncomfortable to admit that I ship Zalfie because they are not characters from a movie, or book, or TV show; they are real people. however, they are freaking adorable and I love them, so sue me.

now, here’s the thing; i’m sick and tired of people bashing Zalfie, bashing Alfie and assuming stuff, and speculating about their relationship. their relationship is private. it’s not for yours or mine entertainment. they aren’t celebrities - and even if they were - we have no right to get involved in their relationship. what they choose to show us is their personal decision. people tweeting and posting disrespectful things to Zoe and Alfie about their relationship is disgusting, and it shouldn’t be tolerated. the fact that they haven’t called each one of you out just shows how classy they are and they are such much better people than I am.

what if a stranger went up to you and your boyfriend/girlfriend, if you don’t have one just pretend for one second that you do, and told you “you know what I don’t think that you two should be together. I have seen you walk the streets twice today and you just aren’t that cute. Actually, I think that you belong with the other guy/girl who I saw you talk to a few minutes ago” tell me, and be honest now, wouldn’t that piss you off? not only that, wouldn’t it fucking freak you out as well?

zoe and alfie aren’t fictional characters! they are real people that are in a real relationship. keep your shitty comments to yourself because watching them on youtube doesn’t mean that you’re watching an episode of a TV show, and it doesn’t give you or me the rights to speculate about their relationship.

lastly, they are happy. they look very much in love and you can just see how much comfortable they are now. they don’t owe us anything. again, if a stranger went up and told you all of that stuff about your relationship wouldn’t you feel the need to slap them and tell them to fuck off? If so, what gives you the right to do the same thing to Zoe&Alfie?

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I keep on seeing comparisons of Lupita Ngyong'o/Jennifer Lawrence to Tiana/Charlotte, and I'm actually really annoyed by that. how about you/what do you think?

I think that comparison works in some ways because Lupita is classy, hard working and understated, and Jennifer is loud, crass and hyper. And a whole lot of people shit on Lupita while they champion Jennifer, which is the same thing they do to Tiana and Charlotte.

But we all know they’re probably making the comparison because they are two women who are connected in the media’s mind and one is white while the other is black :/