do people actually think this is classy

Other great bits from the new forward:

-the Rita Skeeter speculation that Newt is this vagabond who left President Picquery heartbroken

-pls imagine Newt’s look of panic at reading that. Please imagine him fucking BAILING when a strictly worded letter from the presidential office of macusa arrives (seraphina is too classy for howlers. She does not shout)

-reason for north American creatures being a bit lacking

-Newt actually admitting something maybe wasn’t the best idea

-“LABOR OF LOVE IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE” JESUS CHRIST SCAMANDER KEEP IT TOGETHER (more fodder for my headcanon that Newt’s type is competent and powerful people who are probably a danger to him but are nice to him)

-how hard do you think Tina laughed at the idea that Newt was a spy sent to infiltrate MACUSA

- “I think I did a fair job infiltrating the Aurors…” he nearly gets jinxed for that and for being way too proud of himself about it

-anyway Newton Fido Artemis Scamander aint that straight