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Dan + charity singles:

Band Aid 30 - Do They Know It’s Christmas? (December, 2014, for victims of the ebola crisis)

Artists For Grenfall - Bridge Over Troubled Water (June, 2017, for victims of the Grenfall Tower inferno)

I feel like at this point he’s just gonna keep repeating that until it becomes true

@phoenix-173 sent me a NSFW gif a while ago and I wrote the scene last week sometime, intending to post it here.  And then I wrote stuff for before the scene.  

And now there is 18,000 +++ words sitting in a google doc, with probably 50k more to come of a dark (for me) wintershieldshock.

You know, cause that kind of thing happens often, I guess.

why do so many white people in this fandom feel the need to call out POC on what they feel is “”racism”” and fucking lecture us like they know what they’re talking about??? stay in your lane for five seconds for gods sake!!!


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2 with Rafa?

“After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping at you ONCE?” 

“You are being such an ass, Rafa,” you hiss, slamming the door behind you.

“Woah!”  He barely catches the door with his hands, narrowly avoiding crushed fingers.  “Are you trying to kill me?”

You spin around so quickly, with such fire and vitriol in your glare, that he actually gulps.  “After everything you did, you’re asking me to apologize for snapping at you once?  You have some nerve, Rafael Casal.”  You toss your purse onto the kitchen counter and storm towards the bedroom – when his arms wrap around your middle, pulling you tightly to his chest.  “I am going to beat your ass–”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” he says, burying his nose into your hair.  You know he’s trying to sound sincere, but you can feel his smile against the back of your neck.  “I know I ordered too many shots and I spilled that beer on your favorite jeans and I shouldnt’ve taken that body shot off Diggs…”

“If you keep making me replay the night you’re sleeping on the fire escape,” you say dryly.

But did you really need to yell at me in front of everyone?” he asks, tightening his hold around your waist.

“You pushed me face first into Oak’s dick, Rafa.”

“On accident!”

“Like, I’m pretty sure I gave him a two second blowjob.”

“It was an accident.  I’m drunk.  I’m sorrrryyy,” he whines, pressing his forehead into the back of your shoulder.  “I love you,” he says, so pitifully that you give in right then.

“Fine, fine,” you say, relenting with a sigh.  “I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t’ve yelled at you at the bar.  You shouldn’t’ve spilled fireball all over my pants or help me feel up Oak, but I probably could’ve kept it cool ‘til we got home.”  You turn around in the embrace to take his face in your hands.  “Maybe slow it down with the shots next time, okay?”  When he nods, you give him a chaste peck on the lips, which he grins into.  “C’mon, I gotta get out of these pants.”

Prompts: Sunhats, Popsicles where they should be, Vacation
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Better late than never with some @bl-summer-bingo​ prompts, right?

Can I just honestly say how much fun season five has been for me to write from past seasons? Not only are the episodes so intresting/complex/and hilarious, it’s the ideas that you guys given me that has shaped this entire story so we could get at this point. I’m writing the very last part of “My Bloody Valentine” and…I don’t know. I just feel so happy with how everything is running so smoothly. (And terribly painful, if you ask me.) We’re at the point of the season where we can explore the reader’s own story line and tying it with the boys. To everyone who’s submitted ideas to me…(And all fanfic writers!) 

hey ya’ll i’m just sayin a.mnesia is 3 dollars on steam 🔪


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