do our job for us

the concept of a healslut is fucking hilarious to me because have you ever fucking played a healer

have you ever met a healer

healers are almost always the saltiest, angriest people in any given group comp and there is nothing and nobody we hate more than someone that makes us do our goddamn jobs and actually heal
we are angry little balls of spite who will stop healing you if you’re being stupid or pissing us off because we hold the key to life and death in our hands and more importantly fuck you

what im saying is if you’re going to try and eroticize the healer/tank dynamic, the healer is not the submissive party here

I work at Walmart. This week we had to let three associates go because over the course of our last two quarters our losses due to theft more than doubled, and we need to cut costs in the departments these associates worked in. All three of these associates have children; two of them are single parents. If you make a habit of shoplifting from stores because “the company makes billions every year so they can handle a few hundred dollars in losses,” think about that, and think about the lives you’re ruining. We lose our jobs when you do what you do. Don’t pretend it doesn’t affect us.


Q: Who aerates soil in the wild?
A: Worms and other burrowing insects. Since we don’t welcome them in our homes, our house plants expect us to do their job. Read more on soil aeration in my blog post (link in profile)

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somebody responded to us posting that emma watson is a clueless activist with this

and i’m just like… yeah because emma watson was born to rich parents and got sent to a freaking private boarding school in oxford and getting tutored in drama from a very young age, and landed a role in a very visible movie franchise .

like… both people who work on this blog are lower middle class at absolute best. if i had a rich mummy and daddy that sent me to rich people school and paid for a better education then maybe i would be a some kind of ambassador that makes speeches that don’t say anything as well, but instead i’m just a local activist who tries to support people in the best way she can with the resources she has.

for what it’s worth i’m from roughly the same geographic area as emma and i’m just like… maybe if i was a rich pretty cis girl i could work for the UN in promoting equality in an ineffective way too, but instead i’m working class, transgender and finding it hard to even get a job as a shitty position in the same city she went to school, all because we both played the cards we got dealt and she happened to have all aces.

jesus. think before you speak, y’know?

“I have pulled dead, mangled bodies from cars. I have lied to people as they were dying. I said you are going to be fine as I held their hand and watched the life fade out. I have held dying babies. Bought lunch for people who were mentally ill and haven’t eaten in a while. I have had people try to stab me. Fought with men trying to shoot me. Ben attacked by women who have had the shit kicked out of them by their husband as I was arresting him. I have held towels on bullet wounds. Done CPR when I knew it wouldn’t help just to make family members feel better. I have torn down doors, fought in drug houses. Chased fugitives though the woods. I have been in high speed car chases. Foot chases across an interstate during rush hour traffic. I have been in crashes. Been squeezing the trigger about to kill a man when they came to their senses and stopped. Waded through large angry crowds by myself. Drove like a mad man to help a fellow officer. Let little kids who don’t have much sit in my patrol car and pretend they are a cop for their birthday. I have taken a lot of people to jail. Given many breaks. Prayed for people I don’t even know. Yes and at times I have been violent when I had to be. I have been kind when I could. I admit I have drove to some dark place and cried by myself when I was overwhelmed. I have missed Christmas and other holidays more than I wanted too. Every cop I know has done all these things and more for lousy pay, suckie hours and a short life expectancy. We don’t want your pity, I don’t care for your respect. Just let us do our jobs without killing us.”

So, it’s my first time playing D&D as the elven rogue Rketha. We’re trying to talk our way out of getting executed by orcs. Two party members down. My character has the team’s lowest charisma stat, but the DM said that if one of us supported our Dragonborn (mage I think, amazing charisma), we could get out. I was the only one who wasn’t passed out in the game.

Db: *rolls a fifteen*

DM: Okay so you say to the orc captors something along the lines of “hey, if you let us go and do our job, we’ll give you part of the pay”. They’re unconvinced but interested. If the other party member passes a charisma check, they’ll let you go.

Me: *rolls a 4* DM can I say what my character’s going to

DM: Sure?


We somehow escaped


“Um, so my - my brother and I we - we um… No, you know what? I called you here because people… um, our people are being slaughtered. And we’re next. The British Men of Letters, they came here because they thought they could do our job better than we could. And they hooked us with their flashy gear and their tech. Most of you had the good sense to turn ‘em down. I didn’t. They said they wanted the same thing we wanted, you know? A world free of monsters. That’s not what they really wanted. They want control. They want to live in a world where they can sit in some office and decide who gets to live and who gets to die. And they’ve killed people. They’ve killed innocent people just because they got in the way. They think the ends justify the means. But we know better. We know hunting isn’t just about killing. It’s about doing what’s right, even when it’s hard. So we go by our gut, right? We play by our own rules, and that scares them. That’s why they want us dead, 'cause we’re the one thing they can’t control.”
- Sam, 12.22 Who We Are

spn hiatus creations | week thirteen

Hunters or Men of Letters

iamhalsey: MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS DAY!!!!! Please remember that mental health is not limited to just those with mental illness! Remember that mental health is not a destination! It’s a journey! You don’t just wake up and arrive at healthy and happy! It is a constant process that requires your love and attention for the rest of your life. REMEMBER that you should NEVER feel ashamed for seeking help that you need! A lot of your favorite musicians (myself included!) see a therapist / psychiatrist regularly because keeping our minds healthy is what helps us do a great job at keeping YOU happy! You are never alone and you are WANTED and LOVED. Every battle helps you win the war! It’s okay to fail and to struggle along the way and every day won’t be a great one! But it’s these small transgressions that make us stronger. Please talk to your peers and your family about mental health. Speak LOUD! We have come a long way, but there is much stigma to be dissolved even still! You can be a shout into the atmosphere that helps someone else, and they will shout it back to you as well. I love you!!!!!!!

Come Home Harry, Come Home Part 3 (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: “Y/N is 5 months pregnant, and Harry gets into a car accident.  The car accident affected Harry severely with a loss of memory.”

Requested: yes

Warnings: divorce, delivery problems

A/N: I am so sorry for the long wait, it’s been a bad week. Thank you for sending in ideas and voting on your favorites! I hope you enjoy.

Part 2

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Come Home, Harry, Come Home (Part 3)

“You’re agreeing to the divorce?” Gemma asks, as she visited you after hearing the news.

“Yes, he doesn’t remember anything. And I agree with him, it’s not fair to him, if he really doesn’t remember, that he would live a life with a woman he doesn’t know, and a baby that he would think is his.”  You explain playing around with your wedding ring.

“I should really take this off.” You say, taking off your ring, “Can you give it back to him? I don’t think I can see him.” You say, handing it to her, not looking at her.

“I can’t take that ring. I don’t believe that you should agree to the divorce. He loves you, he’s just out of it right now. He will remember, you have to fight for this Y/N.” Gemma says.

“But I can’t.” You say defeated. “He said my worst fear. That I am holding him back. I have felt that way the entire time we have been together. I’m not famous, I am the girl from back home, and he gave up what could have been his party days, where he could have been dating any girls, and touring everywhere, to marry me, and start a family at 23.”

Gemma breathes out, and seems to think of what to say next.

“You’ve known my brother for a few years now, but I have known him for his entire life. The fame life does not faze him. The partying, the hooking up, that’s not satisfying to him. He always wanted to be married and have a family. When he met you, I had never seen him so happy, it was like when he would get off stage from performing in front of an awesome crowd. He told everyone about you, he wanted all of us to like you. And whenever we would joke about marriage, he was always serious about saying you would be the one he was going to marry. Y/N, I am begging you, you can’t just give up. Because one day he is going to wake up and remember everything, and you won’t be there. And he will feel like he ruined everything. It will kill him.’” Gemma says, almost begging.

You feel tears in your eyes, but you shake your head, “I’m sorry Gemma, I can’t. I have to go, I need to get prepared for our meeting tomorrow.” You say getting up, not looking at Gemma, because if you do, you will cry.

“I’m sorry.” You say softly again, before walking out.

After you drive home, you are lying in bed rubbing your nine month size stomach.

“Hi baby girl.” You say rubbing your stomach. “I’m sorry that I have been crying a lot, and that I have been stressed, I’m sorry, but mommy is going through a lot, but I promise you, after tomorrow we are going to have a new life tomorrow. And we are going to be okay, just you and me.”  You say feeling tears fall down your face.

“We’re going to be okay, love. We’re going to be okay.” You say rubbing your stomach. “I can’t wait to see you, and hug you and kiss you. I will see you soon. Good night love.”

After about two hours of sleep, you wake up to a very uncomfortable feeling.

“What’s going on baby?” You ask, rubbing your stomach, and then you get the feeling again. And then, you feel liquid go down your thighs.

“Oh, you’re coming. Oh my God you’re coming.” You say pushing yourself up, off the bed.

You grab your phone from off your nightstand, and dial the Gemma’s number.

“Answer Gemma, answer.” You beg, breathing out at another contraction.

After a few more rings, she answers.

“Y/N?” you hear Gemma say very tiredly.

“Gemma” you breathe out.

“Y/N? Oh my God are you okay?” She asks worried, hearing your heavy breathing.

“The baby.” You breathe out. “She’s coming.”

“I will be right over.  You hang in tight alright. Just breathe, and count the time between the contractions.” She says.

“I will, just come quick.” You say trying to control your breathing.

Within fifteen minutes, Gemma is there, helping you, get up, and grabbing the hospital bag.

After she gets you in the car, she tells you, “I called Harry, he is coming. I’m sorry if you didn’t want me to, but he is the father, and even if you said that you didn’t want him there, I know you would want him there.”

“No, it’s okay. That’s-“ You breathe out, “it’s good. He should be there, it’s the birth of his daughter.”

“Alright sister, we’re here. You ready?” She says, unbuckling her seat belt, and reaching over to unbuckle you.

“Yes, let’s do this.”

When you both get into hospital, you see Harry sitting in one of the waiting rooms, and when he sees you, he immediately gets up, and wraps one of your arms around him, helping you walk.

“I got you a room.” He says.

“Thank you.” You say, not looking at him, knowing it is too hard.

As you get into the room, Harry helps you lay down, and immediately nurses, and a doctor comes in.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Styles” the doctor says, “I am Doctor Carlino, and I will be delivering your daughter today.” She says smiling.

“How far in between each contraction?” She asks one of the nurses.

“6 minutes”, says the nurse, and she starts preparing you for your epidermal shot.

“Put your legs up” the doctor says, which you do.

“You are close to full dilation. Just a few more inches, you’ll be ready, just hang in there sweetheart.” She says, holding your hand. “First time parents?” She asks, looking between you and Harry.

“Yes.” You say, before Harry could answer.

“You two are a beautiful couple, your daughter is going to be very lucky.”

“Thank you” Harry says politely.

After about two hours, Doctor Carlino comes, in and checks you again, “you are at full dilation.”

“Now, I am going to need you to start pushing.”

As soon and your start pushing, you begin to feel weak.

“Doct-“ you try to say, “doct” you try again.

“Y/N? Y/N?” Doctor Carlino asks, looking up.

“Grab the oxygen tank.” She orders to the nurses.

“What is happening?” Harry asks concerned.

“Your wife is preeclampsia.” She says.

“What, what does that mean?” He asks.

“It means that we need to deliver this baby now.”

“What if we-“

“Mr. Styles, it is my job as a doctor to do the best that I can do. I need you to let us do our job. I am going to make sure you go home with both your baby and your wife. We need to deliver your daughter, to prevent injuries to your wife. But Mr. Styles, I need to know right now, if it comes down to it, who do you choose, you wife or your daughter?”

It is in that moment, where Harry looks at you, and everything comes back. He remembers seeing you when he came back home to visit the bakery and seeing that you took his job. He remembers your first date where you made the first move and kissed him that night. He remembers your first Christmas together, buying the apartment together, him proposing to you, and all of your friends and family running in afterwards to congratulate you both. He remembers you walking down the aisle at your wedding, and feeling the wind knocked out of him of how gorgeous you looked. He recalls the day he came home, to having you run up and jump on him to tell him you’re pregnant. He remembers waking up that morning before the car accident, and rubbing your stomach and speaking to your daughter. Then it comes back to him what you said to him when he was asleep.

“The baby.” You answer before he can. “You save the baby.” You say looking at him.

“You do everything in your power to make sure our baby girl gets out safe, don’t worry about me, and just make sure our daughter is born.” You say to the doctor.

“Love” Harry tries to say.

“Harry, I am a fighter. Don’t worry about me. I can do this.” You say looking at him, then grabbing your stomach in pain.

“Mr. Styles, you need to leave.” One of the nurses says.

“But-“ He says looking up, trying to see you, but suddenly he can’t, as he just sees the back of nurses and doctors.

“Mr. Styles, you need to trust us, that we will do our job.” The nurse says.

“Please, just please have me bring home my daughter and my wife.” Harry says feeling tears fill his eyes, “please.”

And then Gemma comes, up and grabs Harry, and hugs him while he cries.

They both don’t say anything, but Gemma just holds him, rubbing his back.

“Gemma” He says looking down at his sister. “I, I messed it up.” He says. “I wanted to divorce the love of my life, the mother of my child.  And I can’t even apologize to her, or tell her I love right now. Or I might not ever, I- I” Harry says breathing heavily, with tears streaming down his face.

“Harry, right now, you need breathe. You know Y/N, she is a fighter. And she will make it through this. You need to believe in her.”

After an agonizing hour and a half, the doctor finally comes out.

Harry immediately stands up, and rushes to her. “How is she? My daughter, my wife? How are they?”

“Your daughter is like your wife, a fighter.”

“They are okay?” He asks.

“Yes, you can go in and seem them. Congratulations.” She says, grabbing his shoulder.

Harry does not hesitate, and walk into the room. When he walks in, he feels all the air leave his lungs. He sees you, with no makeup, and your hair sticking to the side of your face due to the sweat, and in that moment, you look as gorgeous when you walked down the aisle. And then he looks at your daughter in your arms, and he feels tears stream down his face.

“And look love, Daddy’s here. Daddy’s here to see you.” You say to your daughter looking at him.

Harry walks over, and looks at your daughter.

“Can, can I hold her?” He asks you.

“Yes.” You say, carefully placing your daughter in Harry’s arms.

“Hi baby.” He says looking down at her. “It’s your daddy. You are so beautiful, you definitely got your beauty from your mom.” He says looking over at you.

“I wasn’t here for a little while, and I’m sorry. But your mommy did a very good job taking care of you and keeping you safe. She’s great isn’t she? We’re both very lucky. But, I am here now, and I am not going to be leaving you or mommy if I can help it. Okay?”

Then a nurse comes over, to grab your daughter to clean her off, and put her down to sleep.

Harry walks over to you and grabs your hand, “You kept the ring. You still wear it.”

“Yes, I tried to give it to Gemma, but she wouldn’t take it. She kept telling me to fight for us.”

“Were you going to fight for us?” He asks, playing with the ring on your finger.

“I wasn’t going to fight the divorce.” You say. “If you wanted it, I would agree with it. I just want you to be happy.”

“I don’t want the divorce.” He says.

“What?” You ask confused, looking up at him.

“I remember everything. I can’t have you leave me. I need you, I need the both of you. Please.” Harry begs.

“I am not going anywhere. Neither of us. We are staying right here.” You say grabbing his hand. “I promise.” You say grabbing his hand and kissing it.

A/N: THAT WAS AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER AND I AM SORRY AND I’M ALSO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT. I love you all, and I hope you enjoyed it! Tell me what you think!

Heat Haze Days - Stuart Twombly

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Character(s): Stuart Twombly/Reader

Word Count: 2800

Notes: This is like…my first time writing in forever and a day. So be gentle :’) also, tbh, I only thought of this idea because I was listening to Kagerou Days in my car on my way home from work. Kagerou literally is Heat Haze Days. xD

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So m-my brother and I, we, um… no. You know what…. I called you here because people, um, our people are being slaughtered. And we’re next. The British Men of Letters, they came here because they thought they could do our job better than we could. They hooked us with their flashy gear and their tech- most of you had the good sense to turn them down. I didn’t. They said they wanted the same thing we wanted, you know, a world free of monsters. That’s not what they really wanted. They want control. They want to live in a world where they get to sit in some office and decide who gets to live and who gets to die. And they’ve killed people. They’ve killed innocent people just because they got in the way. They think the ends justifies the means, but we know better. We know hunting isn’t always about killing, It’s about doing what’s right. Even when it’s hard. So we go by our gut, right? We play by our own rules, and that scares them. That’s why they want us dead. I want you to follow me. 

12x22 “Who We Are”

“If we Q, I’ll be happy.” -me

The spiritual consequences of mistreating others

Few people realise the suffering they can cause someone when they bully, physically harm, emotionally or psychologically abuse someone, or generally mistreat others with harmful words and attitudes. Yet the consequences for these actions are much much more severe than what we are taught.

Spiritual bondage
As a spiritual healer I have found people completely held down by what I call “spiritual bondage”, where they have been so mistreated their whole lives that they are emotionally, spiritually, and physically bound to and by their suffering. And it wont always be huge traumatic experiences. Often times, it is simply someone yelling at them which has bound them to their suffering, or something they brought on themselves by mistreating others. But from my experience as a healer, I have found people with energy shackles, essentially negative energy so heavy and so accumulated that their body suffers as if bound in shackles. I’ve had people come to me with backs hunched over and unable to walk without crying in pain, and yet when the negative energy is removed they can walk again like normal. This is spiritual bondage. And this is the result of mistreating others. If left untreated, it can carry on into the next life.

When we hurt someone, we direct negative energies to them. These negative energies sometimes can be so hateful, so angry and so resentful that they become a curse on that persons body. We curse others without even realising, and today more and more people are mistreating each other without realising the true spiritual nature of what they are doing to someone.
It is not a small thing to curse someone with spiritual bondage. Spiritual bondage lasts for years, decades, or even someones entire life. This type of suffering is emotionally, physically and mentally draining and cursing with spiritual bondage essentially prevents someone from accessing the divine blessings and protection that they need in order to flourish. You are cutting them off from the spiritual nourishment that all of us need and are deserving of.
Yet it is so easy to do.
How often have we yelled at shop assistants trying to do their jobs? How many of us yell at our parents, at our friends or partners? How many of us have suffered abuse and mistreatment? How many of us send hateful messages to others? How many of us manipulate and take advantage of others? How many of us discriminate or harm others because they are different?
Every word, every action you take matters, and has real spiritual consequences, not only on others, but on your own body.

Ancestral spiritual bondage
Spiritual bondage can and usually is also an ancestral inheritance. Not only do we take on spiritual bondage from past lives, but we can inherit it from our ancestors. One of the most common ways that this can be inherited through our ancestors is through abuse or mistreatment from a parent to their child in which the cycle of abuse continues with their children’s children and so on. In my own family, a the of abuse and mistreatment of my grandfather as a child resulted in neglect of my mother whom in turn became manipulative and controlling as a result of her suffering under my grandfather. When she has raised myself and my siblings, we have all grown up cursed with the negative spiritual energy of my grandfather’s abuse. When I had broken free and gone to heal the others in my family, the level of spiritual bondage upon each person has been so damaging and so heavy.

Mindfulness: The fundamental teaching of the Buddha
One of the fundamental teachings of the Buddha was the concept of mindfulness. He begins this teaching by asking us to focus simply on the breath. With regular practice of mindful breathing, we can begin to apply the concept of mindfulness in our everyday lives in more complex situations than just breathing. But this is such an important teaching. Why? Because being mindful of our words and actions allows us to think before we speak and act, which is extremely important when we want to minimise harm to others. While it is normal to feel anger, rage, sadness, desires and overwhelming emotions of any kind, we need to take care in how we express these emotions. We can always choose our actions, and we can always choose our thoughts. But we cannot know the true suffering of others, and we cannot take back the harm we cause to others. So it is vitally important to treat others with love and respect regardless of how angry they make you, because you do not know what curses your hate may place over them. 

We live in a world full of war, disease, starvation, hatred and suffering. The best thing we can do to fight is to love others from our heart. This is the best form of rebellion, the only way to bring light into the world if only for a brief moment. Love is a magic that can overcome pain, and we need more of it in this world. So love others, be mindful of the consequences of mistreating others. Love comes first.

Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 13

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 13

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: Negan visits Alexandria a few weeks after you ended things between the two of you.

Warnings: SFW, angst maybe? And minor harassment

Original Idea by: @babyblues915

Note: Soooo next chapter might be the climax so there might not be much smut in the next parts. Still not happy with how this came out but it’s probably because this serves as a filler. I still hope you guys would enjoy this!!!

DDHTK Masterlist

Negan was the only person who ever made you feel secured. It was ironic but it was the truth. He was there for you when you thought you had no one and he always reassured you that he would always be there for you.

But you ruined everything and now you were back to being alone.

As you quietly rested against the door, you contemplated whether you should head back inside his room and take back your words. You wanted to kiss Negan, to hug him tight and tell him that you needed him to stay. That you wanted to stay. However, you also knew that this was how things were supposed to be. Your loyalty remained with your family and choosing Negan over them would cause a whole lot of trouble.

Taking deep breaths, you finally managed to compose yourself. You wiped away your tears and started heading down the hallway with a heavy heart. As you turned at the corner, you unexpectedly run into a familiar face.

“Eugene…” you mumbled.

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Japanese vocab with Yuzuru - Day 4

Today’s topic is about the different verbs for used for jumps, and the nuances that I really like to hear from Yuzuru when he uses them.

1. 跳ぶ (とぶ|to-bu): to jump (it has the same pronunciation with 飛ぶ - to fly, which is used more commonly outside of FS, just a heads up so you don’t get confused later)

2. 回る(まわる|ma-wa-ru): to revolve, (for FS) to rotate

3. 降りる(おりる|o-ri-ru): to get off, to go down, (for FS) to land a jump

A snippet from Future of Tohoku (here from 14:42) where Yuzuru and the MCs talked about his wish for his senior debut season in which he wrote down:

4回転を試合で降りる(4かいてんをしあいでおりる|yon-kai-ten wo shi-ai de o-ri-ru): To land a quadruple in competition

When one of the MCs was curious why he used 降りる instead of 跳ぶ, Yuzuru and Takeshi commented:

Y: 降りるですね。跳ぶだと、回るだけで終わりですよね。
   (おりるですね。とぶだと、まわるだけでおわりですよね|o-ri-ru de-su-ne. to-bu da-to, ma-wa-ru da-ke-de o-wa-ri de-su-ne) 

T: スケーターの中では、降りるところが肝心。「跳んで降りる」っていうね(スケーターのなかでは、おりるところがかんじん。「とんでおりる」っていうね|su-kee-taa no na-ka de-wa, o-ri-ru to-ko-ro ga kan-jin. “ton-de o-ri-ru” tte-iu ne)

which can be roughly translated to 

Yuzuru: It’s ‘to land’.If I say 'to jump’, then it ends with only the rotations.
Takeshi: To us skaters, the landing part is crucial. We say 'you jump then you land’.

Translators in our fandom always do a really good job of using different verbs ‘jump’, ‘rotate’, ‘land’ for each of these terms, but still I think it’s quite interesting to know that skaters pay a lot of attention about this aspect, and though usually they use 跳ぶ (tobu) when talking about jumping in general, it’s nice to recognize those times that they want to emphasize on different parts of their jump by using a different verb :D

A Guide to LUSH

Okay so I’m a Lush employee and I see I lot of hate both online and in person about our customer service so I’m here to clarify things for ya and to give you some tips if you don’t want to talk to people. Also to help you not be awful to us employees for doing our jobs.

So as an employee we have a checklist of things we MUST do for each customer and here are a few:

- greet
- introduce the current campaign
- establish a connection with you
- determime your needs
- suggest products
- demo the suggested products. All of ‘em.
- link you to other items in the store
- offer a catalogue or talk about the app
- mention our brand values as a company
- offer a sample
- tell you 3 lovely things about each product and list at least 2 ingredients
- pop on items at the till
- give you a friendly goodbye

And that’s not all of the stuff we HAVE to do. I’m not even getting into the questions we need to ask or the sales goals we have. We have an average sale goal, a units per sale goal, an average unit price goal, and several others, as well as a total and our bonus and the hours we get are effected by our store’s performance as a whole. We also get performance reviews annually and are required to check in with the person leading the floor after EVERY SINGLE SALE.

So before you get all pissy at us please remember that we are people, too, and are simply doing our jobs.


- don’t be rude to us.
- let us greet you. Rolling your eyes and saying “just looking” when we ask how you are is infuriating and won’t stop us from talking to you. It will just make us talk to you in an obnoxious customer service voice since we don’t care if we’re bugging you anymore.
- politely decline a demo if offered. We don’t care, it’s okay.
- smile and tell the sales associate “thanks for your help, but I actually prefer to shop by myself. I will grab you if I have questions, though!”
- boom. Done. We may point out the campaign at that point because we HAVE TO but that’s it. We can tell our floor leader that we did all that is required of us. And guess what? That floor leader (if competent) will tell all the other employees on the floor that you like to shop alone and we will leave you be.

We have to get verbal confirmation that you are a self-shopper before we can leave you alone so just (politely) say that right off the bat and we’ll leave you alone. We don’t want to be involved in an awkward encounter any more than you do!