do nothing!

I regret everything.

Ravenclaw, immediately after agreeing to do something.

You are allowed to be angry. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Use that anger to educate, NOT debate. YOU ARE NOT A DEBATE.

People who only ever talk about school annoy me so much 🙃🙃 not everyone likes school🙃🙃 school stresses some people out🙃🙃 when people are not at school sometimes they wanna talk about something else🙃🙃 why do you have nothing else in your life worth mentioning 🙃 talk about a squirrel you saw just not about a class for five freaking minutes okay🙃🙃🙃

Hot take: Tumblr’s knee-jerk negative reaction to any kind of interaction between Rey and Kylo Ren is really, ah, not conducive to enjoyment of a narrative.

Because guess what? They are, respectively, the protagonist and antagonist of a story! They’re going to interact! The fact that these two characters interact and share screentime is not the sign of some shady executive/director/what have you “pandering to shippers”, it is a sign that a narrative EXISTS. The fact that these interactions might have some kind of effect on each character (and, by extension, the story as a whole) is literally how interaction and characterization works.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, use your critical thinking skills and recognize the building blocks of a story for what they are.

Again heres some stuff i guess??? its a meet the artist thing?? meet the shipper??? proper introduction??? i tried. and this was something i made before tablet died and my computer basically died. so i figured i’d post it.

But yeah— i hope you guys like it! i tried very fuckin hard i guess….well yeah i did. i enjoyed making it. i think it looks good and i did a personally good job.

I hope you guys can read the top info….my handwriting is a fuckin mess.

The rest i used Photoscape to type out cause i’m a messy writer.

But yeah!! here you go!!! hope it looks good and it isnt messy…and that its readable…

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In the ye old days, the church burned books to keep the poor uninformed and dependent on the false mysticism of empty promises provided by corrupt constructs built by the wealthy of society.

Now our internet is under attack by the decedents of those vile tyrants. They desire for the people to remain uninformed, cold in the dark and scared of ‘what could be’. THIS IS NOT WHAT PROGRESS LOOKS LIKE. This is the delusions of wealth, of greed, of sins - to raise the bar, and craft the narrow pathways hidden from the common folk.

You murder society. You murder medical advancements, and the dreams that we have promised to the up and coming generations. What are schools mean to do when their students, who cannot learn by their instructors guidance, have want to turn to tutorials on YouTube. What do we tell our children, when they can no longer access resources meant to empower and educate them, or guide and inspire? What will we do when trauma and health crisis throw us down into the pit, where we cannot escape for want of new knowledge and fact checking?

This is an effort to strangle the fight out of us, who are resisting, and who are survivors of disaster.

What will we do when the next disaster hits, and we cannot access sites that guide us on how to survive, or inform us of safety and evacuation procedures?

Those in power and are corrupt, willfully eradicate those who have no access to the same resources. This is a matter of social construct, of generations of upbringing and etiquette - they want nothing equal between members of society. They yearn for a disturbed and warped social-actualization, which topples the entire pyramid of which they stand.

When the world crumbles, those that fall hardest are those at the top. There’s only so much loyalty in starving dogs.