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Hey, I saw a post of you that talked about porn bots. Well it happens that I had Tumblr previous week, and my five followers are all porn accounts. They clearly aren't here for what I post and that really bother/ embarrass me. I'd like to know how you react to those type of profile. I'm sorry if it bother you but I had to ask someone. Thank you (ps: I absolutely love your account!!!)

Well for me personally (this is Lucia speaking) i feel like Tumblr needs to devote more time into getting rid of them because 1) think of the children…. like this website is targeted age 13+ and i don’t think they want or need to be seeing these blogs in their notes and 2) since they’re getting “smarter” per se and straight up reblogging posts now it’s concerning because it’s way easier to accidentally click on a virus or other dangerous link

edit: my response is to block & report them asap when i see them! until tumblr cracks down on them the only thing we can do is keep reporting bots so at least they know it’s a bigger issue than they think

You know what really pisses me off about the episode of the Flash last night? It’s not that Kara got back with Mon El. It’s that she just “learned her lesson” and forgave him. As far as we know, there was absolutely no communication there. There was no Mon El proving that she can trust him or even making it clear that he knows why what he did was wrong and why she was so hurt by it. This wasn’t something that Kara was doing wrong, there was no lesson for her to learn as far as I’m concerned. Sure, I do believe this is something Kara could have forgiven if she was given an adequate amount of time and they talked about it a lot more, but there was absolutely none of that. There was just this man from who knows where coming and saying that she was in the wrong by denying that relationship because she was rightfully upset about the man she thought she loved lying about who he is for so long. She deserves the time to be mad at him and get to know him again as the person he truly is before making the decision of getting back with him or not. And as much as I hate Mon El and their relationship, if they’re going to force it on us I wish they could have at least had some healthy communication before they apparently just picked up where they left off.


some stiles & lydia doodles i made a little while ago???? i havent been up to date w the new season (sue me) so nO SPOILERS I WILL HURT YOU but yeah ;))


So I just realized that I hit 1000 followers and that Ester Dean has been following me for a whole year! (Which is frickin awesome)

No clue what to do for a thanks for 1000 thingy, so any suggestions or requests shoot it mah way.

 Or y'know dont cos thats cool too. 

(The question is how many of the 1000 are porn bots. Idk. But hey the number looks cool so I’m having my moment).

it’s been 3 months since the finale and im still thinking bout that kiss in ep 7…..eternally shooketh

hey! since i’m not really good at writing up starters without plotting beforehand, suck at messaging people out of the blue, and many other reasons i won’t go into, i’ve decided to make this permanent plotting call! so, basically, give this a like if you’re up for some good ol’ plotting with my boy jun over here. liking this post will give me the green light to jump into your ims (maybe also skype? line?) to discuss and create some sick ass plots. 

jun has multiple verses, the ones i have up for him now being: main verse, past verse, human verse, demigod verse, sensate verse, and hogwarts verse. i can always create more so don’t hesitate to approach with au plots! 

just to reiterate, by plots i really mean any plots! i want jun to have a variety of interactions/connections with other muses so anything goes — close friends, enemies, frenemies, complicated relationships, mentors, proteges, pure angst, pre-established, horror, etc. the only thing i ask is to please only like if you’re going to be invested in the plotting and subsequent interaction. i don’t mean you have to reply to me quickly or anything, i just don’t want to get excited over plotting and never get a response. 

but if you’re up for it, please click that like ♡