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soo i was wondering, do you think seth was, dare i say, jealous of kate and rafa's short lived relationship i guess you could say? i really wish he could've shown it more


hello, anon! 

lmao this is actually kind of a funny question, because if i’m being completely frank, i don’t think we were meant to receive Seth’s reaction to Kate’s new friend Rafa in any other way, and there’s a few reasons why. 

let’s start with my favourite one: the scene in which Seth finds out about Rafa.

first of all – positioning. 

now, positioning is key. positioning tells us a LOT about dynamics in a scene – motive, agenda, interpersonal connections, intentions etc. 

Seth and Kate are both positioned very deliberately here. they’re on opposite sides of a table, so there’s an element of confrontation to their interaction. not only that, but Seth is standing while Kate is sitting. that right there? that sets Kate on something of a defensive edge.

this is an important dynamic to establish right off the bat. it shows that Seth and Kate aren’t just two regular, purely platonic friends having a discussion about a guy one of them met. if they were, the vibe would be one of open intimacy, NOT confrontation.

it shows, too, in the way she tries to recover. 

this is a pretty rare reaction from Kate. back in 1x02, when Scott was calling her out about Kyle, we didn’t even get to see her anywhere near this nervous. she barely even blinked, reacting with pure exasperation and annoyance. (“Hey, give it back!” “Gross!”)

the fact that Kate was nervous about talking to Seth about a stranger with whom she’d had an (admittedly very flirty) interaction with is a huge indicator that their relationship is definitely not of the brother-sister variety that she shares with Scott. it shows us that Kate cares what Seth thinks, in a very specific way that she doesn’t with Scott. 

(side note: this is actually a very nice parallel between 1x02 and 2x02 and i can’t believe i’ve never noticed it before lmaooo okay moving on)

next, Seth’s reaction.

what an AMAZING face. (well done, DJ.) 

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What Even Are Cats?

Me: I have got you two nice cat trees and you have over quarter of the sofa, not to mention probably all of my bed.

Molly The Cat: Yeah but! The inside of the sofa sounds like a good place to sit.

Molly The Cat: Human…. human…. HUMAN!

Me: What do you want?

Molly The Cat: HOW DARE YOU LOOK AT ME! *sassy tail flip*

Molly The Cat: You’ve been on the loo too long.

Me: Excuse, you?

Molly The Cat: *jumps and unlocks bathroom door from the outside.*

Me: Why?

Molly The Cat: Too long! *Pulls light cord on and off*

Me: *Brushes Teeh*

Molly The Cat: Human… No, this is not what you do with the stick… stop it silly thing *waves paw at me and chitters till i’m done*

Molly The Cat: Human… cat foot. *Sticks foot in my face*

Me: AWWWW toe beans!

Molly The Cat: DO not touch the toe beans! *Calmly removes foot from my face*

Molly The Cat: Human… cat foot. *Sticks foot in my face*

Me: AWWWW toe beans! Ima get your toe beans, tickle tickle *Tickles Molly’s foot*

Molly The Cat: *rolls around making a sound like laughing*

Me: *Does college work*

Molly The Cat: *Sits on college work

Me: *Looks at Molly*

Molly The Cat: *Looks at me*

Me: you win this one

Molly The Cat: *Sits next to me*

Me: Hello kitty

Molly The Cat: Don’t touch me

Me: opens front door.

Molly The Cat: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! I had to sleep on the sofa on my own so I chewed all your chargers and pulled the table cloth off and made a huge mess!

Me: Can I come inside, you’re standing on my feet

Me: moves

Molly The Cat: Where you going?

Molly The Cat: *Does something cute*


Molly The Cat: oh crud

Molly The Cat: It’s 3am so I’m going to run really fast over you and round the house then get stuck trying to fit under the door.

Me: Why are you headbutting me?

Molly The Cat: Human! *Headbutting me*

Me: Yes

Molly The Cat: Nothing, never mind.

Me: Ima get ya, i’m a big monster and i’m gonna get you *Pretends to chase Molly*

Molly The Cat: *Does a funny little tappy run* Nooooo! *rolls over then goes all bouncy*

Me: oh no you got me! *Falls on floor.*

Molly The Cat: YAY! *Pounces on me*

Molly The Cat: The stairs are to high take me back up.

Me: Then why did you come downstairs?

Molly The Cat: Do not question me human *Jumps on shoulder and almost falls off*

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What do you think about the Valentine's Day episode for Supergirl and how they handled Maggie's story and the fact that they made Maggie apologize for her trauma?

look kiddo i don’t know what episode you watched but maggie didn’t apologize for her trauma, maggie apologized for saying “i hate valentine’s day bc it’s manufactured” and then being angry at alex for trying to romance her with that in mind.  did alex make the best choices? nah.  did maggie still not tell her the truth about why she didn’t like a thing and then get mad at alex for trying to accommodate that? yes.  like, i have a lot of criticism for the alex/maggie storyline this whole season, and the season in general, but this would not be part of it.

Update: SakamichiAKB Lineup & Song Title

The lineup for the SakamichiAKB collaborative unit on AKB48′s next single has been announced, alongside the title of the song they will be performing.

The 18-man lineup comprises of the following members:
AKB48: Okada Nana, Oguri Yui, Kojima Mako, Mukaichi Mion
SKE48: Matsui Jurina
HKT48: Miyawaki Sakura
Nogizaka46: Ito Marika, Kitano Hinako, Saito Asuka, Terada Ranze, Hori Miona, Hori Miona
Keyakizaka46: Imaizumi Yui, Sugai Yuuka, Hirate Yurina (Center), Watanabe Risa, Watanabe Rika, Nagahama Neru

The title of the song will be “Dare no Koto wo Ichiban Aishiteru?” (“Who do you love the most?”). Filming for the music video has wrapped up, and it will premiere tomorrow (01/03/2017).

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"get out of my way before I punch you in the face" - romione? xx

Sorry i took so long! Please, excuse the grammar.

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It was a stunning potion set, the most advanced one in the market.  Its appearance was intimidating and as scary as Snape wondered Ron.  All its contents were wonderfully organized in a carved wooden box lined with red velvet in 3 sections, depending on their danger level, and it had an Extension Charm to help everything fit.  Saying it was expensive was an understatement, but what made it special was its sentimental value, as it was given as a birthday gift for Hermione by her parents.

“Take care of it while I’m in the library studying Ancient Runes, Ron.  Don’t you dare to do anything stupid.”, warned Hermione before closing the door with a silent thud.  

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I'm 20 and I don't act like a child. Age ≠ respect or maturity. The fact that they're on anon shows that they're a coward. $100 says they would never say anything like that using their real account... the anonymity that the internet allows us can be ugly sometimes. (Nonny, if you read this, do you hear me? You're a fucking coward. I dare you to come off anon. I. Dare. You). I'm sorry you've been getting hate, you really don't deserve it. I haven't followed you for long but you seem lovely. 💙

thank you so much! you are 110% correct that age doesn’t equal maturity. a lot of people struggle to realize that saying you’re 22 doesn’t change the fact that you still act like a 12 year old.

that is a relief to hear! it’s just the whole process. the idea that i would have the audacity to comment on something i enjoy. i do not deserve that opportunity. how dare you essie, you have nothing of value to add to this.

and god every single one of those “comment you fuckers” posts make me feel this even more. if writers are so desperate for a comment that i am going to undoubtably mess up, then i should just not do it. not let them down. even though i want to talk about the story, i just tell pd how much i love their word choice and what color the story was and how i felt. i can’t just pick out lines as is always recommended! i don’t remember them because my brain is broken. and even if it wasn’t, what makes me excited is feelings and waves of sensation abstract stuff and if i write that in a comment i sound INSANE. 

also, those posts hurt me as a writer, because they all say “if you want faster updates, leave comments.” 


no no no no no no no. nothing short of an act of god can alter the speed of my update. but i know what can slow it down: feeling obligated to write faster because a lot of people whose comments i REALLY appreciate want me to and i’m terrified of letting them down.

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general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff (honestly i have no clue i just put everyone in gryffindor loool)
best quality: undying optimism and hope. ability to see the best in everyone.
worst quality: sometimes very moralistically snobby? like “oh im so good and how dare you do that you have to do that to be a Hero”
ship them with: one and only Charming <3
brotp them with: Emma until s3 but Regina now.
needs to stay away from: Rumple idk.
misc. thoughts: i feel like since s4 the writing for snow has also gone down. she was one of my fave characters until s3 and now she’s more like meh. i still don’t understand at all what they did to her and emma’s relationship. it honestly went 100 to 0 real quick lol. 

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