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Sanvers 4th of July

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This was supposed to be short and funny. It turned out to be long and full of feelings. Aka, I’m the most predictable. Whatever - enjoy!


“So, Danvers. What are the big 4th of July plans?”

Alex looks over at her, startled. It’s June 30th, and Maggie’s making breakfast while Alex washes the dishes from last night’s dinner.

“Uh,” Alex knits her eyebrows, running her mind as quickly as possible over the last couple of weeks, trying to remember if they’d talked about making plans. She comes up blank, so she tries to stall for time. “Don’t you have to work?”

“Nope,” Maggie says, and her voice is casual but there’s something behind it. “Took some wrangling, but I managed to get it off.”

Oh, okay. Okay, shit.

Alex can’t figure out if they’d talked about it and she completely forgot, or if this some new curveball.

But Maggie’s number one pet peeve is not being heard, and most cops have to work on the 4th because the holiday turns everyone in the US into delinquent assholes, so if she managed to get the day off she must have some serious expectations for something.

Okay, shit.

If Alex were Kara, she thinks, she’d make up some elaborate story, some oh yes we’re going to ride a ferris wheel and also be in Paris—oh, but like the Paris in Las Vegas because of America, haha, totally, definitely, I for sure already bought the tickets, surprise!

But Alex is Alex, so instead of hijinks she goes for insecure honesty. “Uh, I, uh haven’t made any plans? Yet? But I’d be happy to make some? With you?” Her hands stutter on the dishes, making jerkily little circles on the same plate she’s been washing since Maggie first opened her mouth.

Maggie doesn’t look over from where she’s expertly flipping an omelet. “Oh,” is all she says.

Okay, fuck.

“Mags?” Maggie looks over, probably at the sheer panic in Alex’s voice. “Babe, I’m sorry, I didn’t—I didn’t know you wanted to do anything! But really, I—I can get the day off, I can—we can, um, I mean, I can plan something, or you can plan something, or we can go somewhere—”


But Alex doesn’t hear her, continuing to babble at high speed. “I can—there must be a hotel that still has space, or a beach? Or, um, I don’t—I’m sorry, I don’t know, but I can—we can do anything, I didn’t mean to forget—“


Alex hears her, finally, and quiets herself. She looks over at Maggie with eyes that are big and round and scared and a little wet.

“Babe, it’s fine. Relax.”

Alex blinks at her. This is clearly not fine. This is the opposite of fine. Alex is the worst girlfriend ever. This obviously matters to Maggie and she must have mentioned it, and Alex must have forgotten, and she’s trying to hard to be a good girlfriend, to be good at being in a relationship, but she fucked it up again, and it’s not fine.

“It’s not a big deal, Al. I just assumed that you all did something for it.”

Alex narrows her eyes, confused. “You all?”

“You know,” Maggie says with a little shrug as she slips the omelet out of the pan and onto the waiting plate. “You and Kara and your mom and Kara’s boy band of admirers.” Maggie starts making the second omelet, tossing the pre-cut vegetables into the pan. “I had just assumed – it was stupid, I guess – but you guys seem like an all-American family, I just thought you would have some barbeque traditions or something.”

Alex nods. That makes sense. It does – but it doesn’t totally account for the heaviness in Maggie’s voice, or the way she hasn’t made eye contact, or the way she’s hitting the eggs against the pan a little harder than she needs to.

“My parents were never really that into it,” Alex says softly, turning back to the dishes, pretending to be as casual as Maggie is. “They were a little far to the left for that kind of patriotism, I think. When I was little we used to go sit out on the beach and watch the fireworks, but we never did anything special.” Alex puts the now very clean plate in the drying rack and reaches for a mug. “But then when Kara came, the fireworks scared her – they were so loud and bright and really overwhelming for her. So she and I usually just marathoned movies and I always tried to get her into a sugar coma as early in the night as possible so she’d miss most of it.”

Alex sees Maggie nod out of the corner of her eye.

“Yeah, that makes sense,” she says, clearly still upset but clearly trying to hide it. “Poor little Kara.”

But Alex is in charge of this interrogation.

“Did you do something special when you were little?” She asks carefully. Asking about Maggie’s childhood is always delicate – Alex has learned to phrase it as when you were little rather than did your family or did your parents, but it’s still always delicate. She’s always careful.

She never wants to make Maggie remember her awful teenage years, and she hates the Sawyers even more for making it hard for her to get to know little kid Maggie.

Maggie doesn’t like to talk about herself, and Alex hates it because she wants to know every moment of Maggie’s life.

Maggie flips this omelet – perfectly, as always. “Yeah, it was a pretty big deal in Blue Springs. Not a lot else going on,” she adds wryly. “There was a parade with these ridiculously cheesy floats, and people would spend, like, months making them, it was ridiculous.” But her voice is fond. Alex never hears her talk like this, warmly and tenderly about Blue Springs and about her childhood. She almost holds her breath, still washing the same mug, afraid to make a sound. “We’d go stake out spots on the parade route like hours early, with coolers and chairs and shit, it was a whole thing. And then after the parade we always hosted this big barbeque in our front yard, and everyone came, basically every Mexican in Nebraska, I think. All the cousins and everyone, it was a total zoo. And then we’d all drive out to the prairie, which is like 10 minutes away, of course, because Blue Springs is nothing, and we’d lie in the beds of the pickups in just like, piles of cousins, and watch the big county fireworks.” Maggie’s smiling at the memory, still looking down at the omelet, and Alex wants to cry. “I drank my first beer in one of those pickups with my cousins, smoked my first joint. We’d set off fireworks, and the kids would have sparklers, and shit.”

She slips the omelet out of the pan and onto the plate. She turns off the stove, takes the first plate, and sticks it in the microwave, closing the door without starting it.

“I’m gonna take a shower before I eat,” she says casually. “Will you be gone when I get out?”

Alex knows that’s code. Maggie doesn’t shower as quickly as she does, but that’s clearly code for I’m going to take a long shower, please don’t be here when I’m done. Alex wonders if she’s going to cry in there.

Alex nods her head a little, hands still soapy. She wants to reach out, to hold Maggie, to tell her that she loves her, that she’s here now, that she’s here to help Maggie heal.

But Maggie’s already walking away, closing the door of the bathroom firmly behind her.

Alex leaves the rest of the dishes. She puts her omelet in a Tupperware and gets dressed as quickly as she can. She’ll brush her teeth at work.

She has some work to do.

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i got dress coded for wearing leggins even though they said that we could wear leggings under a skirt

(Mixed) Highlights of Vault Chat, May 24th

<Aly Fava> Hey Jack, you’re chatty this weekend.
<Jack White> @Aly Fava you should wake up next to me, you’d want me to shut up

<Marjorie Hernandez> @jack white I need you to talk my husband into coming to Nashville the 4th. What would you say?
<Jack White> @Marjorie Hernandez a gun solves everything

<rebelofnyc> What’s your favorite coffee shop in Nashville?
<Jack White> @rebelofnyc any shop that has actual sugar, can’t stand that hipster anti sugar bullshit

<bloomooks> Did you see Bob Dylan on Letterman?
<Jack White> @bloomooks yes, i watch my father in whatever he does and always will

<MelieSue> @Jack White Do you wear shorts in the summer? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in shorts…
<Jack White> @MelieSue hell no.

<Kevin Ringgenberg> Run for President next summer. Just saying…
<Jack White> @Kevin Ringgenberg yeah i’ll have rolling stone sponsor me.

<Aly Fava> Phones with cords, huh? I’m curious now what about flat screen tvs?
<Jack White> @Aly Fava i’m not a technophobe regardless of how people paint me that way. if i don’t have a cellphone it’s not to be cool or make a point. i just think people look ridiculous holding them and staring at them all day, and if i had one, that’s what i’d be doing as well. i’d be on it all day and it would rob me off a lot of inspiration i think. i’m not telling you not to have one, i’m just telling you why i don’t.

<Aidan Abbott> What was your favorite subject in school?
<Jack White> @Aidan Abbott history, and also chemistry but i had not talent for remembering it, but i liked it a lot.

<Shane Lattie> @Jack White why does Third Man put out Crosley turntables? I’m not familiar myself but it seems they have a bad reputation for quality?
<Jack White> @Shane Lattie when we sell more expensive ones people can’t afford them. though as you know i’m all about the money and sapping you guys dry every chance i get

<Ashlyn Scoggins> Does Mama Gillis call you “john” “jack” or the occasional “JOHN ANTHONY” when she’s mad?
<Jack White> @Ashlyn Scoggins she calls me john and jack

<Shane Lattie> @Jack White I really hope I’m not giving the impression that I’m trying to ‘expose you’ or play 'gotcha.’ I really respect and look up to you and am only asking questions of things I can’t make sense of myself.
<Jack White> @Shane Lattie don’t worry about it. i’m the youngest of ten kids, and i’ve set myself up in the world as well to be an easy target. it takes a lot to hurt my feelings!

<Estetika> Do you have any hobbies or interests that would surprise people?
<Jack White> @Estetika i collect scissors.

<Coyote> @Jack White Do you think when you play again you’ll go back to theaters, or stick with arenas?
<Jack White> @Coyote only seated theaters for acoustic shows for the rest of my days.
<Jack White> the electric shows with no seats

<Jonathan Haji-Sadeghi> @Jack White how are your tour posters made? do you and the artist talk about what you want or does the artist just comes up with something and you approve it?
<Jack White> @Jonathan Haji-Sadeghi rob jones controls most of that because he’s so brilliant.
<Jack White> i put it in his hands

<Chasiepenny> @Jack White can you sign my titties… jk
<Jack White> @Chasiepenny i’m allergic to cats

<MaWaiDu> Jack I feel like you would have been good friends with Al Capone
<Jack White> @MaWaiDu cause we both like murdering people?

<FoxDragon> What are your thoughts on space travel?
<Jack White> @FoxDragon can’t wait to see pluto in a couple months

<MOON72> @Jack White I would like to play Scrabble with you, I’m not bad!
<Jack White> @MOON72 i’m unbeatable
<Jack White> my high score is 472

<Victoria Lovett> @Jack White talk to Meg lately?
<Jack White> @Victoria Lovett she doesn’t answer her phone

<BlueOrchid> @Jack White that is sad we miss Meg. If she did answer the phone would you consider playing with her again?
<Jack White> @BlueOrchid nope
<Jack White> that time is gone

<Chasiepenny> I miss jack and meg too it soundesd raw and natural and you solo concerts seemed a little too rehearsed
<Jack White> @Chasiepenny thank you. do you want to try it
<Jack White> haha
<Jack White> well i can assure you, they aren’t rehearsed

<Jinxy’sDelight> sorry if my questions a couple chats ago pissed you off
<Jack White> @Jinxy’sDelight nothing pisses me off
<Jack White> sometimes i pretend things do though
<Jack White> …

Fashion week is over but I can’t let it go! The other night in Los Angeles, I went to meet my sisters for some appetizers and I walked in wearing a WHOLE to-do – white t-shirt, grey slouchy sweater, leather shorts, rings like Liberace, an oversized turquoise hat, burgundy nails AND lip, thigh high boots… When I walked in my sister asked me, “Oh sweetay, how was fashion week?” I died laughing and said “Apparently, I still think it’s going on.”  - on TKC two years ago

Drunk - requested

It was your friend’s birthday and Justin was away promoting his album. He had been away for a month, travelling around the world but you couldn’t go with because you had work to do. You were attending the party alone and there was going to be a lot to drink but you had to control yourself because you got very flirty when you got drunk and there was no one to stop you from doing anything stupid. You finished getting ready, wearing a short white dress with red heels and a black purse. You got in your car and drove to the club where the party was being held.

When you got there, it was packed but you swiftly made your way to the open bar. You had 3 shots of vodka to get you going and a cocktail to sip. Too many more shots and you would be out of it.

“Hey cutie” you heard from behind you as two hands grabbed your waist.

“Hey” you said smiling

“What is a pretty girl like you doing here all alone? My name is David by the way”

“Nice to meet you David, I am (y/n). I just got here so I thought I would get a drink first.”

“Well then (y/n), will you let me get you a drink?” he asked

“Um… I have a boyfriend and I don’t know if he will be too pleased”

“And where is this boyfriend, leaving a beautiful girl like you all alone?”

“He’s is out of the country, doing work”

“Oh I see so he doesn’t have to know. Come on, 1 drink wont hurt”

“Fine, Ill let you get me a drink but that’s it”

“That’s all I am asking for” he said winking, ordering you another drink. You and David had been chatting and drinking for an hour and he was getting closer and closer, while you were getting drunker and drunker. He eventually got the guts to kiss you on the cheek, making you blush.

“Come dance with me” he said, taking your hand and pulling you towards the dance floor. He turned around and grabbed your hips, pulling you up close to him. The music blared out and you both moved you hips to the music. You turned around and started grinding him from behind. His boner was evident and you stopped when you felt it.

“Want to help me with that?” he whispered in your ear.

“I cant, I have a boyfriend”

“But he’ll never know. Just one night.” He said

He grabbed your hand and pulled away to the exit. You were too drunk to pull away. It couldn’t hurt just once, Justin will never find out.

-Next day-

You woke up with the biggest headache. You could not even remember last night. You sat up a reach a glass of water and a painkiller. On the bedside table was a note, which read:

I had great fun last night,

Hope we can stay in contact,

Lots of Love,


He had left his phone number along with it. As you read it, a huge feeling guilt came over you. You had cheated on Justin. How was he going to react? He would never forgive you, you had just ruined the best thing you had in your life because of one drunken night out. How stupid could you be? You needed to phone your friend and get it off your chest. You had to tell someone or it would eat you up inside.

“Rose, I need to tell you something” you said, panicking

“What? Tell me, it’ll be ok.” She said, your tone panicking her.

“I have done something awful, really really bad and Justin is going to hate me forever” you said, tears starting to form at the realization that he would never forgive you.

“Just tell me (y/n), it cant be that bad”

“It is, it really is”

“Tell me (y/n), come on, just say it and get it over with”

“I- ch-eat-ed on Jus-tin” you said crying. Her end was silent but then you heard the door slam open and an every angry Justin standing in the doorway. You couldn’t believe your eyes. He had heard you and now he knew.

“You did what?!?!?!” Justin shouted at you

“Justin I am so sorry” you said, crying, getting up from the bed and walking towards him.

“Get away from me!” He shouted, “I travel all the way here, missing work so I can see you and you have cheated on me!”

“I didn’t mean to Justin, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was so drunk” you pleaded, wanting him to stop shouting at you.

“Please, stop shouting” you whispered, barely being able to stand up.

“STOP SHOUTING?!?! You want me to stop shouting when I was just found out that my girlfriend had cheated on me?!?! Grow up” he shouted

“I DIDN’T MEAN TO. IT WAS A MISTAKE AND IF I COULD TAKE IT BACK I WOULD! But I cant…” you said, shouting the first part and whispering the last.

“DON’T SHOUT AT ME!! NO ONE GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO SHOUT AT ME!!” he shouted, turning around and punching the wall. This scared you so much. You had never seen Justin so angry and he was so angry at you. The wall was dented and Justin’s hand started to bleed. You went to get a wet towel to put on it. He snatched it out your hand, taking you by surprise.

“I NEVER want to see you again. Do you understand?” He said, making your heart break into a million pieces. You turned around, grabbed your phone and walked passed him, out into the hall.

“Just before I go,” you said, wanting to explain yourself before he left you forever, “I never meant to hurt you. It was a complete accident, I was drunk and this guy took advantage of my drunken state. I regret it so much. I have this feeling of guilt in my stomach and a broken heart that will never mend itself. I understand why you don’t want to see me. I hurt your feelings just like I hurt myself. I am forever sorry for putting you through this but I just want you to know that I will love you forever and I hope you find it in yourself to forgive me one day.” The tears streaming down you face as you left, getting into your car as you drove to your friends house.

“(y/n), what have you done?” your friend asked you, trying to be sensitive yet wanting to know why you did it.

“I was drunk, Rose, and the guy, David, kept on touching me and kissing my cheek and I just missed Justin. But I have fucked it all up now by sleeping with some stranger.” I said, crying as she hugged me.

“It’ll be ok. Justin will forgive you” Rose said, rubbing your back to calm you down. You breathing became fast and you had to sit down.

“(y/n) you need to calm down please, you are having a panic attack. Breath in… and out. Breath in… and out” she said, getting me to calm down. Rose went to get me a glass of water and sat next to me while I rested my head on her lap.

“You’ll be fine,” she said, “Justin loves you so so much, I am sure he sees it as a mistake.”

“He doesn’t see it as a mistake. He got really angry, started shouting at me and then punched the wall. There is no way he is going to forgive me.” I said, tears still falling down my face.

“Shhh, don’t say that”

“I am such a bad girlfriend. He went away for work and I got so drunk that I cheated on me. There is no way he will ever forgive me. He will never trust me again.”

“Please be positive (y/n), you never know”

“I do know and I know him. I have really hurt him and I doubt he will ever want to see me again, let alone be with me” you cried. The doorbell rang and Rose went to see who it was.

“(y/n) is for you” Rose shouted

“Tell them to go away, I don’t want to see anyone right now” you said, burying your head in the pillows.

“(y/n)?” you heard, not in your friends tone. You look up and see Justin standing there, with Rose shutting the door behind. Justin had been crying and his hand had scabbed over. He looked in your eyes and you looked away, not wanting to see him because he looked so hurt and you had hurt him.

“I am so sorry Justin. You have no idea how bad I feel. I really want to take it back but I cant and will be regretting that for the rest of my life. I really want you to forgive me but I understand that you don’t trust me anymore. That’s fine but I want you to know that I love you so much, it hurts. It was a stupid mistake and I want you to know it meant nothing to me. He grabbed my hand and I was way too drunk to stop it. I would have done everything in my power to stop it but I will do everything in my power for you to forgive me and I know that we wouldn’t ever be girlfriend and boyfriend but I cant live my life without you because I tell you everything. You are my best friend Justin and I will always love you.” You said, rambling because that is what you do when you get nervous. He knelt down in front of you so your faces where almost touching.

“Justin, I really am-” you were about to continue when you felt his lips on your lips. You kissed him back immediately, feeling a feeling you thought you wouldn’t feel ever again.

“You never let anyone else talk, do you?” he said when he pulled away. You blushed and looked down. He lifted your chin up so you were looking into his eyes.

“Finally speechless, are we?” he asked, lifting his eyebrows. “I just wanted to say that what you did, it really hurt me and I never thought I would feel that pain ever. But I know you didn’t mean to and I don’t want a little mistake to get in the way of my happiness.” He said. You were shocked at what you heard. He wanted to be with you. You opened your mouth to say something but Justin stopped you.

“I really want to work this out because I love you so much and this love is worth fighting for. Together we can do anything but I need you by my side.”

“Justin, stop. I hurt you-”

“But I forgive you” he said “I love you so much”

He grabbed your face and smashed your lips together.

“I love you too” you whispered against his lips, feeling him smile.

“And I am so sorry” you said, still feeling guilty.

“I don’t want to hear about this again. I forgive you and we can end this here. Lets start afresh.” He looked into your eyes. You pulled him into a hug and cried. He was forgiving you.

“You wont regret it” you sobbed,

“I know” he smiled, kissing your lips again.


Hope you like <3 still taking requests x

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=>Nicknames: none anymore

=>Birthday: September 28th

=>Gender: Male. Mostly.

=>Sexual Orientation: pan

=>Favourite colour: blue/grey

=>Time and date at current location: 3:07pm 19th of April 2015

=>Sleeping hours: around 3-5am until 12-2pm

=>Last thing I googled: david hasslehoff true survivor

=>First word that comes to mind: ache. woke up with a bunch of ache. sharp and insistent.

=>Places that make me happy: repurposed industrial areas. nicely groomed side yards or back yards. balconies.

=>Blankets I sleep under: one comforter at the moment

=>Favourite character: Snake Plissken

=>Favourite anime: i cant pick one. the last one i watched was knights of sidonia and it was awesome

=>Favourite TV show: i watch more youtube or netflix than tv. like anime i have way too many to pick but the last thing i watched was daredevil and it was also awesome!

=>Last movie I watched in theatres: i honestly dont remember. return of the king maybe?

=>Dream wedding: whatever my amazing idea my mom cooks up. that’s one of her jobs after all.

=>Dream job: a tv show or youtube series where i just get people to cook me fantastic and crazy meals and i eat them and talk about how good they are and we hang out and play video games and talk about stuff. so basically just getting paid for what i do normally.

=>What am I wearing: black shorts, grey FLCL shirt, white patterened button up with short sleeves over the t shirt.

=>Last book I read: I shall wear midnight by Terry Pratchett

I tag: caseyhawke, moustachemanaged, finnickfoxes, sleep-boogeyman, xv-vi, in-pace-simul, theviolentflame, paronomaniac, magicalsauce, critically-acclaimed-queef