do not wear a bra with a strapless dress!!!!


Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word count: 2475

Warnings: body insecurities, verbally abusive relationship, smut, severely fluffy Jensen, cussing, i think that’s it. let me know if there is more please!

Request: Unpretty by TLC with Jensen x Reader from @mysteriouslyme81

A/N: I thoroughly enjoyed writing this, it’s hands down the quickest I have ever written anything because I was so into it. I don’t care who you are, we all have had some sort of insecurity at some point in our life. I hope this is a way for whoever may be struggling with this to learn to accept themselves and if you are in a toxic relationship, you can do so much better. You are all beautiful!! Thanks yall! As always thank you to my forever beta @avasmommy224

It was your second week working as an extra on the show Supernatural. Your boyfriend was beyond unsupportive, he always told you that you were never good enough to be an actress. You weren’t skinny enough for this role or too skinny for that role. You would get an offer for a part and as excited as you were to get his opinion, he always had something negative to say. This time it was for a love interest of Dean Winchester’s. You were a vamp that he’d met in a bar a few episodes behind but you slipped out of the bar when you found out that he was a hunter.

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Queen of the Water (3)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: A normal girl gets thrown into the Royal world. Royal AU

Word Count: 2.4k+

Warnings: none!


Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

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Y/n groaned at the sound of her alarm. She threw her arm to her side and slapped her clock shut. Her door opens and she groans again when Peggy pulls the curtains open and tugs her blankets away from her body.

“Five more minutes, Peggy, please,” Y/n whined against her pillow, squinting through the harsh light pouring into her room.

“Absolutely not, young lady! Today is the day! Your mother’s getting married and you have a big role to play! We’re leave in 90 minutes and I’m tasked at getting you ready!” Peggy barked back, stepping into her closet. “You’ve been here for a week and your room is already a disaster! When your mother and Edward are on their honeymoon, you’re cleaning your room!”

“Only if you let me pick what I wear. I am not wearing that ridiculous dress. I look stupid,” she said, trying to negotiate what she was suppose to wear to the ceremony and to the reception.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do Junkrat, Roadhog and Soldier 76's reactions to their female s/o wearing sexy lingerie? Like lace and sheer stockings, etc! Thanks!


-finds her sprawled out on the bed
-she’s wearing nothing but a dark red see through babydoll
-first reaction is a whistle
-“What’s the occasion?”
-he jumps onto the bed
-immediately starts playing at her breasts
-“Your tits look ahmazing, sheila.”
-doesn’t bother taking off the sheer dress
-rides her like the worlds going to end


-she goes to him
-he’s taking a nap on her bed
-wakes him up with a kiss
-“Wakey wakey baby.”
-sees her wearing nothing but light pink stockings, a lace garterbelt and a sheer lace strapless push-up bra
-grunts as he pulls them up onto his lap
-slowly starts to finger her
-tries his best to whisper nice sweet nothings in her ear
-lets her take control and do as she pleases until she can no longer

Soldier 76

-goes to his office to do some work
-finds his s/o in his chair, feet up on the desk
-“What are you doing?”
-she stands up and walks over to him
-wearing nothing but white heels, black stockings and garterbelt
-“I’m here to relieve some stress.”
-lets her give him the best blowjob he’s ever received
-once he’s caught his breath he quickly picks her up and eats her out on his desk
-ends up fucking her against the wall for the rest of the night
-forgot what he needed to get done


Originally posted by yennfer

Pairing: CrowleyxReader
Word Count: 1, 781
Warnings: smut, slight bondage
Requested by @killerofthesouth

You’d married Crowley a year ago. Your sex life was beyond amazing. You’d never been one to complain, and couldn’t see you ever getting bored. However, tonight you were celebrating your wedding anniversary. You couldn’t do just anything.

He’d told you to wear your best for dinner, and you had. You’d opted for a tight black dress with a slit up the side, that flared out gently. The neckline was a sweetheart neck line, and it was a halter. You felt amazing. Underneath you wore a dark red strapless bra and matching thong. Your hair was in loose waves, very Hollywood. The only jewelry you wore was your wedding ring set, and a pair of diamond earrings. Looking in the mirror, you wanted to have sex with you.

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Summary: The sexual tension between you and Natasha gets too hard to handle, and your boyfriend, Bucky, can’t do anything but watch.

Pairing: Reader x Natasha (Bucky is there, but I don’t think it counts since he just… sits there, watching.)

Warnings: Smut, lesbian sex, voyeur Bucky, alcohol, mild dirty talking.

Words: 1857

A/N: So, @sergeantbuchxnxn was teasing me about a Bucky story that was taking her too long to post, so I decided to bribe her into saying I was gonna write her a Nat/Bucky/Reader “threesome” in exchange. She posted “Healing in Time” today, so here you go, satan.

Gifs: Found on Giphy. If yours, let me know.

You moved your hips to the smooth sound of the music blasting out in the stereo. The tight black dress you chose for the night hugged your curves perfectly as Pietro moved his hands over your waist and Natasha hugged you from behind.

Tony was having one of his parties again and you didn’t even know what you were celebrating. You weren’t the kind of girl who would dance with another guy while your boyfriend was in the room, but the combination of alcohol and your favorite music was intoxicating. Pietro went over to you and Nat earlier and now the three of you were putting up a show.

Everyone knew you and Natasha used to hook up from time to time, but when you started dating Bucky and Nat took interest in Bruce, you went back to being just friends again.

“I love that dress, Y/N. Your ass looks great.” Natasha’s voice was slurry and she slapped your ass harshly.

You turned to her and took a sip from her glass.

“You should see what I have under it.”

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School dresscode is ridiculous, now that I think of it.

Girls are forced to wear bras. We cannot not wear bras to school.

Our bras are not allowed to be visible while we are at school. At all.

If someone can see the straps of your bra, you’re told to go change your shirt, or put on a jacket/sweater/coat.

If someone sees the outline of your bra through your shirt, you’re told to go change your shirt, or put on a jacket/sweater/coat.

If your shirt in thin enough to see the pattern/color of your bra underneath, you’re told to go change your shirt, or put on a jacket/sweater/coat.

If your sleeves are wide enough that people can see your bra through them, you’re told to go change your shirt, or put on a sweater/jacket/coat.

And yet.

Most shirts for girls insist upon having a wide collar, or a deep V neck.

Most shirts for girls insist upon being paper thin so that we have to wear double layers just to be ‘school appropriate’.

Girls cannot wear tanktops at school unless the 'sleeves’ are wide enough to hide the straps of their bra. And then, if the strap of their bra managed to move out from beneath the sleeve, we’re once again in violation of the school dress code.

Bras are expensive. We cannot just go out and buy a strapless bra anything the temperature starts to rise enough that we can’t wear long sleeves.

We are forced to wear bras. But we are forced to pretend that we’re not. We’re forced to pretend that boobs don’t actually frakking exist outside of sexual situations. We have to pretend that they’re something to be ashamed of, or gross, and only exist for the pleasure of men.

Do you realize how much having to pretend that bras don’t exists limits our choices of shirts? The collars cannot be wide, the V-necks cannot be wide, the sleeves must be tight to our skin, the fabric must be thick enough not to be transparent, and loose enough that it doesn’t conform to the shape of our body.

And wow this started out as a single sentence whoops.

anonymous asked:

I'm trying to find a good strapless bra for when I wear off the shoulder stuff. Do you know of one? (I'm 38DDD)

Torrid’s strapless bra is the best one I’ve ever found. I’d only ever owned one before that I bought to wear with my grad dress but every time I leaned over, my boobs would just…spill out. I kept having to pull it up and adjust it and I just tossed it. But the one from Torrid stays put. I can lean and bend and sit down and it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s actually the most comfortable bra I own and I sometimes wear it with shirts that don’t even need it!

I Suggest You Stop Talking Now (c.h.)

Masterlist :)

(A/n: this was requested and it took me forever because I’m a flop so I’m sorry. Here’s jealous!calum :) )

“Calum, I didn’t even want to go tonight,” I say as Calum pushes me up against the door to our apartment.

“I didn’t ask, babygirl,” Calum growls, leaning his head down to my neck, biting and nipping at every piece of exposed skin.

“Calum, please, we have to at least get inside the apartment,” I moan, not meaning a single word. I don’t care where this happens as long as it’s soon.

Calum rips his head from its comfortable place on my neck. “I suggest you stop talking now, y/n, before we go back to fighting and neither of us gets what we really want tonight.”

Calum bursts through the front door, running to our room and past me without a word.

“Um… Cal?” I ask, following him to the room hurriedly. I only slow down my steps when I hear the toilet flush.

I reach the door and find Calum sighing, falling back onto our king-sized bed. “You nearly gave me a heart attack,” I giggle, falling onto Calum.

He chuckles, hands finding the sides of my hips. He sits me up to straddle him. “And how is that?”

“You almost ran me over out there without so much as a hello.”

“I really had to go, baby,” Calum laughs his chin-raising, eyes-crinkling laugh.

“Yeah I get it… Next time just give me a hint or something?”

“I’ll try… I’ll try,” he agrees, both of us still laughing.

“See now don’t you want to just stay like this all night instead of going to that stupid party?” I ask making Calum’s laughter die down.

“Babe… I already told you I have to go tonight. I won’t be able to make it if you aren’t there with me,” Calum sighs.

Tonight his management is throwing a party with a bunch of potential vendors and “important people” in a club that they bought off half of just for tonight. I know Calum is obligated to go but can’t he just like I don’t know… Call in sick or something?

“Fine… Only because it’s you.” I sarcastically smile and move off of Cal’s lap.

“Thank you, y/n… Will you wear that dress I love?” He smirks.

Ah the infamous red, thigh-length dress that never fails to have Calum and I in bed for at least three hours at a time

“Why of course,” I wink. I walk over to the closet as I hear Calum close the bathroom door, most likely taking a shower before tonight.

Three hours later we’re walking into the club with Luke, Ashton, Mikey, and Bryana (yes… I did that).

The music instantly reaches my veins as we step into the club. Though I wish it were my boyfriend’s band’s music, the heavy bass in this club music surely gets me more into the “clubbing mood.”

We all walk over to the VIP section reserved for tonight with Calum’s arm wrapped around my waist. I notice him glare down any guy that even looks my way whether they were looking at me or not.

I stand on my toes and tell him to calm it down.

When we get to the poorly-lit section, Calum introduces me to the men sitting in the round booth. They’re all dressed in suits with faces and looks like they come here to cheat on their wives. And I wouldn’t think that if they all didn’t smirk as soon as they saw Bryana and I.

Calum’s grip tightens on me as we sit down in the same booth as these men.

An hour later Calum and the boys have had at least three drinks while I’ve had none, trying to make sure at least one of us are in control of our minds tonight.

They’ve been talking business since we’ve gotten here despite the club setting. I yawn for what seems to be the thirtieth time when Calum tells me I can go dance with Bryana if I wanted to.

I didn’t need his permission but I didn’t want to leave him here alone. His releasing me is the best thing to happen all night.

We walk over to the open part of the club only to be hit with the musk of horny people grinding on each other. I ignore the sexual tension in the room as I begin to let the music move through me.

My hands ascend into the air as my hips begin to sway. I close my eyes and let my body do all the work. I don’t know where Bryana is at the moment and I don’t care, I just want to dance like I’m drunk despite being perfectly sober.

I hear Bryana’s laugh somewhere in the distance so when a pair of hands grips my hips the way only Calum does, I assume the boys were released to have fun. I lean back into my boyfriend, my arms reaching behind me and around his neck as his hands roam up and down my body.

Abruptly I feel his hands leave my body and I turn around swiftly to find Calum throwing someone on the floor. “Calum, what the fuck are you doing?” I scream trying to pry him off of the poor guy.

Calum doesn’t let up as Ashton runs over and successfully pulls Calum off the guy on the floor. I stand there in shock as Calum stands, panting in Ashton’s arms. “Y/n, go to the car. Now!” He screams and out of pure fear, I oblige.

When I reach the car, the driver opens the back door and asks me if I’m okay.

I guess I look as frazzled as I feel.

I tell him I’m fine and thank him as I try to slow down my breathing and wait for Calum.

In about three minutes, the boys minus Ashton and his girlfriend come into the backseat and the driver begins taking us to our designated places.

Calum doesn’t say anything to me but I feel his staggered breathing next to me.

“Calum.. What happened in there?” I whisper.

“You were dancing with some asshole. His hands were all fucking over you and you didn’t give a shit what it made me feel like. That’s what happened in there.”

“Cal, I–”

“I don’t want to fucking talk right now, y/n,” Calum dismisses me.

We step out of the car and I mutter a thank you to the driver before rushing after Calum.

Before we even reach the inside of the apartment building my anger has risen.

I stop Calum in his tracks before he rolls his eyes at me and asks me what I want.

“I want you to stop being a dick and listen to me,” I start off harsh but my voice loses it’s edge by the end of my words at seeing the look in Calum’s eyes.

“What did you just say?”

I gulp, “I said stop being a dick. When we were in there I thought that ‘asshole’ was you. Why in the hell would I want to dance with anyone but you?”

“I don’t know but it seems like you were enjoying yourself. Like you loved getting all that attention from a stranger,” Calum accuses.

“What are you trying to say, Calum?”

“I’m saying it looked like you loved looking like a little sl–”

My hand is reaching up to slap him before he can finish his sentence. He catches my wrist though before grabbing my other wrist into the same hand.

“Aw, babygirl, what do you think you’re doing?” He coos and I forget why I’m even mad. Anger is replaced instantly with lust.

Calum smirks at my reaction before telling me to go inside. I feel his eyes on me as I walk up the stairs to our apartment. I purposely sway my hips in front of him.

When we reach our apartment door I reach for the doorknob right as Calum grabs my wrists again and gather them above my head.

“You went and wore this dress tonight just so you could get everyone’s attention, didn’t you?” Calum accuses, staring me in the eyes.

Calum’s lips ferociously find mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth, finding every corner. His hand drops my wrists and my hands immediately find his hair, my nails scraping over his scalp.

Note to yell at him again for cutting his hair because damn those roots are needed for me to tug on.

His fingers find my already hardened nipples under my dress. He begins tugging and squeezing, evoking pornstar-like moans from me.

Calum detaches his lips from mine, his hands still moving as he orders for me to jump and wrap my legs around him. I do what he says and am rewarded with a slap on my ass.

We hear someone twisting a doorknob and jump away from each other. Calum opens the door to the apartment rushing both of us in.

Not a second passes between us entering and my dress being thrown across the room. The way the dress is made requires that I wear a strapless bra and with all mine being in the wash, Calum has full access without going through the hassle of taking off a bra.

He bites his lip at the sight of me before pushing me down onto the couch. He hovers over me before bringing his lips down to my chest, peppering kisses all over before attaching his lips to a nub.

Wasting no time he moves one hand down, rubbing me over my lace underwear. He rips the fabric and plunges two fingers into my heat, causing me to scream out.

“Fuck, baby, tell the neighbors who’s making you feel this good,” he orders.

“Ugh, Calum!” I moan out and he seductively chuckles.

He moves his body down and his head rests between my thighs. He licks a line on my left leg from my knee to right before the area that needs his attention.

“Calum, please… No teasing,” I say.

“You know bad girls don’t get to make demands, babygirl,” he smirks. “I know you can come just by my mouth on your wet, dripping, cunt but today I’m just gonna fuck you senseless so you know how angry you made me. You were dancing with that guy, getting him hard when you should’ve been getting me off under the table while we sat in front of all those people.”

I moan in response.

Calum’s finger gently collects moisture from my middle, he brings hit to my lips and makes me suck on his finger. “Is that something you would want, babygirl? For me to fuck you senseless?”

“Yes, Calum. Please,” I whimper.

He kicks off his jeans and pulls down his boxers, his hard on slapping his stomach.

He wastes no time before slamming into me, causing me once again to scream out his name. He brings my legs up and wraps them around his neck, getting deeper access.

He pounds into me deeply, bringing his hand down to my clit, smacking it.

“You’re such a dirty girl… But so good at the same time,” he groans, moving in and out of me at an uncontrollable speed.

“Cal, I’m gonna cum,” I moan.

“Come on, baby, cum around my cock,” he demands as I clench and release around him. As I ride out my high I feel him pull out as warmth shoots onto me without warning.

I hear Calum moan my name as he falls beside me on the couch. We both take some time before saying anything.

“I wish I could leave you like that… Covered in my cum,” Calum chuckles darkly.

I say nothing as I mockingly glare at him before getting up to grab a towel. I try to walk but am immediately greeted with an unwelcomed pain between my thighs. I fall back onto the couch.

“Guess you won’t be dancing with anyone for a while, huh?” He smirks and I laugh as I realize his true intention while fucking me.

“Fuck you, Hood,” I giggle.

“Oh you will, baby… That was only round one,” he grins.

Party-Bucky Barnes Imagine

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Blowjob, Oral, unprotected sex, fluff

Words: 2,6k -ish

Request by @my-unique-mind :  Bucky x reader, they aren’t dating. Reader is an agent like Natasha but only works solo missions. She is at one of Tony’s parties. As the reader comes out of the bathroom she turns a corner and is almost knocked over by Bucky. They apologize and walk separate ways with a smile on their lips, later Nat introduces them to each other. They end up hooking up in Bucky’s bedroom.

A/N: Nat didn’t introduce them, he came to her but I hope that’s okay. I also added some fluff at the end. English isn’t my first language so you might find some grammar mistakes. Enjoy!

Originally posted by stucky-romanova-stark

You have known Natasha since you were kids.You became really close friends and when you grew up, both of you became agents. There was a time when you used to go on missions together, but after one of them went wrong and they almost got your best friend, you decided that you will be doing it alone. 

Natasha wasn’t so fond of this idea in the beggining, but seeing that you were doing it just to keep the both of you safe, as long as you were keeping in touch, your decision was fine by her. 

So tonight, Tony was throwing a party. Nat didn’t really remember the reason, thus is was a stupid one, but she invited you anyway. You gladly accepted, knowing that you haven’t seen each other in quite a while.

You enetered the building with Nat by your side. She was wearing a red strapless dress, which came in waves from below her waist and just abover her knees while you were wearing a black tight dress, without even bothering to wear a bra. 

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What are these feelings pt 2

Sorry, this one’s kinda short guys. Here’s the second half of what are these feelings. Enjoy!


It’s been about two weeks since I was brought here, he tortures me every day. It seems worse on some days, I guess he’s just in a bad mood and he’s taking his frustrations out on me… I hate it when he’s in a bad mood… I wish I could make him happy. Wait, what? How could I think something like that? He kidnapped me, he tortured me, he stole my dignity, and yet I want to make him happy? He’s not all bad.. I just think he’s lonely and doesn’t know how to cope with it. I don’t sleep in the cage anymore unless I’m being bad.. I shower every day, I get three meals a day, he even sleeps with me, although most of the time he’s drunk and he’s gone by the time I wake up. But, I feel safe when his arms are curled around me.

I’m wearing a red and black silk night gown, it’s kind of short but I don’t care. I sit in the middle of the bed and wait for him. The clock says its 6:27 p.m. and he’s normally here at 6:30. I wonder if he’s in a good mood today.. He smiles more when he’s in a good mood.

At 6:30 on the dot the door unlocks and opens. “Daddy!” I smile at him. He smiles back as he walks towards me. ‘Oh thank god, he’s in a good mood’ I think to myself.

“Hello doll, were you good today?” he asks and sits down on the edge of the bed staring at me.

“Mhmm,” I smile as I get off the bed, I kneel down and rest my head on his lap. He laughs a bit and pets my hair.

“Good girl,” he purrs. He pulls my hair a little and I look up at him.

“Hm?” I tilt my head a little. He just laughs and taps his lap, signaling for me to come to him. I get off the floor and sit on his lap, straddling him so that I am facing him.

“We’re going for a drive, Frost is going to bring you something nice to wear so be a good girl and don’t take too long to get ready alright?” he looks at me with his crystal blue eyes. I smile and nod, he jerks his head to the side, letting me know to get off of him. I get off of his lap and sit down on the bed, I watch him as he leaves the room and pout a bit. Then a smile spreads across my face as his words bounce around my mind. This will be the first time since I was brought here that I’ve been outside.

I bounce up and down a bit in anticipation as I wait for Frosty to bring me my clothes. He arrives a few minutes after Joker left my room, he’s carrying a few boxes as he enters the room. He sets then down and leaves. What a grump.

I hop off the bed and open the bigger box that he set down, there’s a beautiful (F/C) short dress with black accents. It’s strapless and a tad short but I don’t care. It’s beautiful. I open the smaller box and find a pair of five inch black stiletto thigh high boots with “Property of Joker” written down the back of each boot in silver calligraphy. I open the last box to find a beautiful white gold necklace with a marquise cut black onyx stone surrounded by diamond accents along with a pair of matching earrings. I grab a strapless (F/C) bra and matching panties to go with my dress. I strip down and begin to get dressed. I can’t wait to go out with my puddin.


Joker’s POV

I’m standing in front of a full length mirror in my bedroom wearing only boxers. I take out a pair of black dress pants and grab a maroon button down dress shirt.

“What are you doing?” a voice asks.

“You can’t actually think that this is okay.” Another says. I growl, frustrated at the annoying bickering.

“She’s a play thing, she doesn’t need to leave that room,” they continue. I roll my eyes and get dressed, I put on my shoes and leave my room to retrieve (Y/N).

Walking to her room I don’t even bother knocking as I arrive. I open the door and there she is, standing there in the dress I picked out for her. It looks great, it really highlights her ass. HaHa. She turns to face me; the smile on her face is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She’s stunning… No. I can’t be thinking like this. She’s just an ordinary girl, besides I’m the Joker. I don’t do the whole “Love” thing.

“Love?” one of the voices speaks up.

‘I didn’t say that.” I shoot back. I look at (Y/N) and she’s still smiling at me.

I realize she’s waiting for me to give her the okay to come to me. I smiles back at her and she walks towards me. She stands right in front of me and looks up into my eyes.

Her beautiful (E/C) eyes stare into mine. I’m tempted to cancel out trip and just strip her down but she hasn’t left this room since she’s been brought here. Maybe I’ll let her stay in my room from now on. Yeah, that’s sounds like a plan, and hey is she ever gets on my nerves I can throw her back in here. I laugh out loud and she tilts her head to the side curiously.

I grin and wrap my arms around her waist. I can’t stand it anymore, I lean down and crash my lips into hers. Her eyes widen at first but the close soon after, her mouth opens slightly and I invade it with my tongue. She moans softly against my lips, I growl against hers. Her arms wrap around my neck and my hands slide down to her ass, I squeeze and she gasps softly.

“Come on honey, let’s go for a ride.” I say with a laugh.


Dear Diary,

So lately I’ve been wearing a lot of Black and White. Not really sure what has gotten me into this little mood but I like it for the time being. To do black and white in a skater dress was like PERFECTION in my eyes

I saw this little cute number on Fashion To Figure maybe about two months ago. At first I wanted to do a color with it but then the dress is just simply amazing I didn’t want to overdo it. Of course at some point I’m sure I will throw a color on with it.

The dress is made of a scuba material which is a thick but very breathable material. The back is sheer with a medium sized keyhole so just a word of caution (wear a strapless bra OR black bra). It comes with a gold metal belt to bring some shape to the dress. It does run big I ordered a 1x and I’m sure an XL would have been just fine. I paired it with some nude heels, a gold necklace and earrings and was out the door

Dress-fashion to figure
Necklace-Charlotte Russe

Love A Curvy Girl

  • HUMP DAY! (Almost on the better side of the week, friends.)
  • I took Patrick to get some routine blood work done this afternoon and It was so sad. First, they had to poke him in both arms because the first  vein the got wasn’t giving good blood. Second, he put his head down on the little tray that was holding him on my lap in the chair (the anti-faint thingy) and started sobbing when they stuck the needle in his arm the second time. It was covered in his tears and it took all my strength not to cry too. Third, he made an immediate recovery and was blowing kisses to the phlebotomists when we left. 
  • I wore non-weather related boots for the first time in like two weeks today and it is glorious.
  • I have to go to a black tie dinner next month for Jason’s work and I’d rather do ANYTHING else. What the fuck am I going to wear? And please do not even come at me with Rent the Runway because no my chest doesn’t fit into those dresses and a strapless bra is not an option. UGH. No.
The Bad Egg

Summary: You go out for a family Easter dinner, but you couldn’t take the fighting anymore. Dean shows you a better family.

Word Count: 1,250

Warning: Drinking, drunk family, family fighting, fluffy ending

A/N: I guess you get two fics today. I’m sorry if this isn’t the typical Easter fluff fic, but I didn’t have a typical Easter fluff dinner, so here you go. I hope you all enjoy.

“Quite honestly I thought you’d be a bit happier about this whole occasion.” Dean walked behind you, helping you put on the stubborn necklace. “I mean, you haven’t seen your family since you joined the business.”

You finished up with your lipstick, looking in the mirror to make sure everything was right. “I am happy,” you said simply.

“Well you’re doing a crap job showing it.” Dean tightened his tie, then kissed you on the neck softly. “What’s wrong, Y/N?”

“It’s nothing,” you almost spat. “Can we just go?” You began walking to the door.

Dean giggled. “Sure, Y/N. I mean, going to an Easter dinner half naked is completely normal.”

You looked down, finding yourself wearing nothing more than your lace panties and strapless bra. “Damn it!”

“Y/N,” Dean handed you your pink sun dress, “what’s wrong?”

You slid in, frustrated. “It’s nothing.”

“You’re lying.”

“Yep,” you said. “Get used to it.”

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Collins Security AU part 6

Collins Security AU- Part Six

Summary: Angry Stalker, things heat up.

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Pairings: bodyguard!Jensen x reader (Y/N); bodyguard!Jared, boss!Misha

Words: 2,010

Warnings: Swearing, triggers for stalkers, bomb/explosion.

Thank you, as always to Tif, Amanda and Kristin ❤️

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Harry Styles Imagine

Last night was yours and Harry’s 2 year anniversary and you had made a amazing dinner with apple walnut salad, pasta with alfredo sauce and really expensive red wine and you worked your ass off making it. It took at least 3 hours preparing and cooking it. Harry was supposed to be home around 6 after he had done some press work and shit. You waited at least 2 hours waiting for him to come home. You had made yourself look all pretty, curled your hair and put make up on and even bought a new dress. It was short and it had slits in the sides and a low cut front. You had put so much time into this dinner and what you planned on doing after. After 2 and a half hours of waiting you started crying. “Why did he forget?” You whispered to yourself. You walked into your room crying you quickly took your dress off and walked into the bathroom wearing only your panties and strapless bra. You wiped the makeup off your face. You slowly walked back to your room, bawling your eyes out. You took a Rolling Stones shirt out of Harry’s dresser and slid it over your head. You let out another cry and crawled into bed and curled up in a ball. You had fallen asleep and didn’t know what time it was when you heard a car door shut. You quickly got up and ran to the living room, you sat at the table where you had made a beautiful place setting and set candles. Harry slowly closed the front door and walked into the kitchen and turned the light on. “You’re late.” You stated. “Babe, what are you doing up?” He asked. “Well I fell asleep after crying for about a hour if that’s what you mean!” You snapped, raising your voice. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be.” “What time is it?” “Its 4, why?” “So you didn’t mean to be 10 hours late, its only a couple minutes to you. Nothing bad happened.” You yelled. “I didn’t mean too!” It was still dark in the living room so he couldn’t see the table. “Look in the fridge!” You commanded. “Babe-” “LOOK IN THE FUCKING FRIDGE!” You yelled. He slowly opened it and saw all the food you had made put in containers. “Babe, I’m sorry.” “Oh, that’s not even half of it!” You got up and turned the dining room light. “What do you think of the table? Did I do enough work on it?” You let out a small cry. “I-” “IM NOT DONE! Come here!” I started to walk to the room and Harry followed. He instantly saw the new dress on the floor, his eyes were already watery but he was gunna start crying. You walked into the bathroom and picked the trash can up. You showed Harry all the tissues with makeup on them. You walked over to Harry and cupped his face. “Don’t cry, please don’t. I didn’t want to make you cry. I’m sorry.” You started to cry. “Don’t apologize, babe. Its not your fault.” “Harry I-” Harry quickly kissed you. His lips soft and gentle. He slowly pulled away. “You’re wearing my shirt.” He smirked. “Shut up and kiss me, you big fat idiot.” You smiled.

stop sexist dress codes

Don’t stop girls, this year, from wearing shorts, skirts, tank tops, or strapless shirts because it might be “distracting”. It’s hot in the summer and it’s uncomfortable to wear a pair of long pants because of your stupid rules.  I will not cover myself up anymore because it can’t distract boys and male faculty members. If my thighs, shoulders, bra straps, legs, or stomach do distract them, teach them to respect women.  Teach them to be respectful, and don’t let them think they have the right to touch me without permission. You’re unintentionally teaching rape culture.  You are teaching boys that they have control over us, but they don’t.  This is my body, my clothing choice and you have no say in it. I want to wear something comfortable this year, during early summer, and not be sent to the principal’s office. I want to be able to walk around in shorts without an extra layer, in a crop top without an extra layer below it, wear a tanktop without a sweater, anything else that might be uncomfortable. Let us wear what we want, no more gender discriminating dress codes, because I refuse to obey the rules that enforce rape culture and slut shaming and keep our sexist society in place.  I refuse to listen to your rules because “boys will be boys” teach them to respect us and control themselves, and stop teaching rape culture and slut shaming.