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Prompt #14 and #23: “Okay, so I kissed you to get a girl off my back but it turns our I can’t stop thinking about you” and “Why did you invite him? No I’m not jealous. Okay, maybe a little.”

Author: Caitsy

Warnings: Fluff, language, Tyler and Cody’s leaked private videos (mentioned), and awkwardness.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs either. No hate towards Britt either, this is work of fiction and not real

Summary: Dylan and you have always close. You been there for every role, audition, and relationship. What happens when under tension Dylan kissed you? Will the feelings be declared or will the awkwardness sever your friendship?

Requested: Yes. Anonymous.

A/N I have not watched Cody and Tyler’s leaked videos, nor has the reader in this. She offers support as did I. Enjoy.


Prompt List

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Dylan was your best friend and always had been since you were young. It started when you were cast in the mandatory Christmas play your class put on. You were by his side when he got his first role in both television and a movie. You were there giving advice when he met Britt and you were there when they broke up after a couple years together. You grew up with a large crush.

You got over it when it was apparent you were his best friend and nothing more. You had been in a few relationships over the years that never lasted more than two years. You defected as you compared every guy to your best friend.

Dylan had invited you to a cast party with the Teen Wolf cast to celebrate the last season being nearing the end. You had agreed saying you would meet him there because you had to do something.

“Are you sure?” Your friend, Darry, said wiping his hands on his jeans.

“Yeah. I have a feeling you’ll get along with some of the people.” You grinned before tugging him towards the building.

Darry and you met in a creative writing class back in college. You were co-writing a book that was both horror and romance, he was the one with the romance ideas while you did most of the horror parts. It was a secret project that nobody put your shared publisher knew about.

“Okay.” He gulped opening the door for you.

The entire cast, both past and present, was there mingling with each other while music played. Everyone had a drink in their hand while some people were at the snack table.

“Y/N!” Crystal smiled pulling you into a hug, “It’s been so long! Thank you for sending the signed book! I loved it.”

“I thought you would.” You chuckled pulling back to get a good look at Tyler Posey’s on screen first love. She was as gorgeous as the day you first met and bonded so well.

“Who’s this?” Holland asked coming closer with a drink and pout. The strawberry blonde girl was wearing a Lydia outfit that she had been given.

“This is my friend Darry.” You smiled as the girls talked with the man. Your eyes met Dylan Sprayberry before he turned back to talk to Cody.

You were ecstatic that both Cody and Tyler had shown up given how they were embarrassed they had been over the news. Majority of the cast hadn’t brought up the elephant in the room but you were going to off your apologizes for the situation.

Cody and Tyler had hit the news about someone leaking private videos that were very much meant for one person. Not the entire world. You were among the ones to tweet about how unfortunate the world was with people not respecting privacy and law not being stricter on the matter. The boys deserved to enjoy this time as a major part of their career ended on a high note.

You excused yourself before you came up to see Cody.

“Hey guys.” You grinned at each one of them.

“Thank you for defending both Tyler and I.” Cody smiled hugging you close, “You have no idea how much I appreciate it.”

“You’re my friend. Of course I’m going to defend you, not like Sprayberry here you matter too much for me to not.” You said squeezing his arm.

“Ditto.” Tyler laughed as he joined the group, “Dylan’s looking for you.”

“Ah.” You said retreating to find the mole speckled boy.

You found your best friend frantically looking all over the party while hiding behind Hoechlin. You laughed as he turned to see you just in time for Hoechlin to move away. You saw the girl before Dylan quickly came up to you.

“I apologize in advance for the awkwardness.” He said before you were pulled into a kiss.

You closed your eyes as you pulled his closer by the back of his neck. The entire party froze as they finally saw their OTP kissing and the upset girl that stormed out of the building. You just continued before Dylan back and nipping your lip. The awkwardness grew until you spoke.

“I better go. Darry is nervous not knowing anymore here.” You said before fleeing back to Darry, Crystal and Holland.

“What was that?” Holland asked shocked, “When did you guys get together?”

“We aren’t.” You blushed pushing a strand of hair back.


You were on your third beer as you talked with Darry trying hard not to think about Dylan, you had danced with Darry. You felt eyes on the back your head and the heat of it make you shift. You turned to see Dylan spin around to talk with Daniel and Shelley.

“Excuse me.” You smiled at Darry before getting another drink. You felt your best friend brush against you as you both grabbed a can.

“Why did you kiss me?” You questioned not meeting his eyes. He was quiet for a minute before replying.

“Okay, so I kissed you to get a girl off my back but it turns out I can’t stop thinking about you.” Dylan sighed, “It probably wasn’t a good idea to kiss the girl I’ve had a crush on for years.”

“What?” You chocked shocked, “You like me?”

‘Yeah…” He trailed off before shifting uncomfortable.

“I like you too!” You announced before you pulled him into another kiss. He kissed back until he pulled away.

“You should get back to your date.” He said with pain in his voice.

“He’s not my date.”

“Why did you invite him? No I’m not jealous.” He rambled, “Okay, maybe a little.”

“Dyl, he’s my writing from college. He’s happily single and we’re co-writing a novel but it’s top-secret so keep it quiet.”

“Oh.” He said, “So can we call this our first date?”

“NO!” Everyone exclaimed.

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Any cute idea's to do in Valentine's Day when you're in a LDR??

this my time to Shine, omg ❤❤

  • is a screen mirroring site that has chat and voice/video call functions and is super good !! you can binge watch something or watch a movie or listen to music or take buzzfeed quizzes or literally Anything, it’s great
  • mail a love letter/crafts to each other !! stamps aren’t too terribly expensive and some crafts can even fit it envelopes !! you can include pictures and all kinds of stuff !!
  • skype, of course
  • if you write and/or sing, you could write a poem or a song or just feelings in general or sing a cover/original song for ur partner ??
  • if you draw, you can draw + mail them something or draw + scan + send it to them ??
  • shower them w affection throughout the day using whatever app etc you use to message them
  • make them a playlist of songs that make you think of them etc !!
  • send them flowers (bc sometimes there are discounts available and you can pay w a card so states/countries don’t always have to factor into the cost !!)
  • has basically Everything and is super cheap, shipping takes a little while but it’s super worth it for the ridiculously low cost. so you can send them something that doesn’t have to be valentines day specific !!
  • if you have Money you can do buildabear stuff online and send it to them !!
  • similarly, you could put together a care package for them including whatever you want !! (ideas: a shirt/sweater/hoodie of yours, a stuffed animal, a book you like, a flashdrive with a playlist on it, pressed flowers, nonperishable candy, crafty stuff, ???)
  • anything from the heart honestly like basically think about (or ask tbh) what they would enjoy and go from there 💕

-mod 🌹

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butter pecan and peach? 🍑🍃

favorite songs for life?

Someone Like You - Adele

Valerie - Amy Winehouse 

This Girl - City and Colour 

how do you relax? 

I watch youtube videos and go on tumblr :D 

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Hey stranger! I'm a Patti Lupone fan who never bothered to watch a SU video until her song. So genuine question. for S.U, is the song just shit, or in your opinion is she just half assing it? I know her diction has always been *cough* shit *cough* for the most part. But this song just seems so bad. On so many levels. Since you are someone who clearly knows more about S.U than I do. Do you think it's PL being shit, or the team not knowing her voice? Or even not knowing they had to know her voice

i think they way the song is written is very bizarre the tempo is weird and its definitely not a song thats in the style PL would usually sing. i think its bad musical and vocal direction because its a very confusing and all over the place song. i dont really know what happened in the booth maybe patti didnt give it her all i dont know but the song definitely doesnt match what she usually sings

After when I saw a video from the React Channel that where they had a number of videos to watch where they couldn’t sing along to or dance to, so I decided to try it myself with ALL THE WAY (because it’s one of my favorite songs that I listen on a daily basis :) I thought when I was doing this it would be a piece of cake, but as I was listening to the song, it was a lot harder than I realized.  I lost around the 30 second mark, The Chorus get’s me every time! 

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Not singing and dancing to this song for me was very difficult.  I just love this song so much and it makes me happy that the reason I listen to this on a daily basis is because it makes me happy and energetic! 

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i was tagged by @oikyams thank u so much!!♡♡

relationship status: single (do i look like i have a relationship lol)
fav colour: purple, black and pink
pets: i have a cat named dirty face
last song i listened to: mamamoo - decalcomanie
favourite tv show: himym
Favorite place: home
First fandom: i was a fan of ashley tisdale i had fan accounts and all those stuff does that count lol
Hobbies: sleeping, reading books, doing sports, watching make up videos lol, doing make up, watching tv series, listening music
Books that I’m currently reading: aziz nesin - şimdiki çocuklar harika (i guess it translates to ‘kids nowadays are great’ or sth like that)
Favorite book: no longer human by osamu dazai
Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: i havent tasted lots of different things so i’ll go with spinach because i hatE it

i’m tagging @todokoris @iuniversefingers @matsvhanas @kings-of-karasuno @holesaresentient & anyone who wants to do this
of course, u don’t have to do it if u don’t want to!!

Do you know what’s the scariest thing about kpop?

Is when an artist/group catches your eye and you like one of their songs..then start listening to more more videos..

Then you start looking up some information about them (age, position…etc)..and start watching their interviews

Before you know it, you are reading fanfics and reactions about them, blogging and tweeting their photos and your playlist is FILLED with their music

You know what I mean…

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Well, It’s time I use all that technology in my pocket and do something fun with it! Clothes moving in slow motion! me doing weird faces when I move in slow motion! It’s all here!

All this studies will definetly help me draw clothes in motion and clothes in all kinds of action poses, I just need to start drawing now!!!

Song: “don’t leave me here now” by Aryll Fae

Thanks for watching this video and remember to Subscribe for the best drawing lessons, tutorials and videos on How to draw eyes, head, the human body and more! All using Photoshop, Manga Studio, Sketchbook Pro and more!

Get To Know Me Questions

1. What is your full name? 

2. What is your nickname? 

3. What is your zodiac sign?  

4. What is your favorite book series? 

5. Do you believe in aliens or ghosts? 

6. Who is your favorite author? 

7. What is your favorite radio station? 

8. What is your favorite flavor of anything? 

9. What word would you use often to describe something great or wonderful? 

10. What is your current favorite song? 

11. What is your favorite word? 

12. What was the last song you listened to? 

13. What TV show would you recommend for everybody to watch? 

14. What is your favorite movie to watch when you’re feeling down? 

15. Do you play video games? 

16. What is your biggest fear? 

17. What is your best quality, in your opinion? 

18. What is your worst quality, in your opinion? 

19. Do you like cats or dogs better? 

20. What is your favorite season? 

21. Are you in a relationship? 

22. What is something you miss from your childhood? 

23. Who is your best friend? 

24. What is your eye color? 

25. What is your hair color? 

26. Who is someone you love? 

27. Who is someone you trust? 

28. Who is someone you think about often? 

29. Are you currently excited about/for something? 

30. What is your biggest obsession? 

31. What was your favorite TV show as a child? 

32. Who of the opposite gender can you tell anything to, if anyone? 

33. Are you superstitious? 

34. Do you have any unusual phobias? 

35. Do you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind it? 

36. What is your favorite hobby? 

37. What was the last book you read? 

38. What was the last movie you watched? 

39. What musical instruments do you play, if any? 

40. What is your favorite animal? 

41. What are your top 5 favorite Tumblr blogs that you follow? 

42. What superpower do you wish you had? 

43. When and where do you feel most at peace? 

44. What makes you smile? 

45. What sports do you play, if any? 

46. What is your favorite drink? 

47. When was the last time you wrote a hand-written letter or note to somebody? 

48. Are you afraid of heights? 

49. What is your biggest pet peeve? 

50. Have you ever been to a concert? 

51. Are you vegan/vegetarian? 

52. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

53. What fictional world would you like to live in? 

54. What is something you worry about? 

55. Are you scared of the dark? 

56. Do you like to sing? 

57. Have you ever skipped school? 

58. What is your favorite place on the planet? 

59. Where would you like to live? 

60. Do you have any pets? 

61. Are you more of an early bird or a night owl? 

62. Do you like sunrises or sunsets better? 

63. Do you know how to drive?

64. Do you prefer earbuds or headphones? 

65. Have you ever had braces? 

66. What is your favorite genre of music? 

67. Who is your hero? 

68. Do you read comic books? 

69. What makes you the most angry? 

70. Do you prefer to read on an electronic device or with a real book? 

71. What is your favorite subject in school? 

72. Do you have any siblings? 

73. What was the last thing you bought? 

74. How tall are you? 

75. Can you cook? 

76. What are three things that you love? 

77. What are three things that you hate? 

78. Do you have more female friends or more male friends? 

79. What is your sexual orientation? 

80. Where do you currently live? 

81. Who was the last person you texted? 

82. When was the last time you cried? 

83. Who is your favorite YouTuber? 

84. Do you like to take selfies? 

85. What is your favorite app? 

86. What is your relationship with your parent(s) like? 

87. What is your favorite foreign accent? 

88. What is a place that you’ve never been to, but you want to visit? 

89. What is your favorite number? 

90. Can you juggle? 

91. Are you religious? 

92. Do you find outer space of the deep ocean to be more interesting? 

93. Do you consider yourself to be a daredevil? 

94. Are you allergic to anything? 

95. Can you curl your tongue? 

96. Can you wiggle your ears? 

97. How often do you admit that you were wrong about something? 

98. Do you prefer the forest or the beach? 

99. What is your favorite piece of advice that anyone has ever given you? 

100. Are you a good liar? 

101. What is your Hogwarts House? 

102. Do you talk to yourself? 

103. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 

104. Do you keep a journal/diary? 

105. Do you believe in second chances? 

106. If you found a wallet full of money on the ground, what would you do? 

107. Do you believe that people are capable of change? 

108. Are you ticklish? 

109. Have you ever been on a plane? 

110. Do you have any piercings? 

111. What fictional character do you wish was real? 

112. Do you have any tattoos? 

113. What is the best decision that you’ve made in your life so far? 

114. Do you believe in karma? 

115. Do you wear glasses or contacts? 

116. Do you want children? 

117. Who is the smartest person you know? 

118. What is your most embarrassing memory? 

119. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? 

120. What color are most of you clothes? 

121. Do you like adventures? 

122. Have you ever been on TV? 

123. How old are you? 

124. What is your favorite quote? 

125. Do you prefer sweet or savory foods? 

Stop the Hate

The next time you feel the need to say something mean or unkind, or feel the need to point out people’s flaws or feel like you have to publicly disparage or humiliate someone, take a second to read this. It’s a reminder that stopping the hate in this world starts with us. Right here, right now. 

If you don’t have something nice to say, put the phone down, take your hands off the keyboard.  Don’t reply with a snotty comment, don’t hit send on that anonymous ask, don’t retweet the bullshit.  Go for a walk, watch a cat video, sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs, do anything but spread the hate. Be the better person.  

Cancer Crew Ask Challenge

1. Who did you find first?
2. Do you prefer Joji or Frank?
3. What are your opinions on Chad, aka anything4views, aka Fat Cunt?
4. Have you seen all 3 cake videos without gagging or throwing up?
5. When you first got into The Cancer Crew, who was your favorite?
6. Who is your favorite member now?
7. What is your favorite Pink Guy song?
8. Favorite color of Max’s vomit?
9. Do you think angry Max is obnoxious or funny?
10. Do you ship any of them?
11. Are you ashamed of these ships and make fun of them, but low key go on the tag?
12. Would you get a tattoo on your butt if Pink Guy was giving it to you?
13. Favorite Joji song?
14. Do you like Kickstarter Crap or Bad Unboxing videos more?
15. Would you have ate all the cakes if it meant hanging out with the group?
16. Do you watch HowToBasic?
17. Are you subscribed to all of their side channels?
18. Do you have friends who watch them or is it like a secret passion of yours?
19. Are you subscribed to all of Max’s channels?
20. Do you make cancerous references to yourself or to other people?
21. What movie would you love to see the boys reenact?
22. Do you love when Joji breaks out of the Frank voice, get annoyed, or just don’t care?
23. Do you know where all the members are from?
24. Agree or Disagree: Bring back Jojivlogs
25. Are you all caught up on the Filthy Frank lore?
26. What is your favorite video from them?
27. Do you get excited whenever Max cross dresses in a video?
28. Do you follow them all on social media? (Including Chad and HowToBasic)
29. Are you active in the fandom? (make edits, write fanfiction/imagines, run a blog dedicated to just them, make fanart)
30. Fuck, Marry, Kill: Max, Joji, Ian

[Assuming people actually see this,
This can be taken as a “Ask me which to answer” or a “Hey I’m gonna answer all these even if none of you want it” kinda thing.



Hello again!

I had so much fun editing this video and I can say that I love all of these 6 cuties. Yoi is so amazing! They absolutely made me love all characters so that I wanted everybody to win. I mean at the beginning I didn’t like Yuri at all, because he was so mean all the time but then he showed Yuuri how to do it right and since ep 12 I’m in love with him and Phichit, or JJ ಡ﹏ಡ all these feels …
Song I used:… (original by Katy Perry) “I won’t just conformNo matter how you shake my coreCause my roots they run deepOh ye of so little faithDon’t doubt it, don’t doubt itVictory is in my veinsI know it, I know itAnd I will not negotiateI’ll fight it, I’ll fight itI will transform”
SM is not appreciating Lay enough. Please repost.

I want more people to see this. Please repost. People need to see what Lay, Zhang Yixing, has done.

I was just watching EXO Monster music video, the Chinese version. A lot of people were saying Lay wasn’t getting enough lines in M versions and how it’s a Chinese song where the Chinese get two lines. Then you get comments like:

“Well everyone needs to remember that everyone has their designated roles in the group. Lay has improved greatly in terms of singing, and he is indeed better than he used to be, but he came to SM as a dancer. Just because he’s Chinese does not mean he has the right to all the lines.“

“Maybe Lay’s voice didn’t suit some lines within the song in comparison to the other members.“

“The problem is that he can’t sing as well as baek and kyungie.”

“…because LAY has too much personal activities…”

I don’t even want to continue.

People keep saying ‘Why do Chinese members keep leaving’ and how Chinese people always ‘leave for money’. Look, Lay is here staying in the group and not going for the money and supporting his brothers, he is keeping to his words ‘we are one’. Yes, it’s true that Lay has his own personal studio in China and is doing variety shows and dramas in China but he still has to give SM a big part of his income. Don’t know whether it’s 100% accurate but according to a website in China, half of Yixing’s personal studio staff was employed by SM and Yixing has to give 70% of his income to SM. Well, 30% of is income is actually a lot considering how well he’s doing in China but bare in mind Yixing is the one doing all the work and he has to give SM 70% of it. 

Lay has make his way into the Chinese market and had gotten so popular recently starring in variety shows like Go Fighting and honestly, he can do so much better and so much more if he left the group and focus on his career in China but is he leaving? No. He’s not leaving. The reason why Chinese members keep leaving is because of this. This is a song in Mandarin and a Chinese members get two lines. TWO FUCKING LINES. Kris and Tao used to get one lines or two lines in songs and maybe not even have a proper line in K versions. If you search Kris voice on YouTube, someone made a compilation of his solo lines from MAMA to Overdose (M and K version included) you would find that he only had 8.33 minutes overall. And for Tao, he only got 4 minutes. There is a reason why members want to seek for more opportunities and want be able to do more. There are members like Sehun where all his lines were E-X-O (well he did have more lines in Love Me Right and recent songs).

How do you expect them to still stay when people like Kris who trained for 7 years, not knowing whether he’s going to debut and when he does, he get two lines in a song(except raps) and would always be placed at the back while performing live. He was originally supposed to debut after training for 3 years but the date got pushed back and SM told him, ‘Just wait another year.’ Another year became two years, three years, four years. He had became the foreign trainee who has trained for the longest time in SM. How do you expect him to still stay? I don’t even want to go into how Kris’s body conditions were and how he has serious problems with his body. See how well Kris doing in China and even starred in Hollywood films, would he be doing that if he stayed? 

Back to Lay. I hate it when people say stuff like “Lay only focus on his career in China and doesn’t even do EXO stuff anymore.” Excuse me, how dare you say that. Yes, Yixing did spend a lot of time in China filming and doing variety shows but he’s trying so hard to keep up with both EXO and himself. Let me tell you Lay’s schedule and after this you wouldn’t dare say he doesn’t try. 

This is his schedule for the past two months. 


5th-Beijing to Gimpo

9th-Incheon to Shanghai

13th-Back to Korea

18th-Incheon to Beijing

19th-<To Be A Better Man> Conference

20th-Beijing to Seoul

23th-Incheon to Xiamen

25th-Xiamen to Shanghai

28th-Hongqiao to Seoul


5th-Seoul to Shanghai

6th-<Old Nine Gates> Conference

6th-Premiere of <To Be A Better Man>

7th-Back to Korea

8th-EXO comeback showcase

This was his schedule for the past two months. How dare you say that Yixing is not doing enough EXO stuff. Not a normal person can bear with the stress and tiredness flying almost every two days. Why do you think he keeps flying back to Korea? He could have stayed in China since he has so many conference to go to. It’s because EXO comeback has a lot of planning and practicing to do. If he has ‘given in to money’ like some people like to say, why do you think Yixing has given up his time for resting and flying back and forth China and Korea. If he has really ‘given in to money’ why shouldn’t he just leave? Why does he keeps mentioning EXO in China? At the end of interviews he would always tell people to not only support him but also EXO. He doesn’t need to do any of that. He really don’t. He could’ve just left and continue what he’s doing in China. But he keeps his promises. He promised to stay with the members, he promised to not leave, he promised to prove that Chinese people are trustworthy. 

You can’t judge Yixing if you haven’t tied sandbags to your body to practice dancing for almost two years just because you think your dancing wasn’t going anywhere, it was to a point where he can’t even stand up because of the damages he has done to his waist. You can’t judge Yixing if you haven’t seen the amount of time he puts into making a ‘better Zhang Yixing’. You can’t judge Yixing if you haven’t had a cramping leg but still managed to finished a short interview and the whole Love Me Right choreography and immediately collapsed to the ground after the performance. These are all happening when people call him names like “attention seeking bitch”. He is still standing. He doesn’t deserve all this. He doesn’t even to work half as hard but chose to because he wants to prove to all those people who judged him, who attacks him, who call him names. If you haven’t gone through what Yixing has gone through, what gives you the right to judge him? 

“Hope that I will be able to let the others see, everything of Zhang Yixing is good, only then I feel it’s really amazing. Let the others see he result, the process ins’t really that important.”-ZhangYixing 

If you’re judging him or has judged him, think about whether you’ll be able to go through all this and still put on a smile for everyone.

Zhang Yixing is so hardworking and is such an amazing human being. SM need to change, and SM need to appreciate the effort Yixing is putting into EXO. 

We’ve already lost three members, we couldn’t afford to lose more.


Defacing My Book

So I deliberately defaced my copy of Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. Normally, I try to keep my books in pristine bookstore condition but recently I watched a video that swayed my convictions.

There are so many books in perfect condition out there, but doing this makes the book more yours, it adds so much personal touch to it.

Besides, I have always loved art in books. So why not make my own?

Note: The words are song lyrics. The lyrics on Eleanor’s side in from ‘She’s a Rainbow’ by The Rolling Stones and the the lyrics on Park’s side is from ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ by The Beatles


1) Even if theres NO MV for REMAIN comeback, it is super important to stream album on the various korean music sites once it is released! It is the least we can do to help KNK, and put them on the charts. 

2) Continuously promote KNK’s REMAIN comeback (i guess we all felt that this era was the one that will push them up in fame) so let’s not disappoint them further. The boys put in so much effort into the album - especially Youjin and Heejun who wrote lyrics and helped compose their songs respectively.

3) Watch/Stream their Live stage performances (on youtube/uploaded wherever) especially their comeback stages in the first week of promotions, it might be the video that will help to pull in fans since there is no MV

It might be tough for a rookie group from a small company to promote without a music video but with mass amount of efforts from tinkerbells, we can still make it an enjoyable era for KNK!

blue night radio ♡ 170106
translation: notbaesuji

nine: what do you do when you can’t sleep?
jonghyun: i look for videos.
nine: erotic ones? (laughs)
jonghyun: what are you talking about?! what?! nowadays they’re all blocked! (…) i just lie down. blank. but it’s just words; i move and write songs. i also watch videos, sometimes violent or crushing (ie: depressing) videos or videos that fit the heat, too (if it’s warm outside). [note: the tone of the conversation made it seem like he was likely referring to horror movies, namely because they’re considered appropriate to watch during warm weather in korea.]
nine: oh, if you watch those you can probably sleep well.
jonghyun: i also have nightmares (if i watch them) …

blue night radio ♡ 161103
translation: thatcoolcatmeow

topic: jonghyun played “멍하니 있어 (staring into space)” during the broadcast, to which a listener sent in a message asking whether or not they would be able to “listen to it” at his upcoming concerts. (ie: whether or not he’s going to be performing it.)
jonghyun: um …, i have this thing. how should i put it into words …, telling without discussing with my company? (laughs) giving out spoilers? i’m good at that. i tend to not give out spoilers for shinee’s work, but i do for solo work. since my mood isn’t that great today i’m going to try to feel better by talking about this. i filmed some videos for the concert today. i filmed a lot of videos for various concepts. you’ll be able to listen to new songs at this concert, too. not only the blue night songs, but also songs that you have not listened to before. you can watch them when you come to the concert. i’m really worried. it’s only about a month away now.