do not use elevators

Reminder to Abled people

The “perks” disabled people receive are not perks to the disabled. They only seem like perks if you have full bodily function. They aren’t benefits at all, they are the minimum required effort to help disabled people and they barely cut it. 

Special seating is to fit a wheel chair, our butts and legs are in the same amount of space as you. We’re also cramped and uncomfortable and in pain, don’t be telling us how you have it worse. Most of those seats aren’t even in good spots in the theater. 

Special parking is so we can even access the store. The walk from the middle of the lot for you is the same as the walk/wheel from the front of the lot for us. Many of us can barely make it inside from the handicapped parking.

Boarding planes first is because it takes extra time to do everything, including get in and out of chairs. They do not want US to block YOU. This is for YOUR benefit. 

This also applies to the special lines at roller coasters- They do not want US to block YOU, the majority, from having a good time. Odds are a disabled person can only ride a few rides before having to go home (as well as many rides bar people with health conditions), few to no disabled people are using this line. It is a SAFETY precaution as well, because a disabled person cannot handle the strain of waiting in line in the heat as long as an abled person can. In fact, most abled people barely tolerate it. Why would you expect a disabled person to not pass out and need emergency services and halt the line if abled people do it, too?

Using the Elevator is not a privilege. How the hell are we supposed to get wheel chairs, damaged body parts, and our generous helping of pain up the stairs? If you think this is a benefit, pinch yourself immediately because you are dreaming. And yes, elevators often make disabled people with sensitive constitutions (most of us) feel ill. It’s not even pleasant. 

Being Granted extra time on tests is because many of our brains freeze up when placed in a stressful situation. It also often takes longer for us to remember or process a question or answer. If you have testing anxiety, you are eligible too! Do not think it is limited to disabled people and it is a benefit. It’s so we don’t fail every test. It’s so we can KEEP UP with you. 

“Getting” to take their dogs everywhere, is the most misconceived of them all. The dog is specially trained to preform a task so we do not DIE suddenly in public. Sure, the dogs are loyal friends, but I am not exaggerating when I say it is to prevent DEATH. Please understand the dog is for personal safety. Like a rescue inhaler or an alarm. Do not complain that you cannot have a dog in public and do not bother our dogs. You are downplaying our illness. It is both rude and cruel. Are you at risk of dying suddenly that could be easily preventable with an assistant? No? Then leave us and our service animals alone because it is none of your business. 

Please think about WHY disabled people need this rather than decry the whole system that barely supports us. I am sure you mean well, but if you think that these things are “perks” or “benefits”, then you are part of the problem. 

A large population of disabled people don’t even get access to all of these things because of the extremely harmful “faker for benefits” mindset that has been widely adapted. It is killing us. Literally. Please be considerate of the needs of all human beings, not just those like you. 

One day, I hope I’ll be able to write exposition half as good as this…

There’s this notion that I keep seeing that privileged people benefit from oppression of another class, and it’s an idea I never saw when I first started learning sociological theory.

Back in like 2012, tumblr was all about including men in feminism and talking about how feminism would benefit everybody because it would do away with homophobia/homoantagonism and toxic masculinity, etc.

Like… to say that privileged groups (if not individuals) actively benefit from oppression is to erase the performative aspect of privilege; entry to privilege is determined by the privileged (see: Straight determines Straight) and if you deviate Too Much from their expectations, they revoke your right to reap the benefits of membership.

For example, despite all the campaigns about how Real Men Cry or whatever, the prevailing cognitive understanding that society holds is that crying is not masculine, and men who cry are shameful. This is sets a very hard limit on the emotions that a man is capable of showing, which is absolutely a kind of marginalization (but not inherently oppression).

To put it another way, if a cis man wears a dress, would he not face tangible violence from society at large regardless of what he claims his gender is? Is it the same as systemic legal disenfranchisement? Of course not. But a cis man in a dress has less social power than a cis man following social norms. And that power difference is rooted in transphobia/transantagonism. Whether or not it necessarily is the same experience is debatable, but transphobia/transantagonism is inexorably linked to rigid gender roles and toxic masculinity and homophobia/misogyny and other systems that actively hurt both oppressed and privileged classes.

Orientation-wise, people have discussed how coercive heterocentricism can negatively impact people who have never thought about their own orientations before, regardless of if they would turn out straight in the end anyway.

Even aside from gender and orientation, does anyone really benefit from ableism? A student experiencing one-off anxiety will likely not receive any more accommodation than somebody with an anxiety disorder with no legal documentation of it. How often do able-bodied people feel awkward about using the elevator? And how many often do disabled folks feel similarly awkward about how soon it’ll be before somebody makes them justify their right to use accessibility features? Again, abled people are not systemically disenfranchised and stigmatized, but both classes would benefit from a world where nobody gatekeeps disability or bats an eye at accommodations.

The problem with the Us vs Them model of privilege and oppression is that it seeks to create new power structures alongside the existing ones, instead of dismantling the entire notion of power itself. If you let people do what they need to do (whether it’s using the elevator or wearing a dress) without trying to retroactively judge the validity of their experiences, then everybody gets an equal playing field to be themselves freely and openly. After all, the number of elevators (ie resources) that exist in a space should be determined by usage statistics, and not by some statistic of how many disabled people there are present.

Exclusive labels will always leave out a grey population or fringe groups of marginalization.  Everybody oppresses each other and that’s a fact of life and intersectionality. What needs to happen is an abolishment of the systems that keep everyone down; true revolution means aligning not through labels but through ideologies. Even Marx said that when the time comes to overthrow capitalism, some bourgeoisie will align themselves with the revolution. Disability and gender are social constructs that exist because people in power say they do, but those people in power would benefit more in the end from saying they don’t.

Tables Turned {Yoo Kihyun} ~Happy One Month!!~

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Prompt:  smut prompt idea for kihyun: he’s been teasing you all day and you decide to tease him back in bed that night (sub Kihyun, femdom reader). needy and whiny Kihyuns pretty good too.

Pairing: Kihyun x Reader

Word Count: 2.9k

Warning: toys (cock ring, butt plug), overstimulation, mommy kink, humiliation (of the reader), thigh riding, sub!Kihyung, 

|| Requests Open || Smut Game 1 || Smut Game 2 || BTS Masterlist || GOT7 Masterlist || 

**Teasing really turned into punishing, hope you like it !!

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Elevator Music: Dorm

Wednesday’s used to mean making out with Jaehyun, but now they just leave you wanting nothing more than to curl up in his lap and sleep.

BACK BY FUCKING POPULAR DEMAND JUNG JAEHYUN -_____- if this becomes a series or some shit i’m suing all yall enjoy ^^

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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The Reader is Tony’s younger sister (a few years) and she loves her hair red, so she dyes it a lot. Tony is more scared of her than Gibbs, and SUPER-PROTECTIVE over her. And Gibbs has super obvious feelings for her. Like, he treats her a lot like Abby, but more flirtatious, and Reader returns his feelings. [Reader is basically the sassier, significantly smarter version of Tony] Please?!?!

A/n - Okay I personally dont think Gibbs would go for someone that young so I made her older than Tony but still younger than Gibbs

Title : Campfire

Pairing : Gibbs x Dinozzo!Reader

POV : Third person

Word Count : 1201

Beta reader : The lovely @lostdreamsanddeadroses

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It was a quiet night at NCIS. Everyone was working, minding their own business. (well if minding your own business involves sitting at your desk, finishing a case file while throwing scrunched up paper balls at your sleeping partner to see how long it would take him to realize what was going on then yeah that)

A typical end to the night.

As if on cue the charming Anthony Dinozzo storms into the bullpen, face contorted in frustration.

“Camp fire!” he yelled slamming the recorder on his desk causing Ziva to run to his desk and smile as McGee woke up disoriented and confused by the scraps of paper that surrounded him.

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Show and Tell

PAIRING: reader x Steve Rogers 



Request from Anon- Hey love :) I hope I can give you an idea for an imagine cause of my bday. You and Steve are a couple and all the other Avengers ship you a lot. Then on time at another one of Tony’s party the guys tease Steve a bit that he barely has sexual experience and he gets all flustered. Then you take him back to your shared apartment to get him in safety. You cuddle on the couch but then things start to get heated and Steve isn’t that shy boy anymore? I don’t know, something like that maybe if you want.

Some Steve smut for you all again! Also sorry for the wait for this for the Anon who requested this, hopefully the makes up for the wait :) Enjoy! 


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Tony Stark’s annual party was one if not the social event to the year. People from around the world would kill to be a part of the glitz and glamor. The expensive booze, world leaders mingling with superheros. It was the event to be a part of, but to you it wasn’t the actual even that you looked forward to. It was the after party; just the avengers sitting together after all of the guests had gone home. It was were you could all relax in each others company and not have to worry about the stresses of saving the world or fighting evil villains. It also gave you time to actually see your boyfriend for the first time during the evening. Dating Steve Rogers meant that a lot of people wanted to talk to him during the night, be it politicians, army veterans or the general public. Everyone wanted to say that they had met Captain America. 

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SummaryYou’re friends with all the 5sos boys but are unintentionally a little more touchy-feely and close to one of the boys and all the others notice and joke about it.

~ requested ~ || Requests are open

“Touchy Feely”

You were in a Vegas Penthouse suite with Calum, Michael, Ashton, and Luke. 5 Seconds of Summer had a day off from meetings, tour preparations, and song writing. It was beautiful day, the sun high in the sky and shining brightly. It was just a matter of how to spend the day.

Michael was sat on the floor with his back against the center table and a Nintendo switch in his hands. Calum was on the single seat couch with his legs over the armrest and his back against the other as he scrolled through the endless notifications on his phone. You were laid on the long couch with your head rested on Luke’s lap and he ran his left fingers through your hair while intertwining the right with yours.

“What are we doing today?” Ashton asked when he returned from the kitchen with a bag of crisps.

“We could hit the pool,” Luke suggested.

“I think I’ll stay here,” Michael replied, focused on his game, and frankly, not a fan of the outside.

Calum sat up straight on his seat and placed his phone down on the table. “I’m down,” he said.

“Me, too,” Ashton agreed. “[Y/N], what about you?”

You sat up and nodded, “Alright, let’s go.”

The four of you dispersed from the living room to change into swimwear.

“Luke?” you called from your room as you struggled to tie a decent knot with the straps behind your back. Luke’s head popped out of the doorway. “Yeah?” he asked. You turned around to show him the untied straps of your bikini top. “Help,” you said. Luke walked inside and tied the straps for you.

“Hey,” Calum said from the doorway, “are you guys ready?”

“Yeah,” Luke answered as soon as he finished tying the straps. You followed Luke out of the room. “I could’ve tied it for you,” Calum whispered from behind you.

You whipped your head around and glared at Calum. “Shut up,” you told him. Calum chuckled at your defensiveness. 

“Have fun!” Michael yelled from the living room as the four of you left.

The pool area was gorgeous and spacious. The pool was in the shape of an infinity sign and the outside of the area was lined with palm trees. The place was filled with people who were looking for a great time and cocktails and margaritas in their hands. There were rows after rows pool lounge chairs and cabanas. Music was blasted by the DJ and there was a bar set up with waiters and waitresses to serve guests.

“Need help?” Luke asked when he saw you were applying sunscreen.

“Yes please,” you handed him the bottle and turned your back towards him.

He squirted sunscreen onto his hands and rubbed it onto your back. You caught Ashton and Calum watching with smirks on their faces. “What?” you asked the two. “Nothin’,” Calum replied smugly.

“Me next,” Ashton teased Luke. Luke rolled his eyes and aimed the sunscreen bottle at Ashton. Ashton flinched as the bottle hit him right in the arm. “Ouch,” he joked, rubbing his arm.

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||Whose side are you on?|| *Part 3*

(Reader’s P.O.V)

Six days have passed by, each day that passed, more people were taken.
“Liam, (Y/N), I need you three to keep the ghost riders distracted while Lydia, Malia, and I try to bring Stiles back.“Scott ordered.
"How do we do that?’‘Liam asked.
"Good luck guys."I whispered as I hugged Malia, then Lydia, and finally Scott.
"If anything happens to you, just howl and I’ll find you."Scott whispered as he caressed my hair.
"You don’t have to worry about me, but if you guys are in trouble, howl and I’ll run as fast as I can."I told him.
Scott and I had always been protective towards each other, maybe it was the alpha beta bond, maybe it was just us.
"Are you two done flirting? We’ve got a town to save."Liam muttered.
“Just ignore him."I mumbled.
Scott and I finally let go of each other. Liam and I climbed out and headed to the Sheriff’s department. The whole time Liam and I stayed quiet, not a single word was spoken.
"Okay!"We heard Theo yell as we bursted through the doors.
"He was smart enough to not trust me."Theo finished explaining as Liam and I ran in to find Sheriff Stilinski letting Theo out his cell.
"This place is empty… kind of like a-”
“Ghost town."I finished Liam’s sentence.
We both looked at each other longingly. It was only then that I noticed how far away we were from each other.
"Lovebirds, what’s the plan?"Theo asked.
The sound of footsteps caught my attention as I heard the lightning crash.
"They’re here."Liam muttered.
"How many are there?"Theo asked as he and Sheriff Stilinski hid behind the wall opposite from Liam and I.
"Like 6."Liam whispered.
"No, there’s more than 6. The room’s probably filled with ghost riders."I argued.
"Don’t listen to her, there’s four of us. We can take them."Liam muttered.
"Sheriff please, don’t go in there. We can run out of here and lead them to another place-”
“On the count of three, we all go in."Liam ordered.
"Will someone just listen to me?"I begged.
“Don’t do it-”
“I swear if you-”
“3!"Liam yelled.
The three of them ran in only to find out that I was right.
"No one ever listens to me."I muttered as I peeked my head through the door.
One of the ghost riders pointed their gun at us, making my eyes widen. My first instinct was to grab Liam from behind and pull him into safety.
"What the?"Liam muttered as we heard the sound of a gunshot.
"I told you there was more."I muttered as I shoved him against the wall.
"But you’re too stubborn."I mumbled.
I quickly ran back in and pulled Theo out of there as another ghost rider pointed their gun at him. The bullet just barely missed my face as I shoved Theo onto the floor. I pulled him up to his feet and grabbed Liam, dragging them with me as ran outside.
"Wow Liam, you’re girlfriend is smarter than you."Theo mumbled.
"Not his girlfriend."I spat as I looked around the parking lot.
Suddenly another sound of lighting crashing made me jump and grab onto both of them. We turned around to find all the ghost riders walking towards us.
"What now?’'Theo asked.
"Follow me."I ordered as I began running towards a deputies car.
Theo hopped into the drivers seat while Liam sat in the passengers seat and I sat in back.
"Drive!"I yelled as I looked back to see the ghost riders making their way over to us.
"We don’t have the key!’'Theo yelled as he and Liam looked everywhere to find the key.
"Liam the keys should be in there-”
“Don’t tell me what to do!"Liam yelled.
He opened the box that I told him where the keys would be, only to find that there was more than one key.
"Just pick one!"Theo yelled.
"I think it’s-”
“I really feel like you’re not trying Liam."Theo muttered.
"I’m trying, here take this one!"Liam squealed as he tossed him keys.
"Guys that can’t be it."I said.
"Doesn’t work."Theo muttered.
"Guys they’re coming!"I warned, turning around again.
"Why don’t you help (Y/N)?"Theo asked.
"Because you two idiots won’t let me!"I yelled as Liam gave him another key that didn’t work.
Liam grabbed the smallest key and passed it to him.
"Are you kidding me?"I asked, glaring at him in disbelief.
"This isn’t even a car key!"Theo yelled.
"Fuck it, try this one!"I yelled as I grabbed a random key.
As soon as Theo put the key in, the car started.
"Yes, yes, yes!"Liam yelled as he hit his seat in excitement.
”(Y/N) I love you so fucking much right now!“Theo yelled as he backed up.
"I fucking love me too man!"I yelled, insanely proud of myself.
Suddenly we felt the car hit something. Theo, Liam, and I looked at each other with wide eyes.
"I think we just ran over a ghost rider."I whispered.
We all started to grin widely before Theo sped away.
"Does anyone even know where we’re going?"I asked.
"Beacon Hills hospital, we can hide in the morgue."Liam answered.
"Brilliant."I whispered, impressed.
Once we got to the hospital, we noticed it was completely empty. Liam rushed over to the ambulance and turned on the sirens.
"What’re you doing?"Theo asked as he pulled Liam away from the truck.
"Giving Scott enough time."Liam answered.
"You may be loyal to him and you’ll die for him, but I’m not going back to hell!"Theo yelled as he shoved Liam.
"You two idiots can start fighting out here or join me inside to find the morgue, decide now because the ghost riders are going to be here any second!"I ordered, growling at him.
Liam and Theo glared at each other before following me in.
"I like her, she’s feisty."Theo whispered, making Liam shove him.
"Hey, cut it out!"I said as Theo was about to shove him back.
I grabbed Theo’s arm and dragged him with me.
"You know I used to think you were Satan."I muttered, looking around.
"What changed your mind?"Theo asked.
"Well now I’m convinced because they warned that Satan would be attractive."I mumbled, making Theo laugh.
"I’ll take that as a compliment."Theo said.
"Just trying to make amends before we die."I shrugged.
"Well if you two are done flirting, I found the morgue."Liam muttered, making us turn around.
"Don’t get all salty just because your girl is talking to me instead of you."Theo mumbled, rolling his eyes.
"Not his girl!"I whispered, slapping the back of his neck.
"Ouch."Theo muttered, rubbing the back of his neck.
I watched as Liam’s face dropped when I said that.
"Alright, inside."I said as I opened one of the doors.
"I’m not going in that."Theo argued as we looked in horror.
"Me neither."Liam whispered.
"There’s got to be empty ones…"I mumbled.
Lighting struck down again, making me jump towards the nearest person.
"Not so feisty anymore, are you?"Theo asked, holding me.
"I hate storms, okay? Watched too many movies about them."I spat, pushing him off of me.
"What now?"Liam asked, looking at me.
"Oh sure now you want to talk, now you want to listen."I mumbled.
"Most of his ideas have gone wrong, I’d rather listen to you."Theo spoke up as we heard footsteps near.
"We might have to fight our way out of this."I answered.
"We’ll get taken-”
“Scott needs us to do whatever can to buy him enough time."I reminded them.
”(Y/N) doing whatever Scott orders, what a surprise…“Liam mumbled.
"For the last time, I’m his beta. He’s my alpha, I listen to him because he knows best. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him and this pack safe, and if you won’t then get out of my way."I snapped, pushing past Liam.
"I don’t know about you but I’m following her until she gets herself killed."Theo whispered.
My fangs and claws grew as soon as my eyes started glowing. I let out a roar as I lunged towards them. Theo followed right after, shifting as well. I jumped onto one of the ghost riders back, making him struggle to keep them struggle to keep its balance. I opened my mouth as wide as I could before biting down on the ghost riders neck. I tore his head off of his neck and dropped it on the floor as blood began to run down my mouth. Liam and Theo were distracted as they watched me in horror, decapitating as many ghost riders as I could.
"Liam!"I yelled as a ghost rider was behind him.
I quickly grabbed a ghost riders gun and shot the one behind Liam. Suddenly it disappeared into thin air. I tossed it to Liam and tossed the another to Theo.
As soon as we finished killing all of them, a whole group of more ghost riders walked into the building.
"There’s too many."Theo muttered as he helped me up to my feet.
He grabbed both Liam and I, dragging us towards the elevator. He was going to sacrifice himself.
"What’re you doing?’'Liam asked as Theo threw us into the elevator.
"Being the bait."Theo smirked as he pressed a random button.
"Liam, go find Scott and make sure he’s okay."I muttered.
"Wait, why?"Liam asked.
I looked up to see the doors starting to close. I pushed myself of the floor and lunged out of the elevator.
”(Y/N)!“Liam screamed, banging on the doors as they shut.
"What’re you doing?"Theo asked as I joined him.
"Did you seriously think I would let you sacrifice yourself?"I asked as I wiped blood from my mouth.
"Yes."He answered, honestly.
"I said I’d make amends with you before we died."I said, patting his back.
Theo and I both rolled out heads backwards as we shifted. We both let out roars before running towards the large group of ghost riders.

naevabelle  asked:

Omg. Prompto and Noctis making Ignis and Gladio dress up for Halloween and they all go trick or treating.

Gladio swallowed hard, a futile attempt to get moisture back in his suddenly very dry mouth. He wasn’t really the most talkative of men but he also wasn’t often left unable to form words if he wanted them. In fact words cane easy to him, when he was so inclined. He could charm a number out of just about anyone he met, though he did very little of that these days.

Three steady and willing dates was more than enough for him.

For all his skill with words, however, he had none for the sight on front of him. He’s stepped into Noct’s apartment, a bit annoyed at being kept in the dark about their plans and confused about what his costume was supposed to be, and found…well.

Prompto leaning against the bar, between Noct’s legs, wearing what might as well have been nothing in the form of skintight yellow shorts that could barely be called shorts they were so tiny, and a shirt that looked more like a strapless bra with sheer yellow material hanging along his sides. He had on gloves that went up to his elbow and had feathers, varying shades of yellow and dusky brown, lining them so they looked like wings, and an elaborate feathered tail, huge and peacock like, dotted with gleaming jewels. Swirls of paint, red and orange and gold, flowed over his legs and chest, rough outlines of feathers perhaps.

Noctis, perched on the bar, was wearing white and that alone was enough to make Gladio feel a little warmer than he had a moment ago. Noctis never wore white; white was for mourning in Insomnia and, of course, were Imperial colors. But today it was all white with touches of gold and silver, costume nearly identical to Prompto’s save the addition of a silver sequin covered mask perched on the top of his head. His legs, long and pale, were wrapped around Prompto and his chin was on top of the blond’s head.

The white made him look softer, less tired and drawn than usual. And he was grinning at Gladio like he’d won something.

“I believe I made that same face.” Ignis said, smiling just a little. He looked…like himself, thankfully. Gladio didn’t think he could take anymore of whatever the other two were doing, his heart wasn’t string enough for shocks like that.

Though. The riding crop was new.

“What are you two supposed to be?”

“Chocobos.” Prompto said, rolling his eyes. Noctis’ expression said he thought it should havr been obvious and, yeah, maybe, but at the same time how was he supposed to know skanky chocobo costumes were a thing?

But now that he knew he wanted to personally thank whoever had come up with it.

“And what are we supposed to be?” He’d only gotten a text saying to wear what he usually wore and show up ready to go out but he was feeling a little underdressed now.

Noctis held up a piece of paper with a number 1 on the front and a safety pin. “For your shirt. You’re chocobo riders.”

Ignis made a choking noise and, woth exaggerated slowness, set the riding crop down. Prompto squirmed away from Noct, laughter in his smile and eyes. He practically bounced over to Gladio, paper in hand.

Gladio took a deep breath, letting that sink in, then let it out slowly. “How long have you been waiting to say that?”

Noct grinned harder, showing teeth. “Since we had the idea, so about three weeks.”

“Oh. Hmm.” Prompto squinted at his open shirt and bare chest. “…maybe we can write it in marker?”


“Where are we going with you two dressed like minor scandals in the making?” Ignis, ever sensible and slightly less dazed, asked. Though, for all his sense, he made no attempt to stop Noctis from pinning his number on him and even accepted the riding crop back.

Gladio turned around to let Prompto fix the number to his back, which would have to be good enough. No one was drawing on him.

“We told you, we’re going trick or treating.”

Gladio didn’t need to see Ignis’ scandalized look to know it was there. “Highness-”

“Its a big party in the entertainment district.” Prompto said. “They shut down the traffic around almost three blocks of bars and clubs and everyone in costume gets a free signature candy cocktail. Banda and music on the street, people walking around between all the places. It’s fun, we’ve gone the past two years.”

“You what?” Gladio twisted around to look at Noctis accusingly. Noct was, of course, allowed to do whatever the hell he wanted (within reason) but one of the conditions to the considerable amount of freedom the king granted him was that either Ignis or Gladio was to know if he was out somewhere that wasn’t work, school, or Prompto’s.

Ignis scowled. “You did this without at least informing one of us?”

Noctis blinked. “Doesn’t sound like something I would do. Must have been some other prince.”

“Right,” Prompto laughed anxiously, hands smoothing over Gladio’s back. “I must have remembered it wrong.”

“Because there’s so many princes to choose from.” Ignis said dryly.

“Easy mistake to make.” Noctis agreed as slipped his mask into place. “I forgive you. Ready to go?”

Ignis face said no but Noctis took him by the hand and started pulling him to the door and, true to form, Ignis only sighed in resignation before giving in. Gladio snorted then offered his elbow for Prompto, who looped his arm through it and cuddled close to his side.

“So,” Gladio started as they trailed the other two to the elevator. “What else have you two been doing without us? Any other outings ypu want to confess to?”

He wasn’t sure if Prompto and Noct’s laughter should worry him or excite him but his body seemed to fall *firmly* on the side of excite. Or maybe that was just the nice view of Noct’s legs and…tail feathers talking. It was hard to say.

Essays in Existentialism: Labs III

Do more Labs please plese especially one with they first time together, i love nerd and shy lexa

Previously on Labs

The tiny office in the back of the science building was eerily empty, to a degree of which made it almost unrecognizable. Gone were the binders and folders, stretched and stuffed to their limits. No longer did the desk hide under maps and figures, nor did an assortment of snacks collect on the table. It was as empty as the day she moved in two years ago, and it was a bittersweet kind of loss. 

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aryastrks  asked:

(love this blog btw) DA:I companions reactions to finding out the Inquisitor has a tendency to climb up dangerously high places like trees, crumbling towers, etc. while on missions?

Cassandra: The first time this happens, she nearly has a heart attack. She yells at them to get down and gives them a proper scolding when they do, though they seem baffled by the fact she’s so mad. They keep doing it but managing to never get hurt, so she stops yelling at them, but she never cares for it.

Blackwall: He frantically asks them to get down the first time, and asks what in the world they were thinking. They clarify they just like to climb up stuff, and he sighs, exasperated. He eventually stops freaking out when they do that. Eventually.

Iron Bull: He looks up at them, smirking. “Good view up there, Boss?” They nod and shimmy down, and he deems that they know what they’re doing and doesn’t bug them to stop. In fact, if they ask for help, he’ll hoist them up to where they’re trying to go.

Sera: She climbs up with them, no fucks given. She takes the moment to look out with them, and giggles. “Well, that was stupid and fun. Any farther and everyone would look like ants.” She typically doesn’t care and will readily follow the Herald up the dangerous inclines.

Varric: He just looks up and sighs. “Please say you’re not going to ask us to climb up there with you.” he groans. “Why does anyone like climbing?” They may or may not get a nickname that’s related to their propensity to climb up high.

Cole: He pops up where they climb to, looking at them as they come up. “The others get worried when you climb too high,” he says, “they worry. A single slipped wrong, tumbling, crashing, neck broken, what if we lose the Herald? You’re careful but not careful.”

Vivienne: She demands they come down at once, and like Cassandra, gives them a rebuking. It’s not safe, no matter how many times they’ve done it, and it worries her. She’s likely to scold them if they try to climb up dangerous inclines.

Solas: He watches them as they go, somewhat curious, but not overly concerned if they seem like they know what they’re doing. A part of him is tempted to just use magic to elevate them to the top of their destination, but they seem to be having fun, so he leaves them be.

Dorian: He curses to himself the first time he sees them do it and asks if they’ve lost their mind. They just laugh, which makes the man groan and run a hand over his face in exasperation. He always casts a barrier spell on them when they start to climb, lest they fall.

Cullen: When he sees the Inquisitor practically doing parkour up the trees around Haven, he damn near has a coronary right there and then. He hurries and pleads with them to get down, and he lets out a sigh of relief when they do. It makes him nervous every time.

Leliana: She’s pretty calm about it, and just warns them to mind their footing. She doesn’t mind at all, and will sometimes even ask them for help in reaching things, given their propensity for shimmying their way up anything. They’re always happy to help.

Josephine: She screams the first time, when she sees them reaching the rafters of the Chantry. They quickly hurry down to calm the frantic diplomat, who scolds them and tells them not to do that. The lecture she gives them is quite strongly worded.

Donald Trump: “As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.”


Barack Obama: “I accept that people are going to call me awful things every day, and I will always defend their right to do so”


Justin Trudeau: “Call us old-fashioned, but we think that we ought to avoid doing precisely what our enemies want us to do. They want us to elevate them, to give in to fear, to indulge in hatred, to eye one another with suspicion and to take leave of our faculties.”


At heart, antifa is more authoritarian than our actual ruing-class authoritarians

For the ultimate goal is not a ‘state of the future’ awaiting the proletariat somewhere independent of the movement and the path leading up to it. It is not a condition which can be happily forgotten in the stress of daily life and recalled only in Sunday sermons as a stirring contrast to workaday cares. Nor is it a 'duty’, an 'idea’ designed to regulate the 'real’ process. The ultimate goal is rather that relation to the totality (to the whole of society seen as a process), through which every aspect of the struggle acquires its revolutionary significance. This relation informs every aspect in its simple and sober ordinariness, but only consciousness makes it real and so confers reality on the day-to-day struggle by manifesting its relation to the whole. Thus it elevates mere existence to reality. Do not let us forget either that every attempt to rescue the 'ultimate goal’ or the 'essence ’ of the proletariat from every impure contact with -capitalist- existence leads ultimately to the same remoteness from reality, from 'practical, critical activity’ and to the same relapse into the utopian dualism of subject and object, of theory and practice to which Revisionism has succumbed.
—  Georg Lukács, History and Class Consciousness, p. 22
Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais - Ch.29 Enemy?

(AN/ Hey Folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais, thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed the last chapter. And guess what? With this chapter this fic has topped the 200k words mark, way more than originally anticipated. So withouth further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

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Chapter 29- Enemy?

Carter refused to be intimidated and that was going to be his downfall “Shoot that bitch!” Carter bellowed pointing at Fuli, the two shotgun wielding heavies fired off the spray shot at Fuli but in a flash Kiara was blocking the path and the buckshot just bounced off her. The lioness bared her teeth and Ronin knew it was all about to go to hell.

With unrivalled speed Kiara fired her paw forward and grabbed the nearest Blade gang member, a female maned wolf, and with one grip of her fist the maned wolf was crushed, her final scream was louder than the sound of crushing bones and splurges of blood and organs, as the broken body of the maned wolf hit the ground every Razor felt a stab of fear for their lives. “KILL THAT LIONESS!” Carter commanded at the top of his lungs.

The entire junkyard erupted with gunfire as both The Drowned and The Razors started firing at each other, with Fuli using a big dagger to slash at any nearby enemies and Kiara laying waste to any Razor in her path keeping her eerily still face as he maimed and murdered. Ronin who was still perched upon the tower of wrecked vehicles could only look on in astonishment as the lioness tore through her enemies like a blade cuts through grass. The battle was a gruesome scene of red, one of which Ronin was all to accustomed too but it hurt her soul to see Kiara use such cruelty. Kiara was an honourable soldier before she became this titan, Ronin had seen this decorated ranger in action and it pained her to witness how the patriot had become a puppet.

Kiara lunged at Carter and in a split second Ronin had to make a decision; to kill Carter herself and collect her $10k or let Kiara rip him apart. Honour would not allow Ronin to claim a kill someone else committed but if she did let Kiara end Carter it would me in her standing in the underworld would be lowered even more (Especially after refusing the Ceartais contract last night) so in that nanosecond Ronin pulled the trigger of her rifle and the bullet found it’s mark, Carter’s skull exploded and his brain and skull fragments sprayed all over Kiara’s vicious paw.

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Never Say Die - Chapter 18

Pairing: Axl Rose x reader
Words: 2228
Summary: Reader accidentally time travels back to 1985 where Axl, Duff, Slash, Steven and Izzy find her.
Warnings: Smut

Never say die masterlist

A/N: You’re welcome, my children.

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Duff went to open the door after he had quickly got his clothes on. I was still trying to find my bra but eventually managed to find them under the bed.

Duff opened the door and i heard immediately Steven’s voice. ”What took you so long, they’re serving pancakes there!” Steven whined and leaned on Slash’s shoulder who didn’t react at Steven’s gesture in any way. ”We have to hurry before others finish them all!”

”Steve, we’ll go there soon okay. Why don’t you go there with Scar before the rest of us and stop whining,” Izzy told him seriously, he seemed exactly like he’d been listening to Steven the whole morning. Steven immediately grabbed Scar by her hand and started running down the stairs even though there was an elevator next to us.

”Hey, do you know where Amy is by the way?” Axl asked, even a bit concerned which was weird. Duff looked behind his shoulder and saw me putting my socks and shoes on.

”Yeah, she spent her night here. She should be ready soon,” Duff told them. I quickly washed my face, was too tired to put any makeup on, put my hair on a ponytail and came to face the guys next to Duff. I looked like a zombie probably.

”Oh shiiit, you two banged each other last night, didn’t you?” Slash asked wiggling his eyebrows and punched Duff on his shoulder gently. ”You go, buddy!”

”Wait what?” i asked panicking. No, did we keep too much noice? Did they hear us? Are the walls so thin? No, no, no. ”Ew, of course not,” i answered shaking my head, ”i’d never have sex with him.” I pointed at Duff with my finger, shook my head and laughed nervously.

Duff looked at me, raising his eyebrows as high as he could and a wide smirk spread on his face.

”Oh really, you’d really absolutely never ha–” Duff started amused but then i punched him on his side with my elbow which made him clear his throat. ”I mean yeah, you guys had all left already and Amy didn’t have any place where to sleep so,” Duff tried to explain with his best poker face. Izzy just laughed.

”I know, i was just messing with you, man,” Slash said and started to walk towards the elevator. Axl looked at me for a moment narrowing his eyes and i swear i could see fire in his eyes which made me furrow my eyebrows.

We were sitting at the long table in the dining room and eating our breakfast, there were everything there ever could be for breakfast. I was so tired that i drank atleast two cups of coffee but then decided to go with juice the rest of the breakfast.

I was sitting between Duff and Izzy, Erin being right in front of me. Duff came closer to me, his face right next to my head. ”I was wrong last night at the bar when i said we wouldn’t remember a thing. Because i remember quite a lot, surprisingly well considering how wasted i was,” he muttered in my ear smirking, so quietly that nobody would accidentally hear him.

I almost choked on my drink and coughed a couple of times. Axl looked at me if i was okay but i just gave him a small smile until turned back to Duff.

”Yeah well, if you ever tell about it to anyone, just remember that i know what you really did in the New Year’s Eve 1986,” i said with a calm steady voice and swallowed a piece of my pancake. Duff’s smile disappeared from his face immediately and a terrified expression replaced it.

”You’d never –” Duff started.

”Oh, i would,” i told him, nodding my head seriously. Duff was quiet for few seconds.

”Okay fine, i’ll shut up. But you better not tell about it to anybody, i swear,” he added fast.

”I won’t if you won’t,” i said and peacefully continued eating. But after a few minutes Erin cleared her throat and made me to look at her.

”Hi, i’m Erin. I think we haven’t had time to talk much together,” she said to me when she got my full attention. I was chewing a piece of a baguette and waited so i could swallow it.

”Uh, yeah i know your name. I’m Amy and so on,” i answered confused.

”Yeah, i was wondering if we could hang out sometimes, get to know each other better since we are on the tour together as well,” she proposed and smiled, waiting for my answer. I looked at her a moment, pondering that maybe it would be fair to even try to be friends with her and give her even a small chance. Not friends friends but somehow friends.

”Yeah, why not,” i answered, giving him a little smile as well. I knew Axl was studying our conversation closely but i focused completely on Erin now.

”Yay, great! I heard there’s a sale at the mall tomorrow, i was wondering if you could help me choose new clothes, i’m sure you have a great taste!” Erin exclaimed and i just raised one of my eyebrows. Girl, we’re living in a whole different world with our clothes i wouldn’t be so sure about you liking my taste.

”Sure, sounds fun,” i said smiling.

Couple of weeks had passed, nothing special happened. Boys had had a few gigs, we were travelling from a country to another one and so on. But i had managed to go out with Erin couple of times, she wanted to go shopping together and it was the most painful thing ever, we were at the shopping centre atleast three hours.

But most time of the days i was having the best times hanging out with Scarlet but when Axl was near me i got anxious again.

And i had to fucking stop this.

I was standing in front of Axl’s door and i deeply hoped Erin wouldn’t be there right now. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. I didn’t have to wait for the answer for long since the door was opened soon and i saw a wide smile spread on Axl’s face when he saw me.

”Amy, hey!” he greeted. ”What’s up?”

”Uhm, is Erin there? Can i come inside?” i asked nervously and ripped dead skin around my finger nails again.

”No, she’s out with Scarlet, i’m not sure when she’s coming back,” Axl said and moved so i could come inside and then locked the door after me. He was standing in front of me, couple of metres away and i felt like i couldn’t do this now after all. He was happy with Erin, but i hated her so much even though she seemed such a nice girl. ”So what did you want to talk abo –”

”I love you,” i blurted and automatically put a hand on my mouth, closing my eyes because i wasn’t ready to face his reaction. Axl was quiet for a moment and i could imagine his shocked face in my mind and when i opened my eyes again it was exactly how i imagined.

”You love me?” Axl asked quietly with wide eyes.

”I love you, Axl, i’ve loved you for a long long time, i realized it properly already before the tour with Jon but i was scared because i wasn’t ready to leave Jon and i didn’t know what i’d do and now when i see you with Erin I just –” i started quickly and a tear rolled down my cheek but Axl walked quickly towards me and pressed his lips on mine.

I put my arms around his neck after i had recovered from the surprise that he actually didn’t reject me. He took me closer to him by pulling me by my waist. He pushed me roughly – but not that i’d be hurt – against the wall and broke the kiss.

”How the fuck did it take you so long to say it,” he whispered and looked at me straight into my eyes and cupped my face with his hands. ”I’ve loved you from the beginning, Amy, and i didn’t realize it until you started dating Jon and it hurt me so bad seeing you with him. But i managed to accept it because you were so happy.”

I felt like i could cry even more and didn’t even realize the few tears that were streaming from my eyes. ”Axl, i’m so so sorry it took me so long,” i whispered and hugged him. ”But you’re with Erin and i wouldn’t want to break that.”

Axl just laughed which made me furrow my eyebrows and look at him. ”I never even loved Erin. Yes, he’s a great girl, but i was with her just to try to get over you but apparently it didn’t work at all,” he chuckled but then got serious again. ”I waited for so long, Amy, and i can’t believe i’m forgiving you this easily, i don’t know how you do this but you always make me go crazy when you’re around me and i’m always so scared of that feeling, i don’t even know why.”

I just looked at him, not knowing what to say. I was gonna open my mouth and tell him how much i cared about him, but then someone was trying to get in from the door. We looked at each other and ran super fast to the bathroom and locked the door just a second before the door to Axl and Erin’s room opened. Axl put a hand on my mouth so i wouldn’t accidentally make any noice.

”Axl? Are you here?” Erin asked.

”Fuck,” Axl whispered and let go of me. ”Uhm, yeah i’m here, just going to take a quick shower,” he answered and quickly turned the shower on, starting to take his shirt off.

”Oh, okay. I just came to get couple of skirts and a bag i borrowed from Scarlet a while ago and return them to her now,” she explained and was quiet for a few seconds. ”I don’t know when i’m coming back, probably in a few hours.”

Axl took a deep breath and took now also my shirt off and dropped it on the floor. I was already shaking a bit if Erin was going to find out. ”Okay, baby, take your time. Have fun!” he yelled and was quickly opening his belt and i was taking my jeans off as well.

”I will. Bye, honey!” she yelled and left, closing the door after her. He was unhooking my bra and we both waited if she really left.

”Okay, that was close,” i said quietly. He threw my bra away and before i even realized, we were both fully naked already.

”No more talking,” he commanded with a low strict voice and pushed me under the shower against the cold wall. Axl moved my hair behind my shoulder so he’d have a full access on my neck.

He started sucking my neck, making sure to leave very visible marks. I put my hands in his wet hair and he grabbed my left boob with his other hand, starting to massage it. I closed my eyes and let him do all the work and then suddenly he grabbed my ass, squeezing it roughly and with his other hand he lifted my leg and held it up.

And without a single warning he slammed himself into me with no mercy and a loud scream automatically escaped from my throat because of the pain. He didn’t start moving yet but instead attacked his lips on mine, grabbed my wrists with his hand and put them above my head, keeping them there. Axl tried to get an access in my mouth with his tongue but i didn’t let him win until he squeezed my ass and started moving himself inside of me.

When a deep moan escaped from my throat, he had a perfect chance to stuff his tongue in my mouth. He started slamming into me harder and harder and my moans became louder. He fastened his pace to even faster than before which i didn’t know was even possible.

”Oh shit, Axl,” i whined and started panting.

”Are you coming?” Axl asked quietly and looked at me and i couldn’t do anything else than just nod for the answer. ”Scream my name, baby,” Axl commanded between his teeth.

”Fuck, Axl, i’m coming,” i moaned.

”No, honey, you’re coming when i tell you to come,” Axl stated seriously.

”Please, Axl, i can’t,” i said quietly and felt how my legs would fail me soon. He waited for a few seconds until looked at me again.

”Now, scream my name so hard that your lungs are gonna explode,” he muttered in my ear.

”Oh fuck, Axl!” i screamed so loud that i wouldn’t be surprised if everybody near this room heard us when a huge wave of pleasure went through my whole body. Axl came just a second after me and we both fell on the floor, water still running down our spines. I rested my head on Axl’s shoulder and he put his arm around me.

”So, what are we going to do with this now?”

A few days ago, we posted a 1930 map of the Rapid Transit lines of the Boston Elevated Railway system. Now, by popular demand, we’re posting this map of the entirely Boston Elevated system.

Do you see your stop? Did it used to be elevated? Is it still Elevated? Any stops you wish still existed? Stops you’re glad are gone?

Map of the Boston Elevated Railway, 1930, Boston Tercentenary Committee records , Collection 0200.002, Boston City Archives

Did Mrs Bass steal the Baudelaire fortune?

Oft-mentioned, seldom used, the Baudelaire fortune is the subject of immense scrutiny. Olaf wants to steal it, the Baudelaire orphans plan on inheriting it, Arthur Poe tries to manage it… And yet the reader never sees a penny of it. Sunny even calls it a “McGuffin” in the final chapter of the last book: a meaningless distraction which drives the plot forward.

But the more obscure sub-plots of “The Penultimate Peril” tell another story: that of Mrs. Bass, an unlikely bank robber, and of Mr. Poe, who reappears at Hotel Denouement for a mysterious and dark purpose. Did something happen to the Baudelaire fortune after all?

If you ever wondered what would happen if a character from “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” actually read “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”, you’re in for a surprise. Find out more after the cut.

Note to readers: This theory builds up on several analyses written in the past about the plot of the series. We highly advise you read them before delving into this one:

  • What was Colette’s mission? (Link)
  • Who was the “real” J.S.? (Link)
  • Did Lemony stalk the Baudelaire orphans from his taxi? (Link)

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My Museum Tales part 2

(Part 1)

Taking new employees to the basement of the mansion and watch as they flip out when they see an entire room full of mannequins illuminated only slightly by two lightbulbs. I am one of the employees who screamed the first time i saw them.

I also screamed when I went down there one day to find the Christmas trees for the store displays and found a “body” in a black trash bag on top of a table in the center of the room. Turns out it was the Santa mannequin. Fucking terrifying none the less.

That same Santa mannequin showing up on top of the carousel and you didn’t know he was up there until you went to turn on the carousel and looked up to do the inspections for the day. I thought it was actually a human and i nearly screamed.

The Santa mannequin showing up again in a closet several months later.

I think I’m being haunted by Santa.

Things that could or could not be described as a ghost encounter. Such as hearing footsteps upstairs when you know you’re alone in the house. Or the sink turning on and off as you walk by it. The creepy feeling you get every time you walk past this one door on the third floor (where only employees are allowed). Swearing to god you just saw a fucking face in that painting or hearing a voice. We could all be crazy. i admit nothing. 

When the  day is so dead you and coworkers spend the whole day looking at cat memes on the computer. 

When you and your coworkers have to stay late but no one guest come in for our “First ever late hours!” and you get so bored you watch netflix, play hide and seek, and observing the chaos of the event going on outside which is the reason your museum is even open in the first place.

We had an exhibit on a local chairmaker which had examples of his work around the exhibit. Had a guest sit in the chairs and come over and complain that they weren’t comfortable.

“Why do you charge for admission to get into this museum? The art museum is free. You should be too. It’s not nice or fair.” Tries to explain to the customer that it takes money to run a museum and the art museum receive giant government grants and private endowments. We sadly do not so we rely on admission.

“How do I get up there?” customer pointing at the raised portion of the floor behind me. You can take the stairs over there or the elevator. “How do you use the elevator” stunned silence. Slowly explains how to use a fucking elevator. She doesn’t get it so I have to physically work the elevator for her.

“Where is the elevator?” stunned silence. Touches it because it’s right next to me. It’s right here. Two feet away. I don’t even have to get up out of my chair.

“Is that part of the museum?”  They point at the museum gallery sign. Which is inside the museum. The sign has our name on it.

“Do you work here?” No I just sat down at this desk and put on a badge because I thought it looked fun.

Alternate: “Are you a volunteer?” No? I get paid. Why do people ask that question.

Guest: “What else is there to see here?” 
Me: “Well what have you seen so far?”
Guest: “Those cars over there.”
Me: “Well that’s only a small portion of what we have.” Shows them the entrance to the rest which is right next to me and explains everything else we have. Be advised it’s very obvious that there’s more to the museum.

Guests think we have a secret museum store vault where people think we have endless amounts of products. We just call it the back room. And it doesn’t not hold an endless amount of products.

This wonderful moment: The woman and her boyfriend who walked in to ride the carousel and flipped when I mentioned the Crawford because that is where she wanted to take him but they gave up because they couldn’t find it. She gave me a hug when I told her everything that she can see.

We hear the honk of a car horn and run out to see a man laughing. We approach and scold him for doing it. He stopped laughing when we told him we would escort him out of the museum if he couldn’t resist touching the artifacts 

Me: “Ma’am we close in five minutes.”
Guest: “But I haven’t seen everything yet”
Me: “I’m sorry you’ll just have to come back another day.”
Guest: “Can’t I stay longer?”
Me: “No I’m sorry. The museum has to close for the day.”
Guest: “Can’t you just stay open for a little while longer?”
Me: ……….”No.“

Guest: “Can I have a discount because you close in 30 mins?”

Me: :Sorry sir we don’t open for another hour.”
Guest: “But I’m here now”

Have to chase a family off of the historic steam engine that they were climbing on like it was a jungle gym. 

Guest playing with the display of antique dishes in the historic kitchen because they “thought it was the kids play area”

Every employee coming to the front line in hopes of glimpsing the service dog that just came in. Everyone loves a cute dog :)

Guest comes in halfway through the day: “Are you open?”
No i’m just sitting here and the door is unlocked and the place is full of people because we’re closed.

Guest: “I have an appointment to talk to a curator about my rocks?” 
None of the curators who work here would be remotely interested in this guys rocks. It’s not any of their specialties. We are not a natural history museum.

Those who call us asking how to get there but never tells us where they’re coming from.

Guest: “Are there any exhibits on [city’s name] history?”
This museum is called [city’s name] history center. Every exhibit is on [city’s name] history. 

When you have really cool ideas for product in the gift store but the executive director puts the kabash on all of it because “we’re on a spending freeze”. Two days later we get a list of products to buy even though we’re supposedly on a spending freeze. Nothing we wanted is on it. It’s all a mix of weird, dime store chotchkies or very very expensive crap (like a $50 candle). But heaven forbid we spend some money on keychains or magnets with our logo on them.

People who see the elevator at the end of the ramp and think they can’t can’t use it to get to the lobby so they turn around….

Educators panicking when they have a group of 100 students come in on one day cause they normally see 30. Store/Guest services staff laugh because we deal with 400+ on a daily basis and 100 is nothing.

Having to tell the marketing manager that they once again misspelled something on a rack card.

That horrifying moment when the carousel (our biggest attraction) breaks at the start of the day. And that day is a holiday.