do not try to walk or swim out of a block pit


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pairing: jungkook x reader / yoongi x reader

genre: angst, smut / idol au 

word count : 6,651

description: It started out simple, but when your feelings start to grow for the idol who isn’t allowed to date, things get complicated.

note: I can’t believe I’m posting the last part to this. I never expected for this story to be liked by so many of you guys, and I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words I’ve gotten because of it. No matter which way it goes, I hope you all enjoy!

One Year Later

You’re digging through the back of your closet when you feel a pair of arms encircle your waist from behind. You already know it’s him, so you immediately turn around, and throw your hands up to lock them behind the back of his neck. You lift up, and touch your lips softly against his own as his hands start to travel underneath the material of your shirt. You love that he can still manage to make you feel goosebumps with his touch after all of this time. The tips of his fingers start to travel around the curve of your side until they rest at the waistband of your tights, he’s playfully popping the material against your skin. He tries to dip his fingers further down, but you grab his wrist to stop him. He gives you a sad puppy dog expression at your actions.

“No, we have somewhere to be remember?”

You remind him of the previous engagement that the two of you had planned a little while back.

“Of course I remember, I just wanted to make you feel good before we left.” He says as he, starts to pepper kisses along the side of your neck.

Your heart rate increases, and you feel a wave of desire crash through your body. It had been a few days since the two of you had gotten to be intimate because his schedule was so hectic lately. It takes everything in you to hold back the want to drag him back towards the bed so you could satisfy both of your needs. But you have to be stern with yourself, and find the will to push back.

“We’ll have plenty of time afterwards for… all of that.”

He gives you a look of defeat, and simply places a soft peck on your lips, giving you a smile before heading to the living room to wait for you. A deep sigh escapes your mouth once he’s out of sight, as you try to push away the feeling of desire bubbling inside of your stomach.

You turn back to the closet, and continue to rummage through it, as you ponder all of the time and memories that have passed since back then.

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How Dare You?!

Request: “Can i request a fic where Jason runs into Damian on a date with his s/o? Jason teases dami about it the next time he sees him?” from anon.

A/N: I know I said I was going to start this as soon as possible but I literally started writing this at 2am, fell asleep, got up and went out, and I’m just finishing this now. This is my first request, too….I’m so sorry anon. T^T

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @tim-help


It was the perfect day to go out out. Jason took this chance to walk around the city of Gotham without his usual uniform he wears at night.

The beaches in Gotham weren’t pretty, but at least it’s a place to pass time. Jason was strolling along the board walk, wearing nothing but sneakers and swimming trunks, while men and woman who were eating in the restaurants all gawked at him. 

He was going to pick a place to eat when something caught his eye, well more like someone.

Damian was sitting with someone he hasn’t seen before under an umbrella outside a restaurant. And was Damian…blushing? He even leaned in and kiss them on the cheek.

Jason had to try and suppress his laugh, “Oh, man. This is gold.” It wasn’t long before Jason called out Damian’s name.

Damian froze, turning around robotically. Once he saw Jason, he motioned for his date to pick up what they were eating to sit somewhere else. But it was too late, Jason was already jogging to greet his little bro. He slung an arm around Damian’s shoulders, “Hey there little man, who’s this?”

Damian looked up at his annoying unavoidable irritation of a brother, snarling, “What do you want, Todd?”

Jason grinned widely, knowing exactly what he was doing, “Oh, I was just strolling by and when I saw my baby brother on a date, I just had to say hi.” He said, waving at Damian’s date.

They giggled, “Damian, you didn’t tell me you have a big brother.”

Damian slapped Jason’s arm away, “We are not blood brothers, “ He shot up from his seat, “I’m not sorry to say this, Todd, but we must go.” Damian tugged his date from their seat.

Jason pouted, but inside he was grinning mischievously, “Alright….I’ll just visit the manor later today.”

As Damian and his significant other started to walk away, he looked back over his shoulder sending Jason daggers of death, “Don’t you dare!” He mouthed.

Of course Jason didn’t listen to what Damian said. Later that day, after Damian dropped his significant other back at their home, he went back to the manner.

Little did he know, Jason was in the living room ready to pounce. When Damian saw him, he changed tracks and walked away quickly towards the stairs. But since Jason has longer legs than little Dami, he blocked his path in no time, “So when did all this start?” He asked, grinning from ear to ear.

Damian growled and walked around him, “None of your business.” 

Jason snatched him up, carrying him like a sack of evil potatoes, and started to march around the manor, “Damian is a grown man now, everyone!”

“Unhand me this instant, Todd, or I promise I will send you down the fiery pits of Hell myself!!”

Jason scoffed, “Been there, done that, little man!! Yo guys!! Damian went on a date!!” 

Damian was kicking and screeching, “Put me down!!”

“No can do!! Guess who went on a date?! Damian Wayne!! That’s who!!”

“How dare you?! I will end you!!”

A Chance in Hell (Biadore) - Chapter 4 - Heather

Nothing ever happens like they do in the movies - not even sex.  Especially not sex.

content advice: Smut, intoxication, mild degradation play (use of the word ‘slut’), vomiting (the vomiting happens AFTER the smut, don’t worry)

A/N: Oh, y’all wanted a twist?  Come on, chapter 4, let’s get sickening!  Please make sure you read the tags!  Enjoy!

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Scorpio x Capricorn

What separates graphite from diamond, is an incredibly strong, powerful and precise pressure. Just imagine how blown away would that diamond be if a snowflake rained right on top of it and told it that to achieve that regular, complex and marvelous structure it has, it only takes it a variation in temperature. Capricorns are cardinal: they impose over themselves and their life trying to make everything function in the most orderly way they can, turning dirt into gold; theirs is the founding and organizing effort. Even though they’re an earth sign, they have a tail suit for swimming, which is fairly odd: they couldn’t breathe underwater, but walking the ground with half a set of wrong limbs is quite uncomfortable to do. This is the true hardship of every Capricorn: dealing with their emotional part. They see it as a useless, cumbersome burden that they feel makes them inadequate and that they should get rid of if they truly want to go somewhere with their life; and that’s what they spend an incredible amount of their lifetime doing: trying to bury it inside themselves the best they can. Then there comes Scorpio, a water sign that not only is able to perfectly walk the ground, it can also climb walls with the same ease and its tail is nothing less than a powerful stinger that could make drop dead beasts a hundred times bigger and more powerful with its venom; so do Scorpios in life, perfectly hiding the deepest pit of emotions under a charismatic, imperturbable barrier, only hinting at people  how strong they can get. Capricorns are, usually, blown away by such precious natural talents.

As friends, if they have some good fire and air among their Moon, Venus and Rising signs, they would find chatting with each other to be very pleasant. If they don’t, and there’s some other earth and water instead, it will take them ages to have any kind of approach a bit more complicated than a simple “Good morning”. And thank God for that good morning too: that must have taken a lot of effort out of a shy Capricorn. They could share all the interests and taste in everything and they would still require the relationship to follow a long, precisely scheduled path before they become comfortable enough to let themselves loose around each other. When they do, they’re going to be a couple of total goofs together. They won’t be scared anymore to show each other how much they are not that strong, serious and scary monster as they want others to see them. Both loyal and stable, they could find the strength in each other to do everything, they could really become some kind of reckless pair of friends that would book a table for two among the courts of hell.

As lovers, the easiest, fastest scenario for them would be if it’s Scorpio the one deciding to predate the Capricorn: only the worst dice roll ever would make such a case fail. Scorpio is a born love predator that seeks dominance and depth, while Capricorn is a shy creature that strives for the approval and company of strong, ambitious people. If they were asked what type of person would their dream crush be, they would unknowingly describe each other.
In the case where instead a Scorpio misses to notice the interest of a Capricorn, things are going to potentially become tragicomically messy. An immature, closed up Capricorn, if he’s even able to get himself around a Scorpio, is capable of maintaining a solid, nervous silence for a very long time. Then, when he’ll finally reach the breaking point and try to show his true feelings someway, there’s probably going to be a very awkward, hardly interpretable show to witness. This kind of Capricorns truly run a high risk to be classified as creepy by a suspicious Scorpio, so it should be better for them to try to relax and express themselves with less anxiety. Then there’s the other kind of Capricorns, those with a natal chart that inclines them towards some more self-esteem, or who generally feel like they have found a stable method to deal with their interiority: they’re going to show the most classical by-the-book kind of romance, obstinately hammering Scorpio’s barriers with their trademark ambitious perseverance and submerging them in the strongest, hungry passion when they finally win them over. If they’re being a bit too much materialistic though they could encounter the slight potential to set the Scorpio off a bit: it’s still a water sign, and probably the most complicated, it’s always going to have some huge internal disaster that requires to be dealt with delicateness and patient understanding.
It has to be noted that, whatever’s the case for their relationship, whoever’s on the hunt and whoever’s being hunted, if they get to establish a coherent way of communicating with each other, this is one very functioning and satisfactory pairing. Capricorn is solid ground to count on: Scorpio will never fear to be abandoned anymore. And conversely Scorpio’s very good at diving into nightmares: Capricorn will never have to deal with them alone anymore.

As enemies, this couple that is so nice on a good relationship becomes instead a frightening sight of solid hate. They are both unafraid to battle a total war against each other, whatever the reason for that might be. It could become a real tragedy, because an angry, aggressive Scorpio can get really wicked: he will find in the blink of an eye the weak spot of Capricorn and totally exploit it to irreversibly, completely break him to a murder. But it’s going to come back to him. Earth signs register their life in building blocks: everything that happens to them gets compacted, made into cement. Pylons and bricks fail when they’ve got a faulty design, but they don’t necessarily have to be beautiful to work: Capricorns are going to build their palace over that ugliness, and they’re never going to change it, it will be just there, hidden, unmovable. It will make them heartless. Scorpios, instead, like the water sign they are, can’t lose contact with their emotions even when they reach their lowest: when they fall, they horribly pollute their interior wellspring and force themselves to breathe it until they will have choked themselves with their own hands; it’s going to be desperate to heal from what they’ve become, especially when their victims are so helplessly granitic on denying them any forgiveness. Capricorn will make Scorpio pay for what he’s done forever. Their best hope when they find themselves on their reciprocal bad side is to remain indifferent to each other, or there’s going to be absolute suffering next in their schedule.

Scorpio Sun ・ Capricorn Sun

anonymous asked:

18 and 20....Really angsty egobang. ...PLEASE

18. “I shouldn’t be in love with you” & 20. “Just admit I’m right.” 

(Content warning: infidelity, incredible amounts of angst. enjoy.)

Arin didn’t mean to invite Dan over when Suzy was out of town. It just worked out that way. 

They hadn’t been alone together without recording in weeks. Not since Arin had slipped up and said what he was not supposed to say. He’d ducked into rooms and out of cars, anything to avoid him, trying avoid the very conversation he was now being forced to have.

And now he was going to have it alone, in his house, when his wife wouldn’t be around for another day.

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Elijah & Christine sentence starters

195 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: alcohol mention, cussing, drug mention, sexual themes, violence

  • “I’ll fucking kill you, you hear me?! I’ll fucking kill you!”
  • “I just woke up and realized that I got fucking bit by a brown fucking recluse spider, which is my literal biggest fear.”
  • “I actually feel like I’m on the set of Glee right now.”
  • “You’re gonna get bullied. Or do the bullying, I don’t know…”
  • “Someone’s gonna jerk off to this.”
  • “No, we have to go. No. Come on.”
  • “I don’t have a tongue.”
  • “Yeah, I’m pretty gay.”
  • “What if someone’s window was down at a stop sign and I screamed at the top of my lungs "Help! Help me, they’re trying to kill me!”? What would they do? How would they react?“
  • "I got my test results back! I’m gay!”
  • “I peed my pants at the movie theater when we saw the last Lord of the Rings movie because I drank an extra large Mr. Pibb, and it was like a four hour movie, and I didn’t wanna miss it so I just peed my pants and I was literally, like… I was like ten years old.”
  • “This should not be on the internet.”
  • “That is a furry butt plug.”
  • “Do you know where vaginas are?”
  • “Just eat the lube.”
  • “We’re not making a fucking sex tape.”
  • “He just called me ugly.”
  • “You are gonna have the cock of a life time.”
  • “I went to the bathroom because I had to poop, but I was pooping so hard I started sweating and I had to get my makeup redone.”
  • “I broke it.”
  • “What is that on your shirt?”
  • “I feel like Hannah Montana in the beginning of the Hannah Montana Movie where she has to drive the golf cart into the backstage of the stadium to get to hair and makeup on time.”
  • “Finger me with those!”
  • “_____! Wake the fuck up, you’re at a party!”
  • “Honey, I’m going to fucking Willy Wonka’s goddamn chocolate factory!”
  • “See, bitch? What the fuck I tell you? Willy goddamn Wonka.”
  • “Tell me why it’s five o'clock in the morning and you have a fucking tomato on your bed.”
  • “Why do you have hot dogs in your fucking backpack?”
  • “Look at that little mannequin. Why is he standing like that?”
  • “I got this pretty sick disappearing act. You wanna see it?”

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Mianite Season 3? Kind of!

We all know Mianite season three is nothing more than a pipe dream at this point. The streamers aren’t interested and the bts crew have mostly moved on. 

But that doesn’t mean this fandom is going to die. I’m not leaving anytime soon. 

I’m happy to announce that I’m currently working on a pretty big project for everyone who wants some more Mianite. 

As I want to have a once a week upload schedule, I won’t be uploading the full thing for another couple of months. School’s busy and I need to focus. 

But we’ve been waiting for long enough, a couple months is nothing!

Here’s a taste of the first chapter, as rough as it might be. Enjoy!

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Dauntless (Part 2)

A lot of people liked Part 1 so here’s Part 2. I’ll be posting Part 3 if you like it. Hope you enjoy it.

The lights turn on to let everyone know the day has started. My eyes take a few seconds to adjust before I get out of bed along with the rest of the initiates.

“Everyone in the pit in 5 minutes,” announces Four.

I put on my black bra and underwear followed by a black t-shirt and black cargo pants. I put my socks on and slipped into my black boots. To top it off, I slip into my black jacket.

We all arrive at the pit and gather around Four and Eric. “Everyone listen up. Today is the start of the third, and last stage of training. This stage will be different from the previous two. You’ll be facing your worst fears and learn how to conquer them.”

Eric takes over.

“Those above the top 10 ranks will be leaving us when the third stage is complete. So I suggest if you really believe you belong here, you better be prepared to do what it takes to claim a spot below the line.”

After breakfast, we all follow Eric into a room lined with chairs. At the end of the room is a door to another room.

“Everyone take a seat except for you,” he points to a short brunette. “We’ll start with you.” Eric leads her into the next room and closes the door. Everyone else sits down. Now I’ll we have to do is wait.

As time goes by, the room because more and more unoccupied. Soon I’m the only one left.


I look towards Eric and get from the chair and walk into the room. A chair similar to the ones used in the aptitude test is located in the center. A heart rate monitor is set beside it.

“Take a seat.”

I sit in the chair as Eric enters something into a computer on a table.

“I’m going to inject you with a serum that activates the part of the brain that produces fear and transmitters inside the serum will allow me to see inside your mind.”

“You’ll be able to see inside my mind?” I ask a little worried.

Eric stares at me for a moment with a questioning look on his face.

“Yes… Does that scare you?”

“No,” I lie.


Eric grabs a syringe and screws on the small bottle containing the serum.

“Lay back,” he softly commands. I lay back.

He pushes my hair aside exposing some of my skin. A sharp pain shoots throughout the side of my neck causing me to close my eyes for a few seconds.  

“You’re going to be facing your worst fears (Y/N). You need to slow your heart rate and your breathing in order to deal with what you’re faced with.”

I take a deep breath as the serum begins to take effect.

“Be brave.”

My eyes open and I find myself in a dark room. Suddenly the floor lights up. When I take a closer look I realize I’m standing on a platform high above what looks like diamonds lit up by the lights beneath them. When I take a closer look I realize they’re not diamonds but something much worse: Needles. Out of the things that could come up one of them had to be needles. I look to the other side of the room. A door. That’s my only escape. To get there I have to walk across a wooden board extending from my starting position to my exit. I take a few deep breaths before placing my foot on the board. Then the other. I keep my arms out to the sides to help me keep my balance. Left. Right. Left. Right. I repeat the pattern until I’m all the way across. I open the door and run through. I run outside and the door closes behind me. I look around to find a lake not to far away. My ears pick up the sound I’ve dreaded since the last time I heard it: The sound of Bees. I look up to see a whole swarm circling above me. Suddenly they dive bomb and fly right towards me. Thinking quickly, I make run for the lake. The bees can’t get me if I’m underwater. I run as fast as my legs will allow. Almost there. The bees are nearly upon me. I dive into the water and start swimming toward the other side. Before I go any further I come up for oxygen only to find myself in a glass box filling up with water. I try banging on the glass in an attempt to break it, but it’s no use. I couldn’t even leave a crack. I take a deep breath before going under the water. Then I remember I’m still wearing my jacket. I could use it to block the flow from the pipe, therefore stop the water levels from rising. I quickly take off my jacket and stuff it into the pipe so that it blocks the water flow completely. Suddenly the serum wears off and I’m back in Dauntless.

I jolt forward but Eric places his hands on my shoulders to stop me.

“It’s alright (Y/N). You did really well for your first try.”

He turns toward the computer to type something in.

“Do you know how long you were in the simulation?” asks Eric.

“I’m not sure. Maybe 30 minutes.”

“Try 10.”

Wow. Was I seriously under the serum for only 10 minutes. It felt much longer.

“That’s twice as fast as the average. You should be proud of yourself.”

I smile at his comment. He types a few more things into the computer before shutting it down.

“That’s all for today. We’ll have a go at it again tomorrow.”

Oh god. I have to go through that simulation again? Then again this is what I get for letting my blood drop into the Dauntless bowl and onto the sizzling coal.  

“I have to do that again?”

“Yes. You need to practice a few times before the final but you’re a natural. You have nothing to be nervous about.”

I get up from the chair and walk towards the door.

“Oh and one more thing,” says Eric.

“Yes?” I ask as I turn towards him.

“You might want to be more cautious especially since you’re in the top spot. You don’t want to end up like Edward. Do you?”

Edward was the top initiate since training had started. However, being at the top doesn’t come without its own consequences. I remember when Edward was stabbed in the eye with a butter knife in his sleep. He was so badly hurt he couldn’t continue training. He was forced to leave and go live with the Factionless.

“No,” I reply.

Cerulean Lies

Originally posted by sugakookie

Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Genre: slight humour, fluff, angst, light smut (light as a feather!) swimmer maknae line au! / Swimming scenario + Jimin ‘ex boyfriend’ + free! Anime

Word Count: 5,094K  ||  inspired/not requested || drabble/oneshot

Keywords : trespass , devilish Jimin , forgiveness?

Summary: Taehyung and Jungkook crash into Y/n’s dorm to go visit or more like trespass into the Samezuka Academy’s swimming pool, as Taehyung wants to compete with Jimin as they are from an opposing academy yet both the greatest neighbours. However what they don’t know is that Y/n had been dating Jimin and they broke up recently, to the fact that he was cheating? She can’t bring the courage to declare how she feels but some reason touch explains it way better…

Self note : lol don’t mind that saucy gif oMg, but anyways here’s a revamped story that I wrote two years ago so I edited it and now I’m posting it! Feedback is greatly appreciated~ Enjoy!♡♡;D

“No!” I blurt out for the last time, a vein protruding my temple as they crash into my dorm, ripping away silence, their voices eating away my conscience, tearing it out of place by sudden rebellion striking their passion. Their ultimate passion, well mostly Taehyung’s is to glisten with pride once competition swallows him whole.

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sagatheturtlekid  asked:

Yoongi cheating? I'm in an angsty mood, thank you!~

Not The Only One – Suga

Characters: Yoongi X Reader
Rated: S for Should have been longer

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Infidelity: the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner. 

The silence was unbearable. The part that was even worse was how Yoongi felt the need to skirt around her and how she did everything in her power to make sure they didn’t cross paths. Living in a flat together was proving to be difficult when it came to ignoring each other. Yoongi’s back felt like it was on fire every time he stood, and she had forgotten what it felt like to be sleeping in a warm bed with his skin pressed against hers, while in-between all of it, his cheeks heated at the sight of ger and he left his breakfast to turn lukewarm in the middle of the kitchen counter as soon as she were near. 

Yoongi watched her back muscles tighten uncomfortably underneath her shirt when she noticed him step into the kitchen. He kept his eyes trained on the refrigerator in front of him, only sliding a carton of milk across the island when he took a glance at her empty cereal bowl.

“I won’t be home until late tonight.” His voice was toneless, emotionless and hard. He cleared his throat when she twisted the cap off the milk and poured a heaping amount of the liquid into her cereal, drowning the tiny squares of food, and he wanted to smile and tell her he always thought that was cute, the little parts of she. He didn’t. “So… don’t wait up.“ 

Her hand was much smaller than Yoongi’s and light in his hold, but when she curled her fingers around the width of the carton, he’d never seen anyone so strong before. He gulped and she didn’t cower; she levelled him with an eerie stare, nodded her head once, and told him, “I won’t.” But she did, and when he came home around two in the morning with alcohol lingering on his tongue, he found her crying, big, heaping sobs that seemed to wrack her whole body.

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Hey guys, so I have a word document which I would update with AD formspring answers in a bullet point list and I thought I’d share them on here for you all.
I don’t have the screenshots of the asks themselves to prove them true, but here you go either way. Long list ahead with more under the cut.


  • Most likely to be oblivious to the idea of being walked back home after date.
  • Most likely to win a race due to others trying to trip one another up and not realising until it was too late.
  • Most likely to snort when she laughs.
  • Likes getting her hair brushed the most.
  • Drawer appeared on her chest after Gil bandaged her up. 
  • Scars on arms are a result of Wrathia’s aim being off.
  • Ava’s home planet was a Titan-made planet for the re-education of relocated lifeforms of worlds purchased by the corporation. Ava was separated from her parents during the process of being relocated.
  • Chests in her mind contain memories, feeling, emotions and thoughts.
  • If Pedri had been her demon, she’d be dead by now.
  • Was blonde before her hair turned red.

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mtkaswim  asked:

I need to know what happens "tomorrow at five" in the Swim Instructor au! I love it so much

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  • Annabeth looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath. She was wearing a dark jeans, a light blue blouse, and a white cardigan. Her blonde hair was loose curls and she was going to wear black flats. 
  • “Come on out here, Annabeth. I want to see what you picked for your date.” Her best friend and babysitter, Piper, called.
  • Annabeth walked over to her. “Is this too casual? He said to dress nice but not too nice.”
  • Piper looked at her and Annabeth could see how her mind was thinking. “Do you have that black high waisted skirt?”
  • “Yeah, but it’s-”
  • “True.” Piper concluded, like she was reading Annabeth’s mind. “You look great! Percy is going to love it.”
  • Annabeth took another deep breath, trying to calm her racing nerves. This is the first date she’s going to go on since….since James’ father. 
  • “Nervous?” Piper asked.
  • Annabeth’s eyes went to James, who was contently playing with blocks. “Yeah. I haven’t been with a guy since…since Luke.”
  • “I know. But it’s been three years. And Percy seems like the perfect guy for you. And he loves James. You said when you were ready to date you wanted a guy that loves kids, especially James. And now you got him.”
  • She nodded. “And James loves him. He’s always excited to see him and go to swim lessons.”
  • “Then he’s the one! From everything you told me, he’s everything on your check list.” She grinned.
  • Annabeth blushed a bit. She’s told Piper her check list before she even met Luke and then the updated version when Luke died, two years later.
  • The doorbell rang and James got up to run to the door.  “Who is it?”
  • “It’s Percy.” 
  • James tried to open the door but he was too short to reach the knob. 
  • Annabeth went over and opened the door.
  • Percy was smiling. He was wearing a dark blue jacket, green shirt, dark jeans, and dress shoes. It looked like he attempted to tame his messy black hair but failed miserably. And he had flowers in his hands. “For you.”
  • Annabeth took the half a dozen flowers and smiled. “Thank you.” 
  • James looked up and him and reached, signalling that he wanted to get picked up.
  • Percy did and smiled. “Hey bud.”
  • Annabeth turned her back to them so she could pit the flowers in water. Piper was grinning and giving her thumbs up. 
  • She sighed and filled a tall glass with water before putting the flowers in. 
  • James brought Percy to Piper. “Aunty Piper! This is Percy!”
  • “Nice to meet you Percy.” Piper smiled.
  • “Aunt Piper?” 
  • “Not by blood. Annabeth and I are best friends.” She explained. “And I will be babysitting this little ball of energy while you take Annabeth out.”
  • He nodded and looked at Annabeth who was slipping on her shoes. 
  • “Bed time at eight sharp, not too many sweets. And-”
  • “No soda. I know the drill. I’ve watched him since he was a baby.” Piper rolled her eyes. “Go have fun. And Percy, I want her home by midnight.”
  • “Yes, ma’am.” Percy smiled a tiny bit. 
  • Annabeth bent down and kissed her son’s head. “Be good for Aunt Piper.”
  • He nodded.
  • “I love you.”
  • “Love you mommy!”
  • She smiled and headed out with Percy. 
  • She was nervous and anxious and excited. Her first date since Luke. What if she forgot dating etiquette? What if she doesn’t remember how to kiss?
  • “Are you okay? You seem kind of nervous.” Percy said. 
  • “Uh? Oh. Yeah. I just haven’t been on a date since James’ dad.” She looked down. Was she suppose to talk about her ex with the guy she’s out on a date with?
  • “Oh.” Percy scratch the back of his neck. 
  • Annabeth straightened up. Note to self: Don’t bring up Luke. “So, where are we going?”
  • “To get some dinner.” He replied. “I know a great diner.” 
  • “Diner?”
  • “Don’t worry. It will feel like a five star restaurant, even if it doesn’t look like it.” He smiled.
  • They walked a few blocks before Percy turned right and there was a diner that looked right out of the fifties. 
  • They went right in and the hostess, an older woman, smiled at Percy. “Percy! It’s nice to see you!”
  • “It’s nice to see you too Mrs. Underwood.” Percy smiled. 
  • “Who is this?” She asked, eyeing Annabeth. “A date?”
  • Percy gave her a lopsided smile before nodding. 
  • “Oh! A date! I’ll make sure Grove makes you a wonderful meal!” The old lady grinned.
  • “Grover’s here? I haven’t seen him since college.” Percy’s eyes went wide.
  • “Yeah, he’s in the back calling orders. I’ll tell him you’re here.” She lead the two of them to an empty booth before going to the kitchen.
  • Annabeth looked at him. “So, I’m guessing you take all your dates here? Since I guess you get a discount for knowing the owners.”
  • “No, I don’t actually. I thought you might enjoy this place as much as I do. You don’t seem like the kind of girl who would enjoy going to a fancy restaurant.”
  • “And you’re absolutely right.” She told him.
  • Mrs. Underwood came back out with a guy, maybe a year or two older than them, following behind them. 
  • “Grover!” Percy smiled.
  • “Percy? Percy! How are you?” Grover grinned.
  • “I’m good. I’m actually out on a date right now.” Percy nodded towards Annabeth. “Grover, this is my date, Annabeth. Annabeth, this is my best friend from kindergarten, Grover.”
  • Her and Grover exchanged hellos before Grover looked at Percy. “I’ll make sure the chief makes something good for the both of you.”
  • “Thanks man.” Percy smiled.
  • Grover said his goodbyes before heading to the kitchen.
  • Annabeth looked at Percy. “He’s nice.”
  • Percy nodded in agreement. “Yeah, my best friend. I haven’t seen him because the last time I talked to him, he was on his way to California.”
  • “Oh, maybe he came back to see his mom for a bit.”
  • “Maybe. But we’re on a date. I’m suppose to get to know you better.”
  • She chuckled. “Percy, we see each other every weekend. I feel like I know you.”
  • “Really? Then what’s my favorite color?”
  • “Blue.” She replied. “Try something harder.”
  • He smiled. “Okay. What’s the name of my motorcycle?”
  • Annabeth raised an eyebrow. “You ride a motorcycle?”
  • He smirked. “Yup. And his name is Blackjack.”
  • “Why do you need Blackjack? We live in a city.” She told him.
  • “My mom lives about an hour out of the city.”
  • Annabeth looked at him. “So that night when I invited you over to my house-”
  • “I called my mom and told her to make me the cookies and rushed to her place and back.” He told her. 
  • “And your mom didn’t ask any questions?”
  • “Oh, she did. She asked what’s the girl’s name. And I told her your name and about James.”
  • Annabeth’s heart stopped. “You told her about James?”
  • He nodded. “And she was excited I finally got a girlfriend since she moved.”
  • “G-Girlfriend?” 
  • He scratched the back of his neck. “I only lied so I could get out of there faster. But I really wanted you to become my girlfriend. And if anything didn’t happen I could say that we broke up.”
  • “You lied to your mom about me?” 
  • “A white lie. I knew I wanted to go out with you. But I didn’t know how to ask you out until the other day. I really do like you and James. I love having the two of you in my life. And I really want to know you even better.” He told her. “I promise, I’m not doing this to be cheesy or anything. I do really like you.”
  • Annabeth didn’t know what to say, luckily Mrs. Underwood brought out food. 
  • It smelled delicious and something that a normal fifties diner wouldn’t sell; steak with mashed potatoes and string beans. 
  • “Thank you Mrs. Underwood.” Percy told her.
  • She smiled. “Enjoy!”
  • Percy turned back to Annabeth. “You don’t believe me, do you?”
  • “I do. Percy, to be honest, you are the first guy I really liked since James’ dad. And I don’t want to mess this up. That’s why I’m so scared.”
  • Percy smiled a tiny bit. “Don’t worry. You’ll be great at it. I’m the one who should worry. I haven’t been on a date since high school.”
  • She chuckled. “Okay.” 
  • He smiled and got up. He moved over to her and sat next to her.
  • “I know I’m suppose to wait until the end of the date, but is it alright if I kiss you now?”
  • Annabeth turned bright red before she nodded. The next thing she knew, Percy’s soft lips were on hers.
Ignite - murder and consequences

Characters: Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Roy Harper
Summary: Destroy the car, get some clothes, buy some food. That’s all they had to do.
A/N: Dick and Jason probably got up with the sun, that’s how they got all this done before noon. The hoodie is definitely Cheese Viking. A point of this series, is Dick is perpetually silently furious and hella protective of Damian and Jason against basically everyone. Sorry this one is kind of boring. 

More Murder And Consequences things.


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Come see me again, my love [Ereri fic]

Summary: Eren is a police officer and Levi seems to be cozying up to him rather flirtatiously. The thing is, Levi is a serial killer.
Words: 4,702
Warning: R18, dubcon

A/N: lol i post this devil work on easter. 420 tho. ok i don’t care for either of those things so idk what i’m saying. omg are u all going to read this while high no pls


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Bonding Time For The Bros

Summary: Lance, Hunk and Keith finally get a chance to do some real, genuine boding.  (Time line wise, probably just after episode 8, Rebirth)

Warnings: Fluff, kind of homo, funny, mostly embarrassing though. Some graphic language.

Word count: 2.3k, lots of regrets.

     The Voltron team was in the midst of one of those awkward in-between times, a lull between fighting and training. The calm that comes after saving a whole planet and its residents, and before the next big monster ruins things again. It was a boring time, God was it boring. There’s only so many meals in a day, only so many training regimens, and way too many space hours between waking up and going back to sleep. Obviously this meant that the moment Hunk and Lance could sneak off to find something fun to do, they were gone.

Today the team had been working on physical training, mostly hand to hand combat and the likes, with a bit of meditation here and there. Needless to say, the boys were sweaty and kind of tired, but they were also officially out of things to do for the day.

“There’s got to be something interesting to do around here,” Hunk grumbled, his words muffled a bit from the couch his face was currently being squished into. Lance made some sort of unintelligible noise in agreement from his spot on the adjacent couch. He got up and threw himself next to Hunk in a dramatic display of limbs and deep sighs.

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In Too Deep | Swimmer!Luke (Part Three)

a/n: i lost where i was going and i’m really mad about it so i hope you guys like it still!! feedback is also cool if you’re so inclined :)
words: 1500  part one | part two

Luke jumped from the bed, delayed by the rush of nausea and pounding in his head, “Shit – no, baby – that’s not – I don’t mean,” he gestured between the two of you, lips turned low in a frown. “I don’t mean – us – I mean…” He scratched his hand through his hair and settled back on the edge of the bed, reaching for your hand and gently pulling you to sit beside him.

You turned your body to face him, waiting for him to continue, entirely unsure where exactly the conversation was headed; he’d made no sign of being unhappy in any aspect of his life, not that you could tell. What if he’d being trying to tell you for weeks and you’d just been too oblivious? You scrunched your nose at your own thoughts; surely not. Usually you could tell from a shift in the pitch of his voice whether or not he’d beat a personal best; you knew from an arch of his eyebrow whether he was annoyed; by the pressure of his hand whether he was sad or clingy or over the moon. He hadn’t managed to keep a single thing from you yet.

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So I saw this and I thought it was hilarious and I got really carried away, so um, yeah. Have some dorky SouMako. Set before Nationals. Beware of swearing, Rin being an unfunny, punny dick, two giant losers named Sousuke and Makoto and my unedited writing. Yee!

The Master of Cool

Words: 3864
Rating: PG for swearing
Pairings: SouMako

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anonymous asked:

modern Au where Killian has to meet Emma's son.

In all the years of dating he’s experienced he has never been this nervous. Sure, he’d gotten the jitters, that First Date kind of rush. Sometimes his palms would sweat or his throat would go dry. He’d bite his lip or the inside of his cheek. 

But it had never been this bad before.

Killian supposed it had all started the morning when that beautiful blonde girl had nearly plowed him down on the beach when he was going for a morning stroll two short months earlier. 

Emma Swan had literally knocked him off his feet. 

Killian smiled at the memory as he threw on a blazer over a nice shirt and a pair of jeans. He ran his hands through his hair, giving it that perfect tousled look. He was going for nice, but not too over the top. It would just be dinner at her apartment. With her son who he was finally going to meet for the first time. 

The feeling of uneasiness filled the pit of his stomach and he swore he could feel bile rising in his throat, though that was impossible. He hadn’t been able to eat, hardly been able to get down frequent sips of water since Emma had brought up him coming over for dinner the other night.

Their relationship had been hesitant at first. A phone call here, an email there. Sometimes dinner, movies others. It was slow going, her letting him in piece by piece, but they’d been working toward it and tonight was big step in that direction. For their relationship to take a big leap. 

It was her son. Emma’s pride and joy. Her happiness. Henry meant absolutely everything to her. If he didn’t like him… it was pretty much a grantee that he’d be sent packing. 

Henry had to like him. 

Killian swallowed hard, idly snapping a button on his shirt open and closed. Open close open close open close. 

His phone buzzed with an incoming text.

See you soon! :)

See you soon, she said. So casually. So carefree. 

And here he was grabbing the bouquet of flowers he’d bought for her earlier, quivering like a little boy leaving his parents on the very first day of school. 


“I said no video games!” Emma said, distractedly hurrying through the living room and rearranging pillows and straightening picture frames. 

Henry sat in front of the tv, unperturbed. His fingers flew over the controls and on the screen a knight decapitated a set of evil soldiers. 

“You’re panicking, Mom,” Henry commented.

“I am not!” Emma said. She smoothed her fitted shirt and cardigan for the hundredth time. She checked her reflection on the mirror. 

“You totally are.”

“I just want the apartment to look nice.”

“You’ve moved the couches eight different times today. You vacuumed three times. I’m honestly surprised you didn’t decide to repaint the entire place.”

“Why?” Emma demanded, spinning to look at the cream colored walls. 

“Do they look old? Do they need fresh paint?”

She began working on her thumb nail again, chewing hard on it like she had all this morning as she walked Henry school and throughout the rest of the day at work. 

“The walls look fine,” Henry sighed. He paused his game and looked up at her. 

“Everything looks great. Dinners going to go perfect. This guy likes you, Mom. He’s coming here to get to know you. Know us. He’s not interested to see if we’re up to date on our home decor.”

Emma gave her son a soft smile, crouching down beside him to give him a hug. She rested her chin on the top of his head. 

"When did you get so wise?” she sighed. 

Just then there was a knock at the door. The small hand on the watch on her wrist read six o’clock. 

He was here right on time. 

Emma felt her heart pounding in her chest. 

She put a big smile on her face and walked towards the door. She undid the chain and slid the bolt back. Her hand grasped the doorknob.

And then the smoke detector began to wail.


One empty pizza box, a tossed aside blazer, lots of laughter, and three hours later, Emma, Killian, and Henry sat around the big tv with video game controllers in hand. 

Dinner had burned. The big meatloaf Emma had spent a painstaking hour trying to make had burned to a charred black brick as she’d flitted around the apartment tidying and re-tidying. The smoke detector had gone off just as she’d opened the door. Henry had come barreling into the kitchen wielding a fire extinguisher and pair of old swim goggles to protect his eyes from the smoke spilling out of the oven. 

He’d flung open the small door and shot a stream of foam onto the meatloaf that had literally caught fire. 

Emma had turned to Killian, absolutely mortified. But after a moment of complete silence (the smoke detector had stopped screaming) he’d began to laugh. A small chuckle that turned into deep, gut wrenching laughter. 

Soon all three were crying tears. 

Killian handed over the flowers to Emma and kissed the side of her head. He’d stepped forward and shook Henry’s hand in a solid shake. 

And then he’d pulled out his cell phone and ordered from a pizza place around the block. He’d tossed aside his blazer sometime when the pizza arrived and they ate it. Emma had lost the cardigan, also. 

They were relaxed as the sat around insulting each other as they battled it out in one of Henry’s video games- something Killian was equally passionate about. 

And as they laughed both Killian and Emma knew that this could work. That this was something they could do. They could be together.

Be a family. 

boyslikebands  asked:

So my parents never let me go to concerts... But this year they are letting me go to the A Love Like Tour opening show! I've never been to an atl concert... Any tips on what to expect?

Tips on what to expect at an ATL show starting from right when you get there:
• Depending on what time you arrive will determine how long you wait and how LONG of a line it will be. Be prepared for lines to wrap around the block and kids sprawled out everywhere while they wait.

•Kids will be waiting since 6-7 that morning.

•Expect to get hungry if you don’t bring snacks. You’re going to be waiting for a little while.

•There will be different groups of kids around the venue, broken up in their friend groups. Some are nice, others are awfully rude.

•Fans at ATL shows can be some of the sweetest people you meet or some of the worst. Pick who you talk to wisely.

•Expect a lot of smoke. Fans like to smoke in line.

•If someone offers you something or talks to you, politely accept or decline it or talk back to them. They’re being nice.

•There will be tons of unnecessary squealing just to be done, and A LOT of sing alongs.

•If the buses are parked near the venue, be aware that so many will run back and forth to try and see band members walk by. It can get annoying after a while of constant running.

•Some kids will pull their car up and blare the band’s music just to pump everyone up. It gets fun.

•Scalpers will come around- so will guys selling illegal Merch. Don’t buy anything from anyone.

•Expect tons of sitting or standing.

•There are tons of opinions that float around out in the lines, more are louder than others. Don’t speak up on something unless it’s civilly and mature. Don’t be one of those that get their panties in a wad over someone’s words.

•Line cutters. There will be a few. Don’t let them run all over you. They will if you don’t say anything to them.

•Weather changes. Be prepared for rain or shine.

•Tons of band stories. You’ll either hear kids talking about other concerts or band member experiences they’ve had, or you’ll be talking about yours with someone else. I think that’s mandatory in concert lines? Ha

•Complaining. SO MUCH complaining.

•Everyone always starts rapping or bringing up something Disney or 1D related. I swear to you, this is always accurate. Haha


•Lines will become tight with everyone trying to squeeze into a spot to get their tickets scanned. (This is where line cutters come in)

•Expect rudeness at this point because no one cares if you’re being pushed around as long as they get in the venue. Just go with the flow. Some people around you might be nicer about it. I’ve only been surrounded by rude line goers a couple of times.

•A lot of chatter and unnecessary yelling right in your ear.

•Hiding water bottles. Most will try and hide water in their bag. This takes time but if you get through with the bottles in your bag, you will be relieved.

•Once the ticket is scanned, it’s like an apocalypse in the concert hall. There’s running in all directions- to the stage, to Merch, to food. Most are running to the stage to get good views for the whole show. Id recommend trying to focus on the stage and food and Merch last if it’s your first show.

•Once in your spot, expect heat. Heat heat and MORE heat. It’s going to get to be a furnace in there.

•PUT hair on top of your head. Most girls are going to look like Bam Bam from the Flintstones.

•The person in front of you, the person behind you, and the two people beside you on either side are going to be your ride or dies. You think you have a best friend already? Nope, not that night. Those four people are your best friends. Take care of them and they’ll reciprocate.

•Bunch of small talk between sets and before the show.

•Fucking dance parties with the music they blare as the crew sets up the stage. “Niggas in Paris” is a personal classic for an ATL show.


•People might pass out or need to be taken out of the pit. You’ll see this. Help these people.

•Pushy pushy people. The crowd will push you every which way. Lock your leg and keep your position. There’s gonna be plenty trying to take your spot.

•Puking. There might be puking.

•If someone offers you water, you take it.

•Of course expect the band!! They’ll come out and the whole world stops for a moment and everyone explodes.

•Expect jumping. Jack does not slack off with telling people to jump. You do it even if you don’t want to.

•Sweat. You’re all going to be a sweaty, slippery mess by the end of it. Your skin is going to be connected to so many other peoples skin.

•A lot of hooping and hollering. Do it yourself! But not during inappropriate moments.

•Hair in your mouth. There’s always that one person who doesn’t put their hair up or doesn’t put it high enough and you’re eating hair.

•A full Zumba work out by the time you leave. It’ll feel that way.

•Expect smiling. You’re cheeks are going to hurt from so much laughing and smiling.

•You’re gonna go deaf. That is mighty fine.

•Crying. Kids will cry. It’s normal. If you want to, do it. No one is gonna judge you.

•Crowd surfing. You will be kicked in the head at least once.


•If you wait by the buses for possible meetings, expect a crowd.

•You could be waiting for more than an hour for just one musician to come out.

•If a musician comes out, expect screaming and a bunch of pushing.

•Have something ready to be signed. (Pictures might not be allowed)

•Expect everyone looking like they just got done swimming. You’ll all look dripping wet. It’s okay.

•Expect consideration but also inconsideration.

•Expect happiness.

We'll be alright | A Soumako one shot

Title: We’ll be alright
Ship: Makoto Tachibana x Sousuke Yamazaki
Wordcount: 1300+
Summary: They’re not quite boyfriends but they’re more than friends. Or they haven’t had the DTR talk

N/A: So, this all started with a headcanon I had about Makoto and Sousuke being swimming coached and falling in love and this is actually my second attempt at this because the first was too angsty and angst breaks my heart. I’m sorry for the lame title and how long it took me to post it. Oh, there’s also my first lame try at writing nsfw stuff, so don’t judge me too hard on that. Anyway, I might turn this into a series? Haven’t thougt much about it, but if you like this one and want more then sure, I’ll gadly work on more. I’m gonna stop talking now so enjoy :)


“Aah, Sou… Sousuke” - Makoto gasped as Sousuke rocked into him in a relentless rythm as the smaller boy’s legs wrapped tighter around him, his whole body trembling, mouth slightly open, forcing the air in as each of Sousuke’s thrusts left him out of breath.
“Fuck, Makoto” - Sousuke panted against Makoto’s neck as he felt his orgasm building up on the pit of his stomach.
Makoto came with a low profound moan, Sousuke’s name on his lips, his seed spilled all over his stomach and watching the former backstroke swimmer come undone underneath him, his chest rising and falling quickly, droplets of sweat clinging on his body as if tasting his skin, made Sousuke cock throb and with three more thrusts he surrended himself to his orgasm, his mind going pleasantly blank as he fell on top of Makoto, his orgasm taking control of his body.
Their heavy breaths filled the space for a couple of minutes as they slowly came down from their high and regained their forces.
Carefully, Sousuke pulled out of Makoto who hissed at the sudden emptiness. Discharching the used condom, he picked up an old towel and cleaned the messmon Makoto’s stomach, kissing lightly the crook of the other’s neck where a dark purple mark was already appearing.
They both put on their uniforms in silence as words weren’t needed for the moment.
The swimming club was deserted at that time of the day so their disappearances weren’t too compromising. Even so, they both left the small storage room with five minutes apart, more out of habit than anything else, but just in case…
Having half an hour before his next class arrived, Sousuke headed to the public space, where a couple of parents watched their children learning how to swim. Finding a spot near the glass window, Sousuke smiled as Makoto walked in to the pool area with a douzen of kickboards in hands and a small group of children trotting behind him.
There was something about Makoto with kids that made Sousuke’s insided all tingly and fluttery. He was always so gentle with them, helping them whenever they were having trouble with their butterfly stroke they were just initiating; the way he cheered on them and brought them sweets every once in a while was enough to make Sousuke’s heart twist in a pleasant way. It was as if Makoto was born to teach kids.
The class was now doing some sort of relay - they loved the relay activity - but Sousuke only had eyes for they green eyed coach and how he smiled big and high fived the little kids for their effort. And as if sensing someone’s eyes on him, Makoto looked at Sousuke and flashed him his most breath taking smile only to be reciprocated with Sousuke poking his tongue out.
Makoto giggled and Sousuke’s heart skipped a beat.


While emending the errors of his class’ breastroke, Sousuke couldn’t stop the thoughts of his and Makoto’s relationship over flowing his mind.
Well, Sousuke wasn’t sure if what they had was a relationship. They had never talked about it. Never put labels. Everything just sort of… Happened.

He was the new kid on the block, not knowing a single soul and the cherry on top was how his first class ever was a children’s class. And it was not as he hated kids, he just didn’t teach them.
He must have had a dying expression the whole day because ten minutes before his class started, Makoto Tachibana, also a junior coach, approachednhim and with one true gentle smile and inspiring words - although Sousuke later thought that they seemed straight out of a book, which they were Makoto later confirmed - Sousuke gained the confidence and his clas hadn’t been all that bad. There were no crying children, no angry parents and no letter of dismiss. Sousuke considered it a victory.
When he saw Makoto later that day, to thank him properly for the advice he invited him for a drink, but ended up going with Makoto and the rest of the junior teachers to a karaoke bar.
The memories of that day were all blurry in Sousuke’s head. He vaguely remembered sitting next to Makoto, the bad karaoke competition and how the drinks wouldn’t stop coming. But his preferred memory of that time he still remembered was how good it had felt when he came in Makoto’s mouth.

The way Makoto licked his tip, sending shivers all over his body; the way he stroked him; the way just knew what buttons to push to make him feel everything all at once; the way he -

“Coach Yamazaki, how was it?” - the voice of his ten year old student brought him back to reality just in time. It would have been awkward to explain why he had a hard-on in the middle if the class.
“Er…” - he had been so distracted by his thoughts he didn’t see a thing - “Do it again, your legs are still opening to much!”
On the other side of the pool, Sousuke saw Makoto finishing his lesson with the little kids and when they ran off to the locker room and Makoto stood up, the other swimming coach locked his eyes with Sousuke, a secret “I’ll wait for you outside” sent. Sousuke nodded like he always did.


“Ready to go home?” - Sousuke asked when he met Makoto outside the pool.
As soon as his class had ended, Sousuke rushed to get into the showers and took the quickest shower of his life, because Makoto had finished his last lesson a good half an hour before and he was still waiting for Sousuke. It was only fair that Sousuke didn’t make him wait much longer.
“Yes” - was Makoto’s only answer.
While they walked side by side, they didn’t talk much. It felt like they didn’t need to, everything was so quiet and peaceful that disturbing it would be wrong. By his side, Makoto seemed a little more restless than usual, fidgeting with his shoulder strap and opening and closing his mouth more than ever.
Sousuke didn’t push it. Makoto would tell him what he was thinking when he felt comfortable enough. There was no need to rush things.

Getting to the station was Sousuke’s least favourite part of the day. It meant saying goodbye to Makoto and as the station was quite packed, it meant no goodbye kiss. Sure, he always had that discrete hand caressing his back, hiddent by the thick jacket, but he wanted more.
“We’ll talk later, yeah?” - Sousuke asked as he smiled at Makoto, who smiled back.
“Yeah, of course” - and without a waning, he hugged Sousuke, lacing his arms around the taller man’s waist, his head nestled against the crook of his neck.
Sousuke didn’t react for a couple of seconds. This wasn’t like Makoto. Makoto shyed away at any phisical contact in public. Even if Sousuke wanted to hold hands, Makoto would instantly have a crimson shade painted on his face. However, Sousuke wouldn’t let this oportunity to hug Makoto to waste. So, he envolved the former backstroke swimmer with his arms and nuzzled on top of Makoto’s head, his hair tickling him. He left a small kiss there and Makoto spoke gently, his voice muffled by his clothes.
“Want to have dinner at mine? My parents at home and they said they would like to meet you, and I haven’t said anything about us but I guess I’ve mentioned you a couple of times and they were interested and I understand if you have other things to do, I shouldn’t have asked so suddenly and -”
“I would’ve love to, Makoto” - Sousuke detached himself from Makoto, just enough to see the other’s blushing face and smiled. Even when he was a rambling stuttering mess, Makoto still made his heart skip a beat.
The smile Makoto showed was enough to put any less happier thoughts out of his mind. Sure, they hadn’t talked about what they had between them, but Sousuke was certain that after that night things would change. For the better of course.