do not toy with my emotions

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"he likes to turn his feelings into roulette and hopes the other guy gets shot" your tags on that andrew post are actually killing me rn

😏😏😏😏😏  im glad that I can still toy w your emotions even when im not actively writing fic 

but srsly.. let’s talk andrew & his surgically detached emotions…… where’s my essay topic about that…

My kid reacts to Episode 5

Let me remind you all.  They are SEVEN.

“Minami is cute”

Kiddo: “Is Yurio in this episode?”

Me: “Only for like two seconds.”

Kiddo: “I will love him in those two seconds.”

1st hug- “Please pause!" 

*slowly leaves going ‘oh my god!’ comes back with toys for emotional support* 


*watches the hug again with a big grin while clutching a teddy bear*

Me: "Minami is all of us.”

Kiddo: “Especially me.”

Kiddo: “Hurry up and get to angry cute!”

Me: “Not 'til the end.”

Kiddo: “Oh come on!”

Yuri cheers for Minami- 

Minami’s routine- “I’m trying not to have a nosebleed”

2nd hug-

 "This time I need to do this for some time"

Yuri’s Routine finished- *Pauses and retires upstairs to their room*


*comes back*

Almost hug- “That won’t help”


Yuri’s speech- “OH MY GOSH SO GREAT!”

Conclusion- “My favourite two characters are Yurio and Victor/Yuri. Because Victor and Yuri count as one character.”

  • Kevin: My lack of sexual experience is now literally a threat to my life. Okay, I need to have sex, like, right now. Someone needs to have sex with me, like, today. Like, someone needs to sex me up right now.
  • Benny: All right, I’ll do it.
  • Kevin: What?
  • Benny: Come to my place at 9:00. Plan to stay the night. I like to cuddle.
  • Kevin: Oh, that’s sweet. *pauses* Wait, are you kidding?
  • Benny: *sighs* Yes, I’m kidding.
  • Kevin: Okay, you know, you don’t toy with a guy’s emotions like that, Benny.
You made me feel like shit in 2.5 seconds; here's my response to that...

I'm sorry

I’m sorry I’m such a disappointment to you

I’m sorry I can’t be what you want me to

I’m sorry If I hurt you, I know I did, I always somehow do.

I’m sorry I’ll cry about it; I know it’ll made me look weak

I’m sorry all I can do is apologize; What more can I do when the distance is so great?

I’m sorry I can’t make it up to you

I’m sorry for being such a wimp and not telling you how I felt earlier

I’m sorry my insecurities hold me back from saying so many things; expressing so many emotions

I’m sorry you’re with me when you could do so much better, you deserve better

I’m sorry I’m not good enough for you, a small part of me held on to that small sliver of hope that I could be for 4 years now

I’m sorry I’m breaking down right now and not replying to you, it was either this or relapsing again…

I’m sorry I can’t put into words what i’m think most of the time; It’s not like you can read my mind and I don’t exactly make it easy do I ?

I’m sorry I can’t ever meet anyone’s expectations of me

I’m sorry my body is shaking right now, I’ve already made so many typos because of it

I’m sorry I had to hold back my sob when I knew you would eventually say what you did

I’m sorry I’m so dramatic

I’m sorry I’ll be at 15 percent battery soon, my legs will probably give out after crying so I can’t reach my charger

I’m sorry the silent tears will stream my face because I know what’ll probably come next

I’m sorry if you think i’m blowing you off right now; I’m not and I really do try to get to you so please don’t blame me for something I seriously can’t control

I’m sorry I can’t ever meet anyone’s expectations of me, not just yours

I’m sorry if I fucked anything up

I’m sorry i’m so far away

I’m sorry that you probably feel like you have to like me, love me, anything with me really… Please just say something if that’s the case

but most of all I’m sorry I’m me, why would anyone seriously put up with me?

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Prank War

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Word count: 951
Warnings: Fluff
Request: ( @sdavid09 ) “pranking” was utter perfection! I loved it! And it gave me an idea that only u can execute! Could u do one where the reader and Gabe have harmless pranks (like the really cheesy ones like the whoopee cushion and stuff) and he goes a step over bounds by “confessing his love”, and half way through it he breaks up laughing cause he is doing it as a “prank” thinking she would laugh, and she storms off. They boys get pissed because she really likes him and he was just toying with her emotions, without realizing it. And he had to fix his mistake?!
Challenge:  This was written for @bkwrm523’s 30 Prompts Challenge. My fic had to begin with the line “It was one in the morning and I was rummaging the pantry for soup”

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Prompt: “By some miracle, Jim’s father is alive and after so many years they meet and the reader is there to give him support when his emotions crumble before/afterwards?” - Anon

Word Count: 2,085

Author’s Note: I’ve been toying with the idea of travelling through time and space in the Star Trek universe, and I’m glad I got to explore it with George Kirk as a vehicle. Also, Angst!Kirk is so good. Enjoy.

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 49,343/50,000 (We’re almost there, guys! I can’t believe this!)

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bobdonuts  asked:

As an amateur world-builder & on-and-off DM, thank you for writing such a wonderful story with such interesting and multifaceted characters. I try my best to create movers and shakers that will interact with the world alongside my players, but when the two butt heads, it always seems that said characters end up being viewed as one-dimensional villain-types rather than someone with clashing ideals/motivations. I know the medium is different, but how do you avoid this 'villain-ism'?

The medium is not that different! I was a DM myself before I was a comic author, and a DM misdirects, toys with emotions, entertains, and edifies players just as she does readers. At least, a good one does. And I think a good DM is a storyteller, first and foremost.

Anyway, an antagonist need not be a “villain,” as you well know. An antagonist is simply someone at odds with your hero, or protagonist. An antagonist can even be a better person than your hero. They can be more selfless, smarter, kinder, have healthier long-term goals. This can be difficult to write since we want the players to feel they’re the good guys, but simply having your villain act human can go a long way. Give them a love interest. Give them children, a family. Have them display passion towards benign, even beautiful and laudable interests. Make them sincerely care about things. Flesh out their life so they are more than their interactions with the protagonist. This immediately rounds them out and makes them both more believable as people, and more interesting. Your player should pause before striking that killing blow. They should hesitate and wonder if they’re in the right.

Ninety-nine percent of “evil” is selfishness. Evil people act for themselves without caring much about how it impacts others. Evil is so very common in our world that it’s a bit boring to read about it much in fiction. So steer away from a villain who is motivated by Evil (selfishness) and focus more on conflicts of religion, ideals, resources. Evil is for mooks; the Big Bad needs Moar.

An antagonist might just need something the heroes have because it’s required to help someone he loves - but he’s too proud to ask for it, and feels he has to win it through force. Maybe your antagonist is a great person but she’s indebted to someone awful, and must act against her nature by harrying the heroes. Maybe your antagonist simply believes he’s doing his god’s will by standing in your heroes’ way, and is deeply troubled by having to oppose them. Maybe your heroes have trespassed on your antagonists’ plans or lands or time, and he doesn’t take joy in retaliating, but others will think him weak if he doesn’t, and he’ll lose the respect he requires to do great and compassionate things.

So many scenarios. You just have to write people, and not villains :) Make them as important and whole as the players feel their own hero characters are.

Damage Control Skin Care Routine

So you’ve spent the last two hours picking and now you have no idea how to move away from this complex feeling of self hate and all the sores on your body. Well, I’m here to help (I’m not a dermatologist but I AM a seasoned dermatillomaniac and this is Not My First Rodeo™, this is my tried and true technique for oily-combination skin)

1) distance yourself from a mirror and give your hands something to do. Maybe write about the picking experience, all your emotion and fear and hate. Play with a tangle toy, whatever you need to do to unwind and get the urge to settle down while distracting yourself. This is important. If you go straight from picking to cleaning up your face, you will just start picking again. Give yourself and your skin some time to cool down.

2) wash your face. Use a gentle and moisturizing cleanser, don’t use anything with alcohol or severe chemicals. Again, this works on my skin, so if you need any severe chemicals for your face, you do you. I totally get it. But try not to dry out your face bc moisture is key to healing

3) disinfect. Do a raw honey mask (raw honey is also good for fading scars) or use tea tree oil. Make sure you do not skip this. You absolutely must disinfect, whether it’s with neosporin or with a natural way, you need to make sure these wounds don’t get infected. My favorite way is to just drown my face in raw honey, but again, you do you. A product I like for healing is the Grahams natural alternatives sooth-it gel, which contains aloe Vera, Manuka honey, witch hazel, and many other good things. I love this product.

4) moisturize. Use a face moisturizer and just lather it on. Something not too thick. I really like the garnier skinactive clearly brighter dark spot corrector moisturizer and the garnier skinactive clearly brighter overnight leave on peel, as they help heal and fade scars. (These two products are my saviors. The end all be all. They faded my scars so quickly, after years of trying I finally got some payoff. I love these products.)

4) bandaids bandaids bandaids. Smack some honey or neosporin or whatever you like on that bandaid and then smack that bad boy on your wound. I find that raw honey really speeds up the healing process, and bandaids keep me from obsessing over the way the redness on my face looks.

Some other tips and tricks-
•don’t use most face masks. Many of them with be rough on the skin and are not supposed to be used on open wounds. Read the bottle before putting it on your face, or just use raw honey. I am a huge fan of raw honey.
•aloe Vera helps calm down redness. Aloe Vera is your friend. It is also very moisturizing. Aloe Vera is your friend.
• I have heard frankincense is good on wounds but I have never tried it

Good luck babe


Im trying to figure out what pokemon would be on my trainersona, June’s, team.
There would be a psychic type or two that would help with reading minds or soothing distressed pokemon during therapy.
There were a few requirements such as them needing to be from hoenn or unova and the psychic power needs to have something to do with mind reading/emotions or something useful for therapy.

The main options really came down to solrock, beheeyem, musharna, and swoobat is a bit of a stretch but a possibility.

I also toyed around with the idea of a miltank bred with a musharna to make a miltank that creates milk good enough to put someone instantly to sleep with good dreams?

Anyways enjoy the scribbles


This kid loves the Swiffer, wtf.

We’ve had her a month now and she’s come a long way. We’ve come a long way. At home Sasha can play for hours– with toys, with the dog, with us.  She’s funny, a little naughty, and very charming.

But at school she still cries all day and the workers have had it. I don’t love this day care but do understand the frustration. With her language delay and social/emotional issues she may be a little too much for that center. 

 I’m on the fence about changing centers- it would mean ANOTHER change/transition for this little girl- but my kid has become THAT kid, if you know what I mean. The one in the corner screaming, inconsolable, that staff hate to see come in every day. 

Listen up!

Okay so April Fools day is coming up and anyone who knows me in real like knows I hate it because to some people it gives an excuse to toy with people’s emotions. I will not be participating in it whatsoever, honestly it’s never a good day for most people. I want people on my blog to feel safe and not be worried that I’ll fake my death (It’s happened before but that’s a completely different story), that I might post a jumpscare, or just do something for the “holiday”.

The emotional abuse I received this weekend (this month really) is not not ok. Splenda Daddy/Master needs to hurt as much as I do. I literally wanted to die the entire time I was in magic kingdom with him and his new toy. My cousin and aunt have me now and I can finally eat again. I lost 5 pounds just at Disney because of that horrible situation. I’m 93 pounds. Fuck him.

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as someone who is not autistic, what is autism like?

As with most things, it has it’s ups and downs. It’s different for everyone. 

For me, it’s hard to read people’s emotions. If someone fakes being mad at me, I get upset, which is awkward when they were joking. I have hyperempathy, meaning I am extremely affected by other people’s emotions. (Also things like a cartoon rubber ducky crying or the sound a squeaky toy makes are upsetting to me) 

I pick my skin and hit my head against things when I’m nervous or upset. These are technically “stims” or reptitive behaviors a neurodivergent person uses to self-soothe, but they’re also forms of self-harm, so i’m trying to stop doing them.

My non-harmful stims are running hot water on my neck, hugging/cuddling, rubbing soft fabrics and holding small, smooth objects in my hand. 

Most autistic people also have “special interests” which are things that we become deeply absorbed in learning absolutely everything we can about/basing a lot of our activities around them. For some people it’s a specific subject (the “train kid” stereotype) or it could be a fandom, or a hobby. My main special interest is my own OCs. (so if you ever want to ask me questions about them, that would make me really happy)

Some autistic people don’t like physical contact or interacting with people very much, but for me, I’m very clingy and fearful of being abandoned. I have a lot of difficulty interacting with and relating to others, but I really enjoy being around people.

It’s very easy for me to become overstimulated, and I haave to be careful what I wear. My sensory sensitivities make it almost impossible for me to wear rough/scratchy fabrics. As a trans guy, wearing binders is really hard for me because the binding panel is made of rough canvas, but I’m getting used to them.

Some good things about it would be that I’m good at remembering numbers/specific phrases, if I’m interested in a school subject, it becomes really easy to focus on and work on, and because of my difficulties reading people I’ve gotten much more comfortable with clarifying things with people, so it’s actually improved my ability to communicate in some ways.

I’m Not Sick (Tony Stark x reader)

Request:  Hiii, um may my request an imagine where the reader has to get a blood test but she’s really scared of needles and Tony makes fun of her at first but then realizes her fear was kinda serious so he comforts her all the way and fluffy fluff haha I’m really scared of needles as well, nearly cried when I did my blood test hahaha it’s stupid

Here you go, sweetheart!  I hope it’s what you wanted!  

You had thought that as you got older, your fear of needles would diminish.  The logical, reasoning side of your brain would shut out the emotional and irrational side.  Wow, were you wrong.  It only got worse, because now you anticipated it; you knew it was coming.  As a child your mom or the nurse would distract you with toys or candy or silly faces until it was finally over.  No one’s doing that now.  Nope, you’re on your own.

It was really easy to avoid visiting the doctor when you were well.  Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, right?  Well, it broke.  You had been sick for a week when Tony finally convinced you that you had to see a doctor, even if he had to carry you in on his back.

“Look!  I’m all better!  Really!”  Jumping up from the bed, you tried to prove that all this fuss wasn’t necessary, but in the middle of your master plan, dizziness decided to ruin everything. You flopped back down, squeezing your eyes shut and grabbing your head.  “Woah, maybe not.”

“Okay, that’s it. We’re going right now.”  Tony started putting your shoes on as you groaned, beginning to feel that familiar pang of nausea that comes with the thought of a giant needle coming at you.  

“Hey, do you think maybe I could wear something other than my pajamas?”

“No.  You’re stalling.”

You could feel your hands beginning to tremble, clutching them together so he wouldn’t notice. This was all mind-over-matter, right? Just talk yourself out of it. It’s just a tiny needle, just a little poke, then it’s done.  Or, it’s probably a massive needle used to bore a hole thru your arm.  Yeah, that sounds more truthful.  You’re walking into a torture chamber, clearly.

“What if they want to take blood?”  You knew he was going to make fun of you, but it just slipped out.  “I don’t like needles, Tony.”

His head snapped up, a wide grin on his face.  “Aw, that’s so cute!  Are you scared?”

With a huff, you pushed his hands away, risking further vertigo to tie your own shoes.  “It’s not cute, Tony.  Are your panic attacks cute?  No, I don’t think they are, are they?”  With your head down the room began to spin again.  You leaned forward against his shoulder as he picked you up.  “Okay, okay, you’re right; maybe we should go.”


“You know, (Y/N), if you want, I could make faces at you while you get your blood drawn?  Tell you a story?  Promise you ice cream afterwards?”

“I’m not a child, Tony, stop it.  You’re not helping.”

“I bet if we dig around in here, we could find a box of suckers or some stickers for you…if you’re a good girl.”

His voice became muffled in your ears, almost distant.  Your vision was filling with dancing black spots and your head was heavy.  Grabbing his arm, you leaned over towards the garbage, just in case your stomach betrayed you.  

“Hey, hey, sweetheart? You okay?”  He was now kneeling in front of you and brushing your hair back from your face.  His face was full of concern and belief that something was actually going on now.

You sat quietly, a grip on his arm as you closed your eyes and focused on your breathing.  He could feel the tremor in the hand you held him with; he put his hand over yours, hoping to calm you.

“You’re really scared, aren’t you?”  His eyes were sad now, regretting all that he had said before.  “Oh, honey, I’m sorry.  I was just trying to lighten the mood and take your mind off things.  I’m not very good at this, huh?”

As the feelings subsided, you sat back against the chair, but your eyes were still closed.  The nurse entered the room to take the blood sample; Tony was now kneeling directly in front of you holding both of your hands in his.

“Put your arm up here please.”

With a small groan, you turned your head away and bit into your lower lip, anticipating the pain. Maybe if you bit hard enough it would hurt even more than the needle and you wouldn’t notice it.  

“Hey, look at me, (Y/N).”

Opening only one eye, you looked down at Tony and choked out a strained laugh.  “Oh my god, you’re ridiculous!”

The man was actually making faces at you to distract you from what the nurse was doing.  Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark, looking like a complete idiot.  For you.

“Tony, what the hell are you doing?”  Your words came out as laughs, tears filling your eyes now.  “This isn’t going to work, but I give you credit for the effort.”

“Ok, we’re all done. Just hold pressure on that spot for at least a minute.”

“Are you serious?!  I didn’t even feel that!”  

Tony’s smile grew wider now, standing to kiss your forehead.  “Ok, kiddo. I made a promise.  Chocolate or vanilla?”  

War of the Mind

My mind tired from nonexistent battles,
Warring and toying with every emotion.
Why cry when there’s no reason?
What’s the use without real causation?
The static whirling in my mind saying cruel words,
Words that make it all seem invalid..

What a cruel fate it is to feel everything yet nothing at once,
The sharp sting of Eros but falling into the void.
I lay here restful, yet restless,
Why do I feel one way but love the other?
What tripwire down the corridor of fate did I spring?
For my mind to say nothing and everything.

Exhausted, from my own existence and mind,
I still wait eagerly.
For one word,
One simple word, if even that,
Prove my mind wrong!
Please, I beg of you.
Let me hold you in my arms,
Let me feel again…

~~Yesterday’s Poet~~