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desc: Newt is unable to grasp why you would ever find fascination in observing him, which is followed by a heartfelt moment, and admittance of love. 

Kisses and lots of FLUFF! <3 (gif not mine, creds to owner)

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Newt Scamander was an absolute work of art, and simply studying his features helped you relax, so you did. He sat at the polished oak table, his right leg shaking as he focused, his honey colored locks sprawled across his forehead. When he focused, these little crinkles appeared from the furrow of his eyebrows, and he would chew his lower lip whilst deep in thought. A golden beam of sunlight twinkled across his button nose, rosy cheeks, and brilliant blue-green eyes. He reached for his steaming mug of tea, letting the curls of steam crawl over his face before taking a careful sip. Then his lips twitched ever so noticeably, and you could make out the little dimples of his curious smile.

“Why are you staring at me?” he asked, his head still bent into his leather notebook, his white feather quill tight in his hand.

You sat across the table from him, head in palm as you examined him, “because you’re very nice to stare at, Newt.”

This split his lips into a wide grin, and he gently set his quill down before giving his full attention to you. “I can’t focus when you’re devouring me with those eyes.”

You shrugged, giving a small grin, “you’re always staring at me, too.”

Newt’s glimmering eyes crinkled, “well, that’s different.”

“Oh yeah?” you teased, “how so?”

“Well, you see, with you - okay, but - you’re very, well-” New continuously tripped over his words as he fumbled to piece together his thoughts. 

“Go on,” you encouraged, stretching your hand across the table.

Newt brought his eyes down, his hand coming up gently to rest in yours, his fingers intertwining with the most cautious ease. He strung his fingers between yours, his eyes looking over your hands for a good while.

“Newt, you’re doing it again,” you giggled, when he’d gotten distracted and removed his hand to draw patterns all over your palms.

“What? Oh, oh, yes, right,” he sighed, putting his hand back in yours. He looked back up, his cheeks flushing a soft pink. “Erm, well, you are the most fascinatingly charming girl I h-have ever had the pleasure of coming upon,” he began, his cheeks reddening at once. “So y-you see, when I study my creatures, I am always discovering more of their hidden wonders, as I am with you. Sometimes the sunlight will cross different crevices of your face, sometimes your eyes are darker than usual, sometimes a strand of hair falls loose, a-and sometimes you’re smile is so wonderfully mesmerizing that I must always…watch. I can’t miss a moment, you see, I have to study you until I know all you’re little quirks like the back of my hand.” Newts eyes had drifted onto a patch of table around halfway through, unable to hold your gaze.

You squeezed his hand really lightly to get his focus, “Newt.” 

He released your hand and brought his own back down into his lap, shifting in his chair and looking very flustered when he looked back up at you.

“Newt, you’re too good to me,” you whispered, feeling ridiculous for wanting to cry. 

“I’m just so lucky to have you, please know this,” he mumbled hurriedly.

You shook your head with a faint laugh, “what makes you think I have no reason to admire you?”

His jaw clenched a little, and you saw his face droop, “my love, there is nothing special to see.”

That physically pained you to hear.

“Newt!” you gasped, “Please, never say that again.”

He grew instantly worried, “Oh-I’m so sorry, please forgive me, I-”

“Shh,” you cut him off and stood up, heading around the table and taking a seat right beside him, turning your chair toward Newt. He half-heartedly turned to face you as well.

“Newt,” you smiled sadly, raising your palm up to graze his cheek. He twitched nervously under your touch, but you reassured him and rested your hand against his freckle dotted skin.

“Newt, you are the kindest and most amazing person ever, and I hate to see you doubting yourself like this. You are so special Newt, and I wish you could see yourself the way I do; as a sweet, loving, and most definitely heart stoppingly beautiful human being. Yes there are kind folks out there, yes there are gorgeous folks out there, but never have I found someone who is both as gorgeous and compassionate to the extent that you are, which is why I am so deeply in lo-”

You stopped short, realizing you had spoken too much and instantly freezing over. You had never exchanged the three magic words with Newt before, and suddenly it seemed nothing but terrifying.

Newts mouth opened, his skin warming beneath your fingertips, “What?”

“N-nothing,” you mumbled, dropping your hand nervously.

Newt grabbed your hand gently before it could fall, and took it in his own, bringing it right up to his chest. You could feel his steady heartbeat rapidly quickening beneath the fabric of his soft clothes.

“Do you feel that?” he gulped.

You nodded shyly, “Yeah?”

“That, (Y/N), is what one who is madly in love feels,” he smiled nervously. “This here, i-is physical proof of how I feel when I’m with you, and how it feels to be head over heels for y-you, my darling.”

You felt your own heartbeat falter before quickening, and Newt asked, “Do you love me too?”

He had said it so quietly that you almost missed it. His lips quivered, his slender fingers trembling as his face sunk into a state of absolute sadness and worry. You couldn’t even speak at the sight, so instead you brought his hand up to your own chest, and lay it against your heart. Newt stretched his fingers slowly across your front, his palm taking in the rapid and intense thrum of your heartbeat.

“You tell me,” you breathed quietly.

He brought his eyes from your heart to your painfully nervous gaze. Once again, his lips twitched and broke into that familiar smile. The sun sent flares across his warm features and illuminated his overjoyed expression.

“I would very much like to kiss you right now, if you would allow me,” he proposed shyly.

You couldn’t help but laugh, your smile stretching wide as you gave him a nod.

Newt pulled a stray hair of yours affectionately behind your ear before tracing down to your jawline and resting his hand beneath your chin. He gave you one last look before tilting his head in with a flutter of his eyelids. Your eyes closed at the moment where your lips made contact. It was only for the briefest of moments, but was plenty enough for you to feel intoxicated by the taste you were given. He was soft and gentle with you, as if you were a fragile piece, and his lips were full, warm, and tasted of delightful sugar sweet joy. You could feel his hand quivering beneath your chin, but you pushed your lips in a little deeper to show you were at ease with him. You felt a rolling crystal droplet trickle down from his eyes and down onto your lips, but the taste of salt in the kiss was one that you knew was from tears of joy. Newt’s timid lips twitched upwards against yours, and he pulled back a second later, forgetting to breathe for a moment. He gulped down the lump in his throat and took a deep breath in whilst opening his bluish green eyes again.

“T-that was-” he stuttered.

“Wonderful,” you smiled and bent forward, dropping a light peck against Newt’s nose. You brought your own head down to Newt’s chest, and burrowed into the crevice of his neck, where you breathed in the scent of flowers and, possibly, niffler. He brought his hand up to hold your head, his free arm coming around your waist and giving you a squeeze. You smiled against his skin and let your eyes come to a close.

Newt sat quietly, formulating sentences but only coming up with one, “I’m just… so lucky to have you,” he whispered again.

Meant to Be - Part Five: Fine

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Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

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Word Count: 2512

Warnings: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks

Dedicated to: @abbyg14 for being a sweetie-pie

A/N: aaaaaaah ily. enjoy <3

also I want Laf to be my best friend

When Alex heard the knock on his door, his heart immediately leapt into his throat. His dad was at work, leaving Alex at home alone, and he really wasn’t in the mood to socialize. Too nervous and self-conscious, Alex made the decision to let them assume no one was home and leave. Before Alex could cozy himself further into his cocoon of blankets, however, his phone buzzed.

Laf: C’est moi.

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Ease - Part 14



Length: 5.4k

SummaryYou and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

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Jin had taken you to a hill. Granted, it had great views over the city, but when the small car pulled up by the grass, you began wondering if Jin had actually gone mad. The night was slightly cloudy, but every now and then the moon would appear through the mist, outlining the shapes of trees and bushes that framed the hills.

“Why have you brought us here?” Jungkook asked, jumping out the car and pulling his jacket tighter around him.

“Clear our headspace,” was all Jin said, before hopping round to the back to pull out blankets and cushions that he’d stored away. “Come on, help me get this lot out.”

As a group, you heaved mounds of blankets to an even spot that overlooked the city, not too far from the sloping edges of the hill that ran down into the trees. You had to admit, the night was colder than you’d anticipated. Settling down, you felt the grass tickle the exposed skin that wasn’t on the blanket, and the chill of the air nipped at your nose and ears.

“It’s so cold,” Taehyung complained, “I’m going to get sick! Do you want me to pass on a bug around our house? I’m all for sharing.”

You didn’t need to look at Taehyung to know he was deliberately stirring for trouble, as despite his moaning and grumbling, it wasn’t cold enough to freeze. However, Jin seemed well aware of Taehyung’s tactics and bluntly ignored him, sitting next to Jungkook with his back turned.

“If anyone wants to get anything off their chest, now’s the time,” beamed Jin, looking around at the rest of you in satisfaction. Although he was trying his best to get you all to open up, you didn’t feel like questioning Taehyung about the note you’d found in front of everyone.

“I have something,” perked up Taehyung, his soft voice carrying clearly through the quiet air.

Jin looked slightly surprised, but he tried not to let it show as he encouraged Taehyung on. “Go on then, Taehyungie. What’s bothering you?”

“You promise you won’t get annoyed with me?”

“Of course not.”

“Well, what’s really bothering me is… I’m cold.”

It took a few moments for it to sink in, but after Jin realised that there was no real problem, he leapt to his feet in anger. “Taehyung!

Taehyung was up like a shot and bolting it down the hill, with Jin hot on his heels. The yells from the younger boy could be heard for a while afterwards as he was chased around the grass, creating good entertainment for you, Namjoon, and Jungkook while you sat peacefully swathed in blankets.

“Why are you still chasing me?” you heard Taehyung bellow from somewhere out of sight.

“It’s making me feel better!” came Jin’s reply.

There was a gentle silence after the yelling stopped, where everything was still. The small wind toyed with the trees, letting them whisper. Namjoon sighed as he fidgeted around, getting comfortable on the ground and sucking in air through his teeth, staring wistfully at the horizon.

“What are you thinking about?” you asked curiously.

He shook his head, blinking his eyes quickly. “Nothing. Just… I said something today to someone.” He laughed briefly, as if he realised how silly the situation was. “Had a little argument about it, actually. I told him he was wrong, but thinking back on it, I shouldn’t have gotten so annoyed.”

“Was that your argument with Taehyung?” Jungkook interjected.

“Yeah,” he muttered regretfully. When he spotted your concerned gaze, he patted your arm. “Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything serious, I promise. Taehyung’s one of those people that doesn’t change their mind once it’s set, which I’m sure you’re aware of. I tried telling him that he wasn’t right, and it didn’t go down very well. Obviously, to him, he couldn’t understand my point of view, and I’m starting to realise why.”

“Why? Was he right, in the end?” you questioned.

“He was very wrong.”

“Still not understanding.”

“I think it’s because the way he perceives something isn’t the way I perceive it,” he explained slowly, trying to display his thoughts in a logical manner. “He’s experienced different things in his life, and learnt different things because of it. So, the way I see things is different to how he sees things. Make sense? Take Jin, for example,” he pointed, as the older boy flopped onto the grass from exhaustion, lying with Taehyung a little way in front of where you sat. “Most people see him as the leader because he’s the oldest, whilst we see him as more of a child because we’ve lived with him, so we perceive him differently. Due to experience, we have an alternate window of knowledge. When Taehyung said something untrue, I didn’t listen to him, but to him, it was true. It’s just… perception.”

You nodded along to what Namjoon was saying, while Jungkook remained unmoving, biting at the inside of his lip with his eyes focused on the grass. He was listening, but like usual, you couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

“That’s very wise of you, Namjoon,” you commented, picking at the fraying edges of the blanket.

He just shrugged in modesty, a mischievous smile on his lips. “But let me just get this clear: he’s wrong, I’m right. He just doesn’t know it yet.”

Something about the night air, the sprawling, tranquil city below, and Namjoon’s words created a strong sense of being within you. There was a complacency that wasn’t there before, and you finally understood why Jin thought a midnight view was a good idea. You understood Jin’s perception, you thought with a laugh. You shook your head, clearing your head. You never thought you’d see the day where you understood Namjoon’s existential speeches, and you weren’t about to start then.

“What did you argue about?” Jungkook asked flatly. You turned to look at him as you heard the uninterested tone, and as anticipated, his expression was vacant. Jungkook was a mystery; some things never affected him, and you were glad of his company when your life took a turn for the worse, but other times there was no way of reaching out to him. He hid behind an indifferent mask and retreated into his shell. Discomforted, you looked away.

Namjoon, however, didn’t reply, and you weren’t sure whether it was because he didn’t want to answer, or the fact that Jin was making his way up the hill, puffing slightly from the excursion.

“Taehyung’s tired and he’s given up somewhere over there,” he reported, “but he’s now warm, thank goodness. I suggest someone bring him blankets, though, before he cools down again.”

Namjoon moved across so that he was sat next to Jin, leaving you alone with Jungkook. Slowly and cautiously, you laid your hand on his arm in an attempt to gain his attention. Fortunately, Jungkook snapped out of his expressionless state to give you a bewildered glance. You smiled in comfort as he did the same, but his was a fake smile, one that hid pain and hurt. It struck you hard in the chest, seeing him so fragile and timid.

“Jungkook, what’s the matter? You seem upset.” At your words, there was a brief flicker of surprise that crossed his features, but he quickly covered it up.

“Nothing, I’m just… tired,” he lied.

“You’re shutting me off,” you said quietly. “Obviously, if it’s bothering you, I want to help. You help me all the time, and now it’s my turn.”

Jungkook breathed in heavily through his nose, before expelling the air out of his mouth. Swallowing forcefully, he met your eyes, fixing you with a determined stare that you couldn’t tear away from. His body was still tense and rigid, but his throat bobbed up and down, preparing himself to speak.

“Do you think this is going to work between us?” he asked dubiously, carefully monitoring your face for your reaction. “I really, really, want this to work, but I get a feeling that it won’t.”

Your heart rate had picked up pace, and you could feel your legs beginning to go numb at the shock. Was Jungkook beginning to have doubts, too? Although you had many moments where you questioned whether you should’ve let Jungkook into your love life, the answer would invariably be yes. He wasn’t perfect for you in many ways, but it gave you time to think about your relationship with Taehyung and you enjoyed being in Jungkook’s company. But whether it was going to work? You had no idea. And that terrified you.

“What m-makes you ask that?” you asked, stuttering slightly. Jungkook’s arm was warm under your touch, but your palms began to burn.

He just sighed and shrugged his shoulders as a noncommittal reply, trailing his eyes down to your lap. “I guess it feels like I like you more than you could ever like me,” he breathed weakly. “I’ve been readying myself ever since I first started liking you, readying myself to move on at any given moment. I didn’t want to intrude on what you and Taehyung had, but I found myself doing it anyway. I couldn’t stop myself. Here I am, exactly where I hoped I wouldn’t be.” He laughed brightly, but his eyes didn’t turn into crescents like they usually did and he laughed for too long for it to be natural.

“The reason why I didn’t want to be an official couple is because I didn’t want to hurt you like this,” you said. The rock in your stomach grew heavy with every passing word. “Jungkook, I love Taehyung, you know that. And I swore I would try to get to know you better, to see if I could love you the same. I think you’re cute and generous and talented, and I’m certain that if Taehyung wasn’t in the picture, I would’ve fancied you straightaway.”

The sadness on his face was evident now, and if your eyes weren’t deceiving you, he looked regretful. “Let’s talk about this later. Taehyung looks like he wants to talk to you.”

Jungkook pointed towards the slope of the hill, and from the light of the city, you could just about make out Taehyung’s head popping out over the ridge. When he realised he’d been spotted, his eyes widened and he disappeared again, caught in the act. It was almost comical, and you would’ve laughed if your heart wasn’t slowly being crushed from the weight of guilt.

“He’s not avoiding you like I thought he’d be,” Jungkook stated, now looking at the hand that you’d laid across his arm. “He’s practically itching to say something to you.”

“Who says that I want to speak to him?” you said defensively, knowing full well that you were aching to do exactly that.

Jungkook nudged you with his elbow, which was enough to indicate that he knew better. “Come on, you always have that lost look on your face whenever Taehyung is mentioned.”

“But Guk, I do like you. You’ve been a wonderful friend to me. I just think you’re suppressing something, and you don’t want anyone to find out.” Biting your lip shyly, you added, “You close up.”

“I’m not used to being in a relationship, or even close to it, like whatever we have,” he muttered, almost inaudibly as Jin and Namjoon’s conversation lulled into silence. “I don’t talk to people about my feelings, I never have done, so it’s new for me. You’ve had Taehyung. I find it difficult to- well, you get the idea. I can’t open up. It’s always been that way until I met… you.”

A bubble of emotion welled up in your lungs, making it hard for you to keep your breathing even. It made sense why Jungkook was so unattached to his feelings, but you couldn’t believe it. Had he really only begun to open up because of you?

“I’m still discovering things about myself every day, so thank you,” he said with a sense of finality. With a heavy heart, you returned his smile, noticing how his had become more sincere. “Now, go talk to Taehyung, before he breaks his neck trying to watch us.”

“Jungkook,” you began seriously, “I’m sorry I haven’t been everything you’d hoped I’d be. I’ll try harder, I promise. We’ll work on it, I’ll work on it. I don’t want you to ever feel like you’re not important to me, because I swear you are.”

“Thanks,” he mumbled. “We’ll talk more about this later, okay? Because Taehyung is starting to creep me out.”

“I’m going, I’m going,” you laughed. “But I want you to know that you’re not intruding on anything. How I feel is not your fault.”

You squeezed his arm gratefully, refraining yourself from hugging him. Although you felt terrible for making him feel unwanted, he’d shared more than he’d done before in his life, and you didn’t want to overdo it by making it a big deal. Instead, you watched Taehyung’s mop of hair disappear over the brow of the hill as he hid from view again.

Grabbing the thickest blanket you could find from the pile leftover, you wandered down the hill, staggering slightly as you hit hidden rabbit holes in the dark. You sincerely wished Hoseok or Yoongi was there with you, as they always had the best advice for any of your Jungkook or Taehyung problems. What would they say in this situation? They’d probably tell you to be honest, and not lie to yourself to spare someone’s feelings. But you were being honest. As much as you loved Taehyung, you definitely had a soft spot for Jungkook and wanted to give things a go, no matter how many times you worried about making the wrong choice.

Pausing on your way down, you peered over your shoulder to get a glimpse of Jungkook. He’d moved over to Namjoon and was laughing along with Jin, as if your conversation never happened. However, he caught your eye as you stared in wonder, and he quickly motioned for you to continue walking. You studied his smile to see if he was only pretending to be okay, but it seemed authentic enough. Jungkook confused you, to say the least.

Plodding down the hill, you became worried that you’d twist your ankle before you found your friend. However, you finally caught Taehyung lying flat out on the grass, still as a statue as he pretended he wasn’t there. In one quick motion, you threw the blanket over his face, mainly just to annoy him.

“I do not deserve this mistreatment,” he said, his voice muffled, jumping slightly at your sudden arrival.

Laughing, you helped him sit up and organise the blanket so that you were both huddled underneath. It was big enough so that you didn’t have to squash together, but just small enough that you could feel his arm brushing against yours.

Ahh,” he breathed, his eyes twinkling from the lights. A soft smile played across his lips, and you couldn’t help watching, captivated. It felt so long since you’d last been near him, when in fact, it hadn’t been too long since you’d decided to keep your distance.

“Can’t take your eyes off me?” he asked cheekily, and you realised he’d been watching you out of the corner of his eye.

Blushing, you turned your attention back on the buildings. “I was just looking at the food hanging off your chin.”

He didn’t move at first, but as he grew more paranoid, he subtly wiped his chin with the back of his hand, just in case. You smiled smugly as he sighed in irritation after finding nothing there.

“Why did you suddenly decide to talk to me again?” he asked, not bothering to edge into the conversation, nor to keep the curiosity out of his voice. “You seemed so set on this ‘time apart’ thing. What changed your mind? Did Jungkook say anything?”

“I’m giving Jungkook a hard time at the moment,” you admitted. “He knew that I didn’t like not talking to you. Nothing I seem to be doing is making him happy. I don’t think relationships are meant to be like that, somehow.”

“You can’t please everybody.”

“I’ve been ‘seeing him’ for barely a month, and I don’t think it’s had the best of starts, either. It’s all because of me.”

Taehyung didn’t reply, but he looked saddened by your response. There was a tension between you that you’d never felt before, as if one wrong word would cause sparks to fly. It was a foreign experience, so you were unsure as to how to continue talking. Something told you that you shouldn’t have brought up Jungkook, but it was already plaguing your mind and you couldn’t help it.

Taehyung cleared his throat, amplifying the cutting atmosphere that you’d created. Luckily, however, he changed the subject, his voice deeper than usual. “I actually thought you were going to drop me completely. I came to your house one morning to talk it through, but you weren’t in. I wanted to say that it was stupid, and that you shouldn’t listen to everything Jungkook says. Even if you had been in, I probably wouldn’t have said those things anyway. I find it hard to be mad at you sometimes.” He laughed bitterly, trying to throw off the sincerity of his statement.

“If I had dropped you, you would’ve deserved it, you know,” you muttered. “You did leave me for Yeji several times.”

“Okay, okay,” he laughed, genuinely this time. “We’ll call it even?”


Again, another silence fell that was too awkward for comfort. So much had changed between you, while everything had stayed the same. You were still Y/N and Taehyung, but you were also Y/N and Taehyung with confused feelings, heartbreak, and a whole lot of misunderstanding. The boy sitting next to you was the same one who made up fibs to the teacher as to why you were running late, gave you his drink when a fly landed in yours, and was the same boy who you’d fallen head over heels in love for. But he’d changed in many ways, and so had you.

Maybe that was why you sat there, neither of you speaking, trying to conjure up the right phrases to say. But nothing sounded right. Every thought that came into your head was either too childish, too dramatic, or too offhand. You both wanted this friendship, so why was it so hard to talk?

Instead, you decided to pull out the piece of paper stuck to the underside of a desk and give it to Taehyung, letting it flutter onto his lap. He watched it fall and then stared at it for a few seconds, as if he was trying to remember where he’d seen it before.

You had no choice but to pluck up the courage and ask him. “When did you write this? Why did you write this?”

Taehyung pulled the blanket up to his chin, letting the note slide onto the grass. Hastily, you picked it up, not wanting it to be caught up by the wind.

“I put it there before we had that argument at Cupcake Corner, and after I came around your house. I always knew you were thorough and like to get jobs done properly, so I put it there knowing you’d find it eventually. I can’t say nice things to your face, so I wrote it down. You’re too ugly, you see. I change my mind about compliments when I see your face.”

You pushed him backwards roughly so that he fell with a heavy thud. He let out a small yell at the abruptness, but he giggled contentedly while lying on his back. “Don’t make me bring out those photos of you with a balloon face,” you warned.

“Yah, I had an allergic reaction!”

Rolling your eyes, you looked into the distance and waited for his laughing to die down. When he sat back up again, you continued, finally finding the right words to say. “Taehyung, I want to say thank you for giving me space to think. I meant what I said in the text, because I realise now why I missed you. The actual reason why. It’s not just to do with romantic things; it’s so much more than that. I think Jungkook is beginning to understand he’s never going to have my full attention, because you’ll always be there at the back of my mind.”

“I messed up, too,” Taehyung admitted, falling serious. “I feel like I’m always messing up when it comes to you. From everything that happened to Yeji, to not trying hard enough to keep in contact. It’s all become so stressful because I think I should’ve done this or should’ve said that, but I’ve never wanted to be that selfish friend who only wants you to myself. I keep messing up.

It was rare to see such raw vulnerability coming from Taehyung, and it made you happy to know that he was able to be so open and honest.

“You can’t have gone too far wrong, because for some reason, I still keep coming back to you.” You lightheartedly poked his cheek, watching the familiar boxy grin spread across it as a result. “Even if you do go wrong somewhere, you can always turn things around. And I think you’ve worked pretty hard to try and do that.”

“Thanks,” he smiled proudly. “Although, it has got me wondering… what do you want from the future? For us? Because I know you still like me, but you’re with Jungkook now.”

You thought about it for a while, not expecting that question to come up. “Haven’t really thought about it,” you said truthfully. You liked Jungkook, but any feelings you had for Taehyung were ten times stronger. The images of Jungkook’s pain-stricken face flashed across your mind as he told you that he liked you more than you liked him. It gnawed at your mind, clawing at it. Perhaps you hadn’t done the right thing at all.

“Okay, an easier question: what do you regret, and how you want the future to be different?”

“Easy,” you nodded, relieved that you didn’t have to answer. “I wish I didn’t like you. Why couldn’t you’ve been an asshole?”

In indignation, Taehyung grabbed a handful of grass and yanked it out of the ground, pulling up lumps of dirt with it, and then proceeded to throw it over your head. Without a second thought, you copied him, decorating his pale orange hair with dots of green. It didn’t last long, as Taehyung began whining about grass going down his back.

“Oh, stop complaining,” you scolded, satisfied that you’d won. “Ooh, I’ve got an idea! To complete the nature look, flowers are a must.” Picking out a few daises from the smattering in the grass, you pushed the stems into his hair, adding a touch of yellow and white.

In fact, you were so pleased with your idea, you kept going, adding more and more daisies to Taehyung’s head. All the while, he gave you a sullen look, crossing his arms in a fake temper.

“They’re going to fall out,” he moaned. “It’s making me look silly.”

“Shh, let me finish my masterpiece.”

As you worked on his hair, you suddenly noticed that Taehyung had been staring at you for a few minutes, watching you stick your tongue out as you concentrated. Embarrassed, you closed your mouth, keeping your eyes off his. Your heart began beating a little faster, and your hands became slightly unsteady.

“Y/N,” he said softly, his warm breath tingling against your skin. You almost sat back as you realised how close the proximity was, but trying to act nonchalant, you continued planting more daisies. “I don’t want you to think I was shunning you.”


“I understand what it meant to you to tell me that you like me. The whole Yeji situation disorientated me a little, so I haven’t got the right words to say to you right now. But I want you to know that I’m grateful that you told me, and we will talk about it properly sometime.”

You thought about Jungkook, and how you were unable to give him a straight answer when he asked you if you liked him back. Nothing was ever that straightforward, so you had learnt. “It doesn’t matter,” you replied, adding one last flower to the bouquet atop Taehyung’s head. “Things like that take time.”

“Thanks for understanding,” he said gratefully, blowing his fringe out of his eyes. “I meant what I said in that note. You make me a lot happier than I realise.”

You nodded in agreement, and for a while, you stayed like that, staring at each other underneath the moonlight. Your heart rate still hadn’t gone back to its usual pace, and looking into his shining brown eyes wasn’t helping. It wasn’t making you nervous or scared, but it created a fizzing inside your chest, telling you that you were utterly, completely, stupidly happy. Through the years, you’d been denying this feeling because it was too strong for you to handle. But even when you knew that this moment was nothing, you couldn’t get rid of that sickening hope rising in your heart.

“Y/N, there’s something important I was going to tell you in the cupcake shop, before-”

“We’re going home, guys!” Jin yells, cutting Taehyung off.

Disappointment flooded your veins, but you disregarded it as you walked back up the hill to rejoin Jungkook. If it was that important, he would’ve told you already, you told yourself firmly.

In the car, everyone had swapped places so that Jungkook was now in the middle seat next to you, and Taehyung sat in the passenger seat in the front. It was dead on the way back, as Namjoon and Taehyung had fallen asleep, and Jin had stuck on a playlist with songs that neither you or Jungkook knew. Furthermore, you had a funny feeling that Jungkook had been watching you the whole time you were on the hill, and knew more than he let on.

Sighing quietly, you leant against the cool glass of the window, tired and slightly hungry. As Jin drove, you watched the wilting flowers fall out of Taehyung’s hair.

The next day, you’d arranged to meet Jungkook at the park, as he’d sent you an urgent message telling you that he needed to talk. If you were being honest with yourself, you weren’t worried as to what it could be, but that might have been because you were exhausted from your midnight rambles and you barely got any sleep due to overthinking the night’s events.

What Jungkook had said to you stuck with you all the way home, and was still bothering you the next morning. However, you were eager to talk it through, even if it was a painful conversation to have.

Walking down the stony path, you spotted Jungkook sitting on a bench overlooking a few boys playing with a football. He jumped up in alarm when he saw you, looking on edge and somewhat paler than usual.

“Jungkook!” you greeted happily, determined to make up for last night. “You wanted to talk?”

He wasted no time in jumping straight into it, looking you directly in the eye with a set confidence. “I’ve been thinking about what I said last night,” he began purposefully, ruffling the back of his hair with his hand. “Also, what you said as well. You said you wanted to make it work, too, but I saw you with Taehyung…”

You nodded, your suspicions confirmed. He had definitely been watching you.

“…and it made me think of what Namjoon said.”

“Let’s sit down,” you suggested, gesturing to the bench.

Your trivial interruption seemed to throw him off slightly, as he began hesitating and stumbling over his words. “Oh, erm… yeah, okay.”

You plonked down heavily, panic starting to settle in. Jungkook was usually very calm and self-assured, and only got this rattled when he talked about… love.

“Namjoon made me notice how you and I must see things differently. I’ve always seen your friendship with Taehyung as exactly that: a friendship. But when you were talking, it didn’t feel like I was watching two friends talking. There’s a vibe between you that I can’t quite put my finger on. So, that’s why I think it’s best if we quit while we’re ahead.”

“I’m sorry?” you spluttered.

Jungkook just smiled, a small blush creeping up his neck as he ploughed on. “Our personalities clash way too much, and I know you’ve noticed that as well. Plus, it’s not fair of me to pull you away from Taehyung. The way you look at him… it’s incomparable. We could push for something, could try harder to make things work, but I don’t think it’s meant to be.”

Although Jungkook’s words rang true, there was no denying the shattering feeling in your heart where hope had once lived. “But I thought you liked me,” you said quietly, not caring how childish you sounded. “I thought you wanted to be with me.”

“I do,” Jungkook swallowed, breathing heavily through his nose, “but it’s not fair to pull you away from Taehyung. I was wrong. I can’t force you to not like him; it’s just who you are. I thought maybe you could learn to love me, and things would work themselves out. What we have between us… it’s nothing to what you and Taehyung have. I see it. I chose to ignore it, and again, that’s my fault. I’m sorry for making you try to be someone you’re not. Besides, it feels weird to not have Taehyung come home and talk about you for fifteen minutes every day.”

“But you weren’t making me be someone else,” you argued, on the edge of tears now. “I need to move on from Taehyung, because otherwise, I’m just going to get hurt again when he finds some other person to love.” Your pitch was rising as you became more and more distraught, but Jungkook grabbed your hand tightly.

“This wasn’t the right way to go about it. Also, you haven’t even tried to get with Taehyung! He’s single, you’re single. And I’m more than happy to help you.”

He gave you a toothy grin, and you were surprised to see that there was no trace of a mask being put on. He seemed genuinely at ease, now that he’d got the hard words out of the way.

“Why do you still want to help me? Wouldn’t that hurt you?” you sniffed.

He chuckled, rubbing your hand with his thumb. “You’ve taught me a lot of things, Y/N,” he said softly. “One of those things is that you need to be honest with yourself if you want to be happy. Another thing is that you can’t avoid your feelings forever. I need to find peace in that.”

You didn’t understand what he meant at all, but you were too busy trying to keep tears from falling that you didn’t question it. Instead, you both stared at the boys playing football, and through your bleary vision, you recognised the pale orange hair bouncing alongside a shock of silver.

“Who’s Taehyung with again? We met him at the spring market,” asked Jungkook suddenly.

“Jimin,” you mumbled. “He’s been friends with Taehyung longer than I have.”

“That’s perfect, then,” he beamed, turning back to you. “I’m sure I can get Jimin to help us.”

“I need some time, Guk.” Even though you were aware that you and Jungkook weren’t well matched, the shock of the curt ending to your budding relationship stung a little. You weren’t ready to jump into pursuing another man, least of all the person you could only dream of being with.

“That’s fine,” he nodded. He lifted his arms uncertainly, unsure whether a hug was appropriate or not, but you buried your head into his chest gratefully. “You taught me a lot about love,” he murmured into your hair. “Even though you couldn’t give it to me.”

You weren’t wholly certain whether to be pleased or not. Either way, it didn’t matter, as the tears had eventually tumbled out, and you broke down entirely.

About princesses and dragons

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, Angst (but fluff cause I’m a slut for fluff!) 

A/N: So, in Spain today is St. George’s day. A day when girls receive a rose as a present and the boys a book from their s/o. It’s a day based in the world knowed legend about the princess who is rapted by a dragon and a knight who comes in her rescue.

Summary: The legend says that the princess awaits for a shinny armor knight to come and rescue her from the terrible dragon… But maybe you don’t want to be saved at all from your Dragon

A bubbly laugh echoes through the walls of the compound followed by your delighted chuckles. 

- He’s the cutest thing ever - you state amazed by the tiny human on your arms. Elisabeth, a brilliant scientist who works for Tony, had bring her new born son to the compound so all the Avengers can know him. This little boy should be very proud of himself by having grown ass men and women, who had fight againts aliens, amazed about his small existence. They all are making a circle around you and him while his mother can’t stop laughing.

- Let me grab him - Tony makes grabby hands demanding to hold the little one

- You already hold him! It’s my turn - Natsha pushes him with her elbow placing herself in front of you. You handle him to her carefully and the small boy tangle his fingers on Nat’s red hair. 

You step back, your grin threaten to break your cheeks by the cuteness of the situation. Turning your head you realize that Bucky is nowhere to be seen. He has been there a minute ago… Crossing your gaze with Steve he shoots you a sad smile. You frown.

Leaving everyone on the livingroom you walk through the compound searching for him. He is nowhere, what the hell? The only part of the tower to look is the one which Stark is remodeling, but no one goes there, there’s no lights, neither windows yet. But your instinct makes you do a step forward and before you realize you are walking over bricks and empty cases searching for him. 

You really don’t expect to find him there so you startle a bit when you spot his figure in the middle of the dark.

- B-Buck? 

He doesn’t move his head from between his legs and you can’t see his face because his arms block your view. You step towards him and kneel. 

- Bucky? - you try again. This time he raises his head and you gasp noticing his red and puffy eyes - Hey, what’s wrong? - inmediately your hands go to his face to check for possible injuries - What happened James?

Not saying a word he grabs your wrists and push your hands away from him

- Nothing, go away - he says, deadpan

You froze. You try to reach him again

- Buck what…? - but before you can touch him again he flinch back and looks at you sternerly

- I said go away, I don’t want you here - he grunts

You feel a pang on pain in your chest and it becomes difficult to breath naturally

- What the hell? Why are you talking to me like this? - you spat hurted, why is he being so rude with you? - James, please, talk to me, what’s the problem? - Because of the lack of light you can’t utterly read his facial expression and you are getting nervous

- I don’t want you here - he shakes his head - I don’t need you, go away Y/N - he says a little bit louder 

- Bucky…. - you blink fast trying to contain the tears

- Leave me alone, damn it!! - he shouts. You flinch away a little bit scared, he has never shouted to you

- No!! not until you tell me what the hell happens! - you shout back

He grunts tired and stands up ready to leave you alone in the dark room. With your heart beating fast on your chest you jump on your feet and put your body on the door, blocking the only way out of the room.

- Move - he just says not meeting your eyes

- Move me - you dare, some tears escaping from your eyes

- Y/N… - he grunts but doesn’t move a muscle to touch you

- Bucky - you retort

He sighs shakily and raise his hands to his face

- Just give up… please - his voice small, fragile, opposite to the one he used just a second ago - Give up on me

- What are you saying Buck…? 

- I’m saying that i’m letting you go Y/N, you are free, you don’t have to be stucked with me in the dark, damnit - you can’t see his eyes but you know that he is crying 

- W-what? - the world start spinning dangerously, your blood pumping hard by your veins

- Be happy doll, I want you to be happy - he ducks his hands and between his eyelashes you can see his blue tired eyes sparking because of the tears - Go away from me, found someone who can give you all what you deserve

- Stop, Bucky, stop - is hard for you to gulp now - what are you saying? W-Why are you saying this to me? - you plant your hands on his chest and this time he doesn’t reject your touch

- I don’t want to drag you with me to the darkness, and that’s all I am… darkness - your mouth falls open, he thinks that he’s not good enough? 

- Buck stop right now, you are not! You are a good man who makes me truly happy - you raise your hands to his face and force him to look at you - I don’t want anyone else, never crossed my mind. I’m happy Bucky, you make me happy

- You deserve so much better Y/N - his eyes detach sadness - What if someday you want kids? I’m not sure I can give you all what you need doll, I’m not enough… - he has seen you with Elisabeth son? All of this is because it?

- Stop saying this Buck! You are more than enough, you hear me? You are the man who I choose to love, with everything that you are, your present and your past. I want and LOVE all of you, James. I don’t know where life will bring us, neither if I’ll want kids or.. iguanas - you chuckle -  but I just know one thing - he looks fixedly at you, eyes a little bit wider - Every step of my life I make, I’ll do it with you by my side. We are in this together, okay? I love you Bucky, forever. You are enough, you hear me? Never say that again, please - you voice cracks a little by the end and your eyes get wet again seeing how, down his cheeks, run tears which he doesn’t try to wipe away.

- Doll.. I…I - he tries to talk but emotions overwhelm him and you are suddenly wrapped by his arms which hugs you close to him. The embrace you share is full of emotions and you correspond to it with all your forces, rubbing his back when all his body trembles while he sobs, face hided on your hair.

- I love you Bucky - you say, one time and another - I will repeat it to you until you believe me, I don’t care how many times I’ll have to say it

- I do - he sniff kissing your scalp - I do believe you Y/N, I love you so fucking much… 

You push back softly and raise on your tip toes to peck his swollen lips. He corresponds the kiss and lifts you from the ground to deepen the kiss. Your arms round his head while your legs make the same on his waist, and you drop little kisses over his jaw and face until he stops crying. 

- You are stucked with me forever man, I don’t care how awful your taste on music is - you tease playfully and your heart inflates on your chest when he gives you a wide brigh smile.

- My pleasure doll - he kiss your lips tenderly

And like that, the most dark room on the tower, gets the brightest for you. Happily you will spend your days stucked in there with him.

A/N: Yeah, I have always had a weak spot for the dragon :)

anonymous asked:

Hmn this might be werid but I'm in the mood for angst, rfa + minor trio(MY baes) somehow injurying mc really badly maybe even leaving a permanent scar or something, if they were in an argument or etc, happy or bad ending u'r choice abd it's okay if u don't do this if it makes u uncomfortable

Oh my God this killed me, I deleted it over four times on accident!

This deleted over three times, and I almost had a mental breakdown, then my power was out before, sorry for the wait.Omg I’m so sorry for being so behind, I lost power for over 24 hours, and then I typed everything up and my computer crashed and it all deleted. I don’t mean to make up excuses. I’m so sorry! Anyway yeah, I’m not sure how good it’s going to be, but I hope you’ll like it!!!!
• He knew he wasn’t supposed to do it
• He knew it was bad for him, that it could very well kill him
• He was going good so far, he hadn’t smoked in two months, and hadn’t gotten too drunk in about six weeks
• You were happy about that, and honestly, he was pretty proud of himself
• But one day it happened
• He slipped, and all descended into Hell
• He had lost a role he’d been preparing for weeks to a man who he hated
• And his friends managed to convince him to go out and get a drink
• Well one turned into five
• And a cigarette
• Or two
• It was a miracle he managed to drag himself home, but when he did he sort of lost it
• And not in a good way
• You were waiting for him, after a crap ton of missed calls, and the pictures on the messenger
• You were ready to give him some Advil, put him to bed, and the next day to spend around eight hour lecturing him on the dangers of smoking
• But it didn’t exactly go that way
• When you saw the state he was in you kinda snapped
• A shouting match ensued
• “You’re going to kill yourself!!”
• “You’re just being over protective and stuck up, besides, what if I don’t care?”
• “You take that back right now!”
• “Why should I?!”
• Eventually he picked up a plate on the counter and chucked it
• He wasn’t aiming anywhere in particular, and it wouldn’t’ve mattered he was so drunk
• But the pieces of porcelain, along with what smashed on the grounds when he wildly grabbed it, were stuck in you
• In your shoulder, your ankles
• You bit your lip, fighting back the screams of pain as your body burned with the shrapnel-like pain of something being thrown at you at a fast rate, before lodging itself in you, still glistening with cleaning solution
• You ran out, leaving Zen with his thoughts
• In his drunken state he didn’t notice, he just slinked off to bed, falling into a coma-like sleep the minute his head hit the pillow
• When he woke up at first he didn’t remember
• Rolling over to hug you he noticed the bed was empty
• At first his thoughts were confused through the headache and haze of his hangover
• Hangover…
• He ran into the kitchen to see the remains of what happened last night
• Immediately he freaked out, calling Jumin, Seven, Jaehee, before finally clicking on your number
• The phone rang about five times, and he was in panic, when finally, finally, you answered
• “Hello?”
• He almost sobbed with relief
• “Jagi! I’m so sorry for what I did, oh my goodness are you hurt, where is it? Please I’m so sorry!”
• The line goes silent for a few seconds and Zen thinks you’re going to hang up
• “Zen, I’m happy that you’re okay. I am currently in the hospital. The porcelain is out, they were worried about infection due to the cleaning solution, but they can now say that is not going to happen. If you just wanted to know my vitals then I’ll be going.”
• Your voice sounds like a flat instrument, the ends dipping down into something, and something unpleasant.
• “Jagi, please, I know, I made a mistake, and I get it, you can leave if you want. Just please, please don’t hate me forever. That would break me.”
• You listen on the phone
• “Fine Zen, I’ll talk later, I have to talk more to the nurse. See you, bye.”
• The line dies
• When you’re released from hospital a few days later Zen notices the scars that trace your arm and ankle’s, the one on your arm slightly yellow, scabbed at odd places, the holes from vaccines and IUDs vivid against the dull purple
• He acts so fragile around you
• And though you don’t like to admit it, that breaks you a bit inside
• So you agree to stay
• As long as he gets help
• He nods
• He did something wrong, and you will always have the scars to prove it
• Not him, because sometimes we don’t hurt ourselves, instead we pin our crimes on others
• And he knows that now
• The day you move back into the apartment, over a year later, he is waiting patiently, the pieces of glass still in a box, buried deep in his closet that acted as his own reminder

• Okay, this one was an accident
• Yoosung had been holed up at the library for over twelve hours, agonizing over finals
• He looked more dead than alive tbh
• So when he dragged his way home he wasn’t exactly thinking straight
• You were cooking beef soup on the stove, waiting patiently for him to come home
• “MC…..”
• He stumbled in, bag falling immediately to the floor
• You smiled softly, then went back to your work
• “Yoosung, hwo about you go take a bath, dinner will be ready in a bit!”
• “Ahh, but MC! I’m too tired, let’s cuddle!”
• He went to hug you, but you carefully pried him away
• “After dinner Yoosung, it’s important for you to eat.”
• “But MC!! Dinner isn’t that important!”
• He lunged towards you, going to hug you, but somehow knocked you back
• The broth feel on your elbow, which in turned rammed into the fire, touching the gas distributor
• Your survival skills kicked in, and you managed to get the fire off yourself, but not without screaming in massive pain, feeling like your flesh was dying, eaten away quickly like in those old movies
• Yoosung immediately sprung into action
• Turning the stove off he ran towards his phone and called an ambulance
• When they got there and he explained it the medics just shook their head
• He felt ashamed
• He waited outside the room as they operated on your arm, managing to put some sort of fake skin on it, that would attach to the cells and act like actual skin
• It was the latest technology, but Yoosung couldn’t help but worry
• When you were finally allowed visitors he rushed in and held onto your good hand tightly
• “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
• The tears streamed from his face onto your palm
• You just smiled softly
• “It’s okay, I’ll be fine, there’ll always be a bit of a dark patch, some burn scars, but after some rehab my right arm should be completely functional again.”
• You tried to keep your tone light and airy, but Yoosung could still hear the pain behind the words, the heavy breathing tearing at his heart
• Even when you were released he still babied you
• You were put to bed, and he was getting everything ready
• In the process he pulled up your sleeve somehow
• He immediately began to cry
• The scar was massive!
• Wrapping around your arm, and patchwork of hues, ones that would never fade
• “Yoosung.”
• Your voice snapped him out of himself and he realized he was crying again
• “I don’t care about how it looks. I’m happy that we’re both safe and there was no true long term damage. So please don’t cry, when you do it makes me so unhappy.”
• He put on a brave face for you, but when you were asleep he kissed the bruise lightly, whispered I’m sorry, and fell asleep to the tears in his eyes

• You guys had planned this date weeks ahead
• You two were so excited
• Until Jaehee bought a ticket for herself to go see one of Zen’s plays
• The same day
• Not even two, no, one
• You were obviously upset
• You two had been talking excitedly about it for weeks, it was going to be special
• It was your anniversary after all
• So why did she do that?
• You ended up confronting her about it
• And a screaming match ensued
• “Do you not enjoy my company or something?!”
• “Maybe I’m just getting tired-”
• “Of who, me?!”
• It was going back and forth
• Until a coffee withdrawal-ed Jaehee threw a vase at you
• The glass shattered against your face and lodged itself into your eyelid, barely missing the iris
• But you still knew there was trouble
• You resisted the urge to touch it, but not the urge to screaming bloody murder as you grabbed your phone and ran
• When Jaehee could see past what had just happened she immediately panicked
• Dribing to the hospital, she called Jumin, Seven, and Yoosung by the time she reached there
• When Zen was there she didn’t so much as acknowledge his existence
• Finally, after agonizing hours they were done
• Your vision couldn’t be saved
• The RFA let you two have a moment alone once they were done surrounding you
• Jaehee kneeled next to your bed and began crying
• She apologized again and again
• You just sat there listening, your eye now slightly white with film, a scar weaving its way around the gap
• When she was done you began
• “It’s good that you learned your lesson…”
• He head picked up in surprise
• “…That was you won’t make the same mistake with your next loved one.”
• She began crying again, and you just tapped the assist button and rolled over
• The day that you were released she came over with some flowers
• But you were already gone
• It had been years since she had seen you
• Seven refused to tell her your location
• All she knew was that you were in France
• She waited for you every night
• The only night you came was the night she left this world

• You two were so excited to work on this small cottage
• And you of course insisted that you two work on at least part of it together
• It was a sunny, hot day, and Jumin was working on the tiling, while you worked on some of the piping
• “I’m so excited!” You squealed cheerfully
• He smiled gently at you
• “Yes, it’s going to be the best vacation home anyone has ever seen.”
• You smiled brightly
• That smile lit up his world, you were his torch in the darkness, a spirit leading him out of what once had been darkness
• He still couldn’t believe the ring you wore on your finger, the fact that you had said yes
• “Hey Jumin, could you pass me the wrench.”
• Absentmindedly he picked up the metal object
• And chucked it at you
• It hit your forehead with a thud as you knocked on the ground
• Blood was trickling down your head, and your vision was fuzzy
• A concussion was almost certain
• Jumin’s head whipped up when he heard you fall, and he immediately drove you to the hospital
• It was indeed a concussion, and the scar was unrepairable
• He was beside himself in guilt
• Watching intently as they patched you up
• It took them about three hours before he could see you
• Your neck was in a brace, and the scar was read, the skin sunk in slightly, no wider than a paint brush
• He kissed it softly before apologizing profusely
• You laughed slightly, despite the pain
• “It’s okay, but, um, what the heck were we doing.”
• You had forgot the 24 hours up to when it happened
• He carefully explained everything to you, and you listened
• He felt bad about it every time he saw your scar
• But you assured him that it didn’t matter, what a concussion and a small scar in the grand scheme of things
• Eventually he got over his guilt
• And when you two had children of your own one of his favorite stories to tell them is about how their mother defeated a giant metal dragon

• It was torture trying to push you away for him
• And for you too
• But you kept pushing, and pushing
• You just couldn’t give up
• He would hear your sobs through the thin walls, and agonize over the pain he was giving you
• But it was for the best
• Wasn’t it?
• One day was especially bad
• “Don’t get near me.” He kept insisting
• But you kept pushing it
• Eventually he stopped thinking
• Shutting down he shoved you into a wall, hard
• The room echoed with a crack, amplified to the sound of a gunshot
• His façade immediately disappeared when he saw your curling up around your limp arm, your face scratched, the blood sticking in your hair
• He scooped you up, running towards his car, asking over and over if you were okay
• You were crying into his chest, the pain running through your blood, your ears ringing and your vision half fizzed out
• He rushed you to the hospital, and stayed there the whole time
• When he was allowed to see you he rushed in
• Your arm is in a cast, the bruise climbing up around your joint
• Apparently your arm also popped out of its socket
• He apologized over and over
• And you just said
• “I’m happy you don’t hate me.”
• After a few weeks in hospital, you had an infection and it took a bit longer that expected
• He helps you get into your house, where you immediately go to your room
• After a while he knocks on your door and joins you
• You’re snuggling under a bunch of covers and it takes a few minutes top pop your head out
• You smile at him
• “I’m so happy you don’t hate me.”
• “No MC, I could never hate you.”
• He kissed you lightly on the forehead
• “I love you….”

• You two were usually really happy together
• You leaned on each other and were complete together
• But one thing hurt that
• The surgery
• Whenever if came up you two ended up bickering and pouting for about an hour
• And one day Rika inevitably came in
• “Just tell me you love her and I’ll be gone!”
• “Don’t give me an ultimatum!”
• “What, should I just stay here to watch you agonize over another woman!”
• That was the last straw
• He picked up the first thing he could feel and chucked it at you
• It, was his tripod
• There was an ear shattering crack
• The tripod had broke, and part of it was lodged in your thigh
• You grabbed the phone and called an ambulance
• V sat there, telling you breathe, trying to comfort you, crying
• The ambulance arrived and took you away leaving him
• Seven eventually got him over to the hospital
• Where you were crying
• The bit of tripod cut through nerves, and put a hole in bone
• You would never walk again
• When he heard that V couldn’t look you in the eye
• And if he did you wouldn’t let him
Five years later
• You had left a long time ago
• He saw you sometimes, being wheeled around by Seven or some other member of the RFA
• He had gotten the surgery after, to be able to look at the pictures of you scattered around his house
• But you never looked at him
• He knew it was hist fault, he hurt you so much, he deserved it
• So why did it hurt so much?


• He was doing much better
• All the drugs had been flushed out of his body
• There was one problem left
• The PTSD
• His attacks, although lessening, were horrible, he couldn’t recognize anyone, he’d scream, throw things, and
• You tried to pul lhim out of that darkness, but it took a long time
• One day it must’ve been especially bad
• You reached out to touch him
• And he swiftly took you arm and snapped it
• The pain was disconnecting, what was going on, you felt like you were on fire
• Who was screaming?
• Was it me?
• While you were grabbing for your phone to call an ambulance Saeyoung ra in
• Pushing past Saeran he scooped you up and took you to the hospital
• Saeran just stood there
• It took about half and hour for him to process everything
• And when he finally woke up it was Hell
• He ran to the hospital
• When he got there, the whole RFA was there
• Saeyoung walked up to him
• “She’s in surgery right now, they thought it’d be prudent to take care of it right away.”
• Those words chucked Saeran out to sea
• He couldn’t process anything, it was like the ground underneath him was made of glass, and he’d just shattered it
• It took a few hours, but finally you were allowed visitors
• And when he stepped in he knew he was lost again
• Your arm was in a metal brace, stitches spiraled down you arm, neat and carefully done, holes pocketed your skin where pieces of bone and vaccines were
• The RFA surrounded you, asking if you were in pain, did you need water, smothering you
• Saeran stayed in the corner, looking at the people outside passing by, leaning against the wall
• “You need to talk to her.”
• Saeyoung had snuck up behind him and put his hand on his brother’s shoulder
• “She won’t want to see me.” He said flatly
• “How do you know what she’s thinking right now? Have you asked her? You matter to her, no matter what she thinks of you, she’ll still want to talk.”
• Saeran looked at his brother. “And if she hates me?”
• “Well then you know, besides, I don’t think she hates you, she’s too proccupied.” Saeran nodded and, as the RFA began trickling out, walked up to you
• “I’m sorry, this is all my fault.”
• You looked at him, curiosity written all over your face

  • “Why is it your fault that you have PTSD?”
  • Saeran looked up at you, disbelief written all over his face, but you were dead serious
  • “It’s not the fault of the people who have cancer that they have it, why should it be any different for people with mental issues. Sure I’m really mad, I’m frustrated, I hate this scar, but that doesn’t mean it’s your fault you have PTSD.”
  • You two talked a long time
  • And came to a decision
  • Saeran would go see a professional psychiatrist regularly, and take medication as long as possible
  • The attacks stopped
  • He recovered, and what it took was hurting the one he loved the most
  • Never again


  • Kids, this is why you don’t run with sharp things
  • It was a week before April Fools Day, and Saeyoung was having the time of his life
  • Constant pranks on Vanderwood
  • It was driving them crazy, and one day it got to much
  • Achievement unlocked: You’ve officially broken Vanderwood!
  • The next time Seven tried it again Vanderwood has scissors
  • They were goofing off, running around, chasing each other
  • When you had the misfortune to walk in
  • The room was chaos
  • But that wasn’t the problem
  • The problem was that Vanderwood had run into you
  • As had their scissors
  • Right into your shoulder
  • You screamed, and at first they weren’t sure why
  • Then they saw the scissors lodged in you
  • Panic mode officially on
  • The drove you to the hospital, insisting that you mustn’t pull it out, it could cause nerve damage
  • It’s good they did, because the doctors later said that themselves
  • The procedure wasn’t horrible
  • Stitches, salve, then in bed
  • Unfortunately, it would leave a bunch of scars all over your back
  • You hated those scars, they were ugly, and they were there for such a stupid reason
  • Every time you saw them poking out behind your sleeves
  • Vanderwood felt horrible
  • You didn’t let it show that they were a bother in front of them
  • But they knew
  • Eventually they confronted you
  • “Do you hate me?”
  • “Why would I?”
  • “Because of your back.”
  • You flinched, and Vanderwood thought they were a goner
  • “I understand if you never want to see me again.”
  • “No.”
  • Those words echoed throughout them, and their face furrowed in confusion
  • “I may hate them, and sometimes I may not want to see you, but that doesn’t mean that I want to never see you ever again. That’d be ridiculous.”
  • You hugged them tightly
  • “It may have been your fault, but that doesn’t mean I should hate you forever.”
  • Vanderwood was never more grateful in their life

OH MY GOD IT’S DONE!!! Now here’s to hoping it doesn’t delete FOR THE FIFTH TIME while I’m writing the closing. I’m super sorry. I lost power for over two days, then it kept deleting, it was just a nightmare. I hope you liked, and I tried to vary it. I feel so bad about Baehee and V, but I just felt like I needed to. I hope this helps you and your need for angst!! Thank you for requesting this and hope you like!

fic; the rain peasants

standalone; pg-13; fluff; msr ust; missing scene/one bed for the rain king; Mulder and Scully discuss what it’d be like to control the weather.

A/N: My one bed fic! I Can’t Believe It’s Not PWP


“Do you mind the T.V.? I can turn it off.”

“No, I don’t mind. Just keep the volume low, please.”

“You got it.”

Whatever is playing, it’s benign, popular and impersonal – funny, aluminum isn’t his style. Maybe it’s for her benefit? Can’t really share a bed with your coworker and take the edge off with pornography, can you. But maybe Mulder likes sit-coms. Maybe he needs to be told when to laugh. His sense of humor is… growing on her. After six years. But who doesn’t need a little help now and then? Oh, christ. That’s pathetic. He huffs out a laugh beside her, perfectly in time with the tin-can-track, and she knows that at least she isn’t alone. 

“Mulder?” she asks quietly. He goes completely still, and it’s obvious why – there you go again, Scully, getting me alone in cramped quarters and asking me obscenely difficult questions. She does like catching him off guard. There’s something in the way he looks at her when she goes a little nuts – like an x-file, like a mind-melting, course-of-history-changing x-file, and there is something in being that adored. And feared. She enjoys the fear just as much.

However, this is different. This case bothers her, and it ain’t got nothing to do with hicks or being confused for Mulder’s little wife.

“What’s up, Mrs. Mulder?” Tight and nervous. Scully smiles into her pillow. He’s so rarely nervous.

“I’ve been thinking about the case.” 

“It’s about time you took your work seriously.”

“Shut up, Mulder.” She gives him a moment to stop the next asinine comment before it arrives and he manages, just barely. “Let’s say, for the sake of conversation, it is possible for one man to dictate the state of the atmosphere in his little corner of the world.” 

“Okay, Scully. I’ll say that.”

“What if it were you?” she asks. There’s no missing the sincerity in her voice. Mulder may deflect – maybe he’ll make a joke, make some kind of pass, make some kind of obscure reference to a man who really did control the weather, hundreds of years ago, a man who swapped rain for mead and sleet for wool – but it won’t be without guilt. She’s okay with letting him make that choice. “What would the weather be like if your emotions were controlling it?”

A beat passes: he’s considering. The bed sharing makes it more dangerous, but regardless of his response they will wake up spooning in the morning. That’s the way it always happens, and he always freaks out more than her. Had he offered to take the floor this time, though? No. Every other time, yes. But not tonight. 

“Right now?” he asks lowly. “Right now, or in general?”

He’s taking her seriously. It smarts that she’s so pleased. 

“Right now, first,” she decides. She needs to know how much he’s willing to share before she goes all in. 

“Right now… it’d be raining pizza,” he snickers to himself, and Scully loses a sliver of confidence in the both of them. 

“Well,” she replies easily, masking the hurt with her own brand of indifference. “I told you to eat before we got back to the court.” 

“We’ve evolved to stay up past eight p.m., Scully. Nocturnal, diurnal, it all means nothing in our little corner of the world. You forget people live like this.” Silence. “Scully?” She doesn’t reply. 

She’s putting all of her effort into finding some semblance of sleep – you purposefully withheld information from me about this case and now I’m going to have to defend it’s necessity to Kersh without mentioning you actually fucking believe people can make it rain with their mind – when his hand covers her shoulder, a cautious, piddling touch. They really are different in bed. He snatches it back like he’s been burned, but then he replaces it with purpose. 

“I’ll tell you both, Scully.” He tugs on her shoulder when she doesn’t respond. “Roll over. C’mon, Scully.” 

She’s pissed that he’s now somehow made this all seem like his idea, like he’s the one taking the leaps. She rolls over just to glare at him and his face melts into a soft smile at her withering look. 

“I sure am glad you’re not in control of the weather right now.” He pets her nose and lets his body relax in a position mirroring hers, while she fights the urge to bite him. They’re both slightly uncomfortable with the situation, noticeably so, and their hunched backs make them look like parentheses. 

“I’m not sure the cattle industry could take such a devastating financial hit,” she says caustically. His smile widens. It’s sleepy in the light of the television, and easy. Another rare version of Mulder. Sleepy and easy are never words she’d typically use to describe him. 

“Go on, then.” 

“Well, I wasn’t exactly lying about the pizza. I’m starving. I have tears in my eyes.”

“I have some granola bars,” she offers kindly. A shadow falls over his face. 

“The ones with the flax seeds? God, no.” Relaxing again, his voice turns contemplative, both dreamy and a little dismal.  “But in general? I can’t really tell you, Scully. I’d assume it’d be very much like the rest of me.”


“You could say that,” he says dryly, looking away from her. A moment of silence, then: “Sometimes I could probably upend whole towns.”

I don’t think you have it in you, Scully thinks. Her face remains impassive when he grows theatrical, too loud and too convinced of his own hilarity in the middle of the night. 

“I could lift roads from the ground, Scully. Municipal buildings would crumble – I’d have to work up to the state legislature. There would be ice, there would be rain …” he pauses. “Maybe not fire.”

Gently, “Because of your fear?”

“No, not that.” He shakes his head. “I’m just not very good at rebuilding from scratch.” Perhaps that was too personal, because he flippantly amends: “But who among us is? I don’t think we’re made for it.”

People create life every day – they have babies, build houses, tear down governments, hoist them back up. It’s a never-ending cycle of starting anew; controlled burns are a way of life. But Scully recognizes that might be too literal an answer to what he’s suggesting.

He shoots a look at her, but she’s shifted on her back to stare at the television. The middle-aged white male lead is drinking a beer.

“But who knows how long that would last? Years, maybe minutes.” He turns and watches with her. A woman yells at her husband. Ha!Ha!Ha!

He continues while watching. “I guess that’s the frightening part. Most of us can just feel without inserting too much meaning into it all. But Holman Hardt spends each day in a hellish atmospheric vacuum of his own creation, cowering under the force of his own fragile emotional state.” 

“While other people are suffering,” Scully adds. “And he can’t do a thing to stop it.” 

Mulder lets out an amused rush of air. “We should become motivational life coaches. I’m feeling the power.” 

“You aren’t like that all the time,” Scully says, a little fiercely. He’s okay sometimes. He doesn’t hurt all the time. “You’re not always so… tumultuous. You’re fine right now.” 

They both turn to look at each other. “No,” he says. “I’m not like that all the time.” 

She’s quiet. He prods, “Okay, Scully, spill. What about you?”

“Right now, or in general?”

He repeats her words back to her. “Right now, first.” 

“I’m not sure my answers would be all that different,” she admits. This is what scares her. It’s not possible for one man to control the weather – and how very lucky they are that this is so – but if it were her… “Right now, or in general.” 

What little impact she’d have on the world. The realization depresses the hell out of her. What Mulder described: heart shaped ice cubes? Rose petals? Cows catapulting through court windows? Men cannot control the weather – human bodies cannot even withstand certain atmospheric pressures, let alone bend them to their will – but… where’s her creativity? When did she start feeling this way: not at all?

“That… does not seem right,” Mulder says. He’s itching to prove her wrong already.

“There have been some–” Scully pauses to choose her words carefully. “Difficult. There have been some difficult moments in the last few years of my life.” Mulder snorts derisively, more at himself than at her. “In all of the years of my life, Mulder, just like anyone else.” 

She wonders what he imagines her like, dictating the weather with her moods. There are probably more cows. What kind of storm encapsulates the strength of her eye rolling? Damn, is it easy to make herself annoyed with Mulder when she tries. How could you think of me like that?

“What would it be like?” he asks softly, eyeing her with genuine interest. She’s almost embarrassed to tell him. In the face of Fox Mulder’s lifelong battle against emotional terrorism, she feels positively virginal. She stares at his nose pressed into his inner elbow. 

“It would be pleasant,” she says to it. She doesn’t feel the need for elaboration, but his lips twitch. 

“You always this good at small talk? How about this weather we’re having.” His joke is teasingly sweet. It’s different from before, somehow. 

“It’d be pleasant because I don’t think I could let it be anything else.” 

They’re quiet for a bit. Neither of them know what the weather’s like outside. It’s chilly in their room, in the way all motel rooms are chilly. 

“If anyone had the ability to control the weather, Scully,” he says to the television, “and I mean really, really control it, so that humanity would be better off for having it… it’d be you.”

In the bed in the dark in the light of the T.V. in the hick town where everyone sleeps at eight p.m. where it hasn’t rained in forever where no one has luck in love, Mulder moves a little closer to her. So that their shoulders touch, so that their backs are ramrod straight, so that Scully’s assertion at not being nervous about this becomes a bold-faced lie. 

Toledo (Trixya) - Joanne Elizabeth

AN: Hi there! Long time reader, first time submitter. I’ve had this fic in my files for a while, but have been too nervous to submit it. But with a sudden gust of courage and absolutely no beta, I bring you this outdated Trixya fic. I wrote it right after Katya was saying all of the things on stage about Trixie.  [Male pronouns, male body parts]

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write a scenario about reader telling Subaru that she loves him? Maybe in the middle of an argument or maybe when he is in that moment when he keeps on repeating that he is monster and he doesn't deserve to be loved. I just want angst but I want fluff at the very same moment too 😥

why u do dis to me anon-chan, why u make me write such things my poor hart cannn’t


Subaru x Reader Scenario 

SFW but mentions of blood, violence and the sound of my heart breaking in half.

“What…am I doing…”

You barely heard those words. Something was ringing through your ears as the pain sliced as if every part of your body. How many hours had you spent here, shackles preventing you from moving against the cold wall of the dungeon?

The tears were painful because they ran down the multitude of wounds covering your skin. You could not even wipe them away. Ah, your wrists were bleeding against the metal of those tight restraints holding your form up. The vampire had gone on a total rampage, after the mere mention of his mother. Christa. He had, within a few minutes, taken you down here where the darkness had a life of its own, to inflict upon you the most severe of punishments.

It started with fangs, nails and fists, only to ensue with the use of whips and knives. Never had he been through such a state. And you were the way to cope. He used you in order to vent and this had been going until now, until Subaru pronounced those words of confusion. 

“S…Subaru…” You whimpered through a shaky breath, not guaranteeing your survival for the moments to come. Did he even hear those words, or was it you that pronounced them so feebly that it barely came out as a pained breath? He did not reply, only dealing with painful inner thoughts. 

“I’m treating you like he treated her…It’s because I’m not-…I’m a monster.”

There it was. His questioning. One of the few moments where you perceived the vampire as a scared, lost boy, needy of care and affection. 

“Subaru…please…” He glanced up at you, red and burning eyes. Tears were visible and though he was a vampire, there were definitely numerous emotions bursting through him simultaneously. “Subaru…it’s okay.” 

You wanted to reassure him, show him how you, even with these wounds, would still be there. He had been alone for too long. He could not be deserted again. He needed you, no matter how many times he tried pushing you away. You were aware of it. 

But the vampire wasn’t. 

He approached with such rapidity that it took your breath away, the fear crawling underneath your skin as you desperately fought back against it, wanting to let trust shield you from any other sentiment. So you let him do this, hold your throat and painfully constrict you with all his might. He wanted to scare you, to push you away. 

“What the fuck are you doing?! Why do you stay near me?! Don’t you get it, that I’m polluted?! Are you that crazy and stupid?” 

The bruises were probably forming already because those hands were simply full of anger and strength. But you could not help but focus on how soft they were. These were not the hands of a monster, these were not the hands of evil. 

“I…I…” The words were broken by the constriction around your throat. Yet, it had to be said. He needed to know, whatever it triggered him to do next. “I love you…Subaru.”

Those red eyes were flashed by a flicker of intensity as he let go of your neck, backing away. The blush did not cover his features as it usually did whenever you spoke words of affection. He backed away, frowning in confusion while his hands trembled. 

“Shut up…Shut up! You don’t know what you’re talking about…So shut up!” 

If he simply came closer.

He remained so distant, as if afraid that his own presence near yours would be able to make you suffer. How ambiguous it was, to both want to hurt you to have you stay away, and protect you from himself at the same time. 

If you were unable to reach him physically, words would have to suffice. You took a fragile breath in, sensing the burn of the motion on your injuries. Letting your mouth use his name, he responded by letting his pained and confused eyes search through yours. 

“I love you. Right now, I’m terrified, but I love you. You scare me, it’s true, I won’t hide it and right now I wish I could stop shaking, but I love you, Subaru. You are not polluted, toxic or anything else of that sort” You said. The words quivered against your lips, unsure and short but you still managed to let them out because : those were words you wanted to say for so long. “I might remind you of her. You might think you’re not worthy of help, but Subaru…the only person I would ever want to help, is you.”

The vampire almost growled in anger and frustration. The male carried tears down his eyes. He kicked the metallic bars of the door, letting the dissonant noise echo through the dungeon. Yet, you remained patient, attentive.Time passed as if it carried no worth, as if it had stopped either way.


 He was breathing hard, if not panting. But eventually, he drew close and the hand reached your throat again. Expecting the tight grip around your windpipe, surprise rose when sensing your whole body letting go and almost falling from the wall. He had removed the shackles. Your arms fell by your side and your entire body was supported by Subaru’s own. He held you like a fragile creature, but tightly still. Your ear was touched by his slow breathing and words. “You…are insane.”

He stared down at you, those eyes that conveyed support, care, love. “Maybe I am, but does that really change anything?” 

His answer was no more complicated than the cold of his lips against your burning ones, a contact so frail but full of trust that guaranteed something unspoken between the two of you. Passion.

Softly - My Immortal

Reid X Reader

Scroll for parts one and two

Ten months had passed. Ten long months.

You’d gone back to work after six months. During one of your ‘dreams’ Spencer had told you that you needed to. That it would be good for you, that it would take your mind off the misery that you were stuck in. The misery of him not being alive, the misery of you not being with him physically.

I’m so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
‘Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won’t leave me alone

And… It hadn’t been too bad. You’d not gone out into the field again yet, but then again you rarely did anyway. Your main job was to help back at HQ, and to focus on the media, but the team had been doing that between them whilst you’d been off. Working helped you take your mind off Spencer, although the first time you’d gone in and seen his old desk, you’d lost it and had burst into tears.

These wounds won’t seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There’s just too much that time cannot erase

You were no longer sure that these dreams you were having were actually dreams. You always seemed drained after them and you’d noticed that since you’d started back at work, they either only occurred when you were off work the next day, or else they were only brief ‘dreams’ and then you’d start dreaming about something else.

You’d opened up to Derek about them, fearing that he’d laugh or find it funny but he’d just solemnly nodded and told you that he’d had them too. Spencer speaking to him and checking up on everyone, making sure they were doing okay and that he was looking out for you.

“How often do you have them?” you’d whispered to him.

“Every few weeks at least. He mainly talks about you. It’s so strange because… well it’s like I’m asleep but I’m not. He’s talking to me in my bedroom and I’m wearing the same clothes that I went to sleep in, which well… Sometimes is nothing at all, so that’s weird too. And they’re so vivid, I can remember almost everything, like we’d actually had a proper conversation.”

“It’s like he’s actually there… ” you’d said and Derek had nodded.

And so you’d researched it. So many people reported be able to have conversations with their loved ones during their sleep. So many people reported having the same feeling of having someone there with them, someone watching them. So one night, when he came, you asked him.

“Spencer, are you actually here?” His arms had been wrapped around you, your skin cold where he was touching you.

“Yes and no.”

“Yes and no?”

“Well I’m not here physically, but I am still here. It’s…. complicated.”

You smiled, “You’re like a ghost?”

“Erm….well. I guess I am. Why. Does it bother you?”

“No! It means…. It means I still get to be with you. But… How long for? How long will you be around?”

“For as long as you need me,” Spencer had told you, nuzzling your hair and sending cool shivers down your spine.

“Always then….”

“Like I said, for as long as you need me.”

When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears
When you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me

Spencer had cut down his visits, well….he’d cut down making her aware of his visits. Mostly he’d stay out of sight, only showing himself when she’d had a particularly rough day at work, or if he knew she didn’t have to go in the next day.

He was pleased she’d gone back, it gave her something to do. He’d hated seeing her sitting and wallowing, not even crying sometimes, just staring off into space at the same spot on the wall for hours on end.

She was making progress. She was slowly, so slowly, starting to live her life again. She wore his wrist watch everywhere she went though, she’d had it adjusted to fit her slim, delicate wrists. And she’d not yet removed her engagement ring, not once. She still looked for that scarf though. He knew where it was. He’d seen it seven weeks ago when Morgan had helped her move their… well her, bedroom around. It had fallen behind a dresser and neither of them had spotted it. He’d tell her, eventually. That was his favourite item of clothing and for some reason, he knew it wasn’t the right time for her to find it yet, no matter how hard she looked for it.

He’d watched her get dressed up a few times to go out with the team, looking more beautiful than the sun and moon themselves, although each time she’d returned she’d fallen into bed sobbing, crying out her him. So he’d wait for her to fall into that state, that very special state. Then he’d go to her.

She was starting to understand why she could see him. He was… a ghost, a spirit of sorts and she’d asked him one night whether he was actually there. He was and he wasn’t, is what he’d told her. Because it was true but it also wasn’t true. It was such a contradiction but she accepted it for what it was and she’d continue to accept it, it meant she could see him and that he could talk to her and hold her. She was so warm when he hugged her and he was so cold all the time. Being next to her made him feel alive again, reliving happy memories, before she’d relent and slip off into a deeper sleep where she could no longer feel him.

He’d visited his mom as well. Just the once, to say goodbye. He didn’t go again. One visit she’d accept as a dream, any more and he’d risk upsetting her already fragile emotions and he didn’t want to aggravate his mom’s condition.

He visited Derek too, a few times actually. To make sure he was keeping good on his word and looking out for Y/N, although he knew he was. Derek had been his best friend on the team and he’d known there was no way he’d let Spencer down.

Spencer had dropped in at work one day, sitting in the corner of Rossis’ office as he counselled a distraught Morgan.

“Dave, it’s wrong… I need to make these feelings go away.”

“Derek, it’s not wrong. You can’t help how you feel. Has she given any indication….?” The older man had tried to delve deeper, comforting his friend.

“I don’t know… Sometimes I think so and then others…. I can’t tell. And I can’t act on it like I normally would to find out.” Spencer watched a frustrated tear slip from his best friends eye, wishing he could help him.

“Why not?”

“You know why Dave, you know why.”

The older man had sighed and patted Morgan’s shoulder, “He’d want you to be happy Derek. He’d want both of you to be happy.”

Spencer hadn’t been sure how he’d felt about the conversation at first but then he had a long hard think about it and decided that he didn’t mind it. Morgan was a good guy, and he knew that this would be different to his flings.

… Another two months after….

The anniversary of his death had kicked you back down to rock bottom, resulting in another absence from work, although this one had only lasted a week. He’d come to you that night, not holding you this time, you told him not to. You needed to sob this out by yourself.

You used to captivate me by your resonating light
Now I’m bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts my once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away all the sanity in me

Your ‘dreams’ were less frequent but that didn’t mean you didn’t feel him there still. You could sense him.

Sometimes you’d be going about your business in the house and you’d stop.

“Spencer?” you’d whisper, feeling your hair waft in a breeze that shouldn’t be there.

It was comforting and unsettling both at the same time to begin with…. But now…you didn’t know, now it seemed almost wrong.

You didn’t want him to not be there, but the truth was, he wasn’t there. Not really. It didn’t make sense anymore.

These wounds won’t seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There’s just too much that time cannot erase

“Baby girl, that food was to die for, as always. Next time, I’m cooking.. Well, taking you out. Alright?”

You laughed as you escorted Morgan to the door, seeing him out. You’d been spending more and more time with him and you liked it. You’d always got on with him but since Spencer had gone, you’d seen a different side to him. The softer side that he kept hidden at work. Morgan had been your rock and you’d helped each other through the past year. You honestly didn’t know what you’d do without him.

“Alright, I’ll let you take me out. But no Italian, okay? Rossi has fed me so much pasta recently, I’m scared I’ll become a piece of penne.” You’d had to actually throw away some of the delicious meals your colleague had bought over for you, claiming he’d cooked too much but knowing that he was trying to fatten you back up. You’d lost a lot of weight with everything that had happened.

“Your choice, beautiful girl, your choice.”

You smiled and let Derek pull you in for hug goodbye. You enjoyed his hugs. They were different to Spencer’s but comforting and nice in a different kind of way. Spencer had been all long arms and lean muscle, Derek was bulky and somehow, more cuddly with it. Nothing would replace Spencer’s warm hugs, but Derek’s came a close second.

You pulled back from his arms, reaching up and planting a kiss on Derek’s cheek, hearing an odd hitch in his breathing as he turned to look at you.

“Y/N…. ” he whispered softly, his head lowering to yours and surprising you as he placed his mouth onto yours.

You kissed him back at first, out of shock more than anything before you pulled back and pushed him angrily away.

“Morgan! What the fuck?” you wiped the back of your mouth with your hand, trying to rid any trace of him from you.

“Oh fuck. I’m sorry… I’m so sorry. I thought… Oh god I don’t know what I thought,” he looked ashamed of himself, a feeling that was running through you as well.

“What the hell made you think you could do that!? He was your best friend Derek!”

“I know, I know. I just… I thought… I feel something for you Y/N. I thought.. I thought maybe you felt it too.”

Without thinking, the next words spilled from your mouth, “It doesn’t matter what I feel for you! What about Spencer?!”

Derek looked at you sadly, “Spencer’s gone, Y/N. You know this. He’s not coming back. But I’m AM here. I’m sorry. The timing’s not right, but I don’t think it’ll ever be right. I have feelings for you. I’m sorry, but I do.”

“Just leave Morgan. Please. Go.”

“Y/N.. Can we talk about this?”

“There’s nothing to talk about! Nothing! Get that into your head. I belong to Spencer. No one else. It’s not right.”

“He’d want you to be happy. He’d want US to be happy, we can be that together.”

The damn that was building behind your eyes burst free and you used all your might to shove Derek outside of the door, taking him by surprise, and slamming it shut.

No no no no.

Just no.

It didn’t matter what you felt for your friend, Spencer’s best friend, just… No.

It was wrong.

You would never move on from Spencer. He was your one and only.

You couldn’t have feelings for someone else, especially Derek. It wasn’t right.

You stalked into the kitchen, pulling out a bottle of vodka from the freezer and taking a long glug, screwing your face up at the taste.

Taking another sip, you felt your hair blow in a breeze. No windows were open though.

“Now… You’re here now?! You saw that?! Of course you fucking did. Well you don’t have anything to worry about. You may have left me here, all alone. But alone I’ll stay, until we can be together again. However far away that may be.”

I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone
But though you’re still with me
I’ve been alone all along

You raised the bottle to your lips once more, feeling a sudden chill run up you arm causing you to lose your grip, the bottle smashing to the ground.

You looked around the room accusingly, knowing it was him.

“So I can’t even drown my sorrows now? Is that it? Just leave me alone, for once. Just one night. I feel guilty enough as it is. Please…. ”

Leaving the mess on the floor, you took yourself off up to bed, flinging Spencer’s pillow onto the floor. You just wanted one night of blissful blank sleep, with no dreams. And vodka would have done that.

Spencer felt bad. He hated how guilty he knew she felt. Yet she had no reason to.

He knew what he had to do. Which is why he’d made her drop the bottle. Alcohol would make her pass out. And he couldn’t have that tonight. Not when he needed to talk to her.

He wanted her to be happy. He wanted to take her pain away, make her tears stop. He knew that they’d always have something special. She was his love. The only one he’d ever have. But she could have another, and she needed to know that.

When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears
When you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me

In Spite

Imagine: Klaus Mikaelson kidnapping you to get back at Elena and it leads to things getting heated. (Requested ~Smut~) The story line is mine and probably in no way accurate! It’s just for imagine purposes! 

“Ah, Y/N. Elena Gilbert’s human friend. Now I understand you’ve been friends for say, eight years?” Klaus walked in a small circle around you. This couldn’t be happening. One minute you’re in your bedroom, the next you hear something outside and you go to investigate. Now you’re stuck in a neat little apartment across town without a way out. How could you have been so stupid? You know about Supernatural beings and yet you still go outside when you hear a noise. 

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anonymous asked:

Supercorp prompt: "You can't fix this! You can't fix me, okay? I'm not something you can fix!" But instead of the usual Lena being broken how about we turn it around and have Kara broken? (I hope you're still doing prompts)

Lol, yes, I am still doing prompts. Just not as many as I’d like, unfortunately, now that I’m back in school and swamped with end-of-the-year BS. I should actually be getting ready for class and doing homework, but ehhhhhh :)

In honor of Supergirl Returns (also yes I’m salty bc where was Lena in this episode, dammit,) I decided to make time to answer a prompt. Congrats, it was yours! :D

Anyways, back to business- I’m going to combine it with another ask I receive pretty often, which is the whole anniversary-of-Krypton’s-death thing. So…

Here we go. I’ll post it on Ao3 later, when I get a chance. 

kintsukuroi, a Supergirl fanfiction


kintsukuroi (n.) - the art of repairing something with gold, and realizing that the object is all the more beautiful for having been broken


It’s the anniversary of the day of Krypton’s death. Kara’s not in the best state of mind, and Lena tries her hardest to reach her. 

“Can you just stop?”

Lena freezes in place, a look of hurt briefly flickering across her features before a smooth mask of calm settles over her face like a veil. “Stop what?”

And Rao, Kara just wants to shut up before she does any more damage, before she makes Lena retreat any more than she already has, but the words come spilling out of Kara’s mouth before she can stop them.

“Trying to fix everything!” Kara squeezes her eyes shut, dropping her face into her palms as the memory of Krypton’s death flashes through her mind, an endless cycle that she can’t escape- not today. “You can’t fix this! You can’t fix me, okay? I’m not something you can fix!”

She huffs out a low, cynical laugh, and the sound is darker than Lena has ever heard from the bubbly superheroine. “I’m not sure I’m even worth the effort.”

Her cheeks burn with a familiar shame beneath her hands, making her face feel hot. 

Everything feels hot, scorching, the heat of a collapsing core of an unstable planet sending ripples through space and knocking her so far off-course that she’s not sure she even really managed to get back on the right path ever since.

She’s so lost in her thoughts that she doesn’t even realize that Lena’s started moving again until she feels soft hands encircle her wrists. She tenses, part of her longing to sink in to the touch while another part of her screams to run away, fly away, to end all this before anyone can get hurt-

You don’t deserve to be happy, Kryptonian, a voice whispers from the darkest corners of her head, the words sliding between flesh and bone until it jabs at something in her chest, digging deep into a wound that had never really healed in the first place, scraped raw and oozing by her deepest fears.

You don’t deserve any of this.

You don’t deserve her.

Kara pulls away from Lena’s touch with laughable ease, careful- as she always is, always has to be in this glass-and-paper world- not to hurt the other woman as she does.

She speeds towards the furthest corner of the room, hands pressed against her ears, fingers twisting into her hair, hard. “Shut up,” she mutters under her breath, willing for everything to just stop-

You belong with me.

You belong to me.

You were meant to be mine.

But the volume of the voice reaches a crescendo, and it’s all that she can hear, all that she can think, all

Kara drops to her knees with a cry, rocking back and forth, squeezing her hands against her ears with renewed desperation. “Go away, go away, go away, please go away-” Her voice cracks, breaking, just like she is, and a hoarse whimper escapes her throat. “I’m not yours anymore, I’m not, I got out, I got out-”

Inside her, something laughs.

Did you really?

She slumps to the ground, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes and onto the floor, its surface blessedly cool against her fevered skin.

“Kara, whatever’s happening to you, you need to fight it. Do you hear me? You need to fight it.” Lena’s voice is faint, muted, barely audible despite Kara’s best attempts to tune out the ringing in her ears.

Gentle fingers unfurl her clenched fists and smooth messy curls away from her face. “I’m right here, Kara. I’m not trying to fix you. I never have. I know you can do that all on your own.”

Kara moans. “I can’t-”

Lena cuts her off, voice firm yet soothing, pressing a hand to Kara’s cheek. “You can. It’s what we do, people like us. We fix ourselves because we can. You can.”

Kara asks a question that echoes with the voice of the scared, orphaned girl that had fallen to Earth so many years ago, quiet and impossibly fragile. “What if I’m too broken to fix?”

The smile that stretches Lena’s lips is nothing short of radiant. “Nobody’s too broken to fix. We just have to try a little harder, that’s all.”

She shifts, settling her body onto the floor beside Kara, her kryptonite gaze beautifully disarming, still tracing her smooth, slender fingers across Kara’s flushed cheek. “And I’ll be right beside you every step of the way.”

Kara looks into her eyes- warm and bright, even brighter than the memory of a dying planet, a memory that now pales in comparison to the pure love and unwavering faith that shines in Lena’s steady, open stare- and believes.

For the first time since Krypton, for the first time since the Phantom Zone, Kara believes.

Lena shuffles closer, tucks Kara’s body against her own and presses her lips against the top of her head, draping her arm across the curve of the Kryptonian’s waist as she cups her free hand around the nape of Kara’s neck.

And just like that, just like gravity, Kara is pulled one step closer towards the path she’s spent her whole life trying to find her way back to once more.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know. :D

As always, I’m open to prompts. (But they take time. :/)

The Aftermath Of “I Love You”

This takes place just after Sherlock gets out of Eurus’ game at the end of s4 ep3 of BBC’s Sherlock. 


Sherlock Holmes dragged his feet up the steps at 221b Baker Street. Each step groaned and creaked eerily as he made his way up to the flat. 

Sherlock felt exhausted. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. The games his sister had created had taken everything out of him. Even when he was shooting narcotics into his arm at a deadly rate, he hadn’t felt so drained as he did now. 

His conversation with Mrs. Hudson a minute before didn’t help. She had scolded him like she was his mother. Then suddenly, she began to cry. Something which completely threw Sherlock off. She was furious with him, but then all of the sudden she was a puddle of tears on the ground. 

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Yugyeom Imagine - Let Me Show You (Smut)

A/N - I had an idea for a Yugyeom angst and an anon requested a Yugyeom smut so I tried to combine the two together with some fluff in there as well. I hope you all enjoy and keep sending in your requests!

“Yugyeom, you’ve been busy every night for the past week and you don’t come home till at least 11 while I’m sat at home waiting to see you!”
“I never asked you to wait up for me!”
“Well if I didn’t then I’d never see you apart from the 15 minutes we get together in the morning before you leave again!” The built up emotion from the past week was finally coming out as the two of you argued relentlessly. You had barely seen him all week and you were feeling a mixture of sadness and loneliness with annoyance and frustration. It felt like you didn’t even have a boyfriend anymore. 

Taking a deep breath, you spoke again in a quieter tone. “Yugyeom, I hate that I never see you. I hate that you’re out so late. I know that practice is important and being in the group is important but so am I. I’m your girlfriend and I deserve more than just sitting around waiting for my boyfriend every night. Sometimes I feel like I put more effort into this relationship than you do. Answer me honestly, but do I actually mean anything to you?” Tears appeared in your eyes but you blinked them away, not wanting Yugyeom to see the fragile state you were in. He took a step closer to you, tears also threatening to spill from his eyes. His hand hovered over you cheek, hesitating to caress it as he usually did when you were upset.
“(Y/N), I had no idea you felt that way…Of course you mean something to me. You’re my everything. I know I’ve been out late a lot recently and I hate myself for it. I’ll talk to the boys and see if we can finish a bit earlier so we can spend more time together. I love you more than anything and it kills me to know you thought otherwise.” His hands were now placed lovingly on the side of your head and he planted a gentle kiss on your forehead.
“Are you sure?” You asked, part of you still uncertain.
“Yes. Let me show you how I much I love every single part of you.”
“Okay,” You whispered, curious to where this was leading.

Yugyeom’s lips ghosted over yours, mere centimetres away from touching. He paused, letting you take control. You took advantage of it and leaned closer to put your lips on his. You let your fingers tangle in his hair as you deepened the kiss, your tongue dancing on his. His hands were pressed against your back, keeping you close to him as the two of you kissed passionately. A sudden thirst came over you and your hands slowly traveled down his chest and stomach to pull up his shirt, exposing his bare skin. Knowing exactly what you wanted, Yugyeom moved his arms to pick you up and he carried you into the living room where he placed you down gently on the sofa. His hands quickly took your shirt off and he had already begun pulling down your sweatpants. He rubbed his thumb over your clothed heat, making you whine for more. Not wanting to tease you anymore, Yugyeom tugged your underwear down and threw them across the room, along with the other clothes scattered around. He rubbed circles on you, applying pressure in exactly the right place to make you squirm for more. You moaned into his mouth at the feeling of his fingers on you but you needed more.

Yugyeom slid two fingers into you, pumping them in and out and curling them to get the loudest reaction from you. Everything he was doing felt like pure magic but it still wasn’t enough. Using what strength you had, you flipped him over so you were now on top. Your hands stroked down his bare stomach to the top of his jeans and you slowly dragged down the zip, knowing how he loved when you teased him. You discarded his jeans and boxers, and wrapped your hand around his length, sliding it up and down slowly. Yugyeom’s face contorted with pleasure as he moaned your name. Smirking at him you lowered your head to put him in your mouth, running your tongue across his length. He was in heaven with the way you wrapped your lips around him. His fingers tangled in your hair, guiding you as you bobbed your head up and down. His moans gradually got louder and louder and you felt him begin to twitch in your mouth.
“(Y/N), baby I’m close,” he said between moans. Knowing he was close to his climax, you lifted your mouth from him, receiving an unimpressed look from your boyfriend. You grabbed a foil packet and tore it open, sliding it over his length. You aligned yourself over him and lowered yourself onto him, letting out quick moans as you did. 

Yugyeom’s hands held you hips, guiding you on top of him. The two of you were moaning messes at the pleasure you were both feeling. Unable to handle the way your face twisted, Yugyeom flipped you over so you were now beneath him, he moved your legs to rest on his shoulders so he had better access to you. He pushed into you faster and deeper, hitting all the right places. Your breathing quickened and you could feel yourself edging closer and closer to your climax. Yugyeom felt you tense around him and quickened the pace even more, wanting you to reach your climax. Euphoria hit you and you moaned his name loudly, fingers clawing at his back. Yugyeom kissed your lips before sucking and nipping at your neck before he released inside you, his body shaking a little from the sensation. Once you were both finished, he collapsed onto you, his head resting on your chest. Your breathing was heavy as you lay there, still feeling a little dazed from before.
“(Y/N)..” Yugyeom mumbled into your chest.
“Yes, babe?”
“I love you so so much. Please never forget that.”
“I won’t. I love you too, Yugyeom. More than you’ll ever know.”

In general, Papyrus avoided sleeping.

For one, it was a waste of time. Sans usually slept seven or eight hours a night, which was beyond excessive. Papyrus got so many things done during that time: making puzzles, recalibrating puzzles, solving puzzles, making spaghetti, being very cool and popular on the internet… Why would he waste almost half a day on sleeping?

There were also the nightmares.

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Underdog (M)

Originally posted by 4jiminnie

»hoseok x reader

» requested
» warning: smut

“I don’t need you.”

Those four words hit Hoseok the hardest. Those four words were enough to leave him sinking in the corner of the room with his hands over his face and knees curled into his chest. You didn’t need him. He’d seen those words coming for a while but he never quite wanted to bring himself to believe them until he actually heard them leave your lips.

Because, at the end of the day, whilst Hoseok felt that he was nothing without you there was a feeling in his heart that never quite seemed to fade which told him the feelings were mismatched. That’s why he was drawn to you – he loved that element of independence and how confident you were when talking. He loved that when you were nervous you would talk about basically anything and that even though you would never actually say you were embarrassed your lips would slightly pout.

“You hear me, Jung Hoseok?” you asked, looking over at his blank stare. “Don’t you dare come in here accusing me of anything. If I wanted to leave you, I would.”

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Heartbeat - Kitten and the Don

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR 500 FOLLOWERS !!!! I can’t believe we have reached this insane number!!! 50, yes that I could have imagined but 500 for a blog that throws some weird words at a piece of paper and talks about an old-fart skeleton and a human with anger issues?!
I feel so happy and honored and uber-appreciated, thank you so much!!!
Right now, I sadly have only little time to work on bigger projects but at least I can tell you that great things are coming. However, I would feel bad if I would have to leave you with anything at all, so I wrote a quick, fluff story about a well known Kitten and their Don. The AU is property of the two amazing, wonderful and super talented @nyublackneko and @junkpilestuff

This fanfic is inspired by my great friend @candiedconstellations, inspiration also took from the wordsmith @helixthepamster and the beginning is heavily based on this comic by @nyublackneko. The story is set a few months after this incident by @junkpilestuff

I am sorry I have nothing better to offer right know, but I want you to know that the last months with you guys were a blast and I am looking forward to writing, sharing and nerding out together with you in the future, too!
[UPDATE: I corrected it once again, but if you guys find any typos or grammar mistakes, please contact me!]

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Puppy Love (Part two)- Dean Ambrose x reader

|Smut warning!|

It was 7AM. You weren’t awake yet because you liked sleeping in late. But Dean awoke with your messy hair covering your face. He smiled at the sight.

Mate’s fur is beautiful.

Dean agreed with the wolf this time. He slowly rose from the nest and stretched his arms up. He stood from the bed and grabbed a change of clothes from his suitcase. The little morning light that came through the hotel window shown on his naked body. You awoke due to the sound of the zipper noise. You brushed your hair from your face, rose up, and decided to comment, “you know, I never took the time to look at your body last night. We were just- caught up in the moment. But, I do like what I see,” you winked.

He came over, “you like it all doll?” His hand moved to your breasts, “and these are perfect. God I hardly remember anything from last night. The wolf took over. You didn’t get much of me, you got most of him.” You moved his hand from your boobs, “I hope you’re just as wild.”

He smirked and pressed a kiss against your neck, “I am baby. But you’ll have to wait till the moon passes.” You innocently grunted, “Why?” “Well, the wolf is less likely to dominate. The week before the moon we all get a little antsy.”

“Oh, do you have to turn on the moon?” You asked. “No, but let’s say the wolf is extremely aggressive in trying to push through. I can turn right here, right now. But you on the other hand will have a lot of trouble tonight,” Dean said pulling you up to your feet. You walked over to your suitcase and slid a gray shirt and sweats on.

“Why me?” You asked, you felt dumb, but this was a new world for you. “Because you’re freshly bitten. New shifters have a painful time. I’ll help you as much as I can. Lead you through the stages. We’re going to have to take A LOT of water.”

You whined, “I’m scared make it sound horrible.” He quickly chimed, “well it is, but you’ll feel so fucking free running with the pack.” You sighed and went to the large bathroom mirror to comb your hair. Dean finished dressing and put his leather jacket on. He came up behind you and spanked your ass. He nuzzled his nose into your hair.

Lilacs and Honeysuckles. Ours. Dean’s.

He moaned lowly. You nudged him away, “hey big boy, don’t get too excited. Remember you have to WAIT.”

He growled, “fuck.” He checked the time and cleared his throat, “well I’m going down to the lobby to see if anyone is chilling there.” You nodded and continued to brush your hair.

Dean took the elevator down to the lobby, Roman and AJ were sitting on the couch together. Dean sat on the couch opposite of them. AJ smirked, “so what’s the plan tonight Dean? Make us watch your little bitch turn and probably die?” Roman gave AJ a hard nudge, “Dude!”

Dean chuckled, “you think you’re such a bad wolf, huh? I wouldn’t mess with an alpha right now.” AJ laughed, “oh my god. Listen to yourself talk! Yea we get your alpha but you’re a fucking stupid one at best.” Roman jerked up and grabbed AJ, “Get the fuck out now.” AJ rolled his eyes and walked back to his room.

Need mate. Now.

Dean got up from his seat and hurried back to his room. At this fragile state he just needed your scent and touch on his body. “Dean WAIT. I thought we were gonna talk!” Roman yelled.

You decided to not look like a hobo and put some decent clothes on. You were finished and perfect. You looked in the mirror to see if your eyes had the yellow rings. Not yet. The room door clicked open and there was Dean. “No one in the lobby?” You asked taking Dean into a big hug.

“No,” he lied. His tense muscles relaxed.

Nice. Mine.

He held the hug for a long while before letting you go to look at your outfit, “gorgeous. I just wanna go out to breakfast now.” “Okay we can! I’m starving,” you blurted.


The sun was setting by the time you and Dean came back to the hotel from an adventurous day. You walked into the lobby and everyone was lounging. It was time to head back out. Dolph had a grocery bag full of waters. Dean stood in front of the group, “I know a secluded place here, just follow us in your cars.”


Everyone arrived at the forest at the end of town. The cars were all well hidden from plain sight. You got out shaking, “Dean I don’t feel the wolf, I don’t have any symptoms like the eyes or anything!” He led you into the thick forest, “usually you don’t know you’re a wolf until the moon strikes. I was born a pup so I can’t tell you when I started hearing the wolf’s thoughts.”

You could hardly see through the dark forest but you trusted Dean’s lead. You two stopped at a clearing and sat on a log. “This is a perfect place to change,” he said rubbing your back. Sasha ran over with the bag of waters, “here Y/N, drink a lot,” she smiled at Dean, “Dean you better help my girl out,” she looked back at you, “it’s going to be okay, no one is going to hurt you. We’re only an ear shot away if you need anyone.” You smiled back, “thanks Sasha. I’ll try to stay calm.” Sasha ran back.

“Dean..” you whimpered with tears.

Scared. Comfort.

“Baby girl, it’s going to be okay. Just take your clothes off,” he said as he took his jacket off. You started to take your shirt off before you felt him grabbing it to pull it over your head. “Let me help,” he said as he threw your shirt aside. He unhooked your bra and put one end in his mouth. You giggled and jerked it from him, “bad doggy!”

He pulled you up and pulled your pants off quickly. He pulled his own clothes off. He slid your panties off, “don’t you wish we could hardcore fuck right now?” You nodded as you were pulled against his body. His warmth aroused you.

“Let’s lay on the grass, I know how to relax you for the turn,” he said as you both fell into the grass. Dean topped you. “Dean not right now,” you gasped out. “Oh, I’m not trying to fuck, I just wanted to get you worked up. Arousal helps the pain,” he stated. Before he could do anything you sat up and screamed. The moon was over head and you could hear wolves howling from a far.

Dean massaged your shoulders, “you can’t fight the pain Y/N, it’ll kill you. Just let the pain flow.”

“WATER!” You yelled. Dean grabbed a bottle and opened it. “Here drink as much as you can. Dehydration happens fast.” You shakily drunk the whole bottle. Your hands planted themselves to the ground. Your bones cracked. You jerked up as your spine gave a long howling crack.

“D-“ you were going to speak but your vocal cords shifted and all that came out was a whimper.

Perfect mate. Find den. Lick.

Dean shook his head from the thoughts. Your head jerked downwards to the ground, as your jaw bone cracked and grew; stretching the skin into a snout. Your fur sprouted, it was the color of your hair.


Your tailbone grew out into your long fluffy tail. Your hands turned into paws. Your legs cracked into hind legs.


Dean started to shift, much calmer and quieter. You didn’t notice his shift. You were finally done. You laid whimpering on the grass. A light brown wolf nuzzled you. You looked up, Dean. You weakly got up and sniffed him. He had a musky scent, unlike your own.

“You can hear me right Y/N?” Dean asked. Werewolves spoke mentally to each other. “Yea, holy fuck. Look at me! I feel so..normal.” Dean barked, “I told you! Now try howling to signal you made it.” You looked up and let out a long mournful howl. In response the pack howled with you.

You ran off leaving your mate behind, you wanted to test your new legs. You jumped over logs and panted. You slowed your pace and listened to the forest’s noises. You felt mother Earth’s heartbeat. You stopped and dug your claws into the dirt, feeling one with nature. It was all like a surreal hippie moment.

Dean bounded over and licked your fur. “I wanna get down and doggy, but you’d become pregnant.” You looked at him, “how? You could just pull out.” Dean huffed, “no I can’t, as soon as I mount you I knot inside of you, and we can’t unhook.” You licked his fur, “well there’s always morning sex.” He was surprised by your bluntness. The pack howled to hunt. You two ran off deeper into the thriving forest.


You woke up to the sun hitting your face, “ugh.” You sat up, blood covering you in patches, “oh my god,” you whispered. Dean walked up to you fully clothed and clean. He had your clothes in his hands, he threw them to you, “get up girl! We sure had a night.” You smiled and took the clothes.

“Is there something I cou-“ you were going to ask but Dean threw you a box of baby wipes, “thanks sweetie.” You quickly cleaned and clothed yourself. “We NEED to get back to the hotel,” Dean said in an urgent tone. “O-okay,” you walked with him to the car. “What’s wrong?”

“I need you, I’m pretty sure I’m on the edge of climaxing,” Dean choked out, desperation in his voice, “you said we could.” You giggled, “I did!” You slid into the car.

Make a better nest. Pups. Protect.

Dean jerked his door open almost breaking it. He started the car and drove back.

You got back to the hotel and Dean opened your side like a gentleman and grabbed you up in his arms. “Don’t be afraid, but I went into a cycle of rutting this morning. I need your body, it’s relief.” You stared up to him, you had thought the wolf wouldn’t break through anymore after the moon. He got you to the room and let you down.

“I have to make a new nesting arrangement,” Dean said throwing the pillows around on the bed, this nest wasn’t going to have a pattern like last time. “Strip!” He angrily growled at you. You did as commanded.

Dean ripped his black tank off and threw it down. Your eyes widened, that action sent a shiver through your body. You both were now naked standing in front of each other.

He rammed you against the wall. “You’re mine, remember,” he snarled. His teeth grazed the sensitive bite mark on your shoulder. “Yes I am-“ “call me alpha!” “I’m yours alpha!” You pronounced loudly.

He grabbed your legs and hoisted you up, your ass flat against the wall. He inserted without warning you. You gasped in pain, “Dean?” He kept a steady pounding pace, “I. Love. You,” he said with every thrust. “Can we go-“ He already knew what you meant and placed you perfectly in the nest.

He reached to your breasts and fondled your right boob. You couldn’t control your moans, you prayed no one outside could hear them. Dean stopped and rested in you, “damn, you’re still so tight.” You ran your hand through his hair, “is that a bad thing?” You teased. “Hell no.”

He picked his pace back up and this time you felt an uncomfortable pressure inside. You connected the dots, he just knotted. “Dean! Pull out!”

Pups. Pups.

His eyes were a feral yellow. You felt a warm release inside. He came. You had no choice but to lay there being knotted. His eyes reverted back to sky blue, he tried pulling out, “fuck..fuck..FUCK.” You growled at him.

After five minutes of being tied together the knot released. He pulled out. “I’m so sorry baby doll!”

You bounced to the bathroom and cleaned yourself. You just hoped you weren’t pregnant now but in the back of your mind you knew something had to have happened. You slowly walked back into the room feeling defeated. Dean was dressed with a new shirt.

“C-can you tell me at least if I’m-“ Dean nodded and motion for you to come over. He placed a hand over your pelvic area. He smiled.

Pups! We have pups!

“Well?” You asked. “We have pups in there,” he announced with a glad tone. You were emotionally confused, violated, scared, and happy. “Hold me,” you whispered. You fell on the bed and cuddled into his warmth. “Thank you,” he whispered.

|Yes, there will be a part three. Thank you for your continued support, cause it gives me the motivation to write!|

I might be late to the party here but has anyone commented yet on the symbolism present in the Chant of Light’s Canticle of Exaltations, specifically the vision presented of the Maker’s return? (I’m a lit nerd and kind of in love with the mythos of the Chantry to the extent that we get to see it, and quite enjoy this parallel to the Christian Book of Revelations.)

It seems to resonate an AWFUL lot with some interesting things both shown and implied in DAI.

The air itself rent asunder,
Spilling light unearthly from the
Waters of the Fade,
Opening as an eye to look
Upon the Realm of Opposition
In dire judgment.

And in that baleful eye I saw
The Lady of Sorrow, armored in Light,
Holding in her left hand the scepter
Of Redemption. She descended
From on high, and a great voice
Thundered from the top of every
Mountain and pinnacle across creation:

“All heads bow! All knees bend! Every being in the Realm
Of Opposition pay homage, for the Maker of All Things
Returns to you!”

This is mostly just a setup for the vision Drakon is about to be shown, but that ‘rent air spilling unearthly light’ sounds rather like a rift, doesn’t it?

Portents of the Maker’s return

Seven times seventy men of stone immense
Rose up from the earth like sleepers waking at the dawn,
Crossing the land with strides immeasurable,
And in the hollows of their footprints
Paradise was stamped, indelible.

I read an interesting meta a while back, which I now cannot find unfortunately, which suggested that Descent is setting up a clash of the titans (literally) in DA4 – that the major conflict could be framed in the arc of two avatars of fallen races clashing in their attempts to bring back former glory. (Valta, the newly crowned avatar of the dwarven titans and Solas, the newly awoken avatar of the Arlathan elves, with the Inquisitor’s ragtag band of resistance caught in the middle between them.)

And I heard from the East a great cry
As men who were beasts warred with their brothers,
Tooth and claw against blade and bow,
Until one could no longer be told from the other,
And cursed them and cursed their generations.

Solas has a line towards the end of Trespasser in which he describes meeting the people of the new, Veil-ified world as being ‘like walking through a world full of Tranquil.” The Inquisitor comments in return that they ‘aren’t even people to [Solas]’.

This makes this verse oddly evocative of the comparatively animal-natured people of modern Thedas in conflict against the ‘enlightened’ (heavy air quotes) past of Arlathan that Solas seeks to rebuild…a fight he makes clear is endangered because he has begun to realize (in a decently high-friendship state) this new world is not so different from the world he left behind after all.

And those who slept, the ancient ones, awoke,
For their dreams had been devoured
By a demon that prowled the Fade
As a wolf hunts a herd of deer.
Taking first the weakest and frailest of hopes,
And when there was nothing left,
Destroying the bright and bold
By subtlety and ambush and cruel arts.

Any reference to wolves in Dragon Age is immediately suspect for symbolism these days, but more particularly a wolf that devoured dreams. I could read this as implying any number of things depending on who we want to consider ‘the ancient ones.’ 

It could relate to the Arlathan elves, cast into a comparative ‘sleep’ when Solas sealed the Fade away, now to be awakened again by his incursion back through the Veil. It could also relate to the Titans, who have quite literally slept indefinitely but are now likely to be awoken by whatever conflict is growing – not to mention the fact that the lyrium, the manifestation of some of their metaphysical power, is being corrupted (’devoured’?) by the evil influence of the blight.

On a slightly more literal level – we have come face to face with a demon that devours dreams (the nightmare demon in Here Lies the Abyss), and it clearly grew fatter and more powerful than most demons under Corypheus’s guidance. One wonders if its presence affected more than just the false Calling of the Wardens.

The ninth sacred mountain upon which rests
The moral dust of Our Lady ascended
Whole into the heavens, to be given high honor
In the Realm of Dreams forever.
And around it, a chorus of spirits sang:
“Whatsoever passes through the fire
Is not lost, but made eternal;
As air can never be broken nor crushed,
The tempered soul is everlasting!”

A mountain upon which Andraste’s ashes sat, rising into the sky? A trial by fire through which someone comes more sharply tempered for a future war?

This is literally what happens in Doom Upon All the World.

And I looked up and saw
The seven gates of the Black City shatter,
And darkness cloaked both realms.

Solas points out the Black City if he is brought along during Here Lies the Abyss. “Almost close enough to touch,” he points out. According to the wiki, “Elves believe that their gods have been trapped in the Eternal City at the heart of the Beyond and that Fen'Harel still roams the Beyond, keeping watch over the gods lest they escape from their prisons.”

By this logic, opening the gates of the Black City may in fact be a completely accurate metaphor for exactly what Solas intends to do.

The Maker returns
In dread I looked up once more
And saw the darkness warp and crumble,
For it was thin as samite,
A fragile shroud over the Light
Which turned it to ash.

And the Maker, clad in the majesty of the sky,
Set foot to earth, and at His touch
All warring ceased. The vicious
Beasts lay down and were quieted;
The meek lambs became bold
And rose up, casting aside their shepherds
To dance at the Maker’s feet.

From every corner of the earth
The Chant of Light echoed,
And the Maker walked the land
With Andraste at His right hand.
And they reached the gates of Minrathous,
Where once a terrible fire swept
The Light of redemption from the face of the world,
And there, the Lady of Restitution
Drew her shining sword
And plunged it into the ground at her feet, saying:

The sins of creation are redeemed
“All sins are forgiven! All crimes pardoned!
Let no soul harbor guilt!
Let no soul hunger for justice!
By the Maker’s will I decree
Harmony in all things.
Let Balance be restored
And the world given eternal life." 

There’s a little less specificity in the connections I can find here, but I’d like to point out that this vision places the center of the Maker’s return, when the Black City is opened, in Minrathous – and it is heavily implied DA4 is going to take place primarily in Tevinter. Not to mention that the concept of the world being returned to balance and given eternal life isn’t all that far off from what Solas intends to restore by tearing down the Veil.

I am in no way trying to say that a) the Chant is meant (by the developers) to be actual prophecy, or b) that I think any of these lines are meant (by the developers) to be specific metaphors for things that happened in DAI. (Or hell, even c) that any of these connections make any literal sense; some of this is definitely a bit of a stretch.) 

But reading this does give me some very evocative mental images of the upcoming conflict between Arlathan, the titans, and the world as we know it, and leads me to believe that whatever is coming in DA4 could very easily be some manifestation of the Andrastean apocalypse.

Don’t Leave [Jason Todd x OC]

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A/N: So I wrote a little something to cheer myself up. I’ll try to get back into doing the requests later, but guys please tell me if you want to see more of Lily or not this is kind of a ‘test the waters’ story.

Pairing: Jason Todd x OC

Word Count: 1482

Jason landed swiftly onto the balcony, being cautious not to draw any attention or make a sound. The darkness of the night cloaked his presence, even when his helmet contrasted the dark colors. He approached the glass door and raised a hand to knock, but hesitated.

Should he even be doing this? He could easily ask someone else, someone involved in this superhero business, to help him, but instead he came to a regular civilian who shouldn’t got tangled in this mess. It was funny, he told himself the exact same words every single time he arrived on the balcony of her apartment and he always ended up knocking anyway.

Jason hated to admit it, but he was attracted to her. That’s what drew him back to her every night.

He knocked on the glass lightly and waited patiently. It was only for a few seconds, but that was enough to make him doubt himself. Perhaps he shouldn’t have knocked. She might’ve been asleep, and even if she wasn’t she would be incredibly tired.

The door opened, revealing a familiar face that always made Jason’s heart swell.

“Hello Red.” Lily said softly, her eyes weary.

Jason felt a surge of guilt rush through him. “Sorry, did I wake you?”

“No, not at all. Come in.” She stepped aside and allowed him into her bedroom.

“So, how was your patrol tonight?” Lily questioned as she began to clean the blood off his skin. By now the blood and injuries didn’t faze her. Jason came to her for patching up so often she expected it.

“Fine, nothing too bad.” Jason answered.

“It seems that way. You’re not as beat up as usual.” she agreed lightly, patching him up as well as she could manage. After she was done, she helped him put his costume back on and said, “there, all done.” She gave him a heartwarming smile that instantly melted his heart.

Jason wondered how on earth did he manage to stumble on someone like Lily. It didn’t matter how late it was, her door was always open. Despite not knowing who he was or really, anything about him, she helped him without question. Sometimes when he was frustrated he would just rant about it to her. She didn’t understand anything, but she didn’t complain and instead allowed him to let it all out. Then she would offer him a warm, loving embrace.

Yet by being with her, he was putting her in danger. He had so many enemies, and if not enemies then when the others–his ‘family’ to be precise–discover her they’d definitely never leave her alone, bringing her deeper into this.

He had to leave her. As much as it pained the both of them, it was for the best.

“Hey… what’s wrong?” Lily asked gently, crouching in front of him and placing a hand on his helmet. He wished he could feel her fingers on his cheek instead, but what he wished for more was for him to not want it so badly.

Jason shook his head. “Nothing. I should go…”

“It’s not nothing.” Lily said firmly. “You can tell me anything, you know that right?”

He turned away and stood up. “You don’t know anything about me. You don’t even know my name.” he seethed, suddenly feeling angry, because she was making it so damn hard to leave. “What makes you think I will tell you anything?!” He didn’t mean to raise his voice, but he did.

Lily flinched back slightly but held her ground. Instead of getting upset, she instead whispered in a small voice, “you always talked to me, told me about Nightwing and Red Robin and Robin… even Batman. This is no different.”

“Everything about this is different.” Jason exclaimed.


“Because this is not about them.” he said. “It’s not about some hero or villain, it’s about you.” The words came out in a single, defeated breath.

Lily stood still, but there was an expression of shock on her face. After a moment of silence, she spoke. “I understand that you’re afraid of getting me involved, but leaving won’t undo what is already done, what is already here.”

Jason didn’t know whether to laugh or throw something in anger. Of course she would know why he was upset, she always knew. It was part of her unique ability.

“I’m a dangerous man Lils.” Jason bit his tongue, cursing internally for using her nickname. He was trying to intimidate her and the nickname was definitely not helping.

“I know that, but Gotham is a dangerous city yet here I am.” she stated in a strong voice. “I’m not afraid.”

“Well you might not be, but I am.” Jason admitted, speaking nothing but truth. He walked up to Lily and gripped her arms, gazing into her eyes. He knew that even if she couldn’t see his face she would be able to sense his worry, his fear and maybe even his love for her. “I am afraid for you.”

It was safe to say what he said left her speechless, or maybe it was the emotions she felt along with those words.

He felt her arms wrap around his much bigger body. He didn’t hesitate to return the hug. She felt so small in his arms, so fragile and vulnerable and he wished he could always keep her in his arms like this to not only protect her, but to love her as well.

“You know the thing about fear?” Lily inquired, looking up at him. “It’s always there. No matter where you are, or what you do, there’s always that nagging feeling in your heart telling you that something can go wrong any moment. But that doesn’t mean you should quit and give up. If it’s worth it, fight that fear and let yourself do all the things you always wanted to do. Let yourself live.”

Jason stared down at her, taking in her words. She was smiling at him again, her eyes reassuring him that everything was going to be okay. And he believed it. He believed her.

His eyes involuntarily drifted down to her lips and before he could stop himself, he blurted out the words that may as well doomed their relationship.

“Can I kiss you?”

Lily’s cheeks heated up instantly and she averted her gaze to the side. Meanwhile, Jason wanted to kill himself then and there. How could he say something so stupid?!

“Y-You can but… that helmet is in the way.” she said with a hint of nervousness.

Jason couldn’t help but laugh at her statement, but he was also blushing madly because she was actually thinking of kissing him. That meant she returned his feelings… right?

He closed his eyes and felt it, love, her love. It was strong and raw and very real. There was not a speck of doubt. As Jason opened his eyes once again, he stared at the woman in his arms and made a decision.

“Then I guess it has to go.” Jason said, pulling away as his hands went up to his helmet. However, Lily grabbed his arm as a frown made its way to her face.

“Wait–are you sure? You don’t have to–”

“I want to.” he stated. Slowly, he took off his helmet and he saw Lily’s eyes widen as her breath hitch.

Her hands went up to his face, but before she touched it she asked, “may I?”

Jason took her hands and brought it to his cheeks, smiling. She wordlessly felt his face, from his jaws, to his lips, to his hair. She stroked the white streak of hair with a confused expression on her face.

“A trauma streak.” Jason whispered.

Lily’s jaw dropped. “Oh Red…”



“It’s Jason.” he corrected. “Jason Todd.”

“Jason.” she repeated, the name sounding beautiful in her voice. “You’re incredible.” Her voice was breathless but full of awe as she continued studying his face.

Jason held her hands in place, staring at her intently. She seemed to realize this and her cheeks grew red.

He lowered his head and captured her lips in a kiss. It was soft and gentle, and definitely sensual. He knew she didn’t have any experience and he didn’t want to push her.

“I love you.” Jason whispered once they pulled away. Lily glanced down to hide her blushing face.

“As do I.” she confessed, finally looking back up. “I love you, Jason Todd.”

Jason wrapped his arms around her again, as if trying to say thank you. Never did he think Lily would love someone like him. He didn’t even think he’d stay long enough but she was worth it. He couldn’t walk away, even if he wanted to.

“Does this mean you’re not going to leave me?” Lily asked quietly. Jason chuckled and nodded his head.

“No, never, I promise.”

He felt Lily smile against his chest. “Good.”