do not tell me she picked those out herself

“I want something more.”


During the season finale of season 6 we finally saw why ‘The Donna’-project has been brought on the show; to make Donna question her life (both professionally and personally) and in the last Darvey scene of that episode we got to see Donna opening up to Harvey about this project in a way she hadn’t done to anyone else before.

While the scene started out as Donna seeking legal advice (a second opinion on the offer they got) from Harvey, it quickly turned into something bigger after Harvey gave her the same answer Louis and the other guys told her; to take the money.

D: I don’t want the money.

H: Donna -

D: I want something more and I’ve never said that out loud, but I can’t pretend that’s not true anymore.
H: What do you mean “more”?

D: I don’t know. I guess I’m going to have to figure that out.

I personally love love love this scene and wouldn’t change a thing about it, but I’ve seen two questions going on about this in the Darvey fandom. “Why didn’t Harvey say or do something?” and  “Will Harvey support Donna?”

As for the first question, I’m going to quote a part from this post by Ana 

“And this scene was her saying she might want to do something else and he was so freaking shook about it + what is he supposed to say other than be supportive and understand where she is coming from? I honestly love that scene with all my heart. I don’t think it was important for him to say something in that moment. I don’t think it was important to Donna to hear him say something. That scene was about her. About her life and future. It wasn’t about Harvey and his feelings. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HARVEY.” - @annnahatcher

Cause seriously what could he have said?

He was basically in shock again, just look at his face, that’s the same expression when she told him she was leaving him at the end of season 4.

Except back then, he knew something had actually happened between them. This time there wasn’t anything directly going on and she still gave him this news. The news, that most likely made him think about his dream again. Of her ‘leaving him’ (his words) when she says she doesn’t work for him anymore and even though Donna’s line in the 6.16 scene is super broad and it isn’t further specified what she means with it, because quite simply Donna doesn’t know. We can’t deny that this line resulted from her little business/work adventure and is amongst other things connected to that. To wanting more on a professional (and personal) level.

As for the other question. “Will Harvey support Donna?”

YES HE WILL and let me tell you why I think he will.. If we look at Harvey’s character there are a few things he values most; loyalty, trust, family, etc. But especially loyalty is one of the things that has been pointed out time and time again in the show, not just between Donna and Harvey, but Harvey and Mike, Harvey and Jessica, basically anyone important in his life. The importance of loyalty is so rooted in his being that it was even the quote he used in his High School yearbook.

“Loyalty is a two way street, if I’m expecting it from you, you’re getting it from me.”

It’s also the very basis of the deal Donna and Harvey made the moment she came to work for him in the D.A.’s office. ”Here’s the deal. I will take a bullet for you and I don’t mean that literally. But what you do for me is, when I  need   something, you give it to me. It’s not just a one-way street.”

And over the course of twelve years they’ve both shown how loyal they exactly are to the other. Whether it was by helping the other, protecting the other, fighting for the other or choosing for the other. They’ve been doing this from the very moment they met and they still do (and will continue to do so).

On most occasions this agreement, this portrayal of loyalty was shown with firm/business related events. From Harvey asking Donna to call in favours from friends (Stephanie Liston at the U.S. Attorney’s office), to Donna protecting Harvey by taking evidence with her from the D.A.’s office and later giving this to Jessica to help with the case. To in her eyes protecting Harvey by destroying the General Motor’s memo.

A great example of testing this loyalty is shown in season 2, right after Donna got fired. We see Harvey showing up at her place to check up on her, get her to come in for the mock trial and we get the following conversation. In which she pointed out that what she did was to protect him as part of that almost silent agreement they made years ago and in return she’d expected him to fight for her.

Episode 2.07: Sucker Punch

D: Yeah, important for me to get up there and say I screwed up trying to protect you?

H: You did screw up.
D: Yes. To protect you.
H: Which I never asked you to do.
D: No, you just expected me to do it. Like I expected you to fight for me.

Donna eventually gives in and shows up at the mock trial, to help with Harvey case, but she gets humiliated in the process by Louis badgering the same question in her direction over and over again until Harvey finally gets up and tells Louis to stop.

Episode 2.09: Asterisk

D: You just had to jump in there at the trial, didn’t you? You just had to fight my battles for me.
H: Yeah, I did that because the last time I saw you, you were pissed that I didn’t fight for you.

Although Harvey’s actions didn’t exactly result in what Donna wanted, he did do what she asked and he promised to a long time ago. Fight for her, like she had done for him. Show her that same loyalty and he continues showing this by getting her back at the firm. Something he’s been doing since the day she quit the D.A.’s office, he fought for her then too. To get her to come work for him at the firm, because as he told Jessica. ‘And I’m not coming here without her.’

And sometimes it’s personal. I think one of the biggest examples of this is when Donna’s life is on the line. Whether he was somewhat at fault or not, he fought for her and he chose her. Over any case going on at the time. From telling Mike that he doesn’t care what happens with the Liberty rail case as long as he can protect Donna, to him immediately saying  “I’m going to take care of her” when Mike was under investigation of fraud to even when it came down to it and Donna offered a possible solution to stop Mike from going to jail, he said “Donna, I’m not trading you for Mike. Period.”

(All examples of Harvey picking Donna over whatever was going on at hand and the fact that right now Harvey focussed on Mike and the Bar hearing instead of Donna is because of one big difference. HE DIDN’T KNOW. Harvey knew about the project, yes, but he had no clue what they were exactly doing with it, let alone the problems it was facing.  This is mostly because of Donna herself, she told Benjamin to keep Harvey out of it. She wanted to do this as herself, not as an extension of Harvey and when she needed help she went to Louis, because she knew Harvey was busy with Mike, something she also pointed out in that last scene where she did go to him… but you can’t tell me that if Harvey had known earlier he wouldn’t have tried to help. Same for those saying  ‘Harvey seemed fine the next day’.. well yes, he just got his friend into the Bar. Donna was happy too in that scene, regardless of what was going on in her life.. but now imagine Rachel picking up Mike to go home after that last scene from 6.16.. Do you think he’d still be this happy when his gaze would fall on Donna’s cubicle, or would that conversation she had with him the day before, that reminder of his dream be brought back to mind?)

As mentioned above.. besides the times Harvey fights for her life, the ‘needs/ favours’ Harvey has Donna deal with are often business related or to get her to stay with him/work for him, yet Donna often calls in her ‘chits’ with him when it concerns a mutual friend. Like when she asked Harvey to get Louis a new job or when she asked Harvey to go and talk to Mike about Rachel.  They even used the “Need?” “Need.” again in the latter situation, just as when he asked her to come back to the firm. It’s like this is their way of asking the other to take up on that deal they made all those years ago.

What’s interesting about the scene in 6.16 (especially because it’s placed at the end, after Donna helping Harvey with Mike’s Bar deal while she already knew her own project might be at risk of failing) is that this time, she points out how she’s been helping others time and time again.

“Harvey, I know you’re in a rough place right now, but whatever’s going to happen with Mike is going to happen. You’ve done everything you can. AND I’M TIRED OF PUTTING MY WANTS ON HOLD.”

This is her admitting, maybe for the first time to herself, let alone aloud, that she has always been putting her life on hold and she isn’t going to do that anymore. (and she did this in front of Harvey). And I personally think that is HUGE and I feel like this line can be directly linked back to that very deal they made on the first day she came to work for him. This is going to be the time she needs something/support from him.

The conversation between Donna and Harvey then continues as mentioned earlier with her asking about the deal and opening up about wanting more than the money. Something he asks her to clarify, which she can’t do yet.. and they silently look at each other for a moment, and the scene ends with a very conflicted and scared look from Harvey.

The big question remains, will Harvey support her? Like I started, they made this deal about support a long time ago and up until now it’s been mostly about firm related events or favours for others, yet this time Donna came to talk to him about a deal and it turned into something as big as HER LIFE.

Even though Donna couldn’t specify what she meant with more, I think we should remember that Harvey at this point might be more aware of what he wants than Donna and what she wants. He had that dream of them together in the morning and that dream also happened to point out his biggest fear.

 D: I don’t think you understand. I told you once this happened again, I don’t work for you anymore.

H: Donna, you can’t leave me.

D: I’m not leaving you, Harvey. I just don’t work for you.

H: That’s leaving me.

D: No, Harvey. That’s not leaving you.

The fear of losing her because of a change in status quo regarding their relationship, breaking her rule… The big difference is, that in reality it is Donna actually hinting at that one thing he fears without there ever having been that change he dreamed about. Without them actually having crossed that line.

And we can see that fear, that connection to his dream, wash over him as we look at his face and even before this episode aired I personally always thought that a line like this from Donna. Or a conversation like this, something that would hint at that fear of losing her, without an actual change having happened between them is THE PUSH that Harvey needs and we got that, we just haven’t seen his actual reaction towards it yet.

It’s just the start.

So while we know what he wants deep down, a relationship with her. I think the show has proven time and time again, that having her in his life no matter what is the most important thing to him. From settling for that to be as just his secretary, because he wasn’t ready for more all those years ago. To keep asking her to come back to work for him; the one way he was certain he’d always have her/never lose her, but this time, this time he knows he can’t ask her that anymore and he’s known that for a while now.

His so called ‘fight to keep her in his life at any way possible’ has changed over the course of the last two seasons. Because where it once was him fighting to keep her to work for him, we saw him actually accept the fact of her working for Louis in season 5 at a point where they were almost estranged.

Something Donna confronted him with, with the following words: “because I trusted that at the end of the day, you’d remember that we’re family. But maybe I was wrong. Because I spent 12 years putting you first, and the day I finally decided to do something for myself, you didn’t just stop treating me like family, you started treating me like a stranger. And for your information, that is a thousand times worse than if you treated me like your enemy.”

This scene, these lines, combined with the scene in the conference room where it was Jeffry saying: “But I did give up everything for you. I put my life on hold. I sacrificed my dream for yours. I’m never going to get those years back.” And we saw Harvey look at Donna during those lines, it is the moment things shifted.

We could see that realisation hit him, that what Jeffry was describing in that very moment is what Donna had been doing for him and after that moment he started fighting to keep her in his life regardless of that being as his secretary. We saw him come to her desk and thank her for all the years she dedicated to him, we saw him come to her in the file room telling he wants to get back to being friends. We saw him suggesting they should go to dinner more often.

And when she did come back to him in 5.11 it was HER DECISION. It was her making that move, because of Mike’s case. (Once again putting someone else above her own needs/feelings) And when her father got caught up in this case, it was Harvey actually asking Donna if she was sure with staying with him. Telling her that he’d understand if she’d want to go back to Louis, because he understood that it is and should be her choice.

This is also seen in the first episodes of season 5, where even though Harvey told Louis he was going to get her back and he was cold to Donna because he was hurt. Deep down he knew better, he knew it wasn’t his decision to make. Because when Jessica point blank asked him if he wanted her to undo it, he said it’s Donna’s choice and he to some extent supported her decision in that moment.

H: You mean, the fact that I don’t have a secretary.
J: I mean that after 12 years, the woman you wouldn’t come work here without is now working for someone else.
H: And you want to know why.
J: I don’t need to know why. I need to know if you want me to undo it.
H: What?

J: I know you and Donna aren’t me and Jeff, but you are as close as two people can be without being that. Shit, Harvey, Scottie leaving didn’t throw you off your game this much.
H: I appreciate the offer. But as long as Donna wants to work for Louis, I am not going to force her to work for me.

All these scenes are moments of Harvey realising that what Donna did was a decision she had to make, for herself and that fighting that decision was only going to drive her further away. Another important one to add is the therapy scene from Season 5 Episode 3. Where Paula uses a projection technique and we actually get a scene of Harvey ‘directly’ confronting Donna and he tells her he’s been with her every step of the way. She counters with “It wasn’t every step of the way, you bailed out the second I WANTED MORE.”

 THIS IS HIS SUBCONSCIOUS. He knows he did this (ran away, but not before you told me you loved me.. & not being able to show up for that conversation she asked for in 4.16), just like his subconscious in 6.11 told him that if she stopped working for him because they’re together it doesn’t mean she’s leaving him. He knows that!

 And in the scene from the finale she literally said to him “I WANT SOMETHING MORE”  This time it wasn’t directly related to him, or them relationship wise.. but about her and her life. What she wants and while she still needs to figure that out, deep down Harvey does know what he wants. And he also knows from experience that if he wants to be part of her life in any shape way or form that he’s got to do something. Be there for her, fight for her. Support her.

Does that mean he’ll do so directly in 7.01?? I don’t know, we can’t forget that his issues (mom/abandonment and her rule) have respectively been there for 20 and 12 years and a dream and meeting your mother isn’t making those magically disappear completely. This is Harvey Specter we’re talking about. An emotionally challenged man who’s slow AF. He’s scared and confused, we could see that on his face in the scene, so it might take a moment for him to wrap his head around it, but

  • He knows the deal they made a long time ago
  • He knows she wants him to fight for her
  • (Just like he knows she wants him to fight for what is in his heart)
  •  He knows she’s been putting her life on hold for him
  • He knows it is her decision to make
  • He knows he bailed out the last time she wanted more
  • He knows that his unsupportive behaviour almost made him lose her last time
  • He knows that her not working for him isn’t leaving him
  • He knows what he wants (a relationship)

And if he wants to reach that dream of them being together. Of them having everything, something he hasn’t even had a chance to act on yet because he still felt guilty about Mike going to prison and felt like he owed it to Mike to get him into the bar. But now that that is done and he might actually allow himself to think of realising that dream, then surely he must be able to connect the dots and understand that he needs to support her. Be there for her while she figures it out, like she’s been there for him all these years.

Her telling him this was just the push, this is just the start.

So YES, I really think he will be there to support Donna on this journey in season 7.

And remember, the last time she focussed on an old dream of hers. He showed up with a bouquet of flowers telling her that “The only thing I got going on tonight is you.” while being in the middle of a Mike mess. He supported her then when it was just a play, when the stakes where nothing. He’ll support her now, when the stakes are everything.

-         Fin.

I know this isn’t a good picture in terms of quality or content, but I’ve been thinking of taking a picture of my stomach and stretch marks for a long time now. I just decided today would be that day.

I’ve been struggling a lot with self image. I don’t necessarily want to change how I look, I just want to look healthy. I want to feel more confident in myself because this is the body I have. Why shouldn’t I be confident? Sure, I don’t have the skinniest waste, the prettiest face, or even the perfect sized tits, but realistically no one has all of those things. I have fought the battle of self image for ages. I have called myself every nasty name in probably the entirety of the English language. But what for? Looking back, I realized that I only dug myself into a deeper hole to climb out of. Why was I making it so hard for myself to believe that I’m a beautiful person on the outside? How is it that I can look at another human being who has much of the same characteristics as I do, and without any shadow of a doubt call them beautiful and mean it? Why could I not do that for myself?

The answer is me. I am the one telling myself that I am not the beauty you’re seeing. I am continuously telling myself to pick out the flaws and focus on those. I was being my own worst enemy. I was standing in my own way.

The battle is far from over, and I still have much to re-learn about myself. But starting from here, I’m going to look at myself, and all of my stretch marks, flaws, and scars, and I’m going to tell myself a story of a little girl who hated herself so much that she finally had enough. She was done living in negativity. She was done focusing on flaws. She was instead going to focus on what she could make better about herself as a whole, and make herself into the human she was meant to be. She’s not going to hold herself back anymore. That little girl is me.

It’s Always the Quiet Ones!

Requested by @cherieann-2001 

Working at TM the past year had been a God send, Gemma had hired me as her assistant. At first I was intimidated by the bikers, but I quickly learned they were big teddy bears. 

What jad started out as a crush, on Quinn, had turned into something more, not that he’d ever notice a little mouse like me. I mean why would he, when he had a smorgasbord of beautiful woman to fulfill his every desire. I was some nerdy bookworm, that worked in the office.

Watching him walk towards the clubhouse, a croweater throwing herself at him. She squealed as he picked her up,throwing her over his shoulder. Spinning around, I found Chibs standing in the office.

“Why don’t you just tell him how you feel darlin?” 

“He doesn’t even know I exist. Why would he? Look at me, compared to them…” Chibs walked towards me, kissing me on the cheek.

“You’re beautiful sweetheart, you don’t even compare to those gashes. Don’t put yourself next to them.” 

Ignoring his words, I smiled at him. “What can I help you with?”

“I’m getting lunch. What do you want?”

“Just a salad.” He let out a huff giving me a disapproving look as he left the office. Chibs and I had become good friends, and he was always trying to feed me. 


After lunch Tig poked his head into the office. “Hey beautiful!”

I looked up, smiling at him. “Yes?”

“Quinn isn’t back from lunch, and he has a car.” I get up from my desk. “I’ll go get him doll.”

“I’ve got it Tig, I’m Gemma’s assistant, I’ll go get him. Leaving the office, I stormed across the lot towards the lot, cursing under my breath about horny damn bikers.

Tig stood outside, Chibs beside him. “Where’s she going?”

“To break up Quinn’s play time.”

“Christ Tiggy, why would you do that to her. You know how she feels about him!”

“She wanted to.”


I stomped down the hall to Quinn’s door, beating on it. The door swung open, a croweater stood there smirking. “He’s busy, and you’re not his type!” She started to slam the door in my face.

I pushed it open with such force, that it knocked her on her ass. “Sorry, but play time is over.” I cut my eyes to the bed. “You’ve got work to do, I suggest you get up and to the garage in the next ten minutes.”

The croweater stood up, getting in my face. “Who made you boss of the world.”

“When Gemma isn’t around, I’m boss. I suggest you get your whore ass dressed, then go clean something!”

She raised her hand to slap me, I grabbed her hand shoving her against the wall. “I suggest you keep your hands to yourself.” Leaving the room, I stomped into the main room.

Seeing the other croweaters sitting around the dirty clubhouse, I felt digusted that they’d been slacking off. “I’ll be back in a hour, this place better be spotless!”

Another crow stepped up to me. “We don’t have to listen to you.” I smiled, pushing her against the bar.

“But you do, if I come back and you haven’t cleaned this place, I will personally make sure that Tig never touches your over used pussy again!”

I slammed out of the clubhouse, stopping at the picnic tables, trying to get myself together. I heard the door open behind me, spinning around, I see Quinn smiling at me.

“Sorry about that..”

“I’ve fallen for you, and you don’t even see me. All I am is the nerdy office girl,I mean why would you notice me. When you have a clubhouse of beautiful..”

I was lifted off my feet, Quinn’s lips devoured mine. “I noticed you a long time ago beautiful. I never thought you’d want someone like me. Those woman in there, none of them are beautiful. You’re beautiful, and sexy, I wasted too much time not being with you.”


Chibs leaned against the back of a car, smiling, thinking it’s about time. (Y/N) speak up, it’s always the quiet ones that surprise you.

Fic:  The Pain of Love in Her Eyes

BroTP Snow Queen 

Written for Snow Queen Week Day #2 Magical Mishap

A/N:  This is set shortly after 2.18 Selfless, Brave and True in the aftermath of the events of Cora’s death.

Snow was depressed and David didn’t know what to do about it.  He’d tried to reassure her when she’d confessed about going to Regina’s house to have her rip out her heart.  He’d told her that redemption was possible.  That she was a good woman.  But that only seemed to make things worse, and dredge up memories they’d both rather forget.  Emma had told him flat out that he needed to stop coddling her, so he’d told her she needed to get out of the house, he didn’t care where she went as long as it wasn’t in bed all day.  Going shooting in the woods had helped some, perhaps it would help more.

David was himself sullen in the car with Emma as they patrolled the streets of Storybrooke and they passed by the big white house on Mifflin Street.  "This is all on her.“

"Regina?” Emma asked surprised as he hadn’t spoken much all morning.

“She has this hold over your mother.  Always has. No matter how much she hurts Snow, Snow always comes back to her.”

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Preference #12 Responding To Hate


Sighing he turned on the video camera on his laptop and looked to make sure you were still asleep. Just minutes before this, Louis was comforting you. You knew most of the fans were unhappy with the two of you dating and it never got to you until today. You went our to get something for your mom.

As you were looking around the store for everything you need you ran into a group of girls. It didn’t take long for them to start bashing you in a public place. It was one thing when you read it online, but having those words spat in your face in person hurt. You ran back to Louis places, leaving your cart in the middle of the store once the girls had left laughing and high fiving one another. You of course wasn’t going to tell Louis what had happened because you never wanted to come in between him and the fans.

Unluckily for you Liam just so happened to be at the same store and watched it all go down. He was quick to act calling Louis and telling him what had just happened.

Now here Louis sat in front of a twitcam ready to address the matter that had made you beyond upset. “I just want to do this quick little cam to just get something out there..” He stated as he saw you stir in your sleep. Picking up his computer he quietly left the room and entered the living room.

“I just wanted to say that I am disappointed in those ‘fans’ that verbally assaulted my girlfriend in the store.” He sighed shaking his head as he refused to look at the comments.

“No she didn’t tell me anything before either of you ask. Liam just so happened to be at the store and called me knowing that Y/N wouldn’t tell me herself seeing as she doesn’t want to come between myself and the fans. But when the fans are hating on her in person that’s were it needs to stop.” He stated.

“If you don’t like her that’s fine. I’m not asking you to like her, I’m asking you to respect her.”


There were pictures of yours and Zyans little weekend get away everywhere. You couldn’t seem to ignore the fact that the whole world was talking about the fact that the both of you were really taken things to the next level in your relationships.

 The fans weren’t happy about this. It was all over ever social media website. It stun to know that so many people all around the world had a huge hatred for you. You couldn’t grasp why they hate you as much as did they. You knew when you and Zyan first started dating that some of them didn’t like you. 

“Hey babe.” Zyan greeted you ask he kissed your cheek softly. He was getting ready to go to an interview and you were staying behind to catch up on your UnI work. Zyan really wanted you to go but at the same time he didn’t. Today he was going to be addressing your haters. 

Walking into the studio the boys were quickly rushed off to their interview. It was half way through when the question he had been waiting for showed up. Licking his lip he looked at the interview as he asked him the question knowing just how he was going to respond to it.

“Zyan, your girlfriend has been getting a lot of hate recently about the little trip you both toke. How do you feel about that?” He asked as Zyan bite his lip before speaking.

“Honestly, I don’t get why.” He mumbled before he chuckled. “I understand that they don’t like the fact that I’ve finally found someone that I could express all my happiness with and it upsets me that they are breaking the person that means the most to me.” He said as the interviewer nodded his head. 

“What i think is sicken what one of them posted the other day on twitter. It was something along the lines of 'Y/N won’t be there forever but your fans will.’” He shook his head and looked at the camera. 

“If your watching this and your hating on my girlfriend, i’ll have you know you’ll never be a true fan. I just want you guys to respect her, If you don’t like her fine but wishing death on someone is curl." 


@/Real_Liam_Payne:It’s no nice what you guys are saying about my girlfriend and it really needs to stop. You guys don’t like it when people hate on us so why hate on people we love? 

@/Real_Liam_Payne:If you were real fans you would all be happy that I have finally found someone to share this amazon experiences with, and yet whenever you see her al you do is beat her down. 

@/Real_Liam_Payne: That this rate I won’t ever want to leave my house when I’m home because I won’t be able to do anything with her without one of you approaching her and saying nasty stuff.

 @/Real_Liam_Payne:How would all like it if someone said something about one you loved when you were with them? You wouldn’t so please don’t hate on Y/N I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with her. 

@/Real_Liam_Payne:If you all think that just because i’m dating her, i won’t have time for you, you are all crazy. I love each and every single one of you. She’s one of you, she’s a fan who’s dreams came true and here you are hating on her. 

@/Real_Liam_Payne: Same on ever single on of you thats sending her hate. She hasn’t done anything to any of you. 


Niall hated how nasty the fans could get whenever the two of you were seen out in public and something about today was the last straw. This was going to be the last he would be seeing you in months seeing as the stadium tour was starting a day. 

He was taking you out to dinner. Everything was going perfectly, you were both walking down the dim lighted streets of London, just talking and laughing. It was safe to say you were both having an amazing time together. 

Right when he was about to kiss you, you both heard a squeal making you giggle softly and look at the group of girls that were approaching you. Looking at Niall, you set him a small wink and pushed him towards the group of fans.Taken a picture you posted the picture on twitter with the caption: 'Look at Niall with the fans. #howcute' 

"Hey Y’/N?” A fan asked you smiled at her and the two of you started talking for a while before another came over and pulled her away and gave you a glare. 

“Why were you talking to that?” She asked her friend as her friend rolled her eyes and looked at you and smiled sadly. 

“I was talking to Y/N because she’s nice, Em. Something your not. She’s hasn’t done anything to any of us" 

"As if she stole him from us! She’s a whore!” She shouted as your sighed and looked at the dark sky trying to hold in the tears that wanted to spill from your eyes. 

“Did you just call my girlfriend a whore?” Niall snapped as he broke away from the other girls. The girl looked at him shocked as Em spoke up. “Yeah, Niall she did. I’ve been telling her to stop for ages." 

"It’s fans like you that sicken me. Fans like you that make me wish I never got put into this. She’s perfect and everything and more than I could have ever asked for. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t open that mouth of yours.” He stated sighing he looked at the other girls sadly. 

“I’m sorry girls, but I have to go.” He stated before taken your hand and walking you away from what had just happened. 


You smiled at Harry and the other boys on stage. You loved coming to their concerts since you are a fan yourself. You loved being in the crowed and jumping around with everyone else, you loved the feeling you got when they would sing your favorite songs. 

But little did you know that today was going to be different. They were playing your home state, seeing as you where from American but was going to college back in London where you meet Harry and the boys through a friend. 

It was now time for your favorite song and you were super excited jumping on the balls of your feet. Giggling softly as Harry sent a wink in your direction. Stepping onto the middle of the stage as the Niall started to play his guitar but Liam never started the verse instead Harry started to speck. 

“I just wanted to say something quickly before we started the next song.” He stated as  security came over to you and asked you to follow them. Confused you followed them as you heard your boyfriend start talking. 

“As must of you know there is this girl I’m in love with.” He started as the crowed screamed along with some boo’s as your heart sank at that sound. “Now thats what i wanted to talk about. i want you all to stop hating on her." 

"She has done nothing but make me happy since I first met her. She’s a fan like the rest of you, when we first started dating the number one thing she was worried about was you guys. She wanted you guys to like her. She wants to be friends with all of you.” He stated as you reach the side of the stage. 

“She wants nothing more than to by each and every single one of you. So please, you she’s upset it makes me upset. What hurts the most is knowing that its girls that are hurting her..” He stated as he looked back and smiled at you. 

Pulling you out on stage him and the rest of the boys started to sing 'Little Things'