do not tell her different

Among many things in the Reynolds Pamphlet??? THIS is one of the things I think about so much…

Washington is so disappointed and Alexander is so ashamed. ( With Jefferson rubbing salt in the wound. )



Not one more fan meeting, one precious life being saved (x)

his ➙ j.j.k ➙ 0.22

pairing: jungkook x reader

type: angst, fluff, smut.

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pleaseee could you write drabble, Emma saying to Killian "I didn't know you could sing"

unrelated to the upcoming musical ep, but here ya go. sorry it’s rather messy. drabble became ficlet.


Emma has never really lived with a guy before. Well, she supposes that she and Neal did kind of live together in the Bug all those years ago, but this is different.

This is sharing a home.

And with that comes a few adjustments. Neither of them have ever owned very many possessions aside from their full wardrobes, but now they have this big house and it’s being slowly but surely filled with… things. Stuff. Books and trinkets on their shelves, an array of colorful toiletries and pretty things in their bathrooms, an admittedly overly stocked cabinet of alcohol, blankets and pillows meant not just for function but also for decoration.

She’s a bit disorganized and messy. Killian is kind of a neat freak after having run his own ship for so long.

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better late than never right

Thanks to cakenokaibutsu for the help

for the prompt: Valentine’s day SNS 2k15

8 Ways On How To Win The Heart Of Your Wife

How to win the heart of your wife:

1. Give your wife lots of compliments.

2. Simply look in her eyes, listen and acknowledge her.

3. Never compare her to anyone to get her to change.

4. Tell your wife you love her daily. Learn to express it in different ways. being intimate is a mans way to tell his wife he loves her, do it in a different way. Just by helping her around the house, you show you love her.

5. Never criticize her or make fun when getting intimate.

6. Be supportive of her choices and ideas.

7. Learn to apologize.

8. Help her around the house and with the kids.


three stages of fangirling over ginny baker (insp)

I’m torn between hating this and loving it…

I recently realized some parallels between Winry and Roy. Both of them lost someone very close to them due to their involvement with the military, even though they were in non-combative situations. Hughes was stabbed while doing research then shot in a phone booth, and Winry’s parents were killed despite being doctors, not soldiers. Both of them find out who kills them, and immediately wants to take action. But how they do that is very different. 

Winry wants her parents back, she tells Scar that clearly, but can’t pull the trigger on the gun. Mustang understands that Hughes is gone, but desperately wants Envy to face the consequences of their actions. The biggest difference, however, is their strength.

Winry has the strength to understand that shooting Scar will ultimately do nothing, except get blood on her hands. What she needs help with is coming to terms with why she can’t shoot him, seeing her hesitance as weakness.

Roy is not strong enough to realize that. He doesn’t just want Envy to die, he wants Envy to die by his hands. Roy is only able to realize why killing Envy would not only not satisfy his desire for vengeance the way he thinks it will, but push him past the point of no return, after being talked to by Ed, someone below him in rank and age who calls him out on his almost childish thinking, Scar, a man who almost brought someone else to the point he is about to reach, and Hawkeye, the person he trusts the most. Without all three of them, Roy would have killed Envy, and not have been able to face his country and lead it to a better future. No vengeful man could do that.

Winry needed help to understand that her resistance to murder was strength, not weakness, and Roy needed help to understand that his eagerness to kill Envy was a weakness that would lead to his downfall, not a show of power.

Blind Date

Author: RuckyStarnes

Summary:   Reader has struck out on five blind dates, and it looks like number six is unlucky as well

Warnings:  None?

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x reader; Steve Rogers x OFC

Words: 3,220

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David Duchovny Q&A in Seattle

*these are not exact, not all questions or full answers are included*

Lately it’s Always December is least played at concerts, why?

“It’s a slow song. It’s a hard song to play. Ask Tom.”

My daughter wanted me to ask if you prefer book writing or song writing?

“She’s still on facetime? Tell her to go do her homework or something! They’re two different things…” (my mother handed him her book, “Facing the Talk: Conversations With My Four Daughters About Sex”) “My daughter’s 18. I don’t know if we’re there. Maybe we’ll see how badly I fucked up”

Who did you write the rain song for?

“A person… Hey Colin! Are we doing The Rain Song in Seattle? We are.”

*didn’t hear question clearly*

“I never thought I’d be writing songs…”

Someone asked about some sort of slippers or shoes??

David had no idea what they were talking about… Someone handed him the shoes. “Maybe I’ll put these on, kick my feet up and read that book.”

Who’s on your top five?

“It’s private. I’ll tell you my top five boys… *starts naming off band members*”

What are your favorite cities or some that have surprised you?

“I love the Northwest… I’ve spent some time up here filming… Haven’t spent much time in Seattle… I think I filmed a pick up game here… (something about the rain…) I love the West Coast of the United States of America. I loved Oregon, hadn’t been to Portland before. Seattle was the first concert on this tour to be sold out.”

Which did you enjoy filming more? Californication or The X Files?

…It depended on my mood. The X Files was very difficult.

You wrote for both of them…

“I never wrote for Californication… I directed both The X-Files and Californication. Californication was more fast paced.”

bluberrieowl  asked:


(send me a no. 1-20 and a ship for a prompt!)

note: they be teens + implied abuse/neglect.

18. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

~ ~ ~

“Do you look at me differently now?” Nikki said, her voice low— like it had lost all of it’s light and pep. Like it was someone entirely new. “Tell me the truth, Max. And look at me.”

He was definitely looking at her. Max was scowling, his hands formed into fists, his shoulders trembling.

“What do you think of me, huh?” Nikki challenged.

Her laugh, her beautiful and wonderful laugh, sounded almost sardonic and it cracked slightly. She was broken. But she hid it with that wonderfully hilarious adventurous spirit. Sometimes, Max thought Nikki was untouchable.

Yet she wasn’t.

This was the sickest sort of wake-up call.

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yo ok so like,,,i made some icons u nerds

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and if you cant tell the difference with lapis, one of her has freckles and the other one doesnt 

oh and!! maybe suggest some su characters i can turn into icons??? i had fun making these tbh

AU #2: Telepathy Isn’t Special (2)

would you look at that, another soulmate au. man. y’know. like i should chill out. 

“So you can read the minds of those around you, as well as telekinesis, as it’s known?” You marvel, admiring the half embarrassed red haired girl before you. You’d forgiven her for the kidnapping, she just so happened to be the easiest way to get you here. The fact that they kidnapped you instead of just inviting you was infuriating, but then again, if you’d been invited to the X-Mansion under the pretence of translation you wouldn’t have believed it.

You’d have thought it was a trap to capture a new mutant, even if you knew they were good to your shared kind.

“Yeah, among other things… I sort of don’t know the limits of my powers right now.” She admits, embarrassment in the words and you can’t help feeling for her. “I mean, I’m seventeen and I can’t control myself like I’m ten.”

You sigh, empathising with the girl. Leaning forward, you set your elbows on your knees and meet her eyes with a forced mischievous sparkle. “What about your soulmate, though? How do you tell the difference between them and those around you?”

She bites her lip, a smile quirking her lips as she leans forward too.

“That’s just the thing, it’s like telling my own mind from a strangers. Sure, it’s hard sometimes to know what I’m thinking is me or if it’s being or been persuaded by an outsider in my head, but more often than not it’s a clear line.” She explains, holding her two hands out flat. “Mutants aren’t born mutants, you know.”

“Of course, it’s like growing boobs.” You agree instantly and she snickers, nodding happily.

“Right, but we’re all born with a soulmate. That’s what makes the soulmate phenomenon, don’t you agree? It’s not that there’s a random person out there that you’ve never met and knows nothing about you who is your perfect match. It’s that there’s a person out there who you might never have met, but they know you better than they know themselves. They’re there for every moment, every lesson and thought and fear.” Your eyes follow as she gestures, the movements small but still filled with her words. You beam, watching her lit up expression and pure happiness. You’d always loved that most about soulmates, not the perfect match or the innate best friend or even the worry free future love life, you loved the fact that every person lit up when they spoke of soulmates and the lore. “And that’s beautiful. It also sets him apart from every other thought in my mind. He’s been with me since I was born, and we don’t communicate the same way I hear the voices.” She pauses, glancing down at her hands before meeting your eyes excitedly. “Want to hear something amazing?”

“Always.” You answer instantly, suddenly itching to know exactly what she’ll say.

“We don’t speak to our soulmates in a known language.” She whispers, glancing around and you stare at her, frowning.


“See, unless you’re a telepath like the Professor and I, you’d never know. But say your soulmate is Japanese and he grew up in Japan, learned to speak Japanese and French but never English. Would you have trouble communicating with him?” She asks and you blink at her, your lips parting in surprise. “Exactly. You wouldn’t. It’s crazy but… I like to think it’s the first language. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before, like all the languages at once. And the fact that we’re all born with it? It’s just amazing.”

“Woah.” You whisper, staring at her with open amazement. “Wait, can I test a few older languages on you? A few of them are incomplete- though you probably wouldn’t know if I hadn’t said that. Just tell me which is closest to the one in our heads.”

“Yes.” She blurts, excitement in her eyes before she forcibly calms and attempts acting natural. You giggle at her, but start speaking anyway. As the words flow from your lips, you watch her reactions. Surprise, amazement, delight, focus, joy. “None of them sound any more like it than all the other languages I’ve heard.”

“Damn.” You grin and she laughs softly, only for her smile to steady and her expression to smooth.


“I’m here to give our Translator a tour. Show her her new office if she decides to stay, and of course return her to the Professor by six.” Alex answers, and your eyes travel his body slowly before coming to rest on his face and your breath catches. His eyes glow, like a midday sky and you can’t help the flutter in your chest as the sunlight catches on his hair. “We could use a languages teacher. Logan’s just not cutting it.”

The presence pushes at you roughly and you smile toward your knee.

I’m yours and you’re mine, you agree, softly possessive and you feel it warm at the sentiment.

“I’d love a tour, you coming Jean?” You ask, only for her eyes to light up and dart toward the doorway. A brunette boy passes through, shooting a smile to your companion before settling beside your new friend.

“I’m good.” She smiles, her gaze settling on you for barely a second before she’s focused on the boy beside her and you can’t help your jealously.

“C’mon.” Alex murmurs, more subdued than before and you eye him carefully.

“You haven’t met yours?” You ask gently and he sighs, smiling at you weakly before shrugging.

“We agreed to hold off for a while. You know, see if it happens naturally.” He explains and you nod, leaning toward the connection in your mind.

“They’re flirting with someone.” Kurt grits softly, frustration soaking the words and his tail whips agitatedly.

“Dude, it’s nothing.” Peter laughs, sharing a grin with Ororo.

“Truly, Kurt. They’re your soulmate.” She affirms, an affectionate look in her eye as she watches him pace. He glances up, looking for anything, a distraction so he won’t keep pushing at them for details. He doesn’t want to take them from their life, he just wants them to be his. All his, only his.

I’m yours, and you’re mine, the words bubble through his mind unbidden, drizzled in possession and affection and he smiles despite his mood. Ororo snickers and Peter sighs, rising and clapping him on the shoulder.

“See? You just can’t lose with soulmates.” He grins and Kurt beams, letting himself be pushed toward the couch, only for his bitterness to rise again. Alone. They’re alone with the person they were flirting with? He feels their frustration at him, that it wasn’t even flirting just admiration of a fine figure and he cringes. What would they think of his figure? A blue boy, eyes as bright as highlighter pen and with only three fingers.

“Perhaps you could.” He mumbles, eyes going to the window where he spots Alex with the translator they’d brought in. His stomach jerks at the sight of her and without thinking, he teleports himself toward them, not hearing Ororos words.

“Hello.” He pipes up, only for the new girl to plow straight into him.

“Oh no!” She yelps as they crash to the ground, her ending up sprawled over him. His mouth goes dry at the feeling and she scrambles off of him. “I’m so sorry!”

“All Kurts fault.” Alex says and she cringes, shooting the blonde haired man a sour look.


Behind Your Back [Part 1]

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Newt x Reader / Minho x Reader [ next ]

Request by anon: May I request an imagine? How about Newt and Y/N dated, but then another shebean. (Other than Teresa) came up, and Newt cheated on her with the new girl. She was depressed and became an introvert, then her best friends (Teresa) convinced her to move on to Minho, since she had a small crush on him. Around the time she asks him out Newt realizes that the new girl was “getting with” other glader behind his back. He wants to get back with Y/N but realizes it is too late. Sorry for the long req!

A/N: So I said I’d write the In The Glade Spin Off but I couldn’t find myself finishing it right now, I’m just not in the writing mood for that - but I am excited to write up this request so I hope you enjoy this one! I’ve split it up into 3 parts. Only 3 haha NOTE: For the sake of this request, I’m basically ignoring the timeline of the film wherein after Thomas and Theresa all the klunk happen, let’s just say they’re all in the Glade for quite a while longer. Hope you enjoy nonetheless!

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Last week was an anniversary of sorts, but no one knew but me. 21 years ago. Over half my life. I was barely old enough to make mature decisions but wound up making one that changed my entire life. I suppose you could say every decision we make eventually changes us. If I could talk to that much younger version of me, would I tell her to do things differently? Probably not. Maybe I’d tell her to just be more true to herself. Don’t be selfish, but you matter more than you think you do. You can still care about people while caring about yourself.

I think this most recent depressive episode is because I’ve finally run out of energy to always be something for other people. Something I’m not or don’t want to be. I’m tired of smiling when I don’t want to. I’m tired of laughing at jokes that aren’t funny. I’m tired of hiding tears or anger because I might make someone else feel bad. I’m tired always putting other people’s feelings before my own, and feeling like my true self is a burden. I’m tired of faking.

I just want to be. I don’t want to do things because it’s expected of me. I want to do things because I want to (or not do them if I don’t).

I’m 37, and while I’ve always felt like I have a pretty good grasp of who I am and what my life is about, I’ve learned recently I don’t know shit. And it’s scary and sad and tiring and… and I just don’t know.

I’m in Love With A Space Paladin Rewritten

(Hey, guys. Sorry for not posting something for a while. I had a serious writer’s block and some days I just needed to dribble something down. Here’s a rewritten version of I’m In Love With A Space Paladin. - Mod Shiro)

(Y/n) (L/n) is not your average 16-year-old.You may ask: “Why do you say that? What makes her so different?“  Well, I’ll tell you why. You see, (Y/n)  doesn’t live on Earth like everyone else does; she lives in space and in a castle like a ship with the Voltron paladins, the princess, and her royal adviser. She had been with them for about 3 years and she had become very good friends with everyone, but there was one that she developed feeling for; and that one was Keith, the paladin of the Red Lion. By earlier mentioning Voltron, you might be wanting to say that Voltron is just a myth; but it isn’t.

You see, Keith may not seem like the guy you would want to be around because of his temperamental, hot-headed, and confrontational personality, but what you don’t know is that he can be quite calm and cautious at times. He is also as goofy and free-spirited but it takes a little longer for this paladin to show it. It can also take Keith a bit longer to fall in love than the other paladins. (Y/n) had developed feelings for the red paladin the first year after she met him and she doesn’t know how to tell him how she feels, in fear that he will reject her.


(Y/n) was walking down the hall of the castle while staring down at her feet, minding her own business when she ran into someone, making them both stumble back. They both groaned quietly and rubbed their heads when (Y/n) realized who she ran into Keith. “O-Oh, Keith! I’m so sorry!” She apologized and quickly stood up, dusting herself off as Keith shrugged. “Make sure to watch where you’re going next time,” Keith replied and shoved his hands in his pockets. (Y/n) nodded in reply and rubbed the back of her neck, trying to think of something to continue the conversation with.

“Uhm…how have you been, Keith?” She asked finally, still keeping her hand on the back of her neck as Keith shrugged slightly. “Eh. Same as usual, I’m okay,” he responded and she nodded. “You seem stressed out from fighting the Galra, which I can understand honestly. It must be tough out there,“ she mumbled out and rubbed the back of her neck as Keith nodded; (Y/n) didn’t even know how to keep a conversation with him. It was like all of the things she wanted to say to him disappeared, as if not wanting to be said; she didn’t know why it went away like that but she didn’t want to know what the other’s reaction would be if she said those words.

Luckily, (Y/n) got the courage to start another conversation. Every time she would hear the calm tone in his voice, she would instantly calm down if she was tense or stressed, her heart would flutter when he managed to smile slightly or laugh a bit. She never really realized that she was falling for him until now; it made her heart melt when she would hear his raspy sleepy voice in the morning. She didn’t want to tell him that she loved him because she was scared of rejection and ruining their friendship. She couldn’t even keep a steady conversation with him without her palms getting sweaty and she would end up stuttering.

(Y/n) and Keith went on and talked for seemed to be an hour before the red lights started flashing and the alarms started blaring, causing them both to jump from surprise. “Paladins, get to your lions! Zarkon is attacking!” Allura’s voice was heard over the speakers. Keith immediately grew serious and ran to suit up while (Y/n) ran to go help Coran and Allura. “I’ll talk to you later, (Y/n)!” Keith yelled before disappearing around the corner, making her blush a tiny bit to herself as she ran to the Alteans.