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Swear Jar

It’s been way too long since i’ve written fanfiction and SuperCorp just had to drag my whipped ass down that hole again

Based on a prompt i saw on tumblr a long time ago about Kara actually having a swear jar for Lena and after a night together Lena just shoves her credit card inside… If anyone knows the post please tell me so I can amrk it here! 

It’s also on AO3 :

The first sign Lena Luthor had become a constant in their lives comes on a Saturday morning.

It’s subtle, it really is, and it takes Alex longer than she likes to admit to see. She doesn’t notice at first, when she uses her key to open Kara’s apartment door and heads straight to the kitchen after her sister’s greeting.

Kara’s not even surprised, it’s Saturday, which means breakfast together. And it’s the third Saturday, which means blueberry pancakes. And by the stack of fruit currently sitting on top of the counter, she hasn’t forgotten what day it is.

(She never does, it’s food after all.

Alex should really stop hoping her sister ever would.

Because it usually leads to an expletive from her and there are only a certain amount of one dollar bills Alex carries around.)

“I heard that!” Kara exclaims, pointing a finger at her sister and giggles when Alex retrieves her wallet from her pocket to fish for a note

‘Get exchange’, she adds on her mental list right after ‘buy Maggie’s vegan ice cream’ and ‘convince Maggie to watch The L Word with me’.

(“Danvers, I adore you, but I can only go through that once.”)

It’s when she notices. She would really like to say she reacted in a better way; she would really like to say she just smirked knowingly and continued the day. But no, of course it didn’t happen that way. She gasped and chuckled, then proceeded to cough for a whole minute trying to cover it.

Because right in between the ‘Cooler Danvers’ and ‘Mags Swags’ jars rested another one. Belonging to no one other than Lena Luthor.

Lee :)

And Alex should have seen it coming, because there’s only a reasonable amount of fake interviews Kara could come up with before just admitting she just wanted to hang out with the woman. Fucking Maggie.

“I heard that too!”

She puts two dollars into her jar before adding ‘pay five bucks to Maggie’ in her mental list. She should’ve have seen it coming.

She tries not to think about the jars that had already taken place besides hers. Tech Nerd; Better Lane; Jimmy Bravo; Mon-El. She thinks about how hers it’s the only one around. She really hopes those two others stay this time.


The first time she actually sees it happening is during game night the following week.

Lena sits on the other side of the counter, directly in front of Alex, her expression nothing like the one she saw when the woman arrived. Any resemblance of a smile gone from her face and she stares back at Alex.

Winn and Maggie are already out of this hand and the Luthor waits for Alex to decide if she’ll cover it.

“I’ll cover it.”

And it’s when James and Kara come to join them, Kara handing a glass of wine for Lena, hand resting at the small of her back. Alex sees the look Maggie gives her and the raise in her eyebrows. She chooses to ignore both.

Lena downs her hand, smug smile already on her lips, and okay, Alex has to admit she’s growing fond of the woman in front of her. Especially when Kara is looking at her like that.

But when Alex copies her, she’s sure no one but herself and Kara heard the fainted “shit” coming out of her mouth and an audible gasp from her sister. Lena doesn’t budge, but lets out a sigh and leans in, stretching her arm towards her jar. She tucks in a ten dollar bill before looking back at Kara, raised eyebrow in a silent question. A frown appears in her face but she nods nevertheless.

“Saving for the rest of the night.” Lena explains before looking at Alex once more. “I’ve finally found a rival on poker.”

By the end of the night, Lena adds two extra dollars in her jar and Alex slips her own five in hers.


“How long until those two bang?” Maggie asks her later, when James and Winn had already left for good twenty minutes, after dragging Alex out of the apartment and the poker tournament her girlfriend indulged with Lena.


“Your sister and Lena.”


“Don’t tell me you didn’t see.”

“You know what; I’m not talking about it.”

“I give them two months.”


The second time it happens is three weeks later, when Maggie finally had some time off of work and it was one of those nights the DEO didn’t need Alex or Supergirl.

Maggie curls against her side, hand automatically wrapping around her shoulders and a lingering kiss against her temple.

This time, when the two arrived for movie night, a sheepish Kara opening the door to let them in, Alex reaction was smoother.

Way smoother.

But the sight one the one and only Lena Luthor sitting in her sister’s couch, flannel pajama pants (which she was rather sure it was her sister’s) and loose t-shirt, was definitely not one she was expecting to see.

(She ignores the huge grin on her girlfriend’s face and drags her to the loveseat after grabbing two bottles of beer.)

“No horror movies!” Kara shouts from the kitchen.

“No romances either!” Alex shouts back. “Do you know what we should watch?” The urge to grin is too strong and she ends up with a huge smile towards her glaring girlfriend.

“Alex, no.”

“We should watch The L Word.”

“No!” The exclamation comes from both Lena and Maggie at the same time and they share a knowing look.

Kara comes back from the kitchen, ice cream for herself and glass of wine for Lena, to find her sister laughing at the exasperation in the other two faces.

The one who recovers first is Lena, sitting up straighter and sighing before looking at Alex.

“Look, it’s a classic and basically every non-straight girl has watched it, but once was enough watching that shit.”


“I’ll put a dollar on it next time I get up, don’t worry.”

They settle down with Orphan Black, after all, and if Alex notices her sister’s hand on Lena’s thigh, she doesn’t mention. Neither does she mention the way they lean into each other after thirty minutes. Or how, by the end of the second episode, Kara’s head is dropped in Lena’s shoulder, the latter letting her hands run through the other’s hair.

She also ignores the ‘they’re definitely banging’ Maggie whispers against her ear before she gets up to get herself another beer.


Third time happens after a very distressed Kara arrived at the DEO pacing and rambling about how Lena freaking Luthor knew.

(Of course she did; Alex thinks everyone does.

Kara does a very poor job at hiding it.)

But her sister is going crazy in front of her because she thinks Alex is going to hate her for letting her secret slip like that.

Instead, Alex shrugs, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and she would kill someone before telling them she rather liked Lena.

(She was really good at poker and could handle her alcohol. That was enough.

The fact that she made Kara smile like that was nothing but a bonus.)

When Alex put a stop to her pacing, hand on her shoulder, she was met by a pout and puppy eyes. How could she be mad after that?

And when she just smiled and told Kara to pick Lena Luthor up and bring her in to sign the NDA, Kara hugged her, a tad too tightly, not that she would mention it to her excited sister, and flied off.

(They came back an hour later, Lena blurting out a different expletive every time Alex showed her another room. Every time to be met with a scold from Supergirl.)


Maybe Alex should consider giving Kara’s apartment key back.

Because on a Saturday, four weeks after the last incident, she lets herself in, bags of groceries swinging as she uses her ankle to close the door behind her.

(It’s scrambled eggs and bacon day and two years ago she learned Kara could eat at least a dozen eggs.

And grocery shopping isn’t her best skill.)

The first sign this Saturday isn’t like the others is the lack of cheerful greeting from a very excited Kara Danvers as soon as she opened the door. The opposite, to be honest, it is way too quiet for her sister to even be home. When she starts questioning that maybe there was a Supergirl emergency she hears a loud thud coming from Kara’s bedroom.

It leads her to the second sign. A black purse lying down at the counter, coat haphazardly thrown by the side. Both not her sister’s.

And Kara comes running from the hallway, blushed cheeks and disheveled hair, just pulling down an oversized shirt over. Third sign. And she wanted to scream in frustration because Maggie has been winning most of the bets so far.

“Alex! What are you doing here?”

“It’s Saturday.”

“Is it?”

She puts the grocery bag down on the counter and looks at her sister. Kara fidgets under her gaze. She should go. And leave the key behind.

But then, tentative footsteps come from the hall and when she looks over, Lena Fucking Luthor stands there, unbuttoned shirt barely reaching the middle of her thighs. When she catches the stare, the change is unbelievable. Gone is the woman who was just caught off guard and standing there was the CEO, raised chin and long confident steps until she reaches for the coat.

“Lena?” Kara asks but she just smiles and takes her credit card off the pocket.

She’s not doing it, she’s not going to, oh, she did it. No! No, this is more than I needed to know.

“Before I forget.” She puts it inside her jar and, at least, blushes a little when she sees the look Alex is giving her, before she goes back to the bedroom.

Kara looks like a mess, pretty much a broken mess gasping for air and blushing up to the tip of her ears.

Because, fifth sign, next to ‘Lee :)’ is a fourth jar. Puppy Danvers. Alex counts maybe half a dozen bills shoved inside before tearing her eyes away.

“I’ll call next time.” Kara blushes harder, and she thinks this morning broke her sister. Kara squeaks a hurries goodbye and once she’s outside, she hears the door being locked from the inside. Not very helpful now.

Finish Hank’s report; pick up clothes at the laundry; clean my eyes with bleach; give Maggie ten doll-twenty, give Maggie twenty dollars. Maggie was right, Lena Luthor was definitely a black lace kind of woman.

Buy two bottles of bleach.

Wonho - would be overwhelmed with worry and rush to your side immediately. “Please be okay, please be okay…” he would repeat as you slowly regain consciousness. When you admit that you haven’t eaten properly in a while, he would get very upset. “Y/n no, you need to start eating properly. I can’t have you fainting all the time. I’ll be sick with worry!”

Hyungwon - would be calm from the outside but on the inside he would be panicking really badly. “There we go, you’re fine…” He would sigh in relief as he carefully helps you up in a sitting position. “You worried me y/n. When did you last eat?” He would demand as he checks you over. Then he would quickly prepare something for you to eat and he will make sure that you eat it. 

Minhyuk - would be scared and lay your head on his lap. As you open your eyes you will see him on his phone talking to the others frantically. “She’s awake! Oh thank goodness she’s awake!” He would say and hug you. “Kihyun asked if you’ve eaten. No? Y/n!” He would scold you and give you a chocolate bar before planning on buying a lot of food. 

Jooheon - would be incredibly terrified when he sees you on the floor. He would run next to you and shake you awake. “Baby? Are you hurt? Did you hit your head? Talk to me…” He would get worked up and carry you to bed. “Should I take you to hospital? What do you need?” he would fuss and won’t take his eyes off you. 

I Hate You Part One (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1269

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Read part 2 here and part three here

You have had a rivalry with Peter Parker ever since he first beat you in the 5th grade science fair, both of you hating each other ever since. Since then you’ve both competed against each other at anything, trying to beat the other in every subject or at anything you could. 

It was another boring day at school, you were sitting in class when your teacher announced that you would be doing a group project. Oh great, you’ll most likely get paired with someone who will make you do all the work and then take the credit. Your teacher was reading off the names, you only paying attention when you heard your name get called. “Y/N, you’ll be paired with Peter.”

Your eyes widened and your fist clenched like that arthur meme. 

This was not happening, you hated Peter Parker with a passion, you simply could not work with him. You glanced over your shoulder to see the same annoyed expression on Parker’s face. “But Miss, we can’t work together.”

You teacher just glared at you and huffed in annoyance. “Y/N, you will be Peter’s partner and there is nothing you can say that will change my mind.”

“She’s right Miss, we hate each other, this would be a waste of time.” Peter agreed with you and for the first time in your life you agreed with him. 

“You two will work together and that is the end of this discussion. Either work together or fail this assignment which I doubt either of you want to do.” She slammed her hands on her desk, fed up with her students, making both you and Peter shut up.

Once the bell rung you ran after Peter, grabbing his arm and pulling him to the side. “Look, I hate you and all and I know you hate me. But I need this grade, so you’re just going to have to suck it up and work with me.” You panted out, still out of breath from running, you hate running. “Calm down, I was going to anyway. As much as i’d rather do anything else, I also want this grade. How about after school in the library?” You thought you’d have to beg him to do this assignment, but you should have known that he wouldn’t let anything get in the way of getting good grades. “Okay, just, don’t be late.”

Two hours! Two hours you have been waiting for Parker in this library and he still hasn’t shown up. And people wonder why you hate him. You were sick of waiting, he was never gonna show up. You angrily grabbed your books and stormed out of the library. You were so gonna murder Parker when you saw him tomorrow. 

The next day at school you ignored Peter, obviously super pissed off at him for not showing up yesterday. You were at your locker when you heard that goddamn annoying voice that belongs to him. “Y/N, hey, I’ve been trying to talk to you all day.” You slammed your locker, trying to give him a hint that you weren’t in the mood to talk to him. “Um, anyway, did you want to work on this assignment after school today?” He leaned next to your locker sending you a cheeky smile. You had to fight the urge to smack it off his face. 

“Parker, why the heck would I agree to that if you didn’t even show up to work on the assignment yesterday?” His face paled at this, he forget he made plans with you yesterday, he was too busy trying to stop the goblin from robbing a bank. He couldn’t tell you that though. “I’m so, so sorry Y/N. I swear I forgot, but i’ll be there this afternoon, I promise you.” He was practically begging you and it was getting embarrassing, people were looking. “Okay okay fine! Just, don’t mess this up Parker.”

You waited again after school, only for Peter to not show once again. You should have known. What the hell was Parker playing at?! You storm off angrily out of the school but stop when you hear sirens. “What the f-” Your draw drops as you see a gigantic lizard running straight towards you. Holy shit. You ran back into the school trying to find a place to hide. You spotted the janitors closet and ran inside, why was it always the janitors closet? 

You covered your mouth with your hands trying to stop any noise from coming out. You screamed as the door was ripped open, revealing the lizard standing in front of you. This was it, you were going to die. You closed your eyes preparing for death when your body was grabbed by someone, pulling you away from the monster. You opened your eyes to see- oh thank god it was Spider-man.

“Go hide in that classroom.” Why did his voice sound so familiar?

“Do I know you?”

“Just do it!” He rushed out as he ran towards the big reptile.

You wasted no time in sprinting to the classroom and hiding under a desk, shaking in fear. A few minutes pass by and you can no longer hear fighting outside. You didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing. The door to the classroom opened and you were hoping it was Spider-man and not that reptile guy. It opened to reveal the hero and you instantly relaxed, coming out from your hiding place.

“Thank you so so much for saving me back there. I thought I was a goner.” You panted out, still in shock from everything that just happened.

“It’s no problem, are you alright?” Did his voice just deepen? Why was he trying to hide his voice?

“Oh i’m fine, a little traumatized but i’m okay.” This wasn’t the time to make jokes but Spider-man seemed to find your answer amusing because he chuckled. Why did that laugh sound so familiar? 

“Are you sure I don’t know you?” You curiously stepped towards him.

“Nope. I have no idea who you are now if you’ll excuse me.” He hurriedly tries to get past you but your hand on his chest stops his movement.

“Peter?” You asked astonished. It had to be, you couldn’t not recognize the voice of the guy you’ve hated for years. 

“Who-Whose Peter?” He tries to act like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about but you know better.

“Don’t act stupid Parker I would recognize the voice of the guy I hated any day.” You crossed your arms, this was definatley him.

“So is this why you keep not showing up to work on our assignment, because you’ve been running around in leggings every day?” You smirked, knowing your comment would tick Peter off. 

“Um, what-there not leggings!” He shouted defensively. 

“Whatever you say Parker. Look, thank you for saving me, really, I mean it.” You were being honest, and you hated to admit it, but you kind of had a crush on Spider-man, but now you knew it was Parker, you were just confused. 

“It’s fine, really, it’s what I do.” He stuttered out, he seemed nervous all of a sudden.

“Well, we still need to work on this assignment, so when you are finished saving people drop by my apartment and we’ll work on it then.” You said as you scribbled your address on a piece of paper.

“But I don’t know where you live?” He asked confused at you being nice to him. Honestly, so were you. 

“Yes you do.” You placed the piece of paper in his hand with a smirk. “Night Parker.”

🚨🚨Heads Up🚨🚨

Apparently there is a snake in the grass. Someone ( @got7-writes ) is out here stealing other people’s work and trying to pass it off as their own. The incredibly talented Admin Thirst over at @kpoppantydrop (if you aren’t following them already do it, you’re welcome and I’m sorry at the same time) has had her Jackson story jacked. Not fucking cool. It doesn’t matter if it’s a research paper, a full on novel or a fanfic. Plagiarism is weak shit. DO NOT TRY TO PASS OFF SOMEONE ELSES HARD WORK OFF AS YOUR OWN. Do not continue to take credit for it once you’ve been caught. Tumblr is a huge website. The internet is even bigger. No doubt this kind of crap is happening all over, but if you see it say something. If someone tried to pass my work off as their own I would be enraged. I’m enraged right now for Thirst. Anyway, go over to @kpoppantydrop and stan some OG queens and their ORIGINAL work. As for Got7-stealsotherpeopleswork …..

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I risked my Highschool Graduation just to make a point.

In Washington state there is a project that every student must turn in, in order to graduate. It is basically just a bunch of info on how school has helped you, what your career goals are, ect. And even though i live on the more “liberal” side of WA, my town and school was extremely picky and has even failed students for this project.

I hate this project. I hate it so much that i made my opening line, “Now that the year almost is over I have thought long and hard about what my life will erect into once I graduate.” i put penis jokes and sarcasm in the whole thing. I even made a fake certificate that says im the meme queen.

I filled it with memes and a selfie of me eating pizza. And im seen as a clown type of student. I have tattoos and piercings and blue hair.

But at the end, i switched my tone and wrote this:

This project is hypocritical.
While this page is not on the required list of documents you need to have in your portfolio, it does say to personalize and make it your own. So that is what I have done, by taking any seriousness out of this project. I have presented all required pages, and then some. My point is not to disrespect teachers and staff, (I hold educators on a very high level and greatly respect them.) but to show the point that this project is is hypocritical. The base of this project is to prove that a student has been properly educated and is ready for the future. To create a facade that the school system did their job in creating little adults, so the educators feel as if they did something good. I had to fill out forms about my direction of career path, how the classes I was forced to take some how magically have guided me along this magical non existent path that I have been prepped for my whole four years of high school.
I am forced to lie about how I am a prepared young adult, and I asked multiple teachers and my old advisor teacher about what do I do I do if I am unaware of what I want to do or how any of these classes have guide me into my career and they all said it doesn’t matter, to just make something up. What is the point in making students lie and then taking credit for a great education they supposedly had. This project (while it has been shorted, and thank goodness it was.) is still a stress inducing shot to the self esteem.
The American School System is not allowed to take credit for anything I ever accomplish.
I say this whole heartedly, while I love a few teachers, and respect them for honestly caring about students, a majority of staff are just playing by the rules, even if they don’t agree with them. A young student named David Brown wrote a rap about the current education system, some of they lyrics include, “I was shown the wavelengths of different hues of light But I was never taught my human rights” and “I was never taught how to recognize the most deadly Mental disorders or Diseases with preventable causes ‘cause abstract maths was deemed more important Than advice that would literally save thousands of lives But it’s cool, ‘cause now I could tell you if the number of unnecessary deaths caused by that choice was prime”
These lyrics speak volumes for the priorities of the education system, the only reason I know all 27 amendments is because I went out of my own way to learn my own basic rights, something that was failed to be taught. Yes, I took civics like everyone else, but my teacher tossed packets and powerpoint slides at us. I dare you to take a poll of how many students even know who our vice president is.
We are not taught how to function in society or how to prepare for or even figure out what career path we want. But I can tell you the dates of every major war that america has been a part of. Students don’t know how politics work, they don’t know why they should care, they don’t understand why it even matters to have a set career goal (and honestly it doesn’t matter.) They are having their childhood wasted on stripping their creativity away and pushing them through low level education (I mean there is the option of AP, but that’s no better). The moment they turn 18 they have no idea what they are doing. Did you know that individuals ages 18-29 make up 21% of the eligible voter population, but only 17% of these individuals are actual part of the voting population, and how much of that 17% understand the basic foundation of the political parties that they are even voting for.
Anything I know, anything I ever accomplish in my life, is in no way because I was given a good education. In fact the best choice I have ever made was taking running start, because at least my last year of school wasn’t wasted.
This project is a complete lie.
You want a student to put together a book that shows that they are prepared for the real world, then teach them about it. Teach me why I should care about my future. Teach me about basic human rights. Teach me about how to prepare for my career. And don’t put so much pressure on students to pick something at the age of 17/18. I don’t even know what I want for dinner, but I should know what college I’m going to spend $60,000 on, for a major that I should already have planned. And to say that is a parents job is not the correct answer, the hard truth is some parents are absent in their child’s life, some are flat out bad parents or not even educated themselves and many students have parents who are too busy or have passed away to help them out.
I love school, I love to learn, but what I don’t love is wasting what could have been 4 years that really helped me out on trying to learn the layout of a plant cell. I can not stress this enough, you make students feel horrible about that fact that they are unaware of what they want to do, make students lie about what they want to do, take credit for a “great education” and pass them off as proper young adults who are ready for the world based on a few papers in a binder.
The directions told me to “Personalize it to make it your own” and this is how I choose to personalize my Senior Portfolio.  I have also put this in a sparkly pink binder because that’s pretty cute.
“But I won’t take it. I’ll tell everyone my childhood was wasted, I’ll share it everywhere how I was “educated” And insist these pointless things. Don’t stay in school” -David Brown

I willingly risked my graduation to make a point. And i just wanted to let you also know that my teachers are passing my portfolio around and reading it. My superintendent has now read it. I was unaware of this and i don’t go to school often because i take my classes at college. But i went in for a meeting with my counselor and i asked if mine was graded. She said yes. But that i wont be getting mine back for a while because the staff are not done reading it. 

She told me that during a staff meeting someone actually brought my portfolio to the meeting to talk about it. My old debate coach came up to me and said “I knew you’d do something like that. Thank you.”

The whole time writing it i felt so scared because i remember a student who didn’t graduate because she forgot to put just one paper in. My mother told me it was a really bad idea and it was not worth messing around with. The risk was not worth it.

But i have a habit of not listening. And now that i have caused a fuss in my school and even some parts of my district, I’m glad i didn’t listen

That’s sound logic, that is.

I am struggling to find anything really funny about this season so far lol. It’s stressing me out SO MUCH. (also excuse the terrible BG for this, I’m exhausted ._. ) But in other news, you might notice that I’ve started putting my tumblr at the bottom of the comics! Do not take this off! I don’t see another way to salvage credit when people repost things elsewhere :,D  Also, my give away ends in 3 days! Go reblog the post if you haven’t already!