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“Harry, please,” you begged once more as you tried to grind yourself against him, but his hands were holding you tightly by your hips to keep you from doing so.

Yes, he’s asked you to sit on his lap, but you didn’t think it could end up like this. He’s been holding you down in place for a good while now as he nibbled and licked and sucked on your skin. And every single time you squirm or beg for more, there’s only one answer, “Not yet.”

You could feel yourself getting wetter as his lips brushed against your neck, leaving a trail of kisses down to your collarbone. Your hands were squeezing on his shoulder as he continued down towards your chest. His breathing had also been laboured, and you could see and feel how hard he’s already been under his boxers. Just one small movement and you both can feel a bit of pleasure from the friction, but as his hands stayed put on your hips, it won’t happen.

A gasp left your lips as you felt his own wrapped around your nipple, sucking and flicking his tongue over the bud until he’s felt it harden from his touch. Your hand quickly reached for his hair, tugging and urged him to keep going. Once you’ve felt his teeth grazed on your bud, you started pulling back, feeling how incredibly sensitive you’ve already been. But he never stopped. He continued tugging and everything felt numb and achingly pleasurable, you didn’t know what to do. He was all too determined as he pushed you closer to him, brushing his crotch against yours, eliciting moans from the both of you. You pressed yourself down harsher and felt him thrust up against you, creating friction as his lips travelled from your nipple to the other.

He’s already let you grind yourself against his as one of his hands sneaked up towards your breast, squeezing the unattended one and pinching the nipple while his tongue swiped on the other. He could already feel how wet you are, soaking over your underwear through his. His hand that was holding onto your hip hand gone down towards his crotch, squeezing himself lightly. You felt his knuckles touch the bundle of nerves that was pulsing with need, making you moan and grind towards it. He was quick to pull down his boxers, revealing how hard and red his cock is; the tip was just leaking as time went on. He’s given himself a few strokes before he’s slid your panties to the side - being too impatient to pull them down like how his boxers were just down his knees - and slowly pushed himself in you.

“You got so wet because of this, love?” He breathed as he took your nipple in his mouth once more, causing you to jump and scream as he sucked harshly.

With the way you slowly moved yourself against him and the way he thrusted upwards every time you pushed yourself down, the two of you were letting out curses as your highs were slowly building up. Harry was unstoppable with his mouth. Every inch of space he’s filled with either kisses, bites, or sucks. And with his hands pressed firmly on your hips, he’s helped you grind yourself harder and took him deeper in you as you possibly can. Your moans were uncontrolled as you squirm and shake against his body, hiding your face on his neck as you clenched and squeezed his cock. His chest heaved as he continued to move below you, his own orgasm reaching him and taking over his body. His grunts and moans filled the air as he spilled himself in you, holding you in place as he twitched and relaxed after a few short moments.

With sweat dripping down both of your bodies, the two of you were speechless. His eyes were fixed on your body, from your head down to where the two of you were still connected. He’s taken a deep breath as he leaned in towards you, pressing a kiss on your lips and trailing down your jaw and neck, ready to do it all again.


Happy 7 years of one direction 


“In order to have a good time you have to work hard in order to be successful, and being kind to people should be a given. If everyone was a little bit nicer to people, the world would be a much better place. You have a choice where you can either be all right to someone or you can be a little bit nicer, and that can make someone’s day.”

Waiting for Wonderful by QuickedWeen (13.5k, M)

The university class where he met Louis was the beginning of the end for Harry. It took all of an hour for him to figure out that he was in love with Louis, and there was no way around it. It was a part of his DNA; he was tall, he had green eyes, and he was in love with Louis Tomlinson. Louis was his soulmate, and they were going to be together. Eventually.

Harry is willing to wait as long as he needs to for his best friend to realise that they’re supposed to be together, but it kills him to watch Louis struggle in his relationship with Mackenzie. All Harry wants to do is be supportive, and sometimes that’s all it takes.

Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson/Original Female Character(s), Niall Horan/Gemma Styles
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Original Female Character(s), Niall Horan, Gemma Styles, Liam Payne, (mentioned)
Additional Tags: Best Friends, Friends to Lovers, Stag Nights & Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Party, Strip Tease, Harry dances to Beyonce, Sexuality, adjustment, Non-Graphic Smut, Light Angst, Fluff

I just want to thank jimmy fallon for including Harry in as many sketches as he did like you didn’t have to do that sir in your special return to SNL and I appreciate that you happily shared the stage with our baby angel frog


Golden Brown


I’d been sat watching him sleep for almost an hour.
The morning sun was bursting through his sheer curtains, washing over his face as I concentrated on him, my heart in the very pit of my stomach.
I’d woken to Harry wheezing and whimpering at some point during the night, and at one stage, whilst I was leaning over him, brushing through his hair and trying to wake him, he’d whispered the word please.
I’d really struggled with it, hearing how human he sounded. One of the things that helped me was how hollow and distant he seemed in that state, like it wasn’t really him. Hearing his pleas reminded me that it was Harry going through that trauma, and it wounded me.

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Forever and Always?

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Til Death Do Us Part

Warnings: none

“Love, you walked about 10,000 steps from pacing and it’s only 8 in the morning” Anne giggled “Sit down so Lou can do your hair”

“I’m so nervous Anne! What if I trip? What if I get nauseous?” you whine “What if he decides he doesn’t want to get married” your eyes got wide

“Oh hush none of that! Now you push all those negative thoughts away because I know for a fact the my son loves yeh and that baby with all his heart and even more” she looks at you sincerely “How bout I bring yeh some tea to calm yeh nerves and Lou can do your hair” she smiled and hugged you

“Okay Anne” you smiled at Anne and hugged her back thankful for the lovely mother in law you were about to have

“Poppet you have nothing to worry about Harry talks about you non stop and he loves yeh” Lou smiled and began to do your hair

“Thanks Lou I’m just so nervous but I don’t need to be he loves me and little bean” you smiled and rubbed your tummy

“You are going to be so beautiful love! I’m so excited to see the finished product” she squeezed your shoulders in excitement

“Thank you lou” you smiled at her through the mirror

“Lux are you excited for the wedding?” you smiled

“Yes so excited like this much” she giggled and opened her arms as far as they could go

“Me too I can’t believe I’m marrying your uncle knobhead” you chuckled

“Yeah you’re going to be a good auntie and little baby is going to be my bestfriend” Lux walked over to you and hugged your bump

“Aww yes they will be” you rubbed her head


“Okay all done love” Lou put the finishing touches on your make up “Wow you are one hot bride” Lou smiled and got all giddy at her work

You turned and looked at yourself in the mirror, gasping

“Oh my gosh Lou I look so beautiful” you smiled widely “The dress fits perfectly and the eyeshadow really complements my eyes” you looked at yourself some more

Lou came up behind you and put the veil on that matched your hair perfectly “Perfect” she smiled

“You look so beautiful” Lux squealed and ran up to you hugging your legs

“Thank you Luxy and so do you. Prettiest flower girl ever” you booped her nose

“Now I’m going to show Lux where she stands and i’m going to take my seat. You have 15 minutes until you walk down the aisle my love” Lou hugged you and walked out of the room

You felt your palms starting to sweat profusely when you walked out of the dressing room to meet your father in front of two big doors that led out the venue

“Are you ready?” your dad smiled

You nodded and took a deep breath “I’m ready”

“You look so beautiful. You’ll always be my beautiful little girl” he kisses your forehead and interlocked arms

“Thank you dad” you smiled and the doors opened

Harry gasped when he saw you and bit his lip. You started to walk down the aisle to the flow of the music and looking at Harry seemed to ease your nerves. He looked so handsome in his tux. His eyes were so prominent and his dimples popping out when he would chew on his bottom lip. You were happy to be his forever.

You noticed Harry had a couple tears rolling down his cheek when he reached out to help you towards the altar

“Thank you” you whispered now standing before everyone and your soon to be husband


“Mr. Styles your vows?” the pastor asked

Harry sighed hoping some of his nerves would go away when he started speaking

“Y/N M/N L/N you are the love of my life. My rock and I remember the first time I saw you I was turning around to rush to a meeting and I ended up bumping into you and spilling my tea all over you. I couldn’t believe you agreed to go on a date with me that next week.” he giggled and wiped some tears that escaped “Some people don’t believe in love at first sight and even I didn’t until I met you, when I was grabbing napkins frantically to help you clean up I wasn’t expecting to see you laughing when I turned around and when I looked at you I saw the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen in my life. I knew you were going to be mine forever after our first date. You make my days brighter every single day you have been my biggest support through everything. You are my rock and I love you to the moon and back 1,000 times” he smiled “I never thought I could love someone so much” he sniffled “You are my love and you are giving me another life to love and I can’t wait to hold our little bean and share many more memories with you until we grow old” He smiled through his tears

You were now crying “Harry Edward Styles you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank you for putting up with my moodiness all these years and thank you for helping me become a stronger person. You taught me how to love and be in love. You were and still are there for me through the worst days and the happy days. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you or our future together and today we’re taking another step into our future. You gave me a beautiful soul to carry and I can’t wait to meet our little bean. You are the love of my life and Harry I love you to the moon and back 1,001 times” you wiped your tears, smiling at him

The pastor finished up his remarks “Now Harry Edward Styles do you take Y/N, M/N, L/N to be your lawful wedded wife?”

“I do” Harry said with all the confidence in the world

“And do you Y/N M/N L/N take Harry Edward Styles to be your lawful wedded husband?”

“I do” you smiled widely, tears forming in your eyes again

“I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Styles you may now kiss the bride”

Harry pulled you in closely, kissing you with all the love he had in his heart

You kissed him back and smiled when you felt Harry put his hand on your bump

When you both pulled apart you smiled at each other finally hearing everyone’s cheers, being so lost in the kiss

You walked back down the aisle into the limo that was taking you to your reception. The whole ride there you shared kisses. You both were laughing at how shaky you were and wiped each other’s tears

“I love you so much Mrs. Styles” he smiled and bit your lip softly

“I love you too Mr. Styles” you pecked his lips

“And I love you little bean” he kisses your tummy

“Forever and Always?” you smiled

“Forever and Always.” he kissed the back of your hand

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so next time someone says “one direction are never getting back together” or “one direction is dead” imma just remind them that harry is covering two one direction songs on his solo tour