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so I’m having a weirdly good week?

Played Stardew Valley yesterday and still managed a half a dozen things on the to-do list (including finding a dentist for the first time in over a decade, so that first appointment next week’s gonna be a doozy, whee! Not)

and the dishes are Not Backed Up, tho I’m a little behind on Step 3 (put it the fuck away) for the laundry




Went grocery shopping this morning. yes, the day before Thanksgiving! Because I R SMRT… it wasn’t actually that bad though? And I remembered butter which I’d forgotten the last three times I went shopping so we’d been COMPLETELY OUT FOR HALF A WEEK so that was good, at last.

am actually not so exhausted that having the kids home for four days sounds kinda painful, as happened for their last long weekend (new meds working? I think new meds are working!)

speaking of (long weekend not meds)


Like, honestly, in Thing 2’s school they were talking about thanksgiving traditions and he told me about it when he got home and I’m all… we don’t have any, what did you say?

He said we play board games.

I can get behind that as a tradition? 

The true leap of faith is jumping even if you can’t see the hay stack



Hello everyone! Ever since I started this blog at the beginning of this year, people have been so nice and welcoming and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation 💖

What the winner will get:

♥ The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set). One of my all-time favourite tarot decks!

♥ Velvet Tarot Card Drawstring Pouch

♥ Gemstone Pendants x 5: Clear Quartz Heart, Amethyst Heart, Rose Quartz Star, Tiger’s Eye Heart, Smokey Quartz Heart

♥ Two Lined Notebooks

♥ Pack of Stablio Point Fineliner Pens

♥ Set of Coloured Tealights

♥ Teabag Coaster and Teaspoon Set

♥ Handmade (by me!) Coffee and Doughnut Keychain


1. You must be 16 or older (and if you are under 18, you must have parental permission!)

2. You must be following me: thecrossstichwitch

3. Each reblog equals one entry. Likes do not count, but feel free to like this post for bookmarking purposes.

4. People who favourite my etsy shop will receive an extra entry! Message me on tumblr with your etsy profile name so I know it was you!

5. No giveaway or spam blogs.

6. DO NOT tag as giveaway! Tumblr has been known to remove giveaway posts/hide posts tagged as giveaway (to reduce spam posts in the tags I think), so let’s not risk it!!!

7. The winner must respond with their full name and shipping address within 24 hours. If you fail to respond another winner will be chosen in your place.

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL, so everyone feel free to participate! The giveaway ends 21st of May 2017, at 12 midnight BST (British Summer Time).

Good Luck Everyone!

(this giveaway is not affiliated with in any way).


she wasn’t interested in telling
other people’s f u t u r e s
 she was interested in going out
and finding h e r own

 lee ji eun as b l u e  s a r g e n t — the raven cycle

Small But Heartfelt Star Wars Giveaway!!

Hi fandom friends :D I’ve never done one of these, but I’ve wanted to for a while. No reason other than for fun. Nothing particularly big or impressive but getting mail/gifts is fun, right? :)

I’ve compiled a few fun dark-sidey-things to go to one cool person, pictured below!

Rules are below that, there aren’t many but please read them!

So here goes:

1. Tattered Black Cowl™ for optimum Extraness in cold weather

  • (1. Sorry for the terrible picture, 2. The one pictured is my one, yours is exactly the same but new/unworn with tag on and a little hanger)

2. Darth Vader Mug, for those who like their coffee/tea/cocoa on the dark side

3. First Order can cozie, for keeping your drink as cold as Starkiller Base

4. May The Force Be With You ring in ring box, so the Force will be with you always (ring is size 10, if that’s too big/small for the winner I’ll include a chain to wear it as a necklace)

5. Additional small goodies such as stickers, decals, keychain, etc. (Not pictured because surprises are fun).

All items are new/unused and in their original packaging.


1. You do not need to be following me (though if you did decide to, we can be friends and that would be cool!)
2. To enter: like and/or reblog this post.
3. ONE like and ONE reblog per applicant, so up to TWO total entries per person.
4. ^While I can’t stop people from reblogging from side blogs for extra entries, I’m going to come out right now and frown upon it, as it gives some an advantage over those who don’t have side blogs.
5. Winner must be willing to provide an address to send winnings to. I will ship internationally.

You have until the end of the day on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20 to enter.

On Tuesday, Nov 21 I’ll enter all the URLs into a randomizer, announce the winner and get in touch with them.

I’ll try to have this shipped by the beginning of December so you get it in time to use the cowl to mop up your tears when you go see TLJ. :’)

And … that’s it!

anonymous asked:

The why are you crying part reminds me of when Kaneki first went to :re.

you’re right, it does look similar with those ghibli tears *sobs*

It’s probably not meant as an actual parallel, but still

she gave a smile
a smile that looked a little troubled and a bit … sad

Yoo Youngjae (obligatory) Choker Appreciation

further oh good god no floof under the cut and here

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screaming-nope  asked:

Sorry for bothering you I am now invested with your BNHA Voltron au and i wanted to ask; do you think the attitudes of the lions would be any different? Like do you think the red lion will still be so protective over Bakugou, for example.

….tbh I hadn’t thought that deeply about this, but considering Bakugou is Bakugou I’d say Red is just as much of a mama with him as she is in canon - the one with the best relationship with his lion has to be Kirishima though, after all

7000 Follower Giveaway!

well.. I’m not exactly at 7000 yet, but close enough and I’m too excited to wait to post this!!

I have been trying to do a giveaway forever now, but college kept me too busy. Finals are done, I’m moved out, and Summer is here! I have two prizes to give away. Both feature decks that I hold dear, but just do not click with me. I’d love to find them new homes!

First Prize:

  • The Tarot of the Hidden Realm, a gorgeous fae deck with amazing art. It is perfect for communicating with the fair folk and for divination in general.
  • A wooden deck box ft. a hand carved faery star.
  • A amethyst cluster
  • A quartz point
  • A tumbled rainbow moonstone 

Second Prize:

  • The Fantastical Creatures Tarot, a wonderful deck featuring mythical and magickal creatures!
  • A drawstring deck bag (not pictured)
  • A sodalite tumbled stone
  • A pink dyed quartz point
  • A tumbled coprolite stone, perfect for animal magic! It goes with the deck theme well :)


  • This is a giveaway for my followers, so you must be following me @witchy-oates to enter.
  • You must be 18+ or have a guardian’s permission to enter.
  • This is an international giveaway, but I can only provide free shipping to US residents. Those outside of the US will have to pay shipping costs only.
  • Only reblogs count as entries. You can reblog as much as you want, but do not spam your followers with reblogging. It’s annoying and I’ll notice.
  • Do not tag this as “giveaway”. Tumblr might delete it and you’ll ruin the fun for everyone.
  • The winners must respond within 24 hours with their shipping addresses or I will have to redraw the winners.
  • If you enter from a sideblog, please let me know with the reply function and tell me your main.
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • This giveaway ends on 6/6/2017 at 11:59 EST, a month from being posted!