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On July 04, 1974, Ted and Liz went rafting when Ted pushed Liz into the waters :

“About an hour later, I was sitting on the edge of the raft, paying attention to nothing in particular, when suddenly and without warning, Ted lunged at me, put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me into the river. The plunge into the icy water took my breath away. I came up sputtering and grabbed the rope on the edge of the raft, too dazed for the moment to do more than hang on. I looked up at Ted and our eyes locked. His face had gone blank, as though he was not there at all. I had a sense that he wasn’t seeing me. I struggled to pull myself into the raft. He didn’t move, he didn’t speak. I could find no expression on his face.Why do you have to ruin everything?” I began when I could finally talk. “That’s not funny at all.He still looked at me as if I were a stranger. Then he looked away and said, “It was no big deal. Can’t you take a joke?”” - The Phantom Prince

Cassian: How do I look?

Amren: Like an idiot.

Cassian: Sweet.

honestly, boys are so dumb like why would you give me a tour of your place, introduce me to your friends, give me a little gift, walk me to my car, ask me to get dinner later this week, kiss me, and then cut off all communication? 

The Push

First thing’s first: I hate, hate, HATE being serious on here. This is a haven for fun above all other things, and I despise having to stop laughing, if only for a moment.

My good nature was pushed (again), and unfortunately, I will no longer be performing “The Script”.

I would like to apologize to <names removed to prevent more anon hate> for this, but the fun just got sapped out of this project for me, and I can’t do it if there’s no fun.

I was pretty clear before - I do this stuff for fun, and when someone (whoever they were) starts ruining the party, they ruin if for everyone.

Now I don’t want another Southern Crane episode - I don’t want people casting aspersions about who pushed Codot. I want to just get back to having fun.

So, again, sorry to the lovelies who took the time out of their day to write this for me, but it’s not happening now.

Codot xx

back home again

I had a great week last week but its fantastic being home again. Ahhh the life of an introvert. So I wanted to hit on a few things: 

  • Sorry I didn’t do a bullet point list of my thoughts for 5x17. I’d do it now but it feels too late. I was doing good to have enough time to watch the episode, write up my H&H recap and post the link here. 
  • But I LOVED the episode. That’s the sort of angst I really dig because it’s so deeply rooted in characterization and development. It moves the plot forward. I look at it like Adrian saw a blockage inside Oliver’s soul, blocked by a cork, and he removed the cork. He thinks doing so will ruin Oliver for good, but it’s going to prove to be the opposite. This is how he heals. I’m beyond delighted about it. 
  • Looks like there was some great stuff that came out of HVFF in Chicago this weekend. I tried my best to keep up with the highlights. So grateful to everyone who went and reported back to fandom on all the little goodies. 
  • (if the flashback sex in 5x20 happens because Felicity attempted the salmon ladder and fell off and Oliver caught her or something of that sort, I will probably expire from sheer delight.)
  • I think we have some really great episodes coming up… if we can get through these three weeks off in April. 😩 Honestly, who thought that scheduling was a good idea?? 
  • I feel like it’s all gonna start paying off. The patience and the faith… it’s all coming together. I have my fingers double and triple crossed. 

Ugh. Monday. A Monday after a vacation, no less. I need about fifty cups of coffee. Have a great week, everyone!

anonymous asked:

Do the Erins just not care that they are ruining all of their canon ships with incest? I can't look at half of these pairs the same anymore and it's a shame bc I really liked quite a few of them; DustFern (though I do agree it was creepy af he liked her when she was still an apprentice), BreezeHeather, LionCinder, etc etc.

tbh i just think that the erins forget relations beyond direct family

anonymous asked:

could you do headcanons for what the paladins do after finding out that their super kind and confident s/o used to be bullied a lot when they were younger?

Lance: My sunshine child would be INFURIATED– who dares meSS WITH HIS PRECIOUS S/O???? In conclusion someone is about to catch some fists

Keith + Pidge: They would both pester their s/o for information about the bully so they can lowkey ruin their lives. Pidge would do petty things, while Keith goes all out, like damn. [I wouldn’t be surprised if they helped each other out]

Hunk: He would just be a big babe and comfort his s/o. He doesn’t believe violence//revenge can change the past, so he’ll try his best to help his s/o in the present and future

Shiro: ”Patience yields focus” my ass. Shiro is about to simultaneously comfort you by spoiling you like a princess and beat the shit out of someone behind your back. You didn’t even know Shiro taught them a lesson until you guys met in your bully in public and they began to cower in fear at your boyfriend

bonus Allura:,,, lets just say your bully is going to feel the wrath of an Altean princess. catch these fists on the astral plane @ s/o bully(s) She’d be sure to be careful of what she does around you, not wanting to bring back those painful memories. tbh she’d do a lot of stuff to take your mind off it

[sorry these are so bad and ooc]

Do we actually know if ACOWAR is the final book in the series?

What about all the other books? Are any of them a continuation? I looked in SJM’s email and it says,

“No, I can’t tell you if they’re a continuation or spinoffs or prequels. Believe me, I’m DYING to, but it’d spoil some major things for Book 3 (like…who survives, ha.). But I can tell you this: the first book that will release after Book 3 (let’s call it #4?), is a project that I started writing for fun.”

Did she ever say somewhere and I missed it?

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ocean's 12 au where iris is playing the role of the chick that rusty's wants to date that keeps consistently spoiling their plans.

I’ve never seen Ocean’s 12, alas. But let me try regardless.

1 - This all started when Iris went to a reporter conference and developed the world’s biggest crush on Lois Lane, both professionally and personally. Lois made a joke about Iris coming back when she’s won her first Pulitzer and they’ll go on a date, as long as it’s OK with her very adorkable husband, Clark. Iris is going to get that Pulitzer even if she has to kill somebody for it.

2 - She decides an expose on the Rogues will do well enough as her subject. So she starts stalking them.

3 - Per Len’s agreement with Barry, they can’t hurt her or allow her to be hurt. But after the third ruined heist, oh, do they want to.

4 - this is only resolved once they finally agree to take her on heists WITH them. there is much grumbling before that happens, though.

5 - Iris gets her date in the end. Len and Mick end up hanging out with Clark while Iris and Lois are on their date. By hanging out, I mean they invite him for a threesome. It’s only when they manage to get him to let out heat-vision (that hasn’t happened since his wedding night and/or that very special anniversary present Lois got him! he had no idea it would happen!) that they realize something is unusual about him.

6 - Clark refuses to become a Rogue. Len pouts about this, because it would’ve been SO awesome.