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honestly i believed in h&l's relationship since i saw the first gif of them but what still hits me is the jealousy moment when harry touches liam's ear and louis just "do me a favor" like???

hell fucking yeah

louis was one (1) jealous man…and i made detailed gifs to prove it

it all started when harry suddenly had the curious urge to touch liam’s ear

then liam must have been like:

so…the ever jealous louis…spotted them

ohohohohhohoho shittttt

dark harry who? it was Dark Louis

then here comes the most iconic part that haunted me for years……

honestly harry wasnt even doing ANYTHINF then louis ???? just ???jkjd??dh??dfgg?fd?f?dg?fg??????

i will never understand

anyway larry is real have a nice day anon

  • Shiro: Keith, date?
  • Keith: It's the twentieth.
  • Shiro: ...
  • Lance: Date?
  • Keith: I have raisins.
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: What?
  • Lance: Please go out with us.
  • Shiro: We're getting desperate.
  • Hunk: Remember when I told you I liked Shay a lot?
  • Lance: Yeah?
  • Hunk: I have something important to tell you.
  • Lance: What's up, buddy?
  • Hunk: You have a crush on Keith.
  • Lance: ...what?
  • Hunk: On the bright side, he likes you too.
  • Lance: WHAT?!

That’s his story. You wanna hear mine? Hmm? FP was a mess. He was stealing from the company and selling stuff on the side. All things considered, I was pretty generous. [So generous you didn’t give him a second chance?] Of course I did! You have no idea how many times I bailed that man out of jail. Son … when someone is drowning, you can try to save them.