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Chica in the Woods

Seeing this cute doggo in the Darkiplier hoodie prompted me to draw her in the style of my current favorite game. These charity streams are usually inspiring and this was the latest piece to come from one of them. Cool to see all the positive and creative reactions from the community! Bravo to all those who make donations

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combination post of the first three of my Yuri on ice characters in pride flag colours, because i know ppl like reblogging/seeing these kind of posts together, and im still figuring out the next three characters.

This post features, Yuuri in asexual flag colours, Viktor in Bisexual flag colours and Yurio in aromantic flag colours.

I have a few ideas for characters/other flags but my inbox is open to suggestions.

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I’ll be more active now. Just gotta post this speedpaint. I promised myself that i would draw everyday and be free. I won’t be serious in studies anymore unless exams. I’m not sure if i’m gonna do the meet the artist since i dunno what to share much. I dont have a specific bag either. WAHH i only completed seven’s route in the christmas dlc but it’s okay hehe! I am obsessed to 707 onwy ;3;!!

Speedpaint - soon

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Seriously, it’s been SO many days since my last drawing, so here have a doodle from my Married AU (Still need to come up with a freaking name for this).

Yes, I am now officially keeping this headcanon about Plagg’s aversion to …married human couple things. Why? Because I have updated It’s An Effort with a new chapter and I just used the same running gag a second time..or a third? (I can’t remember)



Hello, Everyone! Haven’t been staying up to date with the whole shipping thing for the past few month or so. Been busy with Uni, and well. Just trying to finish up my Sem this year.

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“Ya ready for a SPLASH DOWN, kid?!”

The Splatoon 2 trailer gave us a lot of hype for sure, and while the TentaMissiles(name still in progress) looks really cool, I think we’re all too busy making overwatch jokes to see the true potential of the Splashdown. What would happen if you stack it with Stealth Jump or Quick Jump?

I can’t wait to cause some destruction~