do not repost or put in gif hunt

shizayaweek takes place during the seven days that lie between shizaya day (13th April) to shizuo’s day (20th April). During this week it will give shizaya fans a chance to get involved in making edits, art, fics or anything else relating to the prompts given for each day. Of course you can choose to participate in just one day, a few days, or even the whole week! The choice is yours. In order for us to be able to track everyone’s wonderful contributions for each day, we would like to propose the use of #shizayaweek.

What is #shizayaweek?

• a special tag to use for entries for the shizaya week.
• things to tag as #shizayaweek [gifs, graphics, fanarts, fanfics, drabbles – basically entries for the week]
• things NOT to tag as #shizayaweek [text posts, personal stuff, rps, reposted edits, reposted fanarts]

How does #shizayaweek work?

• tag your entries for shizaya week as #shizayaweek
• do NOT add a space between ‘shizaya’ and ‘week’. we do NOT track ’#shizaya week’
• be sure to put #shizayaweek as one of your first 5 tags (click this to learn more on how tagging works on tumblr)

Why should I use #shizayaweek?

• it makes hunting and reblogging entries for the week easier
• it’s possibly the best way to discover new gif/graphic makers, authors & artists and meet fellow shizaya fans

Start tracking this tag so that you can see entries for shizaya week on your dash. Help us promote #shizayaweek!

This is just a fun project we can all work on together to appreicate our favourite ship! We hope that everybody can enjoy themselves!

*Original text taken from the snkgraphic promo post. Thank you!