do not repost my edits either please

Please don’t repost my fanarts without asking first! Please don’t edit them, or cut the signature out.

I had a seperate page for this on my blog but I just realized mobile users can’t see the page and a lot of people are reposting my art recently. So I had to write this post seperately.

If you want to use my art for your fanfiction or scenarios or drabbles, it’s fine but please ask me first. Don’t worry, I am not a jerk, I will allow it if you credit me and put a link to the original post.

But if you are just reposting it as it is, or editing, please don’t do it. Because then I will ask you to delete it. 

Also this is not just for me either, if you see an original content and you want to acknowledge it, first like/reblog, and then if you want to, write a comment, or write in your tags or you can simply reply or send an ask. And if you want to post it to another social media site, ask the owner first. Because when someone spends a lot of time and effort on something, seeing that people doesn’t even care about the artist and their efforts is discouraging, and it gets tiring and disappointing too.

I am sorry if this came out a bit harsh. Thank you for reading! And have a nice day!


                                          For the Glory of ManKind.

‘Kay, so I definitely have a NieR; Automata problem. Y’all better take away my tablet or my game—’cause my hands keep on slipping into different worlds. Fun worlds. Detailed worlds! Like really look at it, because it’s more detailed than what I did for Prompto! I love the difference between his YoRHa look and his Resistance look. I’m pleased and want to keep going and expanding this AU…even though I have like a billion AU’s and worlds! Either way, Enjoy!

NieR: Prompto 

“…And now, we have a special treat for our audience: the unmasking of Ladybug! A round of applause please!”

Remember that carnival AU? Here’s my take on Alya aka Lady Wifi - the master of ceremonies and the ever-vigilant seeker of the truth! She probably dictates how the show goes (with her pause and play abilities) and will do almost anything to find out who Ladybug really is!! Wonder how LB and CN defeated her this time ^^

I wanted to post this in time for Halloween but oops >u<;;;;;;

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Please do not use, edit or repost this photo without permission. Please don’t remove this caption either. Thank you! ♡


Pt 18 - Props about Molly Hooper & Sherlock - from the Costumes area at Sherlocked 2016 - These are my photos, so please do not repost Anywhere, You may make Edits with these if you wish, but please put a link to this post as credit, thanks!

Newspapers: (Part 1) (Part 2). Props: (Blind Banker) (Pt 2), (His Last Vow) (Pt 2), (Baskerville),(Reichenbach Fall) (Pt 2), (Scandal), (Study in Pink), (The Abominable Bride) (Pt 2) (Pt 3). Characters:(Lestrade), (Moriarty)  (Pt 2), (Molly & Sherlock), (Mycroft Holmes) (Pt 2), (Sherlock) (Pt 2) (Face mask), (Watson) (pt 2),

I’ve tried to make the green form about Sherlock readable - I presume it’s either from when he was shot or fell of the rooof? Can anyone with medical knowledge read the Doctory bits? all I can read apart from Sherlock’s name & address is ‘unknown cause’ and that his next of kin says ‘contact M Holmes!’.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your artwork and positivity, and always thought you should get more recognition for it! When you post artworks, it says on the bottom to not use/edit/repost, though. Does that mean I can't reblog, either? PS, thank you for all of your wonderfulness! 😍

OMG, thank you so much❤︎ You are too kind :’)

I had the same question when I started Tumblr and saw “please don’t use/edit/repost” and things like that.
It just means please don’t put it up on other sites or take it and edit it to use it as your profile picture, etc.
Reposting, which is taking the art and putting it up as your own post even if you put down the Artist’s name and link, even on this site, is a big fat NO because:
1. That’s theft.
2. Notes and especially reblogs are what I use to gauge overall direction of how my future projects could/should go. If someone reposts my stuff, I don’t see the # of notes because it’s not MY post, and I would think that particular post was a bust, and go in another direction. (This literally happened to my Jack + Cas post, and I had to report a few people. Because of reposts, I almost deterred from my Burtonesque Style altogether because I thought it wasn’t that popular.)


Reblogs, to me, means that you like my work enough that you want to share it with your followers. That you like it that much. (”Likes” are like bookmarks to me, where you might or might not look at later.)
Also, I go to ALL reblogs to read your tags.
That is my most favorite thing to do, and most times I befriended a person on this site, it was because I liked their tags so much I had to send them a “thank you message”.
Nothing brings me more joy on this site than to get reblogged :)
I’m sure other Artists feel the same way.

I always wonder if it might sound a little cocky and forceful if I put “Reblogs are welcome and appreciated” at the end of my “Please do not use/edit/repost” disclaimer, but it is always implied ;)

Thank you so much for your Ask, you definitely made my day.
I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend :)

I might come back and revisit this design later, but for now this is all I can do. Sorry it looks so sloppy ahh!!!

Anyways, I kinda really like decora and though this may be a much more mild version of that fashion style, I really like Eridan in it!

(please do not edit/use/repost this on facebook, deviantart, instagram, tumblr, or any other social media website without permission from me, the artist, and/or proper credit and source. If you reblog this please also do not tag as anything negative about either the art or the character depicted. If you don’t like it, don’t reblog it. Thank you)

repost only !!   please do not reblog !!
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name : Princess Rapunzel of Corona.
nickname / alias : Punz, Punzel, Raps.
zodiac sign :  Cancer.
gender : Female
favourite colour : Green
average hours of sleep : About eight.
last thing you googled : —
height : 5ft 4inches


name : Roo
nickname / alias : Plenty but tbh I’m too tired to remember so if you want to tell me my nickname feel free lmao
zodiac sign : Scorpio
gender : Female
favorite colour : Blue.
average hours of sleep : Either three or ten. There is no in between.
last thing you googled : V.oltron lions.
height : 5ft 6inches


Edited CG from Tsumugu’s main story chapter 3!

Because I’m a creep here’s another sleeping/waking up CG set (/w\)

The original CG is the bottom right (eyes and mouth open), while the CG you see in game is the top left (eyes and mouth closed). I merged the two so that you can have him with one eyed closed and the mouth either open or closed as he’s waking up >w<

Please do not repost without permission

Visit my edits page for more of these! ^w^

Please stop reposting my art ;;;;

I don’t talk about it alot but I do not want my art being posted or for any commercial usage anywhere including but not limited to tumblr, facebook, twitter, misc. forums, edits, etc. If you want to use anything for icons/sidebar/themes/banners/etc, please credit me, you don’t have to ask. I just request that you don’t alter the image any more beyond cropping.

If you see someone reposting art and they wouldn’t take it down, you can either tell me/the artist or use this link to report them and tumblr will remove the entirety of the reposted art including the notes it got and all of the reblogs it has within one or two days.

Thank you so much for those who have come to me about reposted art. I’m really upset about it but oh well. 

cocktail ♡ jonghyun
lyrics by: kim jonghyun
translation @sullaem
* please do not edit or repost without credit.

oh, i’m sorry babe,
why don’t you order something, babe?
whenever i’m with you.
whatever it is, stop it, baby.
(you hyponotize me)
that’s a real lady.
oh, sorry, i’ve gone off topic again.
whatever i see you, babe,
i always seem to lose my mind.

i’ll take my usual, babe.
you know, right? what it is that i want.
don’t avert my gaze.
don’t keep trying to hide it, either.
you already know, the only thing i’ve wanted is you.

you’re so popular, you
from the time to time i pity,
those swarming all around you
scattered at every turn.
coming at you to do your bidding,
like their lives are on the line.
‘cause i’m the only one you think is cute.
your pretty smile is just for me.

you’re my cocktail,
you, you, you, you, you.
you’re my cocktail.
you, you, you, you, you.
('cause you) your charms, i’m,
(i, i love you) i’m falling for them.
('cause you) your charms, i’m,
(i, i love you) i’m falling for them.
you’re my cocktail,
you, you, you, you, you.

a panorama unfolds, extreme,
i swiftly knock back.
another sip of you again, right now,
(i can’t stop) one sip.
(without wings) i feel like i’m flying.
what my hands have grasped isn’t a glass.

i wanna take you slowly (slow, slow),
i feel you wanna take it slowly (slow, slow).
take a deep breathe and hold my hand.
don’t slip away from me.
i want you more desperately than anyone.
yeah, yeah, yeah.

you’re so popular, you,
from time to time i pity you.
those swarming all around you.
scattered at every turn,
coming at you to do your bidding
like their lives are on the line.
'cause i’m the only one you think is cue.
your pretty smile is just for me.

you’re my cocktail,
you, you, you, you, you.
you’re my cocktail.
you, you, you, you, you.
('cause you) your charms, i’m,
(i, i love you) i’m falling for them.
('cause you) your charms, i’m,
(i, i love you) i’m falling for them.
you’re my cocktail,
you, you, you, you, you.

no matter how much of you,
i try to fill to the brim of my glass.
no matter how much i fill myself,
there’s no end in sight.

you’re my cocktail,
you, you, you, you, you.
you’re my cocktail.
you, you, you, you, you.
('cause you) your charms, i’m,
(i, i love you) i’m falling for them.
('cause you) your charms, i’m,
(i, i love you) i’m falling for them.
you’re my cocktail,
you, you, you, you, you.

[translator’s notes: in korean, the line “your pretty smile is just for me” literally says “you only smile prettily for me”, but it sounds clunky (in english) so the translator rewordded it. the part about “filling you in my glass” is also largely reworded for clarity / flow.]


Sorry for the lack of updates! I’m having a hard time finding inspiration on what to draw. So have some shippy LeoKamu and KamuElise sisterly love as compensation. 

I opened my ask box a while ago; so if you have some ideas for LeonxKamui, MarxxKamui, and Nohr sibling fluff, you can send an ask and I might be inspired to draw them.

Please DO NOT repost, edit, crop, remove watermark, etc. any of my art!

(Also, I might post this on my Pixiv account later; so please do not take it from there either!)