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Makeup Date

Hello, Love bugs!

Phil X Reader

Just a quick fluffy Phil x reader going to the cinema and reader eating all Phil’s popcorn. Thanks for the idea Megan!

 It was killing you that Phil had went to La La Land without you. He knew you wanted to go see it with him but while you were busy with work and life he secretly went to the cinema with his bestie Dan. He thought he could have gotten away with it before you could ever find out but Dan had spilled the beans on his live show. He was doing his usual bants and had mentioned that ever since the two of them had gone he couldn’t stop singing the songs. If it wasn’t for Tumblr reposting gifs of Dan talking about the movie you may truly have never known. It was finally a quiet evening where the two of you were free and come hell or high water the two of you were seeing it together. 

“I know you have already seen it but at all the parts that are surprises and what not could you please pretend that you didn’t see it coming?” You were holding hands with Phil as the two of you neared the late show. Phil had tried to pull off all of the things that you enjoyed to let you know he was terribly sorry for going to the movie with Dan and not wait for you. First was the pretty flowers in a purple vase. Next was the meal he cooked for you. All your favs. Now it was the movie and you were promised any treat you wanted. He was forgiven before the flowers but you would never let him know that. Once you had the tickets and all of the treats the both of you could stuff into your pockets and arms you were finally seated and relaxing.

 "So I don’t want any spoilers but it’s good,right?“ Phil laughed as he grabbed a handful of popcorn.

“It was absolutely horrible. That’s why Dan wont stop singing every song around the house constantly.” You nudge him in the side.

“I’m sorry I was sure that this was my please forgive me date. I think all of Dan’s sass after all of these years is really starting to rub off on you.” You lean into him enjoying his warmth and comfort. One evening he was convinced you were a magical theft who was capable of stealing the warmth of innocent bystanders. The room started to become black as the trailers for the newest movies started to play. You of course insisted you didn’t want any popcorn when you first arrived but now Phil’s bag of popcorn was calling to you.Just as you were thinking of an opertune way to try and get some sneaky popcorn Phil did the lame arm over the shoulder thing. It was perfect because you could now snuggle into him more and reach the bag more discretely. 

Phil thankfully hadn’t noticed his popcorn dissipating until you were about twenty minutes into the movie. It would have been fine if he hadn’t met your hand in the bag. 

“What happen to my popcorn?” Phil whispered into your ear. You couldn’t help but giggle at him. He was so desperately trying to be quiet but he was also having a hard time holding back laughter at a not so funny scene in the movie. You knew his weakness and gave him the puppy dog forgive your girlfriend eyes. He gave in and decided to accept his loss by just handing you the half empty bag. You decided it was probably only fair to make a trade so you dug in your pocket and shared a few sour patch kids with him.

Thoughts on Quiet BPD

When asked about BPD, most people who know about this disorder immediately think of the “classic” symptoms: impulsive behaviors and episodes of rage. The same holds true for even mental health professionals.

But rage and impulsivity are only two out of the nine criteria in determining whether someone has BPD. Some people with BPD—myself included—meet the criteria for a diagnosis but do not use these “acting out behaviors.”

So what does it mean to have quiet BPD?

You probably still suffer from extreme mood swings and emotional reactivity, self-harm and suicidal ideation, chronic feelings of emptiness, paranoid ideation, dissociation, a lack of identity, and the intense fear of abandonment we love so very much (disclaimer: we hate it.).

And it may well be that your relationships are stormy as well—even if the other person has no freaking idea how distressing said friendship is to you.

How is that possible? Well, we feel the same things other people with BPD feel: we idealize you and become deeply emotionally attached to you, then suddenly we become emotionally cold and distant toward you over just a minor disappointment, we’re kept awake at night by paranoia that you secretly hate us because you didn’t text us back immediately, we spiral into crushing depression over the littlest things you say and do.

But the difference lies in how we express it.

With “classic” BPD you may tell the other person what you’re feeling. You may accuse the person of lying to you, avoiding you, abandoning you, etc. You may display anger toward the other person or get into arguments. The other person becomes aware of what you’re thinking and feeling. Not so with quiet BPD.

I almost never tell my friends what’s going through my mind unless they ask. I’m too terrified of being a burden to them. I internalize this tempest of dysphoria, letting it fester for weeks and months. I will drop off your radar, distancing myself from you without you even noticing. Unless you reach out to me, you’ll never hear from me again. I’ll isolate myself, forever convinced you hate me and that you’re better off not dealing with my burdensome self… even if there’s no evidence to suggest this. Even if we’ve literally been best friends for years.

You may not notice this shift at all, simply because I don’t express it. The friendship may not be distressing for you, but it’s sure as hell distressing for me. I’ve cycled through so many friendships in this way, in near constant agony as a result—and the vast majority of my friends had no idea.

I’m obsessed over this idea that I’m a burden. That my very existence is an annoyance to everyone, and so I very frequently deny myself the very emotion so often associated with BPD: anger.

I loathe myself so much I feel I don’t have the right to be angry for myself.

Sure, I can feel anger all right. If you slight a friend or family member of mine, I cannot begin to describe the rage that wells up inside me.

But if you insult me? I’ll sink to depression and probably agree with you (this has happened multiple times).

People with different types of BPD respond differently to the same triggers. For some, if they feel you’re going to abandon them or that you don’t care about them, they respond with anger. Others act impulsively in hopes of relieving some of their pain. But I respond by turning inward. I justify these “signs” that everyone in my life hates me—the same signs recognized by people with “classic” BPD—by deciding that if I’m going to be abandoned, well, it’s because I deserve to be. If you do hate me, it’s because I am, in fact, absolute scum. My BPD takes these signs and twists them into reinforcement of my extreme self-loathing. If anything, I’ll be angry with myself.

This translates into “acting in” behaviors that aren’t as obvious as impulsive behaviors. I self-harm and don’t tell a soul about it, I lock myself in my room and cry for hours, I become so emotionally numb I just stare at the wall all day, I’ll sleep for an entire weekend to escape my pain, I’ll even deny myself food because what’s the point of extending my lifespan, especially if I don’t deserve it?

Any kind of BPD sucks, quiet or otherwise. But raising awareness about quiet BPD is crucial: professionals may not realize we have BPD because we don’t fit the “classic” model, and thus we end up spending years misdiagnosed or in treatment that doesn’t address what’s actually going on with us. We could be spared YEARS of additional suffering by getting the correct treatment as soon as possible. So let’s raise awareness, shall we?


“You psycho.”

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I mean, first of all, why Toffee HAS such book when not even Star has something like that? That book it’s about the wand and it’s WAAAY more organized than her glossary.

Second, why did he need the book? He could just do whatever he wants with the wand and with the glossary, but he STUDY the wand…

Then, in the season finale, Toffee ask Star to destroy the wand. He could do ANYTHING with the wand, but he decides it’s best to destroy.

He even KNOWS that Star’s mother had given her the spell and it was the very first she learned! He confirms it’s the spell when she thinks out loud “The Whispering Spell”… HOW THE HELL HE EVEN KNOWS THAT?!

And there’s more. He has a plan for the broken wand. We could dismiss and think it was his mistake trying to get rid of the one thing that make Star easily defeat monsters, but a second before he says “gentleman, it’s been a pleasure”. He broke their agreement which means he accomplished his goal.

Everyone could think he had made a mistake when the wand exploded right after, but then we have this scene…


He KNEW the wand would explode, he knew it could destroy him, he KNEW EVERYTHING!

And then the Wand upgrades and there’s a missing piece.

And let’s pay a little more attention on these facts: look at the Queen face when she mention everything Star did…

Then Star gives her the wand…

As soon as she sees the wand, this is her face!

The calm, serious and indifferent Queen is freaking WORRIED.

Star knows she was supposed to be mad, but when her mother hugs her, she says “I’m always mad. I’m just glad you’re safe”. Which means that she knows  it wasn’t supposed to happen and that Star was in serious danger to came to the point of the wand became shattered.

As soon as Star leaves She says “I don’t know if we are doing the right thing, River” and the King tried to calm her down. They talk to Glossarick, and when he sees the wand he became also worried.


THE WAND DIDN’T CHANGED! It was supposed to be changed to fit whoever holds it, but it didn’t change back to what it was when her mother takes it!

Glossarick says then “I hope you find the pieces soon”, and the piece show up to somewhere…




THIS WAS TOFFEE PLAN! He wants the wand shattered, he’s probably looking for the missing piece, he has some kind of plan for it!

This went too deep and I’m freaking out for the next season!!!!

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A Tale Of Two Rulers Part 20

The contracts might be done, but Ganondorf isn’t.

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A Zelda Fancomic voiced by the actors at

“A Tale of Two Rulers” is a Zelgan comic about Zelda and Ganondorf trying to break the cycle.

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Artist: @figmentforms
A Tale of Two Rulers:

Heart Eyes

summary: phil finds out about ‘heart eyes howell.’ he tries catching it.

info: fluff (as per fucking usual), a lil’ longer

a/n: a little angst??? do i even know how to write angst


Phil has seen it plenty of times. Heart Eyes Howell. 

It wasn’t something he minded, though. Phil knew his audience definitely did. But what they didn’t understand was it was just Dan’s thing. He stared at people when they talk. Cat, Louise, Tyler- anyone and everyone. It was regular.

But as he was feeling adventurous, he decided to scroll through the ‘phan’ tag on Tumblr. Phil knew it was a death trap and nothing good could come out of this except curiosity, pastel colors and a feminine Dan Howell.

Phil sat on his bed, crossed legs like a kindergartener.

Curiosity killed the cat,” He thought, considering putting away his laptop and doing something productive like watering the houseplants, “Oh well.”

It was edits, quotes and gifs galore.

Phil almost couldn’t believe that his fans were capable of doing something so amazing; creating this amazing community for everyone.

Sometimes he would laugh, sometimes he would just raise his eyebrows. He didn’t understand some of the things his following did, but Phil loved them too much to judge them for anything. He considered them family. 

Then, the posts started coming through. The conspiracies.

he’s in love with him

they’re too married for this world

Phil read off some of the words they have written. The pictures, the old tweets. He’ll admit that all of them are 100% true. Dan on the other hand, won’t even talk to him about the past. He ignores it like they never even happened. 

Like they were always this way. 

Just purely platonic best friends who could rule the world side by side. 

Phil sighed, still scrolling through. “Those Heart Eyes again- are they really this common?” 

Left and right were pictures of Dan staring at Phil like he was the only thing he cared about. Black and white filters to add some effect- Someone had to have edited this in some way to make it seem like that, right?

Phil knew he was lying to himself. 

You know what? I’m gonna catch him. Every chance I get.


“Hey everyone!” Dan exclaimed to the camera, as they filmed yet another gaming video. Undertale, which meant one hour in front of a camera. Phil not only had his own two eyes to catch Heart Eyes in action- but a camera lens.

Phil forgot for a second what he was planning on saying. He came up with this stuff on the spot, “Hey Dan and Phil Games short haircuts!” 

Still looking at the camera, he tried to focus in on Dan. “Really? Short haircuts?” 

He was doing it. 

Exactly what everyone was talking about. His eyes had a sparkle, and his smile was almost loving. Dan’s head was tilted in his direction, and he looked like an absolute angel.

“W-Well, Toto has short hair, don’t they?” Phil replied, stuttering a bit. He was taken aback. He didn’t know he would actually catch it- especially that quickly. 

Dan chuckled, “Sure- Sure, Phil.” 

Alright, let’s get into it. Where did we leave off?”


They filmed, and filmed, and filmed.

Phil would make a remarking joke and Dan would just chuckle, staring straight into his eyes, completely ignoring the fact that they were playing a game. It would only be for a split second, but it felt like years. Phil would stare right back, almost transfixed on him.

So, this is what people are talking about- huh.

It happened quite a few times, really. Sometimes randomly and other moments Phil wouldn’t even notice he was doing it. Is this what the people are talking about? 

He could tell Dan was getting freaked out by his weird behavior this episode- though weird behavior was his forte. So, Dan pause the gameplay and turned over to him.

“What’s wrong? You’re acting a little weird today.” Dan asked, genuinely concerned. Phil only froze in place, trying to seem fine- he wasn’t.

“Nothing’s wrong, Dan- let’s keep going-”

“Nothing’s wrong? It sure as hell doesn’t seem like anything’s wrong. You’ve been staring at me like there’s something in my eye- Oh my god, do I have something in my eye? Ugh, I hate it when that happens-” Dan ranted, probing at the inner corners of his eyes with his finger. Phil shushed him, rolling his eyes.

Putting his hands on top of his, he felt a little shiver run up his arm but continued on to talk, “Absolutely nothing is in your eye, and absolutely nothing is going on with me- Now, can we please get back to filming?”

His eyes begged Dan to just unpause the game and continue playing like they were planning to. But as they were flatmates, Phil knew Dan like the back of his hand, and he certainly wasn’t going to do that.

“No, Phil- just tell me what’s going on.” He did it again. The eyes- they were sparkling with interest. They were no longer just a brown glob, but something more than Phil could’ve even seen before.

His almost wanted to remove his hands from his, but he didn’t want to. It felt comforting. Right

Phil snapped out of it. He felt something he didn’t want to feel and he was sure Dan could see his mind freaking out from the outside. “I’m sorry, look- nothing’s wrong.” 

“Then why the fuck are you apologizing?” He chuckled sarcastically. Dan’s face could only describe confusion at this point.

“Because, I’m assuming shit- sorry- that I shouldn’t.” Phil apologized for cursing, even though he knew that Dan didn’t care. Of all people, he shouldn’t have to apologize to Dan for cursing- of all things.

Dan smiled, looking up. 

“Phil, you’re my best friend in the entire fucking world. I know I’m not the best at listening, but Jesus Christ- I care about you more than anything. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’ve come a long way, and I thank you for that.

“You’re quite literally the sun- spreading joy like a fucking confetti blaster and I just want you- need you to tell me what’s wrong. It could be the most stupidest thing- a dog bit you this morning- you want to move out- I don’t care,” He smiled even more, “Whatever makes you happy.”

Phil could feel the tension between them. He could slice it with a knife. And Dan could feel it as well. Honestly, it was always there; ever since good ol’ 2009.

They were extremely close, feet touching underneath the table. Their hands were gripping onto each others like they were never planning on letting go. Phil savored it.

The moment wasn’t perfect though. Dan had a bit of lint on his shoulder that’s been annoying Phil since the beginning of the day. Phil hadn’t brushed his teeth since breakfast and his breath smelt of death- coming from Dan’s perspective. 

But none of that mattered. Phil’s mind was rushing with adrenaline from Dan. His features were softer- more touchable than before. He didn’t know what love felt like, as he has never experienced it.

But Phil kissed him anyway.

He heard Dan breath in, and felt Dan smile, kissing him back.

It felt natural, as Phil’s hands went straight in to pull Dan closer. Grabbing his hair, Dan twisted it around his fingers. He tasted the cereal off his lips. Phil sighed.

I’m certainly taking this out of the video.


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UN.    chloe often makes noises in her sleep,   like small whines and moans.   she wasn’t aware of it until a partner pointed it out to her.   since then,   she’s almost been kind of self conscious of it.

DEUX.    her eyes are sensitive to bright lights,   especially sunlight so you’ll often find her squinting in the sun.   because of this,   she has a relatively decent sized collection of sunglasses,   mostly ray-ban.

TROIS.    she prefers bubble baths over bath bombs because she likes the noise the bubbles make.   it’s very subtle,   but it relaxes her.   she often sinks really low into the tub just to hear them better.

QUATRE.    chloe loVES 80s music.   though,   she grew up with more 90s stuff,   she prefers 80s.   sometimes,   when she thinks no one is watching,   she loves dancing and singing in her kitchen to 80s music.   especially while she’s cooking.   she’s only been busted a couple times.

CINQ.    chloe sings soprano,   and she does it quite well.   she doesn’t let her musical side show often,   but it’s definitely there.   she’s able to play piano and guitar as well. 

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01. sleeps with a pillow between his knees for better posture.
02. frequently sits with one leg crossed over the other.
03. if left unnoticed, will discreetly sketch/draw those within view.
04. insists on wearing a single earring after ardyn made the mistake of yanking out the other as children.
05. leaves folded calligraphy notes, anonymously and signed, for the people of lucis and those residing in the citadel.

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A Zelda Fancomic voiced by the actors at

“A Tale of Two Rulers” is a Zelgan comic about Zelda and Ganondorf trying to break the cycle.

Find the music here: 
It’s an amazing track so I suggest you check it out!
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Artist: @figmentforms

A Tale of Two Rulers:

Too Hot for Facebook

On Facebook today there was a post about Betsy DeVos and her support of using US Taxpayer dollars to fund private Christian schools. I reposted it with my own commentary on being a child of K-12 private Christian Education by a very right wing sect of Evangelical Lutherans. I didn’t say much other then that those schools caused me harm and were a poor value with teachers that do not require any credentials to teach.

I didn’t expect to find myself in tears about it later on.  I am surprised to find, that at my ripe old age, I still feel this strongly about the way I was made to feel both as a woman and as a pansexual who has never really figured out what’s going on with her gender.

In our sexual education we were told to remain chaste for marriage. I was told never to masturbate from a young age. It makes God mad to enjoy yourself.

I was taught to accept abuse from people in positions of authority. A youth pastor once told us a story about his childhood. His brothers teased him until he cussed at them, then ratted him out. His father made him say the word over and over again, each time slapping him in his face. This was held up to us as righteous, though I swear he looked like he wanted to cry as he talked about it.

In my middle school years I was once told that I sat like a ‘Street Walker’ by our brand new male Principal because my 7th grade self sat with a leg up in my book bin. I was taught by a ‘good woman’ of the church that you needed to stay with a man, even if he hit you a few times. When I asked the male Pastor about this, he confirmed that yes, in fact, you needed to try to work it out even if a man (your husband, of course) has hit you.

In high school I was taught to mock other religions by old men. I was taught women were never allowed to instruct a man in religion. That was for smug, older men who mocked everything I held dear and knew that I was inside, while claiming they also stood for the love of this god who would never, could never, accept me. If I had come out in any way, I would have been kicked out. They did not tolerate it. For me, embarrassing my religious grandmother was a risk I could not take. She had disowned other family members for being gay.

This is what religious schooling meant for me. It meant I was agnostic before I ever graduated from their shitty school. If you want to pay for your kids to experience this, fine. I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for this shit.

P. S. I was taught the world was 6000 years old. There was a lot of hilarious creation science bullshit too. I was never taught the theory of evolution. Thanks, dickweasles. I was also name called Satan Worshiper for playing RPGs and Faglover for supporting gay rights.

P. S. S. I am shockingly bitter still. But holy shit.

That’s sound logic, that is.

I am struggling to find anything really funny about this season so far lol. It’s stressing me out SO MUCH. (also excuse the terrible BG for this, I’m exhausted ._. ) But in other news, you might notice that I’ve started putting my tumblr at the bottom of the comics! Do not take this off! I don’t see another way to salvage credit when people repost things elsewhere :,D  Also, my give away ends in 3 days! Go reblog the post if you haven’t already!

Magi 314 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which a couple becomes canon. Please don’t scream at me… .

Note that I have rushed through this so you might find LOTS of mistakes.

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Finished!!! I’m so happy with this peace, I think it really describes a happy outing in the usually chaotic lives of my characters in the Solstice. Once I graduate I’ll be able to finally start this comic for real. I’ll be posting character bios and little teasers of the series throughout! So if you like theater of the absurd style comedy, mystery, action, satire, and more puns than you can shake a stick at please consider reading my comic in the future!! ;v; 

From left to right you have Kouki, Smit, Hanz, Daiki, Chicho, Hachi, Takashi, and Minori! 

You can find out more about them I’m my Solstice tag! Thank you so much for your support as always, you’re all wonderful people to me!

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