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i have seen a lot of people reposting your work they always say it's yours but i can't find half of the things they do, do you have any other site where you post everything? i tried going through hasthags but i can't find half of it :(



Okay. Well. 

  • I post pretty much everything here on tumblr (LINK). 
  • I do post sketches and works in progress on my twitter (LINK). 
  • And I have some art that I’ve done for my comic over on plusKJ (LINK)

It’s possible that what you are seeing is artwork that people have scanned from one of my books, in which case I may not have it posted online. It is also possible that what you are seeing is artwork so old that I’ve since cleaned it out of my very full tumblr. But I haven’t done a cleaning like that in a long time so this is pretty unlikely. But yes, this tumblr and my twitter are the best places to find all of my work. I try to keep things all in one place because I want them easily found.

Now, lemme sidetrack.

 When people repost work that I’ve been paid to do, it doesn’t bug me much. I’ve been paid for it and I consider that artwork to be out there- not just mine. I don’t mind (well I mind, but I’m resigned) when people repost these things as long as they credit me (and a link back to me would be best!) The bad part about this is that I don’t get to see how popular the images are. I don’t know what people like. When things are reposted, I don’t get to see the audience’s reaction. If it gets barely any notes on my own blog, I assume it was received badly and I won’t draw it again, or much. I’ll move on and draw things that I perceive people are more interested in seeing. So keep that in mind, people, when you repost my work. 

Every once and awhile I get a message like this and it’s pretty depressing. People say things like “I finally found you! I’ve seen your art all over and only just now found out who you are!”. It’s sad. It means people throw my art all around and never credit me. I want people to find me, I want to share my work with you. It delights me! Please help people find me by crediting me and linking back to my original post!! 

The Calm Before a Storm (Newt x Reader)

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Summary: Newt x reader - Newt is friends with reader, but when he meets a girl named Leta he seems to forget all about his closest friend.

Warnings: Some angst, little bit of fluff at the end.

Author: @xfandomqueenblrx

Words: 2,494

Please leave feedback!!



It was your third year of Hogwarts when you had your first encounter with Newt.

You were sitting at your house’s table when you heard someone sit down next to you.

“Can I sit here?” they asked. 

You turned your head to the side to see a short boy with tousled brown hair and freckles sat next to you. He was wearing a Hufflepuff shirt and he looked distressed. As you were about to respond to him, you heard a couple of Slytherins yelling from their table.

“What a loser!”

“Haha, yeah! That kid will never be as smart as Theseus!”

You glanced at the boy sitting next to you and you could see the tears starting to gather in his eyes. Your heart really felt for this kid, even if you hadn’t met him before. Taking his hand, you gave him one glance before pulling him up from the table and walking out of the dining hall.

“W-where are we going?” he asked, slight tremors racking his voice. You could still hear the Slytherins yelling and laughing from where you were.

“You’ll see. I just don’t want you around those people anymore.”

You led him up to your house’s common room and sat him down on one of the couches. 

“I’m sorry, I never even asked for your name before I dragged you up here!” You gave out a small awkward laugh and shyly glanced towards him.

“Oh, my name’s Newt, Yours?”


And those were the good days. The rest of the year was spent being with Newt, studying with him, exploring with him, and creating many memories. You had even started to develop feelings for him. However, once you entered your sixth year of Hogwarts, everything went downhill. Things weren’t the same when a girl named Leta entered Newt’s life. 

You boarded the Hogwarts Express yet again, walking around in search of Newt. You looked around a little bit more and then recognized Newt in one of the train’s cabins. But, wait… He was with someone else. There was a girl sitting across from him. She had long, pretty black hair, and her porcelain skin was blemish free. She was gorgeous. Her and Newt were talking animatedly, smiling and laughing at what the other said. 

Racking up the nerve to go in and introduce yourself, you slid open the cabin door. Both Newt and the girl looked up at you in surprise. Newt’s eyes widened and a grin spread across his face.

“Y/N! I was waiting for you to arrive! Meet my new friend, Leta. And Leta, meet my best friend, Y/N. I’ve known her since my fourth year here in Hogwarts.” 

You glanced at Leta and smiled. She looked at you and smiled back. She seemed pretty nice. 

And that was the calm before the storm. Ever since that day, Leta has been attempting to make your life a living hell, slowly creating a distance between you and Newt so she could latch onto him. 

At first, everything seemed normal. But you soon started to notice that Newt was starting to ditch you more to be with Leta. She would try her best just to get Newt away from you, making up excuses that she’d need help to study or that she wanted to take notes on some of the animals Newt had found in the Forbidden Forest. There were no more late night hang outs with you and Newt, no more studying with Newt, and no more exploring with Newt. He would always be so gullible to believe in every word Leta said, leaving you in the dust.

Just like today. You had eaten breakfast with Newt and Leta today in the dining hall. Yesterday, Newt had promised to help you study for your Herbology test after breakfast today. As you were eating your food, you looked up at Newt to see him still talking to Leta. You had to ask him if he was still up for studying today.

You cleared your throat a little bit. Newt still didn’t look at you. 


“Hey Newt.”


Nothing, Leta looked at you a little strangely, smirked, and then turned back towards Newt. 

You then dropped your fork onto your plate, resonating a loud noise.

“Are you ok Y/N?” Newt finally looked up and decided to talk to you.

You were close to your boiling point now. Newt hadn’t talked to you in several days and he could barely take his eyes off of Leta just to talk to you. You felt betrayed, and a little heartbroken.

You sighed loudly. “Newt, I’ve been trying to get your attention for a while now. Anyways, do you still think you can help me study for my herbology test?”

“Oh… about that.” Newt glanced at you and then at Leta.

“I-I can’t help you after breakfast because I promised Leta that I would go to the forest with her so we could look for some new creatures. But, when we come back I promise you I will help you study!”

You looked down at your plate in despair. You just wanted to spend some time with Newt after being thrown out the window so many times, yet now he can’t even help you study for a little bit. 


You stood up abruptly. “Nevermind, I’ll just go study on my own. Have fun.” Your voice was monotone, void of any emotion. At this point you just needed some time to really think about what your friendship with Newt really is now.

“Are you sure? Look, I’m really sorry, I promise I’ll come back and I’ll meet up with you at our meeting place at five tonight. Ok?”

You glanced back at Newt and Leta. Newt was staring at you with worry in his eyes, while Leta was looking at you with boredom. What else did you expect?

“Yeah, I’ll see you there.” You then rushed out of the dining hall. You felt like crying, you wanted to give Newt another chance tonight. Maybe he’d actually show up this time.



You started to gather all of your things from the library. You’d been studying all day just to take your mind off of your freckled face friend. Hopefully he’ll be on time today.


You arrived at the meeting place you and Newt had found a year back. It was an abandoned classroom that none of the teachers were using, so the both of you had figured that you might as well use it as a late night meeting place.


Nothing. Ok, well, the clock just struck five, he might just be a little late. You decide to wait a little longer.


Is there something wrong? Maybe one of the beasts that they found was being troublesome. Or maybe Leta was just holding them back a little bit. That wouldn’t be a surprise.


Ok. That’s it. You’ve given him enough time to return and yet he still wasn’t here.

You sighed angrily and packed up your things. As you left the abandoned classroom you could only think:

“Is it really that easy for him to forget me?”

The next day you woke up and went down to breakfast. You still hadn’t heard a single thing from Newt about his whereabouts last night, and strangely enough, he wasn’t at breakfast today. 

You sat down at your houses table next to a friend of yours.

“Have you seen Newt? I need to talk to him.”

Your friend turned towards you and looked at you quizzically. “Haven’t you heard? He’s in the nursery because he got all beaten up by a troll last night in the forest. Leta was talking about it all morning.”

Your eyes widened and you glanced over to look at the Slytherin table only to see Leta laughing and smiling about something her friend told her. 

What is wrong with her? Is she not at all worried about Newt? Did she even try to help Newt? There were no scratches or cuts on her whatsoever. You started to become so angry at Leta, but there was no point in starting a fight now. You needed to check on your best friend. 

You stood up abruptly from the bench and rushed out of the hall. Little did you know, Leta had seen you leave and already knew where you were heading. She also stood from her seat and began following you as you quickly walked to your destination.

You had almost made it to the nursery when that annoyingly shrill voice stopped you.

“And where do you think you’re going?”


Inhaling sharply, you paused before swiftly turning around to glare at her. She looked as beautiful as ever, her hair put up into a braided hairstyle, her face held no blemishes whatsoever, and her robes were void of any wrinkles, the Slytherin emblem standing proudly on the crest of her heart.

“Why do you care?” you sneered.

“You know, you don’t deserve him. He doesn’t even like you, yet you’re still lovesick for him.”

This pompous little brat I swear to God-

You almost laughed at your thoughts, before throwing all of your hatred for her into one sentence. “At least I care for him, unlike a certain witch-bitch I know.”

You didn’t stay to see Leta’s reaction, although if you had, you would’ve seen her perfect face scrunch up in absolute anger. 

Walking away from Leta felt like the best thing you had done in a while. However, that feeling was soon shrouded by your worry for Newt. 

You walked into the nursery, gazing at several white beds before coming across the eyes of your best friend.

Newt was battered up. He had a wrap around his head, several cuts and bruises on his legs, arms, and even his face. His left eye was swollen shut and was colored in a dark shade of purple. He looked terrible. 

Your face soon contorted into one with worry, and you slowly walked over to Newt, almost as if you had to approach him like he would a wounded animal. 

“Hey… Newt.”

He winced before turning to you. His right eye widened and he attempted to smile, but it soon turned to a grimace as a shock of pain spasmed through his head like a lightning bolt. Seeing his reaction to the pain, you rushed over to him and sat on his bed, taking his hand in yours. You couldn’t help but feel a slight shock run through your hand and up your arm, leaving a tingling sensation in it’s wake. God, you missed this so much. You haven’t had a moment alone with Newt in what felt like years, and your heart sped up with the feelings you had been trying to hide for so long.

“Shhh… It’s ok. What happened?” You brushed away a stray hair that had fallen onto his face, then allowing your hand to gently rest on his cheek to reassure that you were there for him. Newt sighed and leaned into your touch.

His voice was hoarse and low when he replied. “Leta and I were exploring in the forest when a troll came trudging by. Everything just went downhill from there and all I remember is trying to get out of there in one piece.”

You could only imagine how scared he must’ve been. Thoughts of the frightened kid you had met in your third year that had soon became your best friend. “I’m sorry that happened, Newt. Do you know how long you have to be here for?”

“It shouldn’t be much longer. There are always healing spells I can use. Listen, have you seen Leta?”

And there she was again. Plaguing his mind. You slowly took your hand away from his cheek and looked away. “Yes, she was at breakfast this morning, why?” Newt’s brows furrowed at the loss of warmth from your hand.

“I haven’t seen her since the incident.”

Sighing, you looked down at your hands before looking up at Newt, annoyance showing clearly in your eyes. “I don’t know what else you’d expect from someone like her.”

You regretted the words immediately once they came out of your mouth. Why would you say that? Granted, it was time Newt realized how toxic she was and how she had been using him for homework and to get under your skin. However, the look on Newt’s face made you feel absolutely terrible. He looked so confused and lost in what you had just said.

“What do you mean, ‘someone like her’?” The annoyance in his voice stabbed at you.

“Newt, look. I understand you care deeply for her, but can’t you see she’s using you? She only asks for help for homework, she never wants you to hang out with me alone, and just recently she had tried to stop me from coming here to see you! I can’t let you allow her to hurt you anymore!” Your voice had begun to rise higher and higher nearing the end of your sentence and your breaths were heavy after all you had said.

Newt laid there, pondering and turning the words you had said over and over in his mind.

“Did she really try to stop you from coming here?”

You only nodded in response. He looked down and began to fiddle with his own hands. 

“I’m sorry I never realized before. I just thought she really cared for me. And she really seemed like my only friend for a long time.”

Now it was your turn to be confused. “What do mean ‘your only friend’?” Your voice was soft. He couldn’t really think you would’ve abandoned him. Right?

Newt looked to the side, averting your seemingly harsh gaze. “Well, you just seemed to distance yourself from me after a while. I thought you didn’t want to be around me.”

You paused, thinking of all the times you had refused to go somewhere with Newt after hearing he had invited Leta to join him as well. You cringed, not only was Leta attempting to distance you from Newt, but you allowed it to happen. You lessened the amount of times you were with him only because she would be accompanying the two of you. And you had failed to realize that you may be hurting Newt too.

Taking his hand in yours, you rubbed your thumb over the back of his hand. “I’m sorry I distanced myself from you. I just… couldn’t handle being around Leta after a while and I tried to avoid her as much as I can. I really care for you Newt, and I never intended for that to happen.”

Newt smiled. “I care for you too.”

He gently took your hands in his, pulling you down onto him. You gasped at the sudden contact with chest, however he only shushed you and began gently stroking your hair.

“Y/n, I care for you more than you think.”


This is so sucky, mainly because it was the first draft I ever worked on and I just decided to pick it up again, so I’m sorry if it’s absolutely terrible!! 

please leave feedback and tell me what ya think.

ily <3

So with a new comeback there’s going to be a lot of posts about voting, streaming, buying, and things like that to support the group for this one. We here at thatssobap just want to make sure everyone who does not have time or money to do so knows that you are still valid fans.

You do not HAVE to do anything other than like B.A.P’s music to be a fan.

If you have work/ school and have to wait to watch a repost of a show instead of watching it live, it’s alright. Take your time. Use the pause button while you squeal over things you like.
If you have any personal reasons to not share links, pictures, or videos of B.A.P on your other social sites then that is understandable and valid. You do not owe anyone an explanation for it. You should feel safe and comfortable on your social sites. Always.
If you don’t have the money to buy the album as soon as it drops it’s okay. You’ll get it when you can. Until then enjoy listening in other ways like YouTube videos or audio posts on Tumblr.

You are valid and as important a part of our fandom as anyone else. You are supporting B.A.P in your own way.

Keep up the amazing work, Baby! We’re super proud of all of you!

Power Ranger Funnies #1: Dino Super Selfie

This is Power Ranger Funnies, a little fan-comic series I’d like to start working on here and there inbetween college work. I have plenty of ideas and I hope you like and enjoy what I have to offer. :)

Anyway, how ‘bout them kids and their selfies, huh? Like we’ve never seen red robot T-Rexs before.

Please do not repost on this or any other sites or remove caption thank you.

anonymous asked:

If you post something here yet do not allow any reposting on other social medias... aernt you really just wasting your time?

Not at all.
I want to draw stuff that I find fun, nothing more. I’m doing exactly what I want to do right now.
If my drawings were to be uploaded in some other site, it should be by my own decision and not someone else’s.

[Scanlation] Totemo Yokuwakaru Ningyohime {Free! DJ, MakoHaru}

When I bought this, I honestly thought it’s a sad love story about two star-crossed lovers but wrong I was, and wonderfully so. It seems that even when I don’t go around looking for crack parody doujinshis, crack parody doujinshis find me °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° Enjoy!

Usual disclaimer: Not a penny made from this. For fans only. Please do not use my scans without permission under any circumstances. Do not repost / upload this to any manga reading sites. Please support the author/artist whenever possible.

Warning: little mermaid parody, PG-13

Title: Totemo Yokuwakaru Ningyohime [Really Knowledgeable Merman Princess]

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In case it’s not clear yet, Do Not Repost My Art Anywhere.
I’m doing this new thing where in Instagram and Instagram only, I will allow reposts of old posts. This is only for accounts who asked for my permission and tags my account to it (showing they know I exist and I can check it in my tag tab). If you see someone didn’t tag me in, that’s unauthorised repost. In Twitter and Tumblr, please reblog/retweet. 

Any other sites, no reposts allowed

Note that I never ask people to follow me anywhere, my twitter can get spammy and I don’t want anyone to think it’ll be art every hour. That’s why I try hard to keep my tumblr from having too many reblogs.

I need this to be taken seriously, if you feel that ereri has quieted down now, reposting fanworks will not help the fandom (especially, for more hardboiled reposters, being rude to the artists). Artists are here for fun, same as writers, or edit makers, if they’re not getting the feedback they need to go on, they will move on to another fandom, which is (let’s face it) more alive, less drama and more friendly to them

Don’t focus too much on people who moved on, they’re happy where they are the way they weren’t before. Support people around you right now and keep the interest going. ALSO new artists/writers/editmakers. SUPPORT. THEM. They will be the new wind of Ereri years later - If Ereri lives that long

Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari - Miyasaka Haruki

This series is an R18 drama CD (not meant for minors. There will be explicit terms used in this CD) by Apricot.
T/N: Here’s my translation to the 3rd volume of Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari. Please do not repost on tumblr or copy to any other site. If you want to share this translation please reblog or link to this post  

Summary: You meet a gentle kindergarten teacher when you were looking for your fallen button and the relationship between you two starts to develop.
CV: Shingaki Tarusuke

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And the final result is done! Changed her face quite a bit from the original sketch (you can find it and other ow fan art on my blog) but I really like how she turned out. Maybe she looks a little too happy for a Widow but oh well. Guess she has good days too :D

I’ve had a minor artblog with painting recently and never really thought that this would get finished. Now I feel bad that I didn’t record the process :C

Already asked on Instagram which Overwatch character I should paint next but I might as well do it here too. Any suggestions? Tag your favorite hero or send me a note and we’ll see what I can do!

Also pls don’t repost on other sites! Thanks :3

Week 1 is just about here all of you lovelies!! Also including the first weeks Content Creator Showcase. How you can submit your creator showcase is here. Anyone can enter, even if you don’t create content for ZEXAL much anymore. :)

All information is here.This weeks is down below.

Alternative prompts are at this link


  1. DO NOT REPOST ART FROM OTHER SITES WITHOUT PERMISSION. This includes artists on tumblr. Do not take their work without permission. These include sites that most reposted art are found. (E.g Paintbucket and sites like it, pinterest, instagram etc.)
  2. Respect everyone’s work, headcanon etc.
  3. Please respect any OC’s, fan characters, self inserts etc. Even if you don’t like them, they would mean the world to the creators. I’ll be tagging as ‘zexal oc’s’ if you would like to blacklist that.
  4. Please tag ‘nsfw’ things as they are. Or triggers if you feel the need too.

How you choose to contribute is entirely up to you.

For example, you could gif, draw, write, edit etc. The options are endless. Participating every day is not required!  

@prussian-lullaby (She/Her) |  Art | Commission Info

“I don’t have a particular tag, mainly do art. I just have a lot of feelings about Zexal.”

@blooming-blooming (She/her) | Art | Cosplay | Writing | Ao3

“I really like cute things, AUs, hurt/comfort, and horror. Talk MizaKai to me.”

Week one’s info under the cut!

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Some of the Muppet FB stickers I made last year for European editions of FB.

While I’m here, I ask very nicely once again to PLEASE not repost my art to Instagram, FB or other sites. I get very disheartened and stressed at the sheer number of ‘fanart accounts’ which are nothing more than dumps of other peoples’ hard work to boost the owner’s hit count. All they do is make people lazy and not bother to seek out the actual artists (if they’re even credited in the first place). If you love fanart (or ANY art), please take a moment to look up the artists who MAKE the art you love and follow them instead.

Don’t support fan pages, they encourage and enable art theft and creators are getting royally sick of it.

Support Artists, not FanPages!

***Spear Of Justice Intensifies***

This is my first drawing of Undyne that I don’t hate to look at!!! Yay!!!!!

I know how the Undertale fandom is. I’m saying it right here: this picture is not to be reposted on any site or any other blog. This is not for use as a sticker, poster, decal, or for you to use on your blog. If I see you doing it, I’m reporting you. Do not bother to ask permission, it will NOT be given.

Just putting that out there.

Do not delete my caption, add your own, self-promote, insert links, repost, or alter this in any way. If you do, you will be blocked.

For all the artists out there who have been using screenshots and awkward reference photos from weird angles when drawing Haggar from Voltron Legendary Defender! 

Here you are… a reference sheet for Haggar without weird purple or red lighting (unless you prefer those shades for her) and no having to go look up or take 15 different screenshots (like I did to make this) to draw this character if you need to.

Please do not repost!

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[Scanlation] Sora Iro SODA {Haikyuu!! DJ, AsaNoya}

Thanks to the wonderful work by vik-freak who type-set and cleaned this, we bring you this cavity-inducing AsaNoya dj full of fluffy cute scenes.

Usual disclaimer: Not a penny made from this. For fans only. Please do not use the scans without permission under any circumstances. Do not repost / upload this to any manga reading sites. Please support the author/artist whenever possible.

** Note that this is posted on both of our (ni-chan-no-muchuu & vik-freak) tumblr blogs! **

Warning: AsaNoya being silly dorks as usual, size kink (?), NC-17

Title: Sora Iro SODA (Sky Blue SODA)

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Welcome to my side blog for 2.5D stageplay shenanigans! Every once in a while I will post some stageplays or musicals I would like to share with you. As long as the rules are followed, we can all enjoy some awesome shows together! 

How it Works:

Send me an ask/message for the link. (If you are on Anon, I cannot send it to you so please do not ask on Anon.) I will reply to you with the link. That simple!

The Rules:

1. Do not repost the link! Please do not repost anywhere on Tumblr or on any other sites for streaming/downloading. 

2. Please do not share this link. 

Bonus Rule: Please send your asks and messages to this Tumblr. I’m not even sure how asks are going elsewhere in the first place, but I made a special Tumblr for this for a reason, so please send them here and I will gladly answer as soon as I can! 

Also if you would like to make gifs please feel free. However, if someone asks you where you got the material from please point them in my direction :D

If these rules are broken I will remove the links, so your cooperation is greatly appreciated! 

And of course, if you can buy these productions for real to support the shows, please do so, and if you would like any help/advice as to how to do this I am happy to help!