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Anyway.. .yea so um.. this is my bio? I hope you enjoy it! I hope that it looks okie I had to resize it a bit. OTL 

I used Leo and Sid’s colors xD and perhaps a lil Kenshin (Ikemen sengoku) in there too. ^^)7

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As most people who follow me know, Harry stayed at the hotel my dad works at last weekend, and I haven’t really shared anything about it ‘cause I was asked by my dad, who was NOT asked by any security, to keep it a secret because he wanted Harry to have a completely peaceful weekend in a secluded hotel with no one bothering him. Which he had. And was truly grateful for. 

BUT anyway, I went for lunch with my dad yesterday and he did NOT SHUT UP about Harry bloody Styles. It’s just bromance central. Anyway, he told me a few wee stories, including them exchanging shitty dad jokes and just having a laugh etc. And my dad’s favourite one was when Harry’s driver had to go out for some shopping and politely asked my dad if he wanted anything, and Harry was just “jogging” back up to his room before he got to the top of the stairs and yelled “VIAGRA,” which caused my dad and Harry to giggle like fuckin schoolgirls for a solid 5 minutes.

Harry stayed at the hotel my dad works at last weekend and my dad said to Harry when he left “All the best with the new song, not like you need it!” And Harry was just so down to earth and thanked him profusely and said “Well, you never know, everyone could hate it.”

I have this uncontrollable urge to just hug him.