do not replace or remove captions please

A reminder: please keep the captions intact when reblogging from Etsycult.
At the very least have some decency and do not remove them and replace them with the URL of your own business. It’s incredibly disrespectful towards the hard-working small business owners who have created the items and the photographs this blog showcases.
Etsycult was created to support small businesses, and crediting the source of the content is necessary for this purpose.
Thank you for spreading the word about the magic of handmade!

PLEASE REPORT THIS BLOG! That is my picture, and I am a minor. He removed my caption and replaced it with something incredibly inappropriate. I am incredibly disgusted and uncomfortable and I sincerely hope that my followers don’t think it’s me. Pass this on so this creep will take the picture down. I already deleted my original picture but that didn’t take it off of his blog. This is wrong. Please help me do something about it!


Theme #20 Aquila by Riverbell themes

A super versitile theme with sofisticated look. A full width header and a three post sizes in up to three columns. Don’t forget to like or reblog if you are/plan to use this theme! ♥

ver 1.0.3
» code + preview


  • 500/400/250px posts in one, two or three columns
  • Built in pop up boxes for updates, links/tags and ask box 
  • Search bar
  • 10 custom links and page links
  • Icon navigation links (possible to choose from different icons in the appearance section) + tooltips
  • Background: full width image, pattern, gradient or one image in either one of the window corners
  • Optional infinite scrolling & optional grayscale images
  • Optional quote in the description, hide captions and show tags on index page
  • Light or dark reblog + like buttons
  • Three audio player colours
  • Custom fonts from Google fonts 

Do not steal, redistribute, remove credit or claim as your own. Alterations for personal use are ok! 

Make sure you’ve enabled asks! Go to the appearance section, scroll down until you see a text box labeled “Your tumblr url”. Replace “” with your tumblr url without quotations. Save. Help?

Please, please, read the documentation on how to customize this theme, found in the preview, before asking me questions about it. 

hijacker-on-fire  asked:

People are greedy. Eventually someone will remove your caption on every pic you post for their own gains. Saying "don't remove the caption" not only won't stop assholes from doing just that, it looks pretentious and bad on people's blogs. My advice is to make a really fancy "source" caption, maybe give the pic a cool clever name in a cool font, make it look interesting in a way that your average blogger can't do better. That way they'll keep the caption cause it looks good on their blog!

Thanks for the advice, but for now I’ll keep my captions the way they are.  Wait. after scrolling through your blog… almost all of the photos you reblog have had the captions removed and replaced with emojis. You’re basically calling yourself greedy… correct? 

People don’t respect photographers credits when its just a title/photographer link in a cool little gray box or in a big fancy font. I figured adding that ‘please do not remove my credit’ line, it might make them see that they’re not just removing some stupid text in the caption. In the beginning I didn’t include that line but I was sick of people removing my credit &/or self promoting on my photos. I’m not a fancy photographer like all the big original photographers on here, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have people leave my credit alone. 

It’s not a matter of making the caption look pretty. Those people who remove it…remove it because they don’t want a caption at all. Hey those of you who follow me and remove the caption credit because it’s ugly… guess what? Theres tons of themes where you can hide the caption! That way you don’t have to be an asshole, and you can make your blog look pretty!Crazy right?


Theme #1 Blanco [revamped] by Riverbell themes

ver 2.0.0
» code + preview

This is a revamp of my very first theme, Blanco. A very minimalistic theme, where the focus lay on the posts. A fixed menu that smoothly becomes transparent when scrolling, and fully visible on mouseover. It has built in jQuery slidedown tabs for the description, ask box, and links + search bar. 


  • colors, fonts and background image are all customizable
  • 500px wide posts in one column
  • fixed transparent/visible menu with description, ask box and links
  • search bar
  • 10 custom links (and pages)
  • optional hide captions
  • three optional avatar shapes (circle, square, rounded edges)
  • three optional audio player colors
Terms of usage

Please, do not steal, redistribute, remove credit or claim as your own. Alterations are ok! If there are any questions/problems please send me a message!


IMPORTANT! For the ask box to work, you only need to add your tumblr url in the appearance section in the customization view. Scroll down until you find “Your tumblr url” and replace “” with your URL.

rnelodyy  asked:

Hi hun. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but please stop removing people's captions and replacing them with your own. It's not cool.

Hi hun. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but when I reblogged your post from godpenis there was no caption. So maybe you could stop accusing me of things I don’t do? It’s not cool.

(also, I did the leg work for you, you’re welcome, go talk to user coinfarts. they’re the one who took off the caption, you lamp shade.)