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Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

  • Chapter 3 of Blue Balls which involves Will being a dick (but also with ~feelings~) and Hannibal having to get literally down and dirty. (It’s ridiculous and I’m just gonna go with it, why not)
  • A Post-S3 AU where Hannibal hunts Will down to fuck him (It’s a lot more romantic in the story, trust me)
  • An AU with older!Will and younger!Hannibal (I made an edit of this one a LONG time ago, but I’m just now starting to write the first bit of it.)
  • A Basic Chickens story with Adam trying to hang on to his sanity on a farm (don’t want to be too specific here for reasons)
  • A dark(-ish?) Gravebone story that is just filth and involves a gay club in the 20s (and I keep adding to it so it’s taking longer than it should, but it should be the first one done on this list)
  • A very fluffy Gravebone story involving baking, Graves trying to be a person, and Credence being pure and good and who we should all strive to be (and once again, I keep adding things to it)
  • Another Gravebone story where its a modern cop AU and Graves is Not Good and Credence is super into his Bad Daddy (this is still just a baby fic tho)
  • There are a lot more, but they are in a state of hibernation as I try to think of ways to fix/finish them.

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Chloe:  “Well if it isn’t the creep who has been stalking my friends…..”

Luciano:  “Excuse you?”

Chloe:  “Leave them alone or….”

Luciano:  “Or what?  What is a child going to do?”

Chloe:  “I will hunt you down and kill you in your sleep…..and don’t think your little vampire girlfriend will save you either.”

Luciano:  “Sheesh child, you’re a demon spawn!”

Chloe:  “Correction….I am the demon…..don’t forget it.”

If you’d like to read the Runaways (Sophie/Caleb) Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

valiha  asked:

If you're still doing the 5+ headcanons meme, how about Clint and Natasha's A+ parenting?

another verse that I love even though I only post bits from it once in a blue moon!!! but I love it a lot.

so anyway though

  • I set up some background in a pre-series fic that I don’t feel like hunting down right now that Loki went through Some Shit on Asgard, before Thor took him down to Earth, and while he’s pretty good at pretending that it didn’t bother him he still kind of flinches when people, especially adult men, move too quickly in his direction. this is something that Clint at some point notices and it makes him want to hit things. or people. 
  • so Loki has nightmares, definitely, and while initially he manages to hide this pretty successfully because he has a room to himself at some point he ends up sneaking into probably Natasha’s room and while he’s waffling about whether or not to wake her up she does, and they sit on the floor and talk about nightmares and eventually Loki ends up sleeping in Natasha’s bed, which is fine.
  • so overall Loki has latched onto Clint and Natasha with an intense and almost hero-worship-like fervor, but there is still a little bit of hurt about the fact that Thor did…leave him here. and like, he knows it’s supposed to be for his safety and because Thor is busy, but he still…wonders, a little bit, if there isn’t something else going on. 
  • so Natasha does not know how to parent, right? Natasha does not get kids, she’s not good at them, how the fuck did she end up with this kid following her around? and she keeps trying to talk to Clint about this and he just laughs at her. 
  • “I could just scare him off by telling horror stories,” she says
  • “nah,” Clint says, “he’d just think you were even cooler”
  • (it is probably true)
  • Clint meanwhile has decided to TOTALLY EMBRACE this thing where this mini mischief god who’s…okay, kind of cute, totally thinks Clint is the best thing since sliced bread. look, he’s not going to object to a little hero worship. 
  • also any kid who can casually insult Tony’s technological skill on accident deserves some credit


Under the cut you’ll find 50 medium, textless, hq gifs of DOMINIC SHERWOOD in TAKE DOWN. All of these gifs were made by me so please like and/or reblog this post if you are using them. As long as you don’t claim them as your own you can use them in any way, but if you add them to a crackship, turn them into gif icons or anything of the sort, please ask for my permission and give me credit.

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Redraw of the first thing I posted on Tumblr.
I got lazy to do all the textures.

Things I’ve learned:
- Even if it’s a pain in the ass to hunt down the right reference, DO IT
- Don’t compare yourself to others’ progress. Everyone is different
- Take a break if you get frustrated. Ain’t no point if you’re just mad.
- Look back at how far you’ve come and remember that as long as you keep trying, anything is possible

Can people stop asking for credit and whining and bitching over it when someone doesn’t give them??? I understand if they are like concert photographs or shit, or you’re trying to get your name out there for your photographs. But normal photos??? You cant control these photos when it gets spread out. Most of the time people share these photos without even knowing the original source. So you’re saying everytime i wanna show my sheerio friends a pic of ed. I have to hunt down from god knows where for hours before i could share them???

How do i google it ?? “Who is the owner of this photo of ed in black shirt??”

Get a grip. They’re not fucking stealing your photos. They didn’t claim that those were theirs. They didn’t say that they took it or they’re the owner. They didn’t steal your EVERY exact same photo you posted up. They just saw how cute this photo is of ed and wanted to show others and share their feelings. Most sheerio accounts arent big main accounts that keep up to date with every new photo they found. If we have to give credit for EVERY photo we post, even from 2011, we’d only have two photos in a year. He’s big now, once a photo goes out there, people will take it. So if you’re that selfish, then we don’t need to see that photo of Ed thanks.

Or put your goddamn fucking credit on his fucking face.

I love Fallout 4 so much.

Nick Valentine and I were heading down to some police station somewhere to find one of Eddie Winter’s tapes (don’t worry he stopped me several times on the way to ask how we’re doing on the hunt for Eddie Winter’s tapes like Nick I love you man but please) and had just passed Lynn Pier Parking when Nick pulls out his gun and starts shooting at something (scaring the crap out of me, I was singing along to Butcher Pete and got a bit caught up in it all).

So I turn around and there’s this Radroach, only it’s stuck in the road so whilst Nick can obvs register he’s there and he’s scary, none of Nick’s bullets are actually doing any damage to the damn thing because I guess the game didn’t realise it was there, or something, I don’t know, maybe it was a temporarily immortal Roadroach who just wanted to stop by and say hi. So after a while I start trying to Command Nick away from it because as amusing as it was to hear him shouting at a bug who was just sorta sitting there I also had shit to do vis finding the Eddie Winter tapes so Nick would stop asking me about the Eddie Winter tapes.

There’s the sound of distant gunfire and booming but I don’t pay it much attention because Nick bro will you just move we got places to be argh.

So then a Minutemen patrol show up. I got no idea where from. They just. They’re just there. And they all start shooting at the Radroach too because apparently it’s the BIGGEST THREAT TO THE COMMONWEALTH EVA. They’d make Preston proud, only I know Preston’s currently clipping through a wall in Sanctuary so he’s got his own problems right now, here, I’ll mark that on your map for you.

j/k I love Preston

Anyway they’re all just sorta there shooting at this thing when it becomes unstuck from the scenery, takes one leap towards me and is immediately shot and killed by Nick. My hero. Everyone just sorta relaxes and stands around for a moment idly chatting whilst Nick asks me again HEY HOW WE DOIN’ ON THE HUNT FOR EDDIE’S TA-

and that’s when the Vertibird crashed on us


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mangoes are so good! they’re my favorite fruit!! i always get excited for summer bc mangoes are finally in season haha

they are!! i usually get canned mangoes bc i can never find any that aren’t canned that are ripe where i’m at :U so they always taste weird asfhkjsdhf but thAT’S RIGHT SUMMER IS S O O N i’m gonna hunt some down if it’s the last thing i do i will find the right mango to call m i n e

Owari no Seraph season 2/Seraph of the Endless Omake 1 ENGLISH SUB

*Gross sobbing from the Namanari huddled in the corner*

  • This was horrible…I’m so glad it’s over. Please excuse any mistakes, I know for a fact there are some. But here you guys go.
  • This literally took me almost the entire day.  If I see this anywhere other than this post or somewhere else I put it, I will hunt you down, cut you into pieces, and pour some Yu on your wounds…
  • DO NOT remove this text from the video when re-blogging please! It is important.
  • Here’s a link to the original raw video I posted

tweedledumstwin  asked:

I just wanted to thank you for the calendars you made with voltage release dates! And I saw you've posted about irresistible mistakes, anyone you're interested in? I'm trying to hunt Tomas release date down lol.

Aww. You don’t have to thank me for that :3 I do it because I love it ^-^

I’m not really a big fan of Irresistible Mistakes yet but I am waiting for Toma’s release too. I hope he kinda get’s me into it, yk? :D

But I can at least tell you one thing, we probably won’t get Toma until May ._.

Is there anyone at C2E2 who would be willing to buy two shirts for me from a specific booth and ship them to me?

Hear me out. I know it’s weird. I would obviously pay for the shirts and shipping and handling. They look like this, and they’re at the ReedPOP Supply Co booth! My girlfriend and I have been hunting down these shirts for two years now. It would mean the world if you picked them up! They look like this: 

I would also include a little money for you for doing it as a favor! We have wanted these shirts for so long, and they mean a lot to us. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! Also below is us doing a different FitzSimmons cosplay with Elizabeth Henstridge, just so you know we’re, ya know….real people. 

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Callie; sagittarius? please ilu

aw ily 2 bby

Lion eyed girl with mascara running down her cheeks. Rain forest in your chest and you’re coughing up blood and bones. Dusty and ravaged, you hunt in the wicked rain, caging up those dead birds. Oh, wild thing, untamed desert tempest, sink your violent teeth into flesh and don’t let go this time. Keep that storm under your skin like a warning.

why was this so good tho i hope u like it as much as i do 

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Under the cut you will find 106 pictures of MUSIC FESTIVAL related things. In celebration of Coachella this weekend and next weekend, I thought I’d put together some pictures a character going to Coachella (or any music festival) could post on Instagram. I’ve included pictures of outfits, the grounds, the food, as well as pictures of people in groups and some couple-y ones.
While this hunt was done with the Glee Girls in mind, they would work with any character, as I tried to make this hunt as diverse as possible. As always, I do not own any of these pictures, but I spent a fair amount of time finding and re-sizing all of them down to 500x500, so if you found this helpful or plan to use it in any way, please like and/or reblog. x

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