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“Those who would walk the path of the white mage are healers without peer, possessed of the power to deliver comrades from the direst of afflictions—even the icy grip of death itself.

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hey! im zarifa and i’ll be doing blog rates!


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blog rates will look like this:

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following?: ✧✧✧✧✧

hii guyss!! so i hit 900 !!! today and i’m so hyped and shook honestly!! thank you all so much for following me and i love you all!! so i’ve decided to show my infinity & unlimited appreciation and love by doing simple blog rates!!!<333 please don’t let this flop! be a cutie and join!! 


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i’ve hit 600+ followers omg!!!! i started this blog in july 2017 and my experiences with the studyblr community since then have been nothing short of amazing!! you guys are super sweet too and it makes me v happy 💕

so in celebration of this achievement of mine, i’m doing blog rates!! it’s my first time doing something like this so pls bear with me if i mess up ;-; 

i’ll be tagging all the blog rates with #wug600 so feel free to blacklist that tag if you don’t wanna see all these!


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to enter, reblog this post and send me an ask with the following:

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  • anything else that you want!! - how your day went, terrible teachers, your hobby, your crush, etc
  • include a 🐦 in your ask too so i know it’s for the blog rate!!
  • if your studyblr/langblr is a side blog, do include the url of your studyblr/langblr somewhere in your ask so i know where to look!!

example of an ask you can send:

“🐦 // hello and congrats on 600!! i’d like to recommend ‘(song title)’ by ‘(singer/group)’!! i had a v nice day today at school and everything was fine ^^”

i’ll rate your blog according to the following format:

icon: default // nice!! // v cute!! // wowowow amazinggg!!!! // can i steal your icon pls omgomgomgomg

desktop theme: default // nice!! // v cute!! // wowowow it’s amazinggg!!!!! // THEME GOALS YOoOoO

original content: couldn’t find any :c // nice!! // v cute!! // wowowow amazinggg!!!!! // TEACH ME YOUR WAYS OMG

song recommendation: i’ll give you some nice feedback about your recommendation!!

and that’s it!! do note that this is only open till 1 Sep 2017!! i’ll rate all the blogs that enter before then~

guys pls don’t let this flop if it flops i’ll just pretend this didn’t happen and move on with life LOL

name playlists!!!

lmao i hit 500 followers without realising!! so @ my followers: reblog this and send me an ask with your name and what u love about yourself for a playlist made from the letters of your name :))
e.g.: mona
Mr Brightside - the killers
Only One - yellowcard
November - tyler the creator
Atlantis - bridget mendler

i was gonna do blog rates but they’d be terrible bc i’d be too scared to criticise people lol !!! if you don’t wanna see these on your dashboard just blacklist “#mona playlists”

I’ve got a new poll going on my homepage, so I figured I’d dust off another Tumblr relic and do some blog rates to get it started

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1k follower blog rates!

hi, yes, hello

i’m gonna be doing blog rates (as well as drabbles) for a follower celebration


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-send an ask off anon (if the account you’re asking with isn’t the one you want me to rate, pls tell me which one) and tell me something about yourself and make it interesting!!

below the cut is the format (i stole it from charissa)

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anonymous asked:

you're literally the sheith guy like? your whole blog is sheith with the rare hance

The Sheith GuyTM. Can this go on a resume? I’d like to think at this rate my Patreon could at least. That’d be cool. But yeah. I think this in reference to the person asking me to tag sheith. It’s like, that’s my whole blog, dude. No disrespect. It’s just. What I do at this rate. It’s damn near my fulltime job.

Fanfiction authors are people who write as a hobby. They’re not paid, they do it on their own time, and they do it for fun. Some authors use fanfiction as a way to improve their writing, but unless they ask for critiquing comments, don’t be that person - even if you have good intentions. You don’t see the damage that you do, but damage is done.

The best way to encourage fanfiction authors to keep doing what they’re doing is to let them know what you liked about their work. I’ve seen too many fic authors get discouraged in their writing because of people who leave less than favorable comments on their work. Leave the critical comments for people who get paid to write. 

Again, I’m not asking you to lie to spare the authors feelings, I’m asking you to just refrain from leaving a negative comment. 


The Essential Yuzuru Hanyu: A Playlist

1.   FS Hope and Legacy || World Championships 2017
2.   SP Let’s Go Crazy || Grand Prix Final 2016
3.   EX Notte Stellata (The Swan) || NHK Trophy 2016
4.   EX Requiem of Heaven and Earth || World Championships 2016
5.   SP Ballade No.1 in G Minor || Grand Prix Final 2015
6.   FS Seimei || NHK Trophy 2015
7.   FS Phantom of the Opera || World Team Trophy 2015
8.   SP Parisienne Walkways || Olympic Winter Games 2014
9.   FS Romeo + Juliet || World Championships 2012
10. SP Étude in D-sharp Minor || Cup of China 2011

bun emoji review

a good friend, tho his head is a lil too small. his eye is also too red, even for albino. 7/10

a good take on a cartoon bun!! that smile must mean she is living a happy life. 9/10 would feed a nanner

oh microsoft, when will your ugly thick lines end? the silhouette looks ok but his tail looks like a backwards broken leg. 6/10 take him to the vet

cute, though the ears are weirdly placed and the nose should not be a pink button. 7.5/10 would still snuggle

outstanding bun loaf anatomy, but where is her tail? 8/10 she looks concerned

would be a neat stylistic friend but he has a single ominous red eye. 4/10 i do not trust him

again with the great anatomy! but that button nose looks weird. 7/10 the texturing is also odd

best bun on list!!!!! he is a nice shade of beige and a+ bode. 10/10 would shower with all the timothy hay and veggies

is this a joke? really now. this is a tailless rat wearing apple slices on his head. ok cosplay tho 1/10

this is also not a bun. this looks like it was supposed to be a dog but the tail, teeth, and ears were changed last second. 2/10 not a bad face though

this “bunny” came from the area of hell where the minions andthe happy meal mascot were spawned. his face terrifies me. 0/10 save your children

not a bad bun, but the red outline is vague and menacing. 6/10 what happened to his ears

I just got home from watching Spider-man Homecoming. Oh my GOD.
The people were not joking. I’ve never so laughed this much in my life.
The amount of times I said “Holy SHIT” and “Oh my GOD” and “Awww” was horrendously alarming. I came into the cinemas with high expectations and it exceeded it. Oh my god. GUYS. WATCH IT. TOM HOLLAND WAS AMAZING.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Some Muggle Born Ravenclaws heard about the website and were inspired. They spent long nights developing The site quickly spread across the school and ratings for each professor went live. Upperclassmen wrote detailed reviews of professors for the First Years; filled with tips and tricks to pass each class. 

Professor Longbottom was overwhelmingly rated the hottest teacher.


nearly witches // panic! at the disco

2016-Mid 2017 favorite kdramas list.

Have in mind that this list only contains the dramas I completed and liked.


As we all know, 2016 was till this day the best year for kdramas. 


Lucky romance: I really liked the character of the main lead since he’s not that stereotypical perfect dude on his white horse. The chemistry between the leads was awesome but I had higher expectations for the ending. 

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo: I can’t express my love for this drama. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. Definitely on my TOP 5 kdramas.

Originally posted by maublogskdramas

Jealousy incarnate: The drama was good overall even thought I think they dragged it a little bit too much. Perfect to watch when you are bored. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good drama, it’s just that I’ve seen better.

Originally posted by anidrama

Another Oh Hae Young: It’s was savage. Can’t say more. Actually yes, Savage and sexy ! 

Originally posted by msmemaaaa

Drinking solo: I’m not really into these kind of dramas. I liked all the stories beside the main lead’s tbh.

Originally posted by asianfireflies

Cinderella and the four knights: Cute…Cute and Hella Cute..

Originally posted by sseureki


Uncontrollably fond: A VERY OVERWHELMING DRAMA…Grab some tissues for every single episode. It’s a roller coaster mates..

Originally posted by seolstar

My wife’s having an affair this week: A very mature drama. I enjoyed and learned a lot from it. 

Originally posted by banghae


Moon lovers: Don’t GET ME STARTED ON THIS ONE PLEASE…I WON’T SHUT UP *Start crying*

Originally posted by kdramafeed


Descendants of the sun: I don’t know why I don’t talk about this drama a lot. It’s definitely one of those that deserve their fame. 

Originally posted by laara41

The K2: It’s soo not the best kdrama Ji chang wook was in, but it was great anyways. I blame it on the plot development but the acting was great.

Originally posted by dramajongsuk


W-Two worlds: Don’t kill me, but it’s the only drama I liked of Lee Jong Suk along with I can hear your voice. 

Originally posted by dramafan1001

Let’s fight ghost: I was really not expecting to like this drama. Turned out it was very good. Awesome plot, character development, acting skills and great main leads chemistry.

Originally posted by i-got-siete

Goblin: I was really into it when I was watching it, and was ready to make it on my TOP 5 but…I don’t know now…

Originally posted by julliettewarner


Age of youth: I’m so glad I decided to watch this drama. Everyone should watch it imo ! It’s very eye opening. 

Originally posted by wonpilimiri



Fight for my way: I really think it will be the best drama of 2017. It was very realistic, and the leads chemistry was everything. I can’t believe people complained about it having to much kissing scenes *Laughing emoji* WTH..

Originally posted by captainjoongki

Suspicious partner: I was specially into the female lead’s strong will and personality. They could have worked better on the romance but well…

Originally posted by leejaeshins

Tomorrow with you: Veeeeery cringy. But good cringy LOL. Cute cringy if you want.

Originally posted by ninomisan

Strong woman Do Bong Soon: Kinda reminded me of weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo. In a good way. The leads were the definition of cute and they both portrayed the characters excellently.

Originally posted by kookjunsu


Defendant: I just wanted to say that I love JI SUNG a lot. He’s precious.

Originally posted by sunqshiwon

Circle: That was complex, mind blowing and very tense ! I demand S2.

Originally posted by dancerkai94

(BONUS) Secret forest: I’m only on the 10th episode and man, I donno what I’ll do with my life when I’ll finish it. 

Originally posted by kdramastuff

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